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Spokes Trilogy, The

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 3/10/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

"Spokes" (1983/Pre-Condom):


Leo Ford, Dick Fisk, Lee "Huge" Ryder, Ron Greer, Mark Hunter, and Pete Gable.

The Movie:

Four handsome California dudes have formed a cycling club and spend the weekends pumping those pedals and initiating new members in a deserted barn.

The Sex:

Leo Ford (cute with blond hair and smooth/toned body) is the leader of this horny "gang" which also includes Dick Fisk (good-looking with dark hair, mustache, and toned/hairy body), Lee Ryder (very cute with brown hair and toned/hairy body), and Ron Greer (handsome with curly brown hair and toned/smooth/tanned body). The dudes have gathered to initiate Mark Hunter (cute with brown hair and toned/tanned body). Leo immediately lays down the law: whoever gets a full hard-on first gets to "break" Mark into the wonders of man-sex. The dudes strip down revealing their toned bodies, large cut cocks, and full pubes. Mark stares at the randy cyclists' big meat and shyly exclaims, "You guys are a little bit big". That's an understatement when we get a good look at Lee's huge dong. The guys response is a resounding "You're gonna love 'em too!" The dudes watch each other as their fists slide up and down their cock shafts all wanting to be the one to bust Mark's cherry.

Well, Lee wins the contest and orders Mark to get down on the hay with his bubble butt sticking in the air. Lee slides his huge tool deep into Mark's tight bunghole from behind informing him that "I'm gonna fuck your hole, man." Mark sucks Ron's stiff prick slobbering up and down the shaft as Leo eats Ron's hairy asshole (no close-ups) and sucks his equally fuzzy nuts. Lee pounds Mark with fast 'n rough strokes as heavy dubbed-in moans and grunts fill the barn. Not wanting to be greedy, the dudes switch up with Ron now fucking Mark from behind as Mark gets face fucked by Leo's big fat dong. Leo barks out all sorts of orders: "Fuck that ass!" "Suck his cock!"

Dick takes his turn plugging Mark's tight manhole doggy style for some fast 'n furious fucking. Leo spreads a blanket on the ground and the dudes gather on their haunches watching each other with eagle eyes whacking those rods. Again Leo becomes bossy and boastful exclaiming, "I wanna see everyone shoot a big load!" "Big ol' fat cock!" "Biggest cocks in any bike club in this city!" Lee is first to pop a load of thick spunk on Mark's chest. Ron's up next milking with two hands and cutting loose with thick spooge on Mark. Dick cums on Mark and last but certainly not least, Leo reaches a climax but Dick's head obscures it.

Suddenly, Leo spots Pete Gable (fucking hot dude with dark hair and muscular/hairy body) whose been hiding behind a bale of hay watching the initiation. Pete tries to hit the road claiming man-on-man lovin' ain't his "scene" but is easily convinced to stay claiming his cock isn't a cheap cut of meat. To prove it, he pulls his blue jeans down revealing a full dark bush and big uncut dick. Leo gets down taking that fat unclipped dong into his mouth giving some excellent head. The dudes once again engage in plenty of cock sucking switching up so each dude gets his member sucked and gets a chance to plow some tight butt holes.

Ron sucks Lee's huge monster leading Lee to be quite generous with his compliments: "You know how to sucks dick good, boy." Leo pounds the hell out of Mark's hole and shoots a thick load of love juice on Mark's bum licking it up. These dudes absolutely dig cock, which leads me to believe they are actually in a cock club instead of a cycling group. There's some ass eating from time to time but absolutely no close-ups. Hunky Pete shoots thick man-juice on Mark's nuts leading Mark to let loose with some thick jizz on his fist. Lee squirts a huge load on Leo's face and neck, Ron shoots a huge thick load on Leo's stomach, and Dick 'n Leo cum just a little obviously drained from their first climaxes.

