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Ass Traffic Vol. 1

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/20/07

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Ass Traffic 1

Evil Angel/Cruel Media

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Raul Cristian

Cast: Janet Alfano, Frank Major, Nick Lang, Mugur, Maya, Valentina, Adriana, James Brossman, Frank Gunn, Diana Gold, Lori, Elisa, Lauro Giotto, Sandra, Cortez, Clara G., Raul Cristian

Length: 114 minutes

Date of Production: 11/7/2006

Extra's: The extras were extremely light this time with a trailer (yes, just one of them), a pop shot compilation from the scenes, and a slideshow being all that was included here.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Ass Traffic 1 was presented in the same 1.33:1 full frame color it was shot in by director Raul Cristian for release by Evil Angel/Cruel Media. The lighting of this gonzo production was decidedly on the low side too often, leaving shadows, grain, and video noise as a result. The composition of the shots left a lot to be desired too, not always enhancing the looks of the ladies and showing numerous rookie director mistakes on a regular basis, substituting a fair amount of raw energy instead. In general, it looked better than a home movie but decidedly weaker than even some of the lamer attempts made by Evil's regular roster of directors but often showing enough spark that I could see why the company would give the guy a shot at the big time (I haven't seen his work at Anabolic but I'm told he was in need of a few lessons there too). The audio was presented in a stereo English but even listening through headphones or playing through my 5.1 home theatre system, I simply could not hear anything substantially different than what must have been picked up by the built in microphone on the camera. The vocals were usually hollow and whatever language the gals typically speak, it was not English so there was a lack of dirty talk too.

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Body of Review: Raul Cristian is a guy I best know as a director for Anabolic but I have not seen his work for them so I reserve judgment regarding what he offers the world based on that limited information. Apparently, something about his relatively small number of titles caught the eye of Evil Angel owner John "Buttman" Stagliano because he is now making movies under their banner. That alone speaks volumes as to the potential the guy must have since John is a connoisseur of ass like the world rarely sees, giving me confidence that Raul's directing style must be really solid. Well, upon seeing his first title for the company, Ass Traffic 1, I found myself wondering if John made a mistake until the movie was about half over since that was when the heat of the scenes began impressing upon me that the man had some talent at capturing scenes worthy of reviewing. The gonzo genre is full of directors these days, many of them highly skilled with a camera, so standing out from the crowd isn't easy for a new director but while I thought Raul had potential, it wasn't consistently applied here. If you're interested in a breakdown of the scenes, here you go by cast and action, noting that things did not get truly interesting until the second half of the movie (and that no condoms were used):

Scene One: Janet Alfano, the bleach blond on the upper right hand corner of the cover, was up first in her garish lingerie as she hung out by the pool and masturbated. Raul assisted her but also showed that she had a huge vaginal gape before the sex even started, leading me to wonder if she even felt anything when having a cock up there with similar results in her ass. Frank Major, Nick Lang, and Mugur, were the three men who were to see what she had to offer the world sexually and I admit that I've seen her looking a lot more fetching in scenes previously but her appreciation for cock had not diminished with the years as much as her genitalia's degree of flexibility so I continued to watch her go to work. She dropped to her knees to actively suck them off, savoring the taste of cock like few of her peers before they started banging away at her. The emphasis was on her ass but she took the cock in her pussy too, with the DP's starting early. I liked her passion in taking them into her and her pretty eyes have not yet llost their spark but her days as a top notch performer seem to be on the wane, even when she swallows multiple loads of population pudding to end a scene.

Scene Two: Maya, the brunette on the lower right hand corner of the front cover, Valentina, and Adriana, were up next in a living room scene with James Brossman and Frank Gunn. Raul over directed them here as he did the cast of the last scene, the Romanian ladies showing a lot of mechanical energy though little passion for the cock. I'll admit that as far as knowing how to milk a cock, they would all serve as reasonable ports in the storm under adverse circumstances but they showed about as much believability in their roles as I would under the same conditions; and no one is dumb enough to pay me to fuck. The gals blew the men and applied their oral skills well enough with the emphasis of the scene being on the anal sex (of course) but lacking any real passion for the action diminished the replayability and stroke value of the scene for me tremendously. If I was in a red light district overseas and wanted a quick lay, I'd pay the going rate for them to service me but it wouldn't be in anticipation of anything where a connection was built between myself and the gals; that special spark completely gone here. There were some DPs and swallowing at the end as the gals took the facials but it was a very dry scene for me if you catch my drift, relying on Raul to direct their every action.

