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Kronik: Renee's Story, Chapter 1, The

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 3/18/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

July 2006

Directed By:

Tyson Cane


Renee Ford, Dean Dalcua, T-Bone, Joseph C., Panther, Bobby Blaze, V. Victor, Favian Gotthi, Quincy Scott, The Dicksman, Boom Boom.

The Movie:

Angry with his boyfriend for smoking weed, Renee Ford writes a porn script venting his frustrations by detailing numerous sexual encounters between hot Black and Latino dudes.

The Dudes:

These dudes are fucking hot with a nice mix of slender, toned, and muscular builds, hairy and smooth chests, plenty of tattoos, full/trimmed/shaved pubes, and big cut 'n uncut cocks.

Scene One:

T-Bone (cool looking dude with short hair and tall/slender/toned/hairy build) and Joseph C. (another cool dude with shaved head and tall/slender/toned/tattooed body) are in the kitchen making out hot 'n heavy with dueling tongues. Joseph's down on his knees being face fucked by T-Bone's big cut cock. He wraps his fist around the big tube steak jacking, working the knob, and slobbering up 'n down the shaft. T-Bone slaps Joseph's face and tongue with that thang as Joseph reaches up to pinch T-Bone's hard nipple. He gives that tool a complete work over burying his face in T-Bone's full pubes, licking and sucking his nuts, and chowing down. All the attention to his dong makes thick jizz gurgle out of T-Bone's flared knob onto his fist and shaft.

Scene Two:

Boyfriends Dean Dalcua (handsome with short hair, cool mutton chop sideburns, and toned/hairy body) and Renee Ford (another handsome fella with short hair, cool mustache and soul patch, and toned/smooth body) are in bed in the middle of some heavy kissing with plenty of wet tongues. The dudes strip down revealing their hot toned bodies leading Dean to take Renee's big clipped dong in his mouth slowly working as much as he can down his throat. Renee gently moves his hips upwards to slowly fuck Dean's mouth filling his gob with ebony man meat. Dean fists his own hard 'n fat cut tool while bobbing his wet mouth up and down Renee's rod. The dudes engage in more hot 'n heavy kissing which leads Renee to suck Dean's hard cock. His legs are spread wide allowing Renee to finger fuck Dean's tight hairy hole while sucking his fat pork.

Dean bends over giving Renee full access to his hot bum. Renee eats that tight hairy asshole tonguing the pucker and making it actually pulse. Renee fucks Dean in the missionary position (with condom) using steady strokes as he slides in and out. Dean moans and groans as his chute is filled with that large tool. Renee picks up some speed thrusting faster but keeps the smooth tempo. Renee switches to screwing from behind using much faster strokes while pinching his hard nipples. After some wild 'n rocking sink/bounce action, Dean stands over Renee shooting a thick load of jizz on his face. Renee cuts loose with a thick load of spooge on his stomach, fist, and big knob.

Scene Three:

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Panther (good-looking tall/slender dude with a shaved head) is begging boyfriend Bobby Blaze (cute dude with short hair and muscular/smooth body) to not walk out on him. Panther convinces Bobby to stay and the dudes get down to some deep kissing and body rubbing. Panther's on his knees taking Bobby's large cut tool deep throat all the way down to some sexy full pubes. He gives excellent head and has no problems as Bobby slowly fucks his face. Panther's hands run all over Bobby's hot body as he chows down on that big dong. Bobby bends over a chair allowing Panther to eat his tight hairy asshole. Panther jacks his own long cut prick while tonguing Bobby's touchhole. Bobby's hungry for some tangy man-funk as well and chows down on Panther's tight hairy bunghole giving it a full tonguing.

Bobby fucks Panther from behind (with condom) as both dudes stand. Panther bends over and Bobby pounds his hole with fast 'n hard strokes making Panther fill the room with heavy breathing. Panther takes a wild ride bouncing quickly up and down on that hog filling his tight chute with that pole shooting a thick load of jizz on his cock shaft and fist. Bobby beats off shooting a thick load on Panther's stomach.

Scene Four:

Favian Gotthi (good-looking with dark hair, cool pencil-thin goatee, and tall/slender/smooth build) is frisking V. Victor (very handsome dude with shot hair, goatee, toned/smooth body). The dudes are down in a dank hallway where the body search turns into some hot 'n heavy man-love. Favian's down on his knees cramming V.'s huge cut cock into his hungry mouth. His fist can hardly fit around the fat shaft as he works as much as he can down his throat. Favian gets a good taste of V.'s huge hairy nuts as well. V. blows Favian's huge clipped tool actually deep throating all the way to those dark trimmed pubes. He gives excellent head and seems to have no gag reflex as he chows all the way down on that monster. Favian orders "Look at me when you suck that cock!"

