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Belladonna: Fetish Fanatic 5

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 3/14/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Movie:

If you thought that the previous four entries in Belladonna's Fetish Fanatic series were harsh, things don't get any softer with this fifth entry in the series. While the first three entries have been double disc sets, this one is not - like the forth volume it's a three-disc set although unlike Volume Four Belladonna is not in each of the six scenes! Here's what happens...

Disc One:

Chapter 1 - Belladonna And Lorelei Lee: Belladonna sits on the toiler and she and Lorelei talk for a bit. Lorelei squirts some water out of her ass and onto the toilet after Bella shoots some up there with what looks like a little turkey-baster. They do the 'fill her up and let her squirt' trick for a few minutes, then Bella lubes her ass up and fucks it with a dildo. She finger fucks her fairly violently, the dildo still up her ass, and then she eats her out. From there they get into the tub and kiss for a bit. Lorelei sucks her tits and then they squeeze their nipples. Lorelei spreads her legs and gets her cunt fucked by a big pink dildo, and then she sucks on Bella's feet for a bit. Bella brings out a massive purple dong and Lorelei tries to get it all into her throat. From there Lorelei fits a good portion of it into Bella's pussy and she rides it for a while as Lorelei laps away at her clit. Lorelei fingers her and eats her, and then she lies back and spreads her legs so that Belladonna can fuck her pussy with that same massive purple dong. After that Bella rides a pink dildo with her ass, which Lorelei periodically sucks, and then she takes a dildo in her pussy at the same time. Lorelei gets on all fours and Bella fucks her in the ass with a yellow dildo, fingering herself at the same time and making Lorelei's ass gape so we can see the weird yellow goop she's poured in there.

Chapter 2 - Ariel X And Kitty: The girls wander around in heels and fishnets for a bit and then start kissing and rubbing up against one another, the emphasis here clearly on the feet. Kitty eats Ariel's pussy and then slips some of her toes inside while Ariel pushes her foot against Kitty's neck. They grind their cunts into one another and slap each other in the face with their feet and suck their toes. Ariel sits on Kitty's face and rubs her feet along her torso and then Ariel eats Kitty out for a bit and rubs her fishnets along her snatch before fucking her with her foot. Kitty uses her feet to fuck Ariel with a dildo, and then she sucks on her toes. After that Kitty uses her feet to fuck Ariel in the ass with a different toy before using some anal beads on her. Ariel fucks Kitty's pussy using a dildo with her feet, and the girls finish it all off by sucking each other's feet and kissing.

Disc Two:

Chapter 3 - Angela Stone And Sierra Sinn: Sierra sits on the toilet and rubs herself until she squirts all over Angela's face. Angela laps it up and makes her squirt more, and they kiss. She fucks Sierra's pussy with a big dildo and she squirts into Angela's mouth. Sierra gets down on all fours and spreads her ass cheeks so that Angela can rub herself until she squirts all over her ass, and then Angela licks Sierra's ass and they kiss again. They spit on each other and lick it up, then Sierra fucks Angela's ass with a dildo. They swap spit some more then Angela sucks off a big dildo and they kiss more. Angela takes a length of anal beads up her ass, Sierra takes them out and puts them in her mouth. After that, Sierra takes the beads up her ass and Angela makes her deep throat a dildo until she gags. Sierra takes that dildo up her ass, and then Belladonna shows up and rubs herself until she squirts all over the two girls.

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Chapter 4 - Belladonna And Hollie Stevens: The two girls are decked out in latex fetish gear. Belladonna rubs Hollie's tits, and then eats her pussy. Belladonna bends over and Hollie spanks her ass and eats her from behind before Belladonna slips a condom on her finger and finger fucks her pussy with it. Belladonna bends over and takes a massive black dildo up her ass, and then she crams a condom into Hollie's pussy, which she licks and then fucks with a green dildo. She makes Hollie suck the dildo, and then Hollie fucks Belladonna with yet another big black dong that is air inflatable once it's inserted into her pussy. Holli eats Belladonna out, then bends over so that Belladonna can fuck her pussy with that same toy. Hollie sucks the toy then Belladonna tries to deep throat it before she takes it up her ass. Hollie then uses some anal beads on Belladonna and there's some creepy anal gaping action. Belladonna sucks the beads clean then plays with Hollie's tits and fingers her until she's good and squishy wet. Hollie puts a condom on her finger and fucks Belladonna in the ass, then the girls put the rubber into their mouths and suck it together. Hollie pulls another condom out of Belladonna's pussy with her mouth, they share it and kiss.

Disc Three:

Chapter 5 - Keeani Lei And Max Makita: Max throws Keeani up against the wall and they kiss, each one wearing a strap on. Keeani sucks Max's toy, and deep throats it and then Max makes Keeani suck off her own strap on (she's a flexible little thing). Keeani sucks Max some more, and then Max rubs Keeani's cock with her feet as she does the same. Keeani lies down and Max rides her strap on cowgirl style as Keeani uses a vibrating bullet on her clit. Max turns around and rides her reverse cowgirl for a bit, and then she gets down on all fours so that Keeani can fuck her in the ass with it. Max sucks Keeani off, and then Keeani rides Max's cock reverse cowgirl style and then cowgirl style. Keeani sucks the strap on clean, and then takes it in her ass reverse cowgirl style. Keeani rolls over and Max fucks her in the ass while she uses a vibrator on herself and then Keeani gets on all fours for more of the same. Max makes Keeani suck the toy again, and then takes it up the ass reverse cowgirl style so Max can rub her pussy while she fucks her.

