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Up On It

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 3/15/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:

December 2003

The Movie:

Nineteen good-looking Eastern European dudes get in on in traditional couplings, three-ways, and hot solo action.

Scene One:

Horny bartender Filip Check (cute with short black hair, smooth/toned body, and tattoos) is serving special cocktails to patron Radim (very cute with short blond hair, toned/smooth body) plying him with plenty of booze. The dudes cruise each other with not too subtle body rubbing. The guys end up making out with full tongue giving Filip a chance to release Radim's hard uncut cock from his white shorts and chow down jacking the shaft and slobbering up and down. Radim gets into the blowjob fucking Filip's mouth. Filip straddles Radim allowing him to chow down on that fat uncut tool which he works with his wet mouth while pulling his own pud. Filip fucks Radim in the missionary position (with condom) using slow/deep strokes at first and then kicking it up with some fast/hard pounding. Switching to fucking his pal from behind, Filip continues with the fast 'n hard pounding filling the room with sound of slapping nuts. Filip shoots a thick load of jizz on Radim's stomach while Radim cuts loose with thick man-juice of his own all over his full brown pubes.

Scene Two:

Painters Jan Lasto (cute with brown hair and toned/smooth body) and Michael Burda (good-looking with dark hair and toned/smooth body) are finished giving the bedroom wall a new God-awful color. The dudes pull the single bed back into the room and immediately begin to make out with those busy wet tongues. I suppose the fresh paint fumes don't bother 'em. Michael lies on the bed jacking his fat unclipped prick rubbing his full dark pubes and big hairy nuts. He rubs his equally hairy butt crack when Jan reenters the room and fucks Michael from behind (with condom) without so much as a howdy doo. Jan's a fan of quick strokes as he fills his pal's tight bum with hard uncut meat. Michael sucks Jan's stiff dong nursing the knob, licking the shaft, jacking, and sucking those balls. While engaging in a bit of the old sink/bounce, Jan grabs onto Michael's butt cheeks thrusting his hips upwards and frantically cramming his cock in and out. Michael shoots a thick dotty load on Jan's chest as Jan squirts a large wet surprise on his own stomach.

Scene Three:

Petr Strom (cute with short black hair and toned/smooth body) is hiking through the forest stopping to chug down some bottled water. With nothing better to do, he yanks his stiff uncut dong out pulling his pork. Another hot hiker Kamil Misl (brown hair and toned/smooth body) happens by, sinks to his knees and gives Petr some excellent head while working his own unclipped dick. Petr sucks Kamil's hairy nuts and really chows down on that beef stick. Kamil leans against a tree allowing Petr to enter him from behind (with condom) as Kamil wildly hunches back filling his chute with that hard rod. The dudes head back to Petr's apartment where they make out with lots of slobbering tongues and Kamil fucking Petr in the missionary position (with condom) using quick/short strokes. There's a nice camera shot of Petr's hairy butt hole being drilled. Kamil jacks Petr's hard tool making him shoots a thick load on his full pubes and stomach. Kamil cums on Petr's inside thigh.

Scene Four:

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Matt (cute with short brown hair and muscular/hairy body) and Tomas Kasa (good-looking with short light brown hair and toned/smooth body) are working out at the local gym. Naturally the exercise leads to the dudes feeling each other's hot bodies and Tomas biting Matt's hard nipples. The dudes make their way over to a bed (doesn't every gym have one?) leading Matt to suck Tomas's stiff 'n fat uncut prick jacking the foreskin up over the knob and sliding his hungry mouth on that thang. Tomas pinches his own hard nipples while enjoying the blowjob. Matt lays face down on the bed while Tomas fucks him from behind (with condom). Tomas switches to screwing his pal in the missionary position using fast 'n hard strokes showing off his hot bubble butt. The dudes play a bit of the ol' sink/bounce to some groovy organ music wailing in the background. Matt cuts loose with a thick load of spunk on Tomas's stomach while Tomas squirts a thick load on his chest and stomach.

Scene Five:

Karel Rok (very handsome dude with short brown hair and toned/smooth body) is exhausted after a hard day of construction. He strips out of his coveralls revealing his beautiful body, full dark pubes, and large uncut cock with long foreskin. Libor heads to the bathroom to enjoy a nice hot bath when his roommates Libor (cute with brown hair and toned/smooth body) and Lucas Zip (appealing with short bleached hair and toned/smooth body) get home and head to the shower. The dudes strip down showing off their nice bodies, big uncut cocks and hop into the steamy shower for some soul kissing and cock sucking. Lucas fucks Libor from behind (with condom) starting off slow so that his pal can get accustomed to that fat hog. Without cumming, the dudes head to the other bathroom to find Karel relaxing in a hot bubble bath jacking his large unclipped dong. The dudes join him in the tub making Karel suck Lucas's cock while Libor eats Karel's ass (no close-ups). Libor fucks Karel from behind (with condom) in the tight confines of the bathtub sliding his condom-covered tool quickly in and out while Karel continues to worship Lucas's cock orally. Lucas wants a piece of ass and screws Karel from behind (with condom) using the same fast fucking style of his pal Libor. Libor shoot thick love juice on Karel's back while Lucas lets loose with wet spooge on Karel's bum. Karel chokes his chicken squiring a large impressive load into the bathwater.

