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Studio: Channel 1 Releasing » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 3/6/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

November 2006

Directed By:

Doug Jeffries


Cole Ryder, Johnny Hazzard, Chuck Scott, Mike Power, Joe Strong, Devon Mills, Steve Carlisle, Adam Faust, Rod Barry, and Derrick Hanson.

The Movie:

A mad scientist has been conducting mind experiments on three hunky studs so that they will do his evil bidding. Unknown to the lunatic, his experiments are preparing to attack with a no-holds barred sexual revenge.

The Dudes:

The dudes are all hot with a mix of muscular and toned body types, smooth and hairy chests, dark and blond hair, full and trimmed pubes, and cut 'n uncut cocks. There's also a cool variety of ages from twenties to forties.

Scene One:

Johnny Hazzard (handsome with dark hair, heavy beard stubble, toned/smooth body, and tattoos) doesn't have a care in the world until he enters his home and is confronted by a knife- wielding madman (Chuck Scott). He's ordered into the bedroom and told he must do exactly what Chuck (hot muscle dude with short brown hair, beard, hairy chest, and cool tattoos) says or his boyfriend will be killed. Chuck rubs his hairy armpit against Johnny's face and mouth and orders Johnny to take off his shirt. Johnny complies revealing his toned/smooth body and tattoos. Chuck roughly feels Johnny's body with his gloved hands and buries his face in Johnny's pants-covered ass exclaiming, "I can smell your little boy hole from here, man. I'll make it smell like a man hole when I'm done!" He pulls Johnny's pants down and rubs his bearded face against the tender flesh of his butt spreading Johnny's legs and roughing him up.

Chuck slowly slides a slender clear dildo up Johnny's tight hairy asshole fucking his hole and making him cry out. Chuck sucks the other end of the dildo and uses his mouth to push the toy in and out of Johnny's hole. Johnny starts to dig the action a bit moaning and gasping, "Deeper!" Johnny kneels completely naked on the bed as Chuck rubs his bulging crotch in his face. Chuck pulls his hard cut cock out and Johnny begins to lick it and deep throating down to his full brown pubes also licking his nuts.

Chuck fucks Johnny's mouth roughly working his stiff prick in and out and slapping Johnny's face with his member. Chuck reaches down and strokes Johnny's rigid cut tool as he continues to fuck his face. Johnny sinks down on Chuck's condom-covered dong bouncing up and down when Chuck takes control thrusting his hips upward and plowing the hell out of that tight man-chute. Chuck fucks Johnny in the side/missionary position continuing his anal assault with long smooth strokes and switches to screwing from behind with fast 'n hard drilling. Chuck squirts a thick load of spooge on Johnny's stomach. Johnny squirts equally thick jizz on his stomach mixing the cum.

Scene Two:

Asshole Police Officer (Rod Barry--hot with short dark hair, toned body, lightly hairy chest) is quite intimidating and has it in for quiet inmate Devon Mills (good-looking with dark hair and smooth/toned body). Rod enters Devon's cell and loudly demands, "Get on your fuckin' knees and do your job!" Devon quickly complies taking Rod's big uncut cock down his throat as Rod roughly fucks his face. Rod slaps his unclipped tool against Devon's face pulling the foreskin over the knob instructing him to "Deep throat that fuckin' thing!" Rod forces Devon to suck his pistol and long nightstick and then slams him down on his jail cot. Rod strips off all his clothes revealing his sexy toned body and again fucks Devon's face with no mercy ordering Devon to choke on his cock (which he does) while he slaps his face.

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Rod orders Devon to undress followed by making him eat ass. Devon spreads Rod's hot butt cheeks apart exposing his tight hairy hole and begins to lick the pucker really chowing down and fucking him with his tongue. Rod fucks Devon from behind (with condom) pounding that ass with long/smooth but forceful strokes. Devon finally cries out, "Fuck me!" and fuck he does. Rod slides his nightstick up the inmate's asshole demanding that he hunch back on the slender black wood. Rod beats his meat working the foreskin as he fucks Devon with the weapon and exclaims, "Yeah bitch! Say I love that night stick up my ass!" Devon jacks his cut cock dumping a small but thick load on his closely trimmed pubes. Rod cuts loose squirting a large wet load all over Devon's stomach.

Scene Three:

Snobbish rich dude (Steve Carlisle--hot muscle stud with shaved head) is on his cell phone bitching about his car breaking down on the "East Side" of town and complaining about the Mechanics at the garage. Mechanic Adam Faust (handsome with short reddish-brown hair, beard, and muscular/hairy body) calls Steve on being a snob and decides to teach him a lesson. A second Mechanic (Mike Power--hot British muscle stud with blond military buzz and tattoos) finds a dildo in Steve's car and wags it in the air. Adam forces Steve down on his knees cramming his hard cut cock down his gullet. Mike joins in pulling his fat uncut cock from his pants and forcing it down Steve's throat. Steve gives excellent head slobbering up and down Mike's big prick jacking the shaft and working the foreskin up over the slick pink knob. Adam joins Steve in sucking that big unclipped monster and the two take turns filling their hungry mouths.