Bonus Scene "Three in the Barn" (late 1970s or early 1980s/Pre-Condom):

First, I want to mention the ultra groovy organ music complete with handclaps! A handsome businessman with a tall/slender build quickly enters a barn and begins to strip his tan leisure suit off complete with wide tie. The music changes to sort of a "Charlie's Angles" type tune as a husky blond farm boy enters wearing overalls. Farm Boy feeds the pesky chickens making me wonder if Colonel Sanders is somewhere nearby with a small container of instant mashed potatoes and yummy canned gravy. Businessman is hiding behind a couple of bales of hay spying on hunky Farm Boy while frantically yanking on his hard cut cock with large purple knob. To Businessman's delight, Farm Boy pulls his big cut cock out and begins to pleasure himself through the fly in his overalls. Clumsy Businessman knocks the hay bails down exposing himself with a hangdog look on his face.

Lucky for him, Farm Boy is quite randy and roughly fucks Businessman's mouth with his big dong. Businessman worships that cock jacking the shaft and working as much as he possibly can down his greedy gullet. The dudes are not alone when a butch hunk with muscular body, light brown hair, and cool sideburns enters the barn with a shit-eating grin on his handsome face. Farm Boy finger fucks Businessman's tight hole while chowing down on Sideburn's big uncut cock deep throating all the way to his full brown bush. Farm Boy fucks Businessman from behind sinking his big prick in and out of that bum with fast/hard strokes as Businessman gorges on Sideburn's unclipped member. Businessman shoots a thick load of man-cream on his fist while Sideburns yanks thick jizz out of that uncut tool and Farm Boy shoots a large thick load on Businessman's back and bum.

Bonus Scene "Behind the Barn Door" (late 1970s or early 1980s/Pre-Condom):

Handsome Mechanic (dark hair with toned body) is working on a cool 1950s auto when preppy dude (cute with brown hair and toned body) spies on him through a window and rubs his basket. Those pesky chickens run around outside. Cool jazz music cranks up on the soundtrack as the Mechanic notices Preppy and their eyes lock in a lusty gaze. Tripping over Cournel Sanders who's clutching a bag of fixins' (okay he's not really there), Preppy enters the barn and the dudes roughly make out with plenty of wet tongues while rubbing each other's bodies. Like magic, the dudes are suddenly completely naked revealing their toned bodies, full dark pubes, and big cocks. Mechanic strokes his large uncut prick while deep throating Preppie's cut tool taking it all the way down. The guys pinch each other's hard nipples while jacking those rigid members. Preppy crams that big unclipped dong down his throat grabbing those big nuts and deep throating for all he's worth.

The dudes switch back and forth feasting on each other's stiff dicks and fucking faces. Beating off in a frenzy, Mechanic dumps a very thick load of man-joy on the floor leading Preppy to suck his spent cock. Preppy fucks Mechanic from behind as the dudes stand up using fast 'n hard strokes. Mechanic needs some tail as well and plows Preppie's asshole from behind pulling out and shooting another very thick load and slides back in. Preppy squirts a thick load on the Mechanic's face and chest.



"Spokes" plus the two bonus shorts are shot directly on film and presented in full screen. For a movie that's twenty-four years old, the picture quality is pretty damn good. There's grain, which is to be expected, but the picture is clear. The camera work uses a lot of cool zooms and provides full coverage of all the action with close-ups for the blowjobs only. Luckily, the two short films have some close-ups of anal penetration but there are no close-ups of the butt munching to be found.


The sound in "Spokes" is descent allowing the viewer to hear the dudes dialogue and heady sex noises. The two short movies were obviously filmed silent with the sound and lusty noises dubbed in. The music in the two short movies is quite cool.