Honza Lesh:

Honza's a good-looking dude with short closely cropped black hair wearing white sweat pants and a yellow tee shirt. He removes the tee revealing his slender/smooth chest and hard little nipples. There are some stuffed animals on the bookshelf behind him including a teddy bear with sunglasses and a cool little moo cow. Honza pulls down his sweat pants exposing his full dark pubes and uncut cock. He hop into bed laying spread eagle and goes to work on his tool licking his fingers to lube the knob and jacking with his right hand. Honza plays with his hairy balls continuing to pull his pud and then uses a cool technique in which he uses both hands to roll his hard dong. After giving his foreskin a good workout and showing off his hairy hole, he shoots a thick load of jizz on his stomach.


Miroslav is a cute dude with light brown hair, toned smooth body, shaved pubes, and huge uncut cock. He's in the shower soaping up his hot body and working the foreskin back and forth over his knob while washing his twig and berries. Miroslav bends over soaping up his bum and then sits on the edge of the bathtub to get down to some serious pulling. He uses his right hand to fist his hard cock working the shaft up and down and pulling on his hanging balls. Working himself into a sexual lather, Miroslav shoots a thick load in the bathtub.

Tomas Len:

Tomas is very cute with short dark hair, beard stubble, smooth/toned body, full dark pubes, and uncut cock. He's on the sofa pulling that unclipped pork and working his full hairy nuts. Tomas explores his body slowly running his free hand over his chest and rubbing his hard nipples as that same groovy organ music trills in the background. Tomas humps the sofa pillows giving the viewer a good look at his hot bum and hairy crack. Tomas humps that pillow like a long-lost lover leading him to squirts a thick load of cock snot on his stomach and chest. Hot load!


This very cute dude with short dark hair is relaxing on his bed wearing black pants and tight white tee shirt. He unbuckles his belt and unzips his fly pulling out a big uncut tool with very nice long foreskin giving it a loving pull. Roman shows off his hot bum and hairy crack turning around and looking straight into the camera. He then bends over and exposes his tight hairy pucker and hairy balls. Hot! Roman beats his heavily-foreskinned dong working the overhang up and over his knob and rubbing his nuts. He strips off his shirt revealing a toned/smooth chest, lays back on the bed with his legs spread wide apart, and gets serious about reaching a climax. He wildly humps a pillow pulling his butt cheeks apart and giving the viewer another look at his fury manhole. Roman finishes his session by squirting a thick load all over his chest and stomach.


Rastislav is very handsome with short dark hair and toned/hairy body. He's wearing boxing shorts and gloves while lying suggestively on his bed. He yanks the gloves off followed by yanking his large unclipped prick out rubbing it against the gloves. He has a hot large purple cock knob and trimmed dark pubes with some nice plump balls. Rastislav strokes his shaft working his foreskin and showing off his deep piss slit. Lubing up, he jacks his cock fast and hard while showing off his tight hairy asshole and shoots a thick dotty load on his chest.


Ladis is cute whit light brown/blond hair, toned/smooth body, and uncut tool. Lying in bed, he jacks his cock with his right fist, plays with his nuts, and begins to jack with both hands. Ladis is turned on showing off for the camera and exposes his tight shaved pucker for the viewers. He rubs that pulsing bung while beating the hell out of his meat shooting a medium thick load on his shaved pubic area.


Jan is a cute young Twink (age 18+) with brown hair and slender/smooth body. He's in the bathroom preparing to bathe rubbing the bulge in his white briefs. Down come the underwear revealing his full dark pubes and large unclipped prick. Jan sits on the edge of the tub rinsing himself with the hand-held showerhead while stroking his hard tool. He soaps up his privates as the once again that groovy organ music cranks away in the background. Jan rinses off continuing to pleasure himself shooting a thick load of cream on his stomach and bush.


Lukas is a cute dude with short blond/brown hair wearing yellow shorts while working out. He pulls his shorts down revealing an impressive uncut tool and pull brown pubes. Jacking off and working his foreskin on his knob, Lukas explores his smooth/toned chest with his left hand. Lukas rubs his cock against the exercise equipment exposing his tight hairy hole as he nears climax. He beats his meat squirting a thick load on his stomach.



"Up On It" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The hand-held camera is a bit clumsy at times but provides full coverage of the action with plenty of close-ups. The picture quality varies from sharp and clean to a little too light at times. The problem is not enough to distract from the movie.


The sound is clear but sounds a little hollow at times. The viewer can easily hear the dudes speaking in their native tongue and subtitles are provided. Of course, that snazzy organ music must be mentioned since it's featured in so many of the scenes.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selections, chapter stops, PopShot-On-Demand, the safe sex PSA "Wrap it Up" starring the trippindicular Chi Chi LaRue, and previews for: "Teaming Up", "Untouched", "Trophy Studs", and "The Thick of It".

Final Thoughts:

"Up On It" features nineteen cute Eastern European dudes with nice bodies and big uncut cocks. The direction, videography, and editing are good providing scenes that move along at a nice pace, never become dull, and provide full coverage of all the action. The dudes give energetic performances and obviously enjoy the action. Personally, I found the solo installments to be the biggest turn-on. All the dudes are appealing with my favorites being Radim, Petr Strom, Matt, Karel Rok (best looking dude in the movie), and Honza Lesk. I recommend for fans of Eastern European guys in their early twenties to are not shy about showing off their unclipped tools.

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