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Island of Lust

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 3/18/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

March 2006


Nir Rosenbaum


Karu, Joy Hopkins, George Sim, Tod Miller, Tim Dido, Scud Dick, Dimm Origon, Jagi Tanol, Simusi, Mc. Maloy, Crane Bob, Nicolas, Luke, Anders.

The Movie:

Cute, young, and horny Swedish lads (all age 18+) head to the Island of Lust to release their pent up sexual tension.

The Dudes:

The guys are all cute with a nice mix of tall/slender 'n toned/slender body types, dark and blond hair, full/trimmed/shaved pubes, and big uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Karu (cute with short blond hair and tall/slender/smooth body) and Joy (cute with short dark hair, toned/smooth body, and goofy straw hat) row their boat ashore wearing nothing but tight swimming trunks. The dudes relax on the rocks teasing each other by splashing water and having a good ol' time. The vibes of Lust Island take over as the dudes make out with wet tongues and grab each other's bulging crotches. Joy pulls Karu's yellow swimsuit down revealing full dark pubes and a plump uncut cock. He takes that fat tool into his mouth jacking the shaft and slobbering up and down. Karu needs a taste as well sucking Joy's hard unclipped prick and working the stalk with his mouth. The dudes repeatedly say, "Suck my dick" with thick sexy Scandinavian accents.

Karu sinks his big dong into Joy's tight hairy asshole from behind sliding slowly in and out filling that tight man-chute with his love muscle. "Yeah! Fuck my ass!" The dudes have to be careful since they are balancing on a small rock. Joy bounces up and down on Karu's pole rocking his hips with Elvis swivel motions and pulling his pud. Karu switches to pounding Joy in the side/missionary position, which doesn't look too comfortable as both dudes are laying on that damn rock. Joy shoots a thick load of spunk on Karu's face. Karu immediately chows down on that dong filling his mouth with the salty taste of seed. Karu cums just a little and Joy grabs that fat shaft and crams it back into his mouth.

Scene Two:

George (cute Twink with spiky dark hair/blond highlights and smooth body) and Tod (cute Twink with brown hair, smooth body, and wearing shades) are in the woods digging holes for God knows what. George sinks to his knees, pulls Tod's blue jeans and briefs down revealing dark trimmed pubes and a fat unclipped tool. George takes that fucker into his mouth working up and down and stroking the shaft. He pulls on his own uncut prick while cramming his mouth full with his pal's dick. Not to be outdone, Tod gets down on George's big cock sucking and jacking, licking full balls, and burying his nose in full dark pubes. Tod bends over allowing George to chow down on his tight shaved starfish flicking his curious tongue all over the pucker.

George teases Tod's tight touchhole with the head of his lubed cock rubbing the bung and making it actually quiver in anticipation! George sinks his pole deep into Tod's chute sliding in and out with steady strokes. Tod plays sink/bounce with George's dong riding quickly up 'n down. Tod beats off shooting a large thick load of jizz on George's face. George chows down on that cum-drenched corndog. George jacks off cutting loose with a thick load of cock snot on Tod's tongue. Tod's taste buds kick into action when he sucks his pal's spent member.

Scene Three:

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Tim (Tall 'n handsome dude with short blond hair and slender/smooth body) and Scud (cute dude with short dark hair and toned/smooth body) enjoy a romantic walk in the woods (watch out for the holes dug by George and Tod!). They sit down and begin a red-hot make-out session lovingly sucking tongues and exploring bulging packages. Tim yanks Scud's uncut tool free and chows down sucking it to a big ol' stiffy. He works that hard cock slobbering up and down and nurses the flared knob. Scud dives down on Tim's unclipped dork paying close attention to his flared cock knob and fisting the shaft with quick pulls. Scud works his own foreskin up and over his tip while getting a good taste of his pal's meat. Scud enters Tim's tight bum from behind sinking the rigid shaft all the way in. He starts with slow strokes and kicks it up fucking him fast 'n hard. Scud straddles his friend lowering his tight chute onto Tim's rigid rod of correction riding up 'n down and frantically beating off. Tim shoots a large thick load of spooge on Scud's face allowing him to once again chow down for a taste of love juice. Scud pulls his pork letting loose with a wet load on Tim's tongue. Tim nurses that big knob.

Scene Four:

Dimm (cute dude with short brown hair and tall/toned/smooth body) and Jagi (cute with brown/blond hair and shorter smooth/toned body) get right at it tasting those wet tongues as Jagi kisses his way down Dimm's stomach pulling down his pants and briefs revealing shaved pubes and uncut cock. He sucks his pal's prick to a big bone working his wet mouth up and down the stalk. Jagi sucks Dimm's full balls while working a hand down the front of his own pants. Dimm gives Jagi a blowjob sucking his hard unclipped cock and hangy nuts. He totally gets down on those low-hangers filling his hungry mouth with the tangy taste of man flesh. Simusi (cute with shaggy black hair and toned/smooth body) enters the room with a big smile on his face watching the dudes get it on while rubbing the front of his bulging white pants. Simusi climbs on the bed grabbing Dimm's hard dong cramming it down his throat. Simusi pulls his pants and shorts down revealing his dark trimmed pubes and big uncut pole. The dudes take turns having their mouths fucked by Simusi's stiff prick as they suck the hell out of it.