The disc is chock full of very cool extras. There's the usual interactive menu with "Spokes" being separated into four chapters since the movie is one long scene. Each chapter has a selection for blowjob, anal, and cum shots. The two short movies also have chapter stops with the same selections. There's an extensive photo gallery featuring high quality photographs of each dude and some XXX action shots. Up next is a very nice Classic Falcon Ad Gallery featuring plenty of photographs of various print advertisements from the 1970s and 1980s. There is an extensive section featuring Falcon original movie magazines with color and black/white photographs from "Spokes", "Three in the Barn", "Falconers No. 1", "Falconers No. 2", "The Falcon File No. 11", "Odyssey No. 2", "Odyssey No. 3", and "Dynamo No. 4". Finally, there are plenty of cool vintage movie trailers for: titles featuring Dick Fisk, titles featuring Lee Ryder, titles featuring Leo Ford, and trailers for "Spokes", "Spokes II", and "Spokes III". These are some excellent extras that obviously took time to put together. Very impressive!

Final Thoughts:

-- sponsored by --

"Spokes" is an entertaining and sexy trip back to the early 1980s featuring some of the biggest names in all-male erotica from the era. The set-up is simple: one long group sex scene in a barn. There's plenty of coverage of each dude and they all get their moments in the spotlight. The camera work provides full coverage of all the action with some exceptional close-ups of the cock sucking. Too bad there aren't any close-ups of the anal penetration and ass eating. Still, the movie is a big turn-on as it's a non-stop sex fest. All the dudes are appealing with my favorites being Lee Ryder, Mark Hunter, Leo Ford, and Pete Gable. Sadly, Leo Ford died in 1991 from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. Surprisingly, this is the first movie I've seen him in. As mentioned, the picture quality is a bit grainy but looks damn good for a twenty-four year old movie. The grain is not heavy and does not in any way distract from the viewing experience. The extensive extras are kick-ass. I recommend for fans of vintage porn and those who are curious about the good-looking dudes of yesteryear.

"Spokes II" (1988/Pre-Condom):


Race Jensen, Jack Lofton, Jim Bentley, Eric Manchester, Casey Jordan, Tony Marino, Chris Williams, Chad Douglas, Sean Lawrence, Ryan Stone.

The Movie:

Three preppy blond guys believe they will be attending a party for bicycle enthusiasts. Little do they know they're about to meet hardcore chopper-ridin' leather studs who dig rough man-on-man action.

Scene One:

Street hustler Jack Lofton (good-looking with dark hair and toned/hairy body) is looking for a pickup displaying his goods by casually leaning against a chain link fence and squeezing his business. Preppy Jim Bentley (cute with blond hair and tight/toned body) rides by on his bicycle giving Jack the eye. Jack takes Jim back to his pad, which is painted all black with a large black bed. The dudes get down to some hot 'n heavy action with Jim down between his new pal's legs sucking his stiff cut cock and working his way up biting those hard hairy nipples. Jim straddles Jack slapping his large clipped tool against his hairy chest while Jack tongues Jim's tight shaved asshole and big hangy balls. Jack chows down on that tangy pucker spreading those butt cheeks and digging in with his hungry tongue. Jim wants a taste of manhole as well and licks that tight pucker while finger fucking Jack in the missionary position.

Jim gives himself some type of male douche filled with lube leading Jack to cram a long double-headed dildo up Jim's butt. Jack uses the douche thang to lube his hole sliding the nozzle in and out of his bunghole and sinking down on a fat dildo. Jim fucks Jack from behind pounding that tight bum with fast 'n hard strokes. There's a cool camera shot from behind of Jim's tight pucker as he fucks Jack. Jim switches to the missionary position continuing with the hard drilling while Jack beats his meat and pulls on his nuts. Jim squirts a huge load on spooge on Jack's chest and stomach. Jack pulls his pud as Jim pinches his hard nipples shooting a thick load of jizz on Jim's stomach. Hot sweaty sex!