V. munches down on Favian's tight hairy butthole fucking the pucker with the tip of his pink tongue making him grunt with pleasure. Favian fucks V. from behind (with condom) using fast smooth strokes, as both dudes remain standing. Hot moans and heavy breathing fill the hallway as Favian works his huge prick in and out. V. digs the action hunching back to fill his chute to the max. V. beats his big dong while the dudes kiss and shoots a thick load of man-gravy on his cock shaft and fist while Favian cuts loose with a thick load on V.'s leg.

Scene Five:

Handsome V. Victor (from Scene Four) and Quincy Scott (hot Latino dude with short hair, slender/toned/hairy/tattooed body, and goatee) are discussing business when The Dicksman (good-looking with short hair and tall/toned body) joins them. Quincy is curious as to why dude is referred to as "The Dicksman". Dick pulls out his big cut prick and presents it to Quincy who immediately begins to lick the knob. Quincy wraps his hand around the big dong and slides it down his throat using his wet mouth to pleasure his new pal. Dick sucks V.'s huge cut prick jacking the shaft and cramming as much as he can down his gullet. V. wants a taste too and chows down on Dick's big ol' thang while Quincy repositions himself on Dick's face. V. goes wild on that enormous beef stick deep throating all the way to Dick's dark trimmed pubes. Dick blows Quincy's big clipped pole stuffing his throat full. These dudes suck those huge cocks with ease pleasuring each other and themselves with hot slurping mouths.

Dick eats V.'s tight shaved asshole in the missionary position lapping at that bung and fucking it with his tongue. V. and Dick make out sucking each other's tongues while Quincy makes a quick exit. V. rides Dick's condom-covered rod up 'n down filling his manhole while jacking off. V. switches it up and pounds Dick from behind (with condom) using fast and hard strokes filling the room with loud moans and wet slapping noises. To finish up, the dudes beat off and soul kiss on the sofa. Dick dumps a thick load on his fist. His thick jizz drips down his hand. V. climaxes producing thick love juice on his fist and cock.

Scene Six:

Quincy Scott (hottie from Scene Five) is in a hotel room with Boom Boom (hot Latino dude with short dark hair and toned body covered with tattoos). The dudes get down to business with some deep kissing leading Boom to suck Quincy's hard cut tool working his wet mouth up and down and jacking the shaft. Quincy slowly works his hips upward fucking Boom's mouth. Boom deep throats Quincy all the way to his full bushy dark pubes. Boom lays on top rubbing his big hard uncut cock against Quincy's hairy stomach while Quincy's large stiffy is rubbing against Boom's butt crack. The dry hump is erotic and the dudes are very into each other. Boom chows down on Quincy's tight hairy bunghole sucking the pucker, tonguing, and slapping his fat unclipped dong against it.

Quincy jacks his hard pole as Boom fucks him from behind (with condom) sliding in and out of that tight chute with long fast strokes. Quincy cries out and pulls his large hairy 'n hangy nuts with lust as Boom crams his big uncut pinga up his tight bum. Quincy fucks Boom doggy style (with condom) making Boom vocalize all sorts of hot sexual moans, grunts, cries, and pouts while he wildly fists his own cock. The dudes switch up again with Boom pounding Quincy in the missionary position as Quincy pulls his pork squirting a huge wet load all over his hairy chest, stomach, and pubes. His nut even flies over his head! Boom works his hot foreskin and shoots a large wet load on Quincy's stomach, cock, and pubes. HOT!



"Kronik: Renee's Story" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography is hand-held and smooth providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear the dude's dialogue and all the horny sex noises that accompany man-on-man action. The score by BlueSounds is cool with a nice mix of soul, jazz, and funk.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, and trailers for: "I Dare You", "Harold Episode Larry", and "Oh Boy Escorts". There's an extensive gallery featuring publicity stills of the dudes along with action photographs (including Joseph C.'s big uncut cock which we don't get to see in Scene One), cumshot review, and Internet information on Tyson Cane.

Final Thoughts:

Wow! Director Tyson Cane has created one of the hottest movies I've reviewed with "Kronik: Renee's Story". The title referrers to the storyline of Renee Ford writing a porn script and getting pissed off at his boyfriend for smoking strong Kronik weed. The direction, videography, editing (by Zozo), and cool music create a huge turn-on with scenes that move along at a steady pace and never become dull. The dudes give energetic sexual performances and are clearly into the action. I'm still wondering how some of them can deep throat such huge cocks and take 'em up their tight butt holes. All the guys are hot with my personal favorites being V. Victor, Renee Ford, Quincy Scott, Boom Boom, and Dean Dalcua. I highly recommend those who dig hot Black and Latino dudes. I sure do!

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