Dimm and Simusi switch to a traditional sixty-nine gorging on each other's cocks while Jagi eats Dimm's tight shaved asshole fucking it with his tongue. Dimm fucks Jagi doggy style filling his snug chute to the hilt and sliding in and out. Simusi is underneath licking and sucking Jagi's nuts. Jagi throws himself into a wild sink/bounce on Simusi's dick grinding up and down and sucking Dimm's dong. Jagi fucks Simusi's snug shaved bunghole in the side/missionary position as Simusi chows down on Dimm's meat stick. The dudes work themselves beyond the point of no return with Dimm shooting a thick load covering the dudes faces as they chow down for one last taste. Simsui shoots a thick load on Dimm's tongue leading Dimm to suck that knob and Jagi shoots a huge thick load all over Simusi's face. Simusi takes that cock back into his mouth for a taste of nut.

Scene Five:

Mc. Maloy (very cute with short blond hair and slender/smooth/tanned body) is sleeping peacefully while his pal Crane (cute with short brown hair and toned/smooth/tattooed body) is leafing through titty magazines. Crane begins to rub his bulging crotch stealing glances at Maloy to make sure he's still asleep. Crane becomes increasingly horny and bold pulling his uncut cock from his pants and jacking the foreskin up over the knob. Of course, Maloy wakes up and smiles. He makes his way over to Crane and begins to jack his pal's tool taking it down his throat. Crane returns the favor sucking Maloy's large unclipped dick sliding his mouth up and down the shaft and stroking with a tight grip. Crane fucks Maloy's tight hairy bunghole in the missionary position sliding his tool in and out with fast/smooth movements. Maloy sinks his hard cock deep into Crane's tight hairy manhole from behind using fast smooth strokes filling the room with loud moaning. Maloy pulls out shooting a thick load of cock snot all over Crane's asshole and then continues to fuck him. Yikes! Crane beats his meat shooting a very thick load on Maloy's face. Maloy wants a taste of cum and chows down on that purple tip. Maloy shoots another thick load on Crane's face allowing Crane one last suck.

Scene Six:

Nicolas (cute Twink with blond hair and smooth body) is in bed with his boyfriend Luke (cute Twink with shaggy brown hair and smooth body). The dudes are getting frisky under the covers playfully kissing and tasting tongues while their unseen hands are busy groping. Nicolas licks Luke's hard nipples working his way down to those goodies. He sucks Luke's long uncut cocks into his mouth nursing the foreskin-covered knob and jacking the shaft. Under his boyfriend's talented tongue, Luke is quickly fully hard and his hot overhang still covers his cock head. Nicolas pulls the foreskin back just a little and tongues the shy pink knob. Luke blows Nicolas's big uncut tool jacking the foreskin over the knob and slobbering up and down the shaft. Anders (cute with short dark hair and tall/slender/smooth body) barges in on the guys with a huge smile on his puss. He could have at least brought some beer! Anders undresses revealing his hot hangy nuts and unclipped prick. He jacks off working his foreskin over the knob while watching the dudes fool around. Anders slithers into bed standing up letting his heavily foreskinned cock dangle. The dudes immediately take that dong into their mouths sucking to hardness taking turns cramming it down their throats.

Anders sucks the dudes' dicks grasping the hard shafts and cramming them down his gullet. Nicholas tongues Luke's tight shaved touchhole lapping and darting all around. He slides his big prick up Luke's tight bum fucking fast and hard as Luke sucks Anders. Luke fucks Nicholas from behind as Anders fucks Luke from behind. It sandwich time as the dudes slam each other in a three-way fuck-fest. Moans! Heavy breathing! Tight holes! The dudes switch up fucking and being fucked nailing each other with wild abandon. Anders is the first to pop shooting thick jizz on Nicholas's face. Nicholas squirts a very thick load on Anders' hair and face, and Luke squirts a wet load all over Nicholas's face and mouth. The dudes chow down on those spent dongs filling their mouths with the taste of man-milk.



"Island of Lust" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography is excellent providing full coverage of all the action and plenty of extreme close-ups. The picture quality is outstanding with a sharp vivid image.


The sound is in Dolby Stereo allowing the viewer to hear the dudes speak English phrases such as "Suck my dick" and "Fuck my ass" with heavy sexy Scandinavian accents. The soundtrack is a bit off at times so many of the moans, groans, and pouts look dubbed in.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, cumshot review, a slideshow featuring quality photographs of the models and action shots, and plenty of trailers: "Ice Vice" (featuring a dude who resembles the Emcee from "Cabaret" pouting "So tasty" before chowing down on a tight shaved asshole), "Impulsive Urge", "Rock Me Harder", "Bored Stiff", "In & Out", "Sperm Limit" (!), "Screw Me Hard", and "Young Studs".

Final Thoughts:

Director Nir Rosenbaum along with Scandinavian Erotic Video Production/Blue Hotel Productions have created a high quality turn-on with "Island of Lust". The direction, videography, and editing (also by Rosenbaum) is excellent providing six lusty scenes that move along at a fast pace and never become dull. There is a little clumsiness with the camera at the beginning of Scene One but it's soon resolved providing full coverage and extreme close-ups. The image is sharp presenting vivid colors of the deep blue sky and ocean, as well as the surrounding green trees. These Swedish dudes are all very cute and give playful, energetic sexual performances. They are obviously very into the action and dig making out, sucking cock, eating ass, and fucking. I highly recommend for fans of cute and un-fem Twinks and uncut tools. "Island of Lust" is a bareback movie. I'm a huge advocate of safe sex so always wear a rubber!

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