Scene Two:

Jim (from Scene One) cannot wait to tell his buddies Chris Williams (very cute with blond hair and toned/smooth body) and Casey Jordan (ditto) about his walk on the sexual wild side. Naturally giving his pals the juicy details makes Jim horny again and the dudes strip down revealing their hot toned bodies. Chris lies on his back as Casey sucks his big cut dick. Jim maneuvers himself so that Casey can easily switch between blowing Chris and Jim's large dong. The dudes twist around all sorts of ways ending up with Casey's bum in Jim's face. Jim rubs that tight shaved asshole licking his fingers and finally chowing down with his lapping tongue. Chris and Casey share sucking Jim's tool and pulling the hell out of his hangy nuts popping them into their mouths. Chris bends over exposing his snug shaved pucker while sucking Jim's prick.

Casey sinks down on Jim's hard shaft slowly at first getting accustomed to that pole and then kicks it into high gear riding up and down and exclaiming, "That feels hot!" Chris soon takes over bouncing up and down on Jim's stiff member crying out "Big dick!" Jim's hole is twitching for some attention so he sits down on Casey's beef stick as Casey grabs onto those butt cheeks thrusting upwards fucking like a piston. Casey jacks off shooting a thick load of love juice on his thigh. Jim enters Chris from behind pounding his chute with no mercy. Chris pulls his cut cock shooting a large thick load on Casey's butt. Jim lets loose with a big load of thick cock snot on Chris's back and slaps his pal's bum with that spent dong.

Scenes Three-Five (one long group sex session):

Night has fallen on the boulevard and the leather dudes are ready for some hot sweaty man-sex at the local chopper/bondage bar. Jack Lofton (from Scene One) is on his knees (dog collar around his neck) pulling, sucking, and cramming Chad Douglas's (hot daddy with dark hair and muscular/hairy body) huge cut tool into his mouth slobbering all over the place. Chad fucks Jack's face making his big ol' hairy nuts swing back and forth, grabbing Jack's hair and viciously slamming that dong down his throat. Jack bends over a chopper allowing Chad to assault his tight butt with his monster cock from behind. Race Jensen (handsome with brown hair/blond highlights and smooth toned body) looks out of place in this dump but obviously gets his kicks with rough 'n tumble sex. Race stands watching the action while stroking his hard cut cock. Chad teaches preppy Race a lesion cramming that fat fucker up his tight chute from behind growling, "That's a nice butt, man."

Race spreads his butt cheeks and rides Chad's hog bouncing up and down with a delirious look on his handsome face. He pulls his pud shooting a thick load on Chad's hairy stomach. Still horny, Race is now wearing a combination leather/chain harness fucking Sean Lawrence (nice-looking with dark hair and toned body) doggy style using fast/hard pounding as Sean jacks his hard cut prick. Jack is busy elsewhere rubbing his mouth all over Ryan Stone's (good-looking with brown hair and tall/toned body) leather-clad cock and butt. Race switches to fucking Sean in the missionary position as Sean moans, "Oh Yeah! Shove that cock up by butt!" Eric Manchester (hot dude with dark hair and toned/smooth body) wears a leather vest and cap while fucking Jack's face allowing Sean to join in by rubbing Eric's chest. Eric is soon screwing Jack from behind drilling that hole fast and hard.

Chad sits back stroking his fat dong like the Grand Poobah watching all the lust-crazed dudes fucking and sucking. Eric is one busy dude fucking Sean in the missionary position making Sean wildly shout, "Yes! Stretch my ass!" Eric squirts wet cum hitting his own chest and stomach filling the immediate area with the strong aroma of man-seed. Chad and Race are busy jacking off near a mirrored table when hunky Tony Marino (handsome with dark curly hair and toned body) strolls in, pulls out his fat cut dong and begins to beat off. The dudes slide their fists up and down those stiff pricks breathing heavily and watching each other. All three shoot their thick loads on the mirror and head off in search of more action.