Scene Three: Diana Gold, a blonde in fetish attire consisting of some light bondage gear (like a gag, blindfold style mask, and handcuffs) and underwear, was up next as she sat back on the red easy chair for Raul to play with. She had a nice ass and her other body parts proved to be pretty appealing too, the scene using a lot more tease footage than the previous scenes; elevating the heat of the show substantially. Unfortunately, she also showed a premature vaginal gape, a trick best left for extreme shows where the audience doesn't care if the performers can feel anything during the sex. The scene went into using a large black dildo in her ass before Frank Major and Nick Lang had their way with her, going through the same motions for the most part as the other ladies. She seemed to like the taste testing a little bit but as much as she overacted when getting boned hard by the men in her mouth, pussy, and ass; I never thought any of it was done for more than the money involved. I have no illusions of the performers motivations in porn but they need to at least act like they are having a good time consistently or the scene simply isn't particularly strokable to me. The men banged away at her without mercy before she did some ATM and took their loads into her mouth, ending up with a mediocre scene for me to rate.

Scene Four: Elisa, the brunette on the lower left hand corner of the front cover, was up next as she and fellow brunette Lori teased for the camera in their short but colorful skirts. While I was practically convinced that the rest of the movie would be lame by this point, the ladies managed to change my mind at least a little bit as they played with themselves and each other for Raul. It wasn't a great scene but it did show they had some skill, some curb appeal, and some of the energy missing elsewhere in the flick, with Raul finally proving his ability to capture it displayed a number of times as the scene progressed. The males this time were Lauro Giotto, Mugur, and James Brossman; not exactly the pick of the litter but enough meat for the ladies to show their sexual skills for the camera to focus on most of the time. The resulting sex showed some chemistry and other factors making it worthwhile, toys employed to stretch the limits of the gals before the men began tapping away like crazy. The scene had all the standard action but the gals appeared to like what took place before they were coated with semen (their faces at least), ending the best scene of the movie to this point.

Scene Five: Sandra and Cortez, another blond and brunette couple of gals with some nice curves wearing skimpy outfits, were up next as they heatedly played with one another in the generic room with the spa. I was immediately struck by the chemistry the ladies had for one another as much as the rough edges they showed in the process of warming each other up. I wished this could have lasted longer but by then, meat puppet Mugur was in the picture and the ladies seemed entranced with his modest sized cock, each aggressively going after his cock as though it were the best thing in the world for them to orally attack. Compared to the earlier scenes, they at least seemed to appreciate his cock and the two on one dynamic was hotter to me then a number of third tier mopes just banging away to get off. The gals used their mouths to full effect and then their cookies and asses before the facials and swallowing, again proving that my initial assessment of Raul's skills as a director might have been off base.

Scene Six: Clara G., the sexy blonde featured on the cover standing in a bent over position with her shorts around her knees and yellow top off her breasts (upper left hand corner of the cover, but generally dominating the left half of it), was up last with director Raul Cristian in the backyard. She seemed to have a hard edge to her but also impressed me as the type of experienced gal you could pick up at a bar in Vegas, spreading her legs on the lawn chair before working an anal tail into her ass. Her tan and demeanor showed her to be having fun as he fingered her, his modest cock coming out to provide her with an object to suck in short order. The POV (point of view) camera work seemed a step up for the man and her active riding skills elevated this scene even more than the last though there were times when the heat dissipated for technical reasons too (reminding me of the first half of the show). She was as active with anal riding as anything else and while her act was not as consistently pleasing as a few of the others, it was worth a few loads from my point of view. She was too quiet but certainly seemed to know her way around a cock, ending the movie on a decent note as she took the facial to swallow.

Summary: Ass Traffic 1 by director Raul Cristian for release by Evil Angel was worthy of a Rent It to me. The technical issues involved in the movie were numerous and the cast was a mixed bunch to be sure, though I'd venture that any of the ladies has a reputation on whatever street corner they usually work as being hard working and able to milk the nut of a gay man if the money is right. All kidding aside, Ass Traffic 1 showed that director Raul Cristian had enough promise that I hope he lives up to in the future, even if he did not quite make it this time.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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