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Big Ass Adventure

Studio: Bang Bros » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/20/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Big Ass Adventure

Bang Bros

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Robert Rosenberg

Cast: Dominika, Robert Rosenberg, Lola, Neetrea/Anika, Lucy, Petra

Length: 129 minutes

Dates of Production: 4/14/2006, 6/8/2006, 8/10/2006, 8/17/2006, 10/30/2006

Extra's: The only extras were eleven trailers and a photogallery.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Big Ass Adventure was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by fledgling director Robert Rosenberg for Bang Bros. I know that most of you are wondering why a foreign performer turned director for the show, especially since the company has built a reputation for a type of reality porn based in Florida but this branching out allows them to revitalize their franchise and offer up a whole world of new possibilities with Robert an excellent choice to lead the way. Some of the sex, particularly the masturbation and tease, was shot in POV fashion by Robert while the parts of him engaging the ladies sexually was handed off to another cameraman. I found this to be a nice compromise for the elements that enjoy POV titles as well as the people that appreciate that a little often goes a long way. The lighting was on the low side as often as not but Robert appeared to have a firm grasp on the concept of energy before technical superiority, impressing me that he was more than a mindless meat puppet in the process. The ladies all looked fetching as he shot them and the camera angles may not have always been optimal when they were screwing but the movie did seem to handle the technical matters as well as the company usually does, if not better much of the time. The fleshtones were accurate, the grain minimal, and the overall picture quality for this reality porn title was good. The audio was encoded in stereo English but I did not get the impression there was any separation between the tracks when I listened to it. The music wasn't a factor outside of the menus, a good move by all involved.

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Body of Review: Robert Rosenberg is one of those studly types in porn that seems to have the ability to drive women wild with his physique, attitude toward women, and overall charm as much as the size of his big cock and ability to use it. I bumped into him at the 2007 AEE Show around the Bang Bros booth and he told me that he was going to be directing for them, surprising me more than a little as he wanted to take his career to the next level like so many of his friends had been doing. I'll admit that his large facial tattoo threw me off a bit but he has so much going for him that I figured he'd do a good job, a truism proven by his first title to make it to me, Big Ass Adventure. The company is largely known for their work in Florida but aside from various legal battles currently taking place in the state, the company has decided to aggressively expand their style overseas to take advantage of the beautiful women there so what better tour guide than Robert to helm this effort? The scenarios followed the usual dynamic of the director stalking the women and then introducing himself before the gal would tease and they'd go back to his place to have sex. The ladies here were all nicely proportioned and worthy of grabbing your attention since they were not used in hundreds of movies (a practical trademark of the company by the way) when these scenes were shot. Robert as a director proved to have the right stuff to make it behind the camera too but you can see that for yourselves with the movie. Here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used at all here:

Scene One: Dominika, a blond gal next door type with her ass displayed on the upper left hand side of the front cover (wearing the yellow thong), was up first as she walked along the street attracting the attention of studly Robert Rosenberg. She claimed to be 25 years old and I believed her (especially since most gals in porn claim to be in their teens, even those clearly in their late twenties or older!!!) with her lean body showing a great ass but also an appealing face. The effect used here and throughout the movie had a fisheye lens appearance, almost as if a voyeur were watching her without her knowledge although she certainly knew he was there since they spoke several times before he joined her. She teased the camera in public before they went back to a living room where she continued to provide an ever increasing level of heat as her clothing came off and she eventually pulled out the toys to stretch her pussy and ass (with PTM and ATM as a bonus). Robert showed some excitement about working with her and she reciprocated some chemistry for the muscular director as the oral and penetrative work ensued. The scene, like the others here, started off in POV but soon the camera was picked up by someone else as the couple continued to screw, the energy substantial and the resulting sparks flying as a result. The emphasis was on anal here (as expected) and it ended with a facial, marking a new director worth keeping track of.