Jim, Casey, and Chris enter the club under the impression that the joint is a hangout for bicycle-riding prepsters. A little shocked at first, the dudes quickly turn into horn dogs stripping naked and parking their bare bums on a sofa to watch the fun. The dudes are pulling their hard pork when Chad walks up and fucks Jim's mouth with his fat tool. Casey gets down on his knees sucking Eric's dick deep throating and nursing the large purple knob. Not to be left out, Chris chows down on Tony's chubby dong. This is just the beginning of our blond heroes' night of rough leather sex as the bar's tough regulars fuck their asses with fingers, dildos, and hard pricks. The guys get their mouths fucked every which way but loose, have their nipples seriously worked over with pinching fingers, and fuck a few holes. The evening ends with Casey laying on the floor as eight dudes stroke their schlongs and dump thick loads giving him a complete milk bath.



"Spokes II" is shot on video, presented in full screen, and has a much better picture quality that the first installment. The camera work has improved as well providing full coverage of all the action plus lots of close-ups of the cock sucking, ass eating, and butt fucking. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear all the grunts and groans as the dudes get themselves and everyone else off.


The disc is loaded with cool extras starting with an interactive menu, scene selections, and chapter stops. There's an extensive photo gallery featuring high quality publicity stills of the dudes and action shots, a gallery with previously unavailable XXX action shots from the movie, a ton of deleted and extended scenes containing extra cum shots, alternate money shots, and much more. Also included is a healthy amount of vintage trailers for movies featuring Race Jensen, Chad Douglas, Jim Bentley, and previews for "Spokes", "Spokes II", and "Spokes III".

Final Thoughts:

This is a good follow-up to the popular "Spokes". The movie is chock full of sexy dudes and hot sweaty man-sex. As mentioned, the camera work and picture quality is improved with plenty of close-ups of the butt munching and anal penetration. The stark contrast between the cute blond preppy guys and the hot dark-haired leather dudes is cool conveying the complete difference between vanilla sex and down 'n dirty fucking. When the two mix, sparks fly as the dudes get off on the complete opposite. All the dudes are appealing to me with my favorites being Jack Lofton, Jim Bentley, Eric Manchester, and Tony Marino. The disc's extras are plentiful and fun with a huge amount of outtakes and deleted scenes, professional publicity photographs, and a bunch of vintage movie trailers. I recommend for fans of rough leather sex and those curious about 1980s man-on-man lovin'.

"Spokes III" (2005) Directed By Chris Steele:

The Movie:

Cute college boy-next-door type Mason Wyler heads out to the country to visit his pal Ross Stuart. Mason soon encounters a group of bicycle-riding hunks that have more than exercise on their minds.


Tyler Marks, Derrick Vinyard, Pierre Fitch, Ralph Woods, Jeremy Hall, Justin Wells, Dakota Rivers, Ross Stuart, Mason Wyler.

Scene One:

Mechanic Ross Stuart (good-looking with short blond hair and toned/smooth body) is busy repairing a car when two hunks from the local cycling club stop in front of his shop for a break. Jeremy Hall (handsome with short dark hair, sideburns, and tall/toned body) gets down on his knees taking Tyler Marks' (cute with short light brown hair, goatee, toned/smooth body) big cut cock down his throat. Jeremy works that hard dick bobbing his wet mouth up and down the shaft getting a good taste. Ross watches the action rubbing his bulging crotch and then gets clumsy making noise. The dudes mosey on into the garage and begin to feel Ross's basket, unbuckling his belt, and pulling out his cut tool. The dudes kiss with plenty of wet tongue as they slap Ross's bubble butt. The guys pull his cheeks apart exposing his tight lightly hairy bunghole leading Jeremy to get down and eat that tight pucker. He tongues that hole lapping like mad giving his full attention to Ross's hot bum.

Jeremy slaps Tyler's face with his big dong and Tyler grabs that tool jacking the foreskin and deep throating down to brown pubes. Tyler fucks Ross from behind (with condom) using slow but forceful strokes that become faster as he plows making Ross grunt with pleasure. Tyler slides his pick into Ross's chute from behind (with condom) filling that manhole with long hard strokes. The dudes screw Ross in the missionary position drilling their hard beef sticks in and out of that tight man-tunnel making all sorts of grunts, moans, and other lusty noises. Ross beats off shooting a thick load of jizz on his stomach. Jeremy cuts loose with thick spooge on Ross's pubes and inside thigh while Tyler sprays a wet load all over Ross's upper stomach area right below his chest.

