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Young & Uncut #14

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 3/15/07

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Dates of Production:

February 2000-May 2006

The Movie:

These young (all age 18+) Eastern European Twinks are cute, horny, and ready for action. Be it solo jack-offs, two dude couplings, or three-ways, these guys make sure they give and receive sexual pleasure.

The Dudes:

The dudes are all appealing with a mix of tall/slender and toned bodies, all have smooth chests, and a variety of black, brown, and bleached hair. All the cocks are uncut.

Scene One:

Eighteen-year-old Patrick is a good-looking dude with shaggy brown/blond hair who doesn't have much experience with other guys. He takes his shirt off revealing his tall, slender, and smooth body and hard little nipples. Patrick looses his blue jeans next showing off his red boxer shorts. After a bit of basket rubbing, Patrick pulls his boxers off revealing his full brown pubes, large uncut tool, and hangy nuts. He grasps his shaft working the foreskin back and forth over his slick pink knob. Patrick spreads his legs wide as his fist glides effortlessly up and down his hard shaft. He slowly works a small green vibrator up his tight hairy asshole as he continues to pull his pud. Patrick works himself into a lustful frenzy quickly fucking himself with the sex toy and shooting a large thick load of spooge on his pubes. He scoops up his cum and eats it. Yummy!

Scene Two:

Abner (cute with blond hair and tall/slender build) and Percy (nice-looking with blond hair and toned/smooth body) are taking a walk together and decide to stop near a flowing stream to make out with hot wet tongues. Abner sinks to his knees taking Percy's stiff uncut cock into his mouth cramming it down his throat. Percy strokes his own rigid unclipped member as he jacks Abner's dong and licks the pink tip. Abner fucks Percy from behind (with condom) using fast 'n hard strokes while Percy grabs onto a railing and looks bored. Abner shoots a load on Percy's bum while Percy shoots thick jizz on Abner's thigh. The scene has far too many long and medium shots with only one descent close-up. Uninspired sex but at least the dudes are cute.

Scene Three:

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These horny dudes are in the mood for a three way. Max (cute with blond hair and toned/smooth body) and Nick (nice-looking with short dark hair and smooth/toned body) are in bed rubbing their cocks underneath the blanket. Next to the bed sits Jeff (cute with short brown hair and tall/smooth body) who's busy working his own bulge. Jeff joins his pals in the bed as Max and Nick watching each other stroke their hard unclipped dicks. Jeff reaches over jerking Nick's prick as Nick gives Max's dong a nice handshake. Jeff yanks off his clothing and starts to work his uncut rod while Nick and Max make out with plenty of deep tongues. The dudes switch up sucking each other's rigid tool jacking the foreskins up and over the slick cock heads and making loud moaning noises. Max and Nick fall into a traditional sixty-nine feasting on that hard meat. Nick fucks Jeff tight hairy asshole in the side/missionary position (with condom) making Jeff's large hairy nuts flop around.

Nick switches to fucking Jeff from behind using long steady strokes while Jeff pulls his limp dick. Max lays face down on the bed as the dudes massage his hot bubble butt and hairy crack. Nick enters his pal from behind (with condom) slowly working his hard member in and out of that tight manhole. Jeff is completely turned on watching his friends go at it, beats his meat and shoots a thick load on the bed. Nick shoots a small dotty load on Max's bum and Max squirts a nice thick load on his stomach. Again, there are too many long and medium shots and just a handful of close-ups. There is one hot camera shot from behind of Nick's hairy balls slapping as he bangs Max from behind.

Scene Four:

George (cool cute rocker type with shaggy brown/blond hair and slender/smooth body), Charles (cute with short bleached hair and toned/smooth body), and Mark (good-looking with short dark hair and smooth/toned body) are fooling around kissing with some deep tongue action, feeling those hot bodies, and pinching hard nipples. George and Mark gang up on Charles unbuckling his belt, pulling down his pants and briefs to get a good look at his large uncut cock and full dark pubes. Mark sucks Charles's tool taking it down his throat while George jacks it. Charles plays with George's stiff unclipped dong working the foreskin so that it caps and uncaps his knob. Charles is hungry for a big beef stick so he chows down on George getting a nice taste. The dudes finally remove their shirts revealing smooth toned bodies as they continue to switch up on the cock sucking with George giving Mark's unclipped dick some descent head while they roll around.

George porks Charles in the missionary position (with condom) slowly sinking his tool in and out of that tight chute becoming faster with his strokes as he becomes more excited by the moment. The dudes climb all over each other resembling a quivering lump of man-flesh as they suck each other's tongues and get up-close and personal. Charles is the first to pop with a thick load followed by George and Mark who beat their dongs and squirt large thick loads of spunk out of their flared purple knobs. Again, there are too many long and medium shots but at least there are some descent close-ups offered.

Scene Five:

Lars is a cute dark-headed Twink with a tall/slender/smooth body who's enjoying some alone time in the bathtub. He has nice full dark pubes, a large uncut cock, and hangy balls. Lars' hands are busy exploring his smooth chest working his way down to jacking that big hard dong. He jacks that cock sliding the foreskin over his slick purple knob. He sits on the edge of the tub using a hand-held shower nozzle to rinse off, stands up to soap that hot tall/slender body, and again rinses off with the assistance of that shower heard. Before long, Lars is totally into beating his long meat, rubbing his hanging nuts, and pinching his hard tits. He cuts loose with a thick load shooting into the bathwater.



"Young and Uncut #14" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography is hand-held providing plenty of long and medium shots but is quite stingy with the close-ups. Granted there are some descent close-ups, they are far and few between. The picture quality is nice and sharp.


The sound is passable allowing the viewer to hear the dudes speaking their native language with some heavy breathing as they reach climax.


The dude includes a simple interactive menu featuring a spiffy little ditty and a cheesy painting of a shoe type object with a dog's nose and bulging eyeball! There's a scene selection, a photo gallery featuring some nice photographs from the movie, and previews for: "Bi Teen Power #1", "The Sexy Builders", "Reform School" (looks like a hot movie), "Young and Uncut #13", "Getting Physical", and "On the Town".

Final Thoughts:

"Young and Uncut #14" is a mixed bag. The negatives are fairly lousy videography with too many long and medium shots and not enough close-ups, choppy editing, and a bored looking dude in Scene Two. The positives are a very appealing cast of attractive young (all age 18+) Eastern European dudes with sexy bodies and uncut cocks, a sharp and clear picture quality, scenes that move along at a nice pace, and some hot previews. The cute dudes, inclusion of a small amount of good close-ups, and a hot opening scene of Patrick jacking off save the move from being a complete wash out. I recommend a Rent It for fans of Eastern European Twinks with large uncut cocks who shoot nice thick loads.

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