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Young & Uncut #15

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 3/15/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Dates of Production:

February 2000-May 2006

The Movie:

These young (all age 18+) Eastern European guys are horn dogs looking for willing hands, mouths, and bums to satisfy their loaded uncut dongs.

The Dudes:

All the guys here are appealing with a mix of dark and light-brown hair, tall/slender/smooth and smooth/toned bodies, full/trimmed/shaved pubes, and uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Happy Hour is upon Mike (cute with brown hair) and his pal Peter (good-looking with dark hair) with the two boozin' it up on cocktails and flirtation. The liquor makes these guys loose and they begin to kiss with some deep tongue waggin' and frisky hands wondering all over their bodies. Shirts are removed revealing smooth toned chests and tattoos followed by shoes and blue jeans. Mike grabs Peter's uncut cock jacking his overhang back and forth on the slick knob. Peter returns the favor by stroking Mike's unclipped tool wrapping his fist around the shaft and working the foreskin. Mike gets down on Peter's dick running his mouth up and down that hard manhood and tonguing the head. Paul's appetite for dong is quenched when he crams Mike's hard meat down is gullet and sucks those full balls. Mike enters Peter's tight hairy chute from behind (with condom) using a slow steady pace that becomes faster but remains smooth. To finish up, the dudes sit next to each other pulling their pork. Both guys shoot small dotty but thick loads on their thighs.

Scene Two:

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Chris (cute with short black hair and tall/slender build) is outside waiting to meet up with his friend Keith (cute with short light brown hair and smooth/petite body). Keith soon rides up on his bicycle and the dudes head back to Chris's pad. The pals sit on a sofa feeling each other up and soul kiss with their deep wet tongues. They pull their pants down jerking their stiff unclipped members working the foreskins up and over those slick pink cock knobs. The dudes reach over and jack each other's dongs leading to some heavy breathing. The guys take their shirts off revealing smooth chests and get down to business. Chris chows down on Keith's cock licking his red knob digging his tongue into the deep piss slit and slobbering up and down. Keith gets a good taste taking Chris's rigid prick down his gullet working his lips up and down the shaft. Keith fucks Chris in the side/missionary position (with condom) slowly sliding his dong in and out of that tight hole. Chris wants some man-pussy as well screwing his Keith in the missionary position (with condom) slowly entering that hole and going to town. Keith squirts jizz on his chest and stomach as Chris dumps a thick load of spooge on Keith's inside thigh.

Scene Three:

Nathan (very cute dude with black hair, smooth/toned/tanned body, and tattoos who is on the cover art) is lying in bed wearing white briefs. Nathan's horny and begins to slowly rub his chest feeling his nipples and sliding one hand down the front of his shorts groping his unseen tool. There's a large bottle of soda named "Relax Pink Grep" on the nightstand. Nathan continues to rub his basket giving the viewer just a peek at his balls and the very top of his dark trimmed pubes. Growing tired of teasing himself, Nathan pulls his large uncut cock (with heavy foreskin) and big full nuts out and begins to beat his meat. He wets the tip of his fingers with his tongue and rubs them on his cockhead moistening it up for a good wank. Nathan repeats this erotic ritual a number of times during his masturbation session. Nathan works himself into a sexual frenzy shooting a thick dotty load of cock-snot on his toned stomach. I'm thirsty for some Pink Grep!

Scene Four:

Gawd! The room these dudes are in is fucking ugly with mustard yellow walls and cheap blue carpeting. I also spy a stuffed teddy bear on a bookshelf in the background. Where the hell is Hildie Santo-Tomas when these dudes need her decorating tips? Anyway, Lucky (tall/slender dude with dark shaggy hair), Josh (good-looking with tall/slender build and short brown hair), and Stiv (cute with short black hair and smaller/toned body) are assembling some ugly moon-shaped leopard print chair. It really accents the room. Josh hops on the chair rocking back and forth as Lucky and Stiv begin to feel him up. Josh looses his shirt revealing a nice slender/smooth chest allowing Lucky to unzip his blue jeans and release his hard uncut cock. Lucky fists Josh's slick foreskin up and over his knob. The dudes strip down and make out with flicking wet tongues. Josh pulls Lucky's large uncut prick jacking the foreskin as Lucky strokes Stiv's unclipped dong and Josh pulls his own fat man-slug.

Josh chows down on Lucky's dick deep throating, stroking, and suckin' that sensitive tip. The dudes switch up sucking each other's stiff pricks cramming hard meat down their insatiable gullets and enjoying the feeling of hot wet mouths encasing their beef sticks. Lucky is down on all fours as Stiv fucks him from behind (with condom) sliding smoothly in 'n out of his tight man-chute. Stiv screws Josh in the missionary position (with condom) as Josh jacks his big dong and Lucky watches. Josh shoots a generous load of thick jizz on his stomach while Stiv squirts a wet load on Lucky's tongue and Lucky cums in Stiv's mouth. Hot!

Scene Five:

Booker (very cute with short brown/blond hair) is making out with Abe (cute with short dark spiked hair and cool glasses). The dudes are going at it hot 'n heavy swallowing each other's wet tongues while their passionate petting leads heavy breathing and hard cocks. The guys remove their shirts revealing toned/smooth chests sucking and licking each other's hard nipples. Abe sucks Booker's stiff unclipped hog with his hand wrapped around the shaft working that foreskin. Abe's nose is buried in Booker's lush full dark pubes as he chows down. Booker uses his strong hand to guide Abe's head up and down his needy dong. Booker gets down on Abe's stiff unclipped pecker deep throating to his shaved pubes working that cock with his mouth and licking those full nuts. The pals take turns sucking and jerking each other's members filling the room with the heady sounds of man-lovin'. Abe fucks Booker's upturned bum from behind (with condom) using slow deliberate strokes. There's a nice camera shot from behind of Booker's hanging balls swinging hot and loose. After a bit of the missionary position, the dudes beat their meat leading Abe to squirt a large thick load on Booker's chest and Booker cutting loose with a small but thick load on his stomach.



"Young and Uncut #15" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography is much improved over "#14" with full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups. The image is clean and sharp.


The sound is fine allowing the viewer to hear the dudes sexing each other up in their native tongue with plenty of pouting, moaning, and deep breathing.


The disc includes a simple interactive menu featuring a spiffy little ditty with scene selection, a nice photo gallery of action stills from the movie, and trailers for: "Young and Uncut #14", "Bareback Buddies", "Bi Teen Power 2", and "Carnival of Youth".

Final Thoughts:

I've reviewed a number of movies in the "Young and Uncut" series and this is the best. The videography provides full coverage of all the action including plenty of close-ups and the editing allows each scene to move along at a nice pace never becoming dull. The dudes are all appealing with smooth bodies and large uncut cocks. I found the movie to be a big turn-on as the guys give hot energetic performances and look to be enjoying the action. I recommend to fans of young (all age 18+) Eastern European dudes with unclipped members.

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