Scene Two:

Justin Wells (nice-looking with short dark hair, sideburns, and toned/smooth body) and Derrick Vinyard (very cute with messy/cool short brown hair, sideburns, and toned/smooth body) are sitting outside the barn on a bale of hay. The dudes slowly kiss sliding their wet tongues into each other's mouths while their hands explore bulging crotches. Off come the shirts revealing their hot toned bodies. Justin pulls Derrick's large cut tool from the confines of his tight cycle shorts and deep throats all the way to some full dark pubes. Cupping and sucking hairy nuts, Justin goes wild slobbering all over Derrick's stiff dick as Derrick vocalizes his lust: "Suck that dick!", "Just like riding a bike!" Derrick slaps Justin's face with his wet dong fucking his mouth and exclaiming, "You know how to work it! You like getting fucked in the mouth?"

Derrick releases Justin's hard cut cock from his shorts sliding his mouth up and down the shaft as Justin's hands guide his head. Derrick deep throats that hard tool all the way to Justin's dark trimmed pubes sucking his balls and having his wet tongue slapped with that purple knob. Derrick lays missionary style on a bale of hay with his legs in the air and Justin gives some of the best tongue to bunghole action I've ever seen. Both dudes are totally into the ass eating with Justin's busy tongue lapping that tight hairy hole as Derrick is vocal with his desires. "Stick that tongue in there!" Justin fucks Derrick with the tip of his darting pink tongue. "Come on! Rim that ass!" "Get your tongue in there!" "I love it when you spit on my asshole!" "You like the taste of my ass?" Obviously Justin does like the taste of that tangy manhole.

Justin slowly sinks down on Derrick's condom-covered cock moaning and giving that hog a good ride. Justin bounces up and down and swivels his hips enjoying having his chute filled with a big joy stick. Justin tells Derrick to "Ride me like a bicycle!" Derrick switches to the missionary position plowing Justin with fast/hard strokes as they both loudly moan. During the missionary position, Derrick tells Justin "You have the tightest asshole!" Justin shoots one of the largest/thickest loads I've seen on his stomach while Derrick squirts thick spunk on Justin's cock and stomach.

Scene Three:

Ross (from Scene One) is in the bike club's barn surrounded by the horny hunks preparing to be initiated by pulling a train. Mason Wyler (very cute with short blondish-brown hair and toned/smooth body) sneaks in and announces that he wants to be indoctrinated first. Mason is soon down on his knees sucking Tyler's (from Scene One) big cut dork bobbing up and down, jacking the shaft, and working the knob while the other dudes watch and stroke their hard cocks. Mason digs cramming his mouth full of cock as Tyler fucks the hell out of his face deep throating to brown pubes.

Mason switches to sucking Derrick's (from Scene Two) big clipped tool deep throating to his lush brown bush and slobbering up and down that stiffy. One of the dudes watching exclaims, "He sucks a mean dick!" Indeed he does. Mason begins to suck each dude's cock as if he's on a slow conveyer belt. Mason lustfully sucks Ross's (from Scene One) cut cock, Jeremy's (from Scene One) uncut tool, Dakota Rivers' (handsome with brown hair/blond highlights and muscular/smooth body) cut prick, Justin's (from Scene Two) cut dick, Pierre Fitch's (fucking hot with short dark hair, tattoos, pierced nipples, toned/smooth body) fat cut dong, and Ralph Woods' (cute with short dark hair and slender/toned body) LONG uncut cock. Mason is completely into the action sucking, jacking, slobbering, deep throating, and having his mouth fucked as he takes care of each dude's member.