Chapter 6 - Belladonna And Claire Adams: Belladonna and Claire are muzzled in a crate and acting like dogs. They get out and Claire dry humps Belladonna for a bit and they play fight while Belladonna takes a dildo with a tail on the end up her ass as does Claire. Belladonna gets on all fours and Claire fucks her in the ass with a strap on, and then she makes Belladonna suck it clean. She fucks Belladonna some more and slaps her in the face in rhythm before choking her. Belladonna sucks the tail end of the toy up Claire's ass and works it in and out with her mouth before eating Claire's pussy. They kiss, and then Belladonna fucks Claire with a pyrex dildo first in the pussy and then in the pussy and the ass at the same time. Belladonna gets fucked in the ass with the tail-ended dong, and then Claire fucks her ass with a pyrex dildo while she slaps her pussy. Claire fucks Belladonna's pussy with her foot, the dildo still in her ass, then Belladonna stands up and rubs herself until she squirts everywhere. Claire squirts into a dog's water dish and Belladonna yelps and begs for it, then laps it all up. That's some fucked up shit right there.



This shot on digital video production looks pretty clean presented here in a reasonably stable 1.33.1 fullframe presentation. There is some mild edge enhancement in a couple of spots and a noticeable bit of mpeg compression evident throughout in the darker scenes. Skin tones look nice and natural, the compositions are dead on (though some of the camera work in a couple of spots is quite shaky), and aside from the fact that this digital video production looks like a digital video production and as such suffers from the minor defects usually associated with the format, everything looks as good as you'd realistically expect it to.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround track is quite sufficient. The dialogue comes through cleanly and clearly as do all of the moans and groans. There is no background music used anywhere during the feature aside from the opening credits and the levels do tend to fluctuate quite a bit from scene to shining scene but aside from that there isn't much to whine about here. The audio is fine.


Disc One contains a behind the scenes feature that examines the making of the two scenes on the first disc. The featurette on the first scene more or less concentrates on the two ladies preparing for their scene together and it runs about twenty-three minutes in length. This segment also shows the two girls in full on hardcore action from a few different angles that are not seen in the edited version of the scene itself. The second featurette shows the two girls getting ready for their scene and talking things over with Belladonna. Bella even fucks Kitty with a vibrator while talking to her about casual, every day things. This segment also runs just under twenty-three minutes in length and a large bulk of it simply shows Kitty sitting with her pussy exposed or full of sex toy on the couch. Not that there's anything wrong with that, mind you...

Disc One also contains a photo gallery, a disc map, animated menus and weblinks.

Again, on disc two, the main extras are a pair of behind the scenes featurettes that show us the making of the two scenes contained on the disc. The segment on Angela Stone and Sierra Sinn features the girls relaxing with Belladonna and talking about what they're going to do and how they're going to do it. A man behind the camera interviews them about what they will and will not do sexually, and then they strip down in the bathroom and get ready for their scene by lubing up. This segment runs thirty minutes and change. The second featurette explores the making of the Hollie Stevens and Belladonna scene starting with the two of them in their PVC/latex outfits and talking about the particular fetish. They jokes around for a bit and discuss the scene, then Bella eats Hollie's pussy out. They run into some trouble with a giant black dildo that eventually winds up in Bella's ass. This segment runs for just under eleven minutes in length.

Disc Two also contains a photo gallery, a disc map, animated menus and weblinks.

As you probably guessed from what was on the first two discs, the main extras on the third disc are the two featurettes which explore the two scenes on the disc. The first one shows Keeani Lei and Max Makita getting into the swing of things with Belladonna who warms Keeani up by sticking a dildo up her ass. They talk about their scene and discuss using a strap on, and they answer similar questions from the mysterious man behind the camera. They get into bed together and eventually start using the strap on with a bit of help from some handy nearby lube, and this segment clocks in at just under a half an hour in length. The last featurette explores the making of the last scene starring Belladonna and Claire Adams. We see the two of them goofing off and practicing their puppy play technique, trying not to laugh. They wind up in a training crate at one point and then later break out the pyrex sex toys. They break to have some water and talk about nipples before getting back to work. This segment runs just over fifteen minutes.

Disc Three also contains a photo gallery, some trailers for six other Belladonna releases available through Evil Angel, a cast list, biographies, animated menus, a disc map and finally some weblinks.

Final Thoughts:

Always taking each new release in this series a step further than the last one, Belladonna's Fetish Fanatic Volume Five is certainly extreme material. While it's unlikely that each scene will appeal to everyone's personal kink, there's a lot of variety here and some crazy fucking to go along with it. If you're into seriously hardcore girl on girl action, consider this one highly recommended but be aware that it is definitely a release that caters to those with very specific and unusual tastes.

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