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Crossing the Line

Studio: Channel 1 Releasing » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 3/19/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:

August 1996

Directed By:

Mike Donner


Sam Crocket, Doug Jeffries, K.C. Hart, Butch Phillips, Dax Kelly, Cutter West, Alex Kincaid, Aaron Brandt.

The Movie:

Political and sexual sparks fly when an in-the-closet Republican meets an openly gay activist.

The Dudes:

The dudes are all appealing with a variety of muscular and toned bodies, blond and dark hair, smooth and hairy chests, full and trimmed pubes. The cocks are all clipped.

Scene One:

Muscle-bound Dax Kelly (handsome with short bleached hair and smooth body) and his boyfriend K.C. Hart (cute with short brown hair with blond highlights and smooth/toned/tanned body) are making delicious man-love in the privacy of their own bedroom. The dudes are quite into each other engaging in slow tongue kissing and reaching for certain body parts. Dax licks the shaft of K.C.'s hard cut cock tonguing the tool and sliding it down his throat. He divides his attention between that stiff love-wand and K.C.'s shaved balls. K.C. rolls on top kissing and licking Dax's muscular chest and gently biting his hard nipples. K.C. works his way down to Dax's clipped cock grasping the hard shaft in his fist and cramming his mouth full. Getting down to a traditional sixty-nine, the dudes continue to gorge on hard man meat and K.C. spreads Dax's bubble butt cheeks exposing his tight shaved bunghole. Dax's pink pucker winks at the camera! K.C. chows down on his boyfriend's holiest of holies making him moan with pleasure.

K.C. finger fucks Dax's touchhole with his middle digit slowly sliding it in and out to his knuckle. Dax sinks his tight ring of love down on K.C.'s condom-clad pork sausage going for a good ol' ride grinding his hips and working his chute up 'n down that hard dong. K.C. latches onto Dax's bum thrusting upwards to fuck his boyfriend with fast full strokes. While humping away, Dax jacks off shooting a thick load of love juice on K.C.'s chest. K.C. beats his meat squirting a large wet load on his chest and stomach. It's a damn fountain of cum!

Scene Two:

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Handsome blond muscle-stud Cutter West is looking for some no stings attached man-sex in the gym's steam bath. He's pulling his hard cut prick when Aaron Brandt (cute with brown hair and toned/smooth/tanned body) sinks to his knees taking Cutter's tool down his gullet and jacking the shaft. Alex Kincaid (Handsome dude with short dark hair and toned/hairy body) is watching the action while playing with his fat clipped cock and rubbing his large purple knob. Sam Crocket (good-looking with short dark hair and lightly hairy/toned body) enters the sauna and makes a beeline to Alex. Sam feels Alex's hairy chest pinching his hard nipples, rubbing those full dark pubes, and stroking that fat dong. Sam sucks Alex's tool taking it deep throat to that dark bush sliding his wet mouth up and down the pole. Alex gets down taking Sam's large cut dick deep throat to Sam's full brown pubes and fisting the shaft. Sam beats off shooting a thick load on Alex's hairy chest.

Cutter fucks Aaron's tight bunghole from behind (with condom) sliding quickly in and out of that tight chute as Aaron strokes his cut cock. Sam gets another taste of Alex's tool with plenty of deep throat action, sucking nuts, and working that stalk with his clenched fist. Cutter switches to plowing Aaron in the missionary position, pulls out, yanks off his rubber, and shoot a large thick load all over Aaron's dark pubes, cock, and hand. Big load! Alex beats off shooting a wet load on the side of Sam's face and neck. Aaron does not get a nut.

Scene Three:

Sam Crocket (from Scene Two) picks up Buck Phillips (hot with short dark military haircut and toned/hairy body) at a cocktail party for Presidential candidate Bob Dole. The two horny dudes head back to Sam's hotel room where Sam chows down on Buck's hard cut cock cramming that thang deep throat to Buck's full chestnut pubes. The guys get into a traditional sixty-nine giving and receiving oral pleasures sucking cock in a way that only another dude knows how. Changing positions, Buck works Sam's big cut cock sucking the long veiny shaft, nursing that large purple knob, and taking care of his large balls. Doug Jeffries (hot muscle stud with short dark hair and smooth body) joins in with reservations but lust takes over as he lies down on the bed and allows Buck to suck his rigid cut member. Sam fucks Buck from behind (with condom) plowing that tight asshole as Buck gets a good taste of Doug's dong. Sam shoots a small but thick load on Buck's bum while Buck cuts loose with thick spooge on Doug's stomach, and Doug bows a huge wet load on his stomach and chest.

Scene Four:

Doug Jeffries and Sam Crocket soften on each other's political beliefs just in time to engage in some tender slow lovemaking. The scene is highly erotic with nice slow foreplay as the dudes spend time kissing sliding their wet tongues into each other's mouths and explore each other's bodies. Sam and Doug kiss and lick their hot chests taking time to concentrate on hard nipples and gently biting them. Sam straddles Doug's chest and feeds his long cut cock slowly down Doug's gullet as Sam gently fucks his handsome face. Doug bends over allowing Sam to eat his tight shaved manhole lapping his tongue all around the pucker and teasing with the tips of his fingers. Sam fucks Doug from behind (with condom) slowly sliding his hard tool in and out of that snug chute using steady strokes. Sam kicks it up a notch fucking harder 'n faster as the dudes reach a boiling point. Sam jacks and dumps a small thick load on Doug's back. Doug shoots a large thick load on his chest and stomach.



"Crossing the Line" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by James C. Stark and Ty Box is professional covering all the action and providing plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the dude's dialogue and of course all the horny sex noises as the guys get down to some hot man-sex.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selections, chapter stops, PopShot-on-Demand, the safe sex PSA "Wrap it Up" starring the splendiferous Chi Chi LaRue, and previews for: "Blackballed 5: Starfucker", "Delinquents", "How the West was Hung", and "My Sister's Husband".

Final Thoughts:

Director Mike Donner has created movie filled with energetic sex against a background of the 1996 Republican Convention. For the most part, this combo works well when the two leads Sam Crocket and Doug Jeffries' characters attempt to reach an understanding and actually listen to each other's beliefs and motivations for their choices. The film slows down between the sex with footage of various rallies and marches. The direction, videography, editing (Ty Box), and classical guitar score work well forming an entertaining movie that conveys a positive message that both political sides can jump to hurtful stereotypes. The sex is hot and plentiful and the dudes clearly enjoy the action. All the dudes are appealing to me with my personal favorites being Sam Crocket, Doug Jeffries, Dax Kelly, and Alex Kincaid. I recommend "Crossing the Line" for those looking for plenty of action with an actual plot.

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