Tyler's cock hungry too taking Jeremy's unclipped dork down his throat switching over to Ralph's monster allowing him to plug his mouth with long strokes. Tyler gets down on Pierre's chubby prick cramming down his gullet. All the dudes get in on the cock sucking having their mouths fucked, slobbering, stroking, and feasting on hard weenies. Dakota chows down on Mason's big uncut cock concentrating on the purple knob and jacking the heavy foreskin up and over. The dudes turn to munching butt with Mason switching back and forth between Derrick's hairy hole and Justin's shaved pucker. Ralph gets in on the butt buffet by tonguing Derrick's hole making him vocalize all sorts of orders swirling around in his lust-addled brain. The dudes are rowdy cheering the butt munching on: "Spit on that asshole!", "Lick it!" , "Smack it!", "Fuckin' suck that hole!", "Spread my cheeks!", "Smack my ass!", "Open his ass cheeks up and lick it!"

Wanting to join the bike club at any cost, Mason once again makes like a conveyer belt sinking his tight butt hole down on each dude's hard condom-covered tool. Mason rides those hogs like a pro bouncing up and down and working his hips to get every inch of that meat up his chute. Again, the dudes cheer each other on as they grab Mason's butt cheeks and thrust upward to fuck him. Mason allows the guys to pull a train from behind and then in the missionary position. One by one, the dudes fuck his bum filling the barn with the loud noises of man-sex. The dudes crowd around Mason, who is laying on the ground, beating their meat and shoot generous loads of jizz all over his body. By the end, Mason is completely covered in cum.



"Spokes III" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by John Simms is excellent providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups. For the most part the picture is sharp and clean. There are a few moments in Scene Three that look a bit soft and out of focus but not enough to distract from the action.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear the dudes dialogue and all the wild noises they make while pleasuring each other.


The disc is filled with cool extras beginning with an interactive menu, scene selection, and chapter stops. There's a cast listing with various photographs of each model and their physical statistics, a behind-the-scenes photo gallery featuring action shots and publicity stills of the models, "Initiation" Outtakes with bloopers, Cumshot Reel, Fluffing with the dudes helping each other out, Mason Wyler's cum shot from two angels, "Fun in the Barn" featuring a hat toss turning Ralph Woods' big uncut tool into a carnival game, "Falcon on the Set: The Making of Spokes III" behind-the-scenes featurette, and the original trailers for "Spokes", "Spokes II", and "Spokes III".

Final Thoughts:

Falcon Studios and director Chris Steele have resurrected the "Spokes" series with a totally hot third installment. Steele's direction is excellent along with top-notch videography, and editing (Garcia Stevenson) creating a huge turn-on of a movie with scenes that move along at a steady pace and never become dull. The dudes are all appealing giving energetic performance and completely getting into the action. My personal favorites are Derrick Vinyard, Mason Wyler (cover dude wearing blue shirt), Ralph Woods, Pierre Fitch, and Tyler Marks (cover dude wearing red shirt). There are plenty of cool extras to fill out this top-of-the-line release. I highly recommend to fans of group sex.

Trilogy Final Thoughts:

Falcon Studios have a winner with the Spokes Trilogy three disc set. The big standout here is the plethora of bonus materials that will definitely satisfy even the most hard to please viewer. I simply cannot rave enough about these extras. The picture quality of each film varies due to age with "Spokes" (1983) being a bit grainy but looking excellent for twenty-four year old movie, "Spokes II" improving with a sharp image, and "Spokes III" with a clean sharp picture with just a bit of softness here and there in Scene Three. All three movies have the common thread of a bicycle theme and hot group sex. Of the three, I personally found "Spokes III" to be the best movie with excellent direction by Chris Steele. I highly recommend for those who want to take an entertaining and erotic trip back to the early 1980s, late 1980s, and a current re-tooling of hunky bicycle riders who engage in plenty of group sex. This review is dedicated in loving memory of my Great Aunt MKS.

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