Scene Two: Lola, a lean brunette whose ass was seen on the upper right hand side of the front cover, was up next as she followed the formula established in the first scene; though this time, the initial location was a deserted roadway before continuing the scene with Robert Rosenberg in the established living room. At first, she looked plain to me but as she began teasing the camera, it became evident that she was no stranger to providing sex shows and seemed to have a sense of charm that served her well. Robert gave some minimal off camera direction to her during the tease but she was largely handling things herself as she rubbed herself and otherwise warmed up for the scene. She used a smaller vibrator as the toy of choice, but clearly preferred working with Robert as they did the usual bump & grind with one another on the couch. She wasn't always as active as I like the ladies to be when riding the cock but she still seemed to be a talented gal that got better as the scene progressed. It was also clear that she liked him and reacted to him in a positive manner, the scene ending as expected with the load of population pudding coating her face and mouth.

Scene Three: Neetrea, a cute little coed type of gal with a lean body and smaller ass than I had come to expect, was up next as she walked along a deserted pathway that was covered in graffiti (showing us that the phenomenon of tagging is common elsewhere too). She introduced herself as Anika but perked up when speaking with Robert Rosenberg; saying she was a believable 19 years old. The introduction led to them going back to a new living room and even if she had done this a hundred times before, the rough edges of her tease were still present, adding something to the action for me as newcomers often do. It wasn't until she started bending over in the close ups that she appeared to have a big ass and it was as firm as you'd imagine a gal of that age having; the gal spanking it as she provided some highly strokable tease footage on the gray couch. She also used a toy but preferred the real thing, allowing Robert to drive home his cock in her three holes with a technical DP for good measure. He seemed too large for her to properly handle though and that weakened the scene a little though I got the impression that she appreciated his cock more than a little too given the way she lit up at the sight of it (at least until the anal). It ended with a facial and her smiling from ear to ear.

Scene Four: Lucy, the hot looking 21 year old seen on the bottom part of the front cover in the blue bikini, was up next as she walked along a public roadway when approached by Robert Rosenberg. They hit it off and she started to tease him with a little show as cars drove by, slowing down by the looks of it to get a better glimpse into what she was selling. They went back to the living room from the first two scenes (with the brown couch) and she slowly followed the formula of teasing the camera as her thong rode up her ass crack. Fans of school girl outfits will appreciate that she began the scene with one just as I enjoyed seeing it discarded on the floor, but the couple had some magic to their scene; indicative of his overall appeal to the ladies or how much he was paying them, I couldn't say for sure. Still, I thought she was the cutest gal of the movie and would like to see more of her based on her performance abilities in the scene, the tease smoothly progressing into masturbation before she slobbed his knob with gusto. The penetrative sex displayed a gal learning her craft for the camera and lacked a little in the active riding department but she never shied away from his load; swallowing it down with a laugh. Whew!

Scene Five: Petra, a curvy blonde with an awesome ass, was up last as her 25 year old body was put on display when she came to ask Robert Rosenberg for help. She was looking for her dog but he decided to give her a bone of his own, the gal showing that a few extra pounds could look good on a gal, especially once they left the garage in favor of the beige couch seen earlier. It was a splendid scene to finish the movie with; her fleshy ass being exactly what was advertised in the title but also her positive attitude shining through as the kind of gal that is great in porn. She put on quite a show during the lengthy tease portion of the scene, sucking him off better than the others and aggressively riding his cock really well in her pussy, nearly as well in her ass. She was happy to take his load onto her face too, never looking away as he coated her thoroughly in the process. Yow!

Summary: Big Ass Adventure by director Robert Rosenberg for Bang Bros showed that he really does have what it takes to make good porn with some nice replay and strokability, decent levels of fuck for the buck, and a lot of old fashioned chemistry between him and the attractive cast to elevate the scenes more than a little in my mind. The extras were weak though and some of the technical matters struck me as being in need of polishing up so I rated this one as Recommended but I look forward to seeing what else Robert can come up with now that he has established himself with the pleasing Big Ass Adventure.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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