Adam finger fucks Steve's tight lightly hairy manhole sliding his middle digit in and out, spits on that hole and buries his tongue deep into the pulsing pucker. Steve sucks Mike's foreskin running his wet tongue under the overhang and against the sensitive tip. Steve and Adam are now completely naked as they make out sucking each other's tongues. Mike heads to another room to keep watch on the front door. Adam fucks Steve in the missionary position on a tire plugging that hole in and out with fast/hard pounding as Steve jacks his hard cut cock.

Steve slowly sinks down on that big dildo which is now hooked up to a tire jack! Steve's hole is slathered with white grease and Adam cranks the jack forcing more of the dildo up Steve's chute. Steve rides the rubber dong with wild abandon stretching his hole to the limit..not realizing Adam has much more in store for him. Adam slowly pushes a greased link chain up Steve's tight hole carefully working each link up his bum and then slowly pulls it out. Adam's definitely not finished with his lesson as he slaps on two white latex gloves, lubes his hands up with plenty of white grease. Steve is laying in the missionary position on the hood of his car with legs spread wide.

Adam gently works his right fist up Steve's asshole and then switches back and forth between his left and right fists sinking all the way up to his wrist. This is some very intense action and not for the faint of heart. Steve beats his hard meat with Adam's fist up his ass. Adam jacks off shooting a thick load of cock snot on Steve's muscular chest. Steve dumps a thick load on his own stomach.

Scene Four:

Evil Scientist Derrick Hanson (good-looking with brown hair, goatee, and muscular/smooth body) is attacked by his "Experiments": the hunky Cole Ryder (hot muscle daddy with short hair and ultra hairy chest), Joe Strong (handsome with dark hair, soul patch, and muscular/smooth body), and Mike Power (the hot muscular Brit from Scene Three). Derrick is dressed in black leather chaps and harness laying missionary style in a leather sling as the dudes surround him with their stiff cocks ready for revenge. Derrick deep throats Joe's large uncut cock cramming it down his gullet and then immediately switches over to Mike's fat unclipped prick forcing as much down his hungry windpipe as possible. Insatiable for that hard meat, Derrick switches back and forth sucking those uncut cocks. Cole is busy on the other end drilling Derrick's tight hairy asshole with his tongue lapping and fucking that bunghole with his wet organ of speech and sucking his big cut cock.

Joe gets in on the butt munch by tonguing Derrick's hole with quick but full laps. Joe also has a taste for cock and deep throats Cole's prick all the way to his brown pubes. Mike gets in on the oral action eating Derrick's butt hole and chowing down on Joe and Cole's cocks switching back and forth between the two rigid towers of manhood. Cole fucks Derrick in the missionary position (with condom) on the sling sliding in and out using fast smooth strokes pounding that hole. Mike takes Joe's hard tool in his mouth slobbering up and down the shaft as Cole continues to plug Derrick's pucker. Derrick cuts loose with a variety of loud 'n desperate sexual wailings. Mike and Joe are busy on their own with Mike fucking Joe's mouth without mercy.

Cole is now in the sling with his legs spread wide apart allowing Joe to fucks him (with condom) using fast/hard strokes while Derrick rides up and down on Mike's condom-clad tool. Mike switches to fucking Derrick from behind continuing to use the same forceful techniques. Joe beats off shooting a thick load on Cole's hairy hand and body. Cole cums on his hairy stomach while Mike squirts a thick load of spunk on the floor and Derrick shooting a thick load on Mike's hairy thigh and on the floor. For one last thrill, the dudes take a leak on Derrick. Hot golden streams of yellow liquid pour out of piss slits onto Derrick's willing body.



"Depraved" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Brad Austin is excellent providing full coverage of all the wild action with plenty of close-ups. The picture quality his sharp and clean.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear the wild dialogue, cool music with some neat-o 1980s synth sounding tunes, and plenty of loud sexual noises (especially from Derrick Hanson).


The disc is chock full of extras starting with an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, PopShot-on-Demand, the safe sex PSA "Wrap it Up" starring Chi Chi LaRue, previews for "Raw", "Raw 2", "Delinquents", and "No Cover", and a feature length audio commentary with director Doug Jeffries, star Cole Ryder, and editor Fay Dubois. A bonus disc includes a Behind-the-Scenes "Making Of" feature with interviews with the models, make-up, and props. Also included on the bonus disc are the photos shoots for each model.

Final Thoughts:

Channel 1 and Director Doug Jeffries have created the best movie I've reviewed so far in 2007. "Depraved" is fucking hot venturing into rough and tumble sex that includes the intense anal play between Mike Power and Steve Carlisle. Excellent direction, videography, and editing (Fay Dubois) come together for rough scenes that move along at a quick pace and definitely never become dull. The dudes are all hot and give wild energetic performances. I would like to point out the frightening and realistic performances by Chuck Scott and Rod Barry who are both believable as sadistic bullies who force their prey to engage in various sex acts. All the dudes are great with my personal favorites being Rod Barry, Mike Power, Steve Carlisle, Joe Strong, and Chuck Scott. The movie is a great example of high quality man-man erotica for the reasons mentioned above plus all the cool extras including a commentary with director Doug Jeffries, star Cole Ryder, and editor Fay Dubois along with a "Making-Of" feature, and photo shoot. I highly recommend for individuals wanting to watch a top-of-the-line production filled with hot muscle studs. Please beware that there are some very intense sex acts so if you have a weak constitution, watch at your own risk!

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