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Boys From Oz, The

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 3/25/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

November 2006

Directed By:

Mike Esser


Jeremy Klein, Rick Chester, Andy Stone, Spikee!, Jayden Cox, Jake Braxton, Kristian Winter.

The Movie:

Jake and Kristian's Australian seaside home is a hornet's nest of man-on-man sexual activity.

The Dudes:

This group of Aussie dudes are good-looking with short dark hair, smooth toned and slender bodies, full/trimmed/shaved pubes, and cut 'n uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Jake Braxton (cute with short brown hair and toned/smooth body) is laying in bed half awake playing with his large uncut tool and full balls. There's a knock at the door interrupting Jake's session of self-lovin'. He answers the door dressed only in a towel and in a short time, has Spikee! (cute with short dark hair, sideburns, and smooth/slender body) in bed. The dudes kiss with plenty of wet tongue action leading Spikee! to grab that big unclipped prick as they roll around. Jake's on top rubbing his hard dick against the bulge in Spikee!'s white briefs. Jake pulls 'em down revealing Spikee!'s full brown pubes and uncut member. Spikee! jacks and sucks Jake's dick giving excellent head as he crams that thang down his throat. Jake eats Spikee's tight shaved asshole and finger fucks him. The ass eating is filmed in such a way that the viewer can tell what's going on but doesn't get an extreme close-up. It's kind of an artsy tease. Jake fucks Spikee! from behind (with condom) sliding slowly in and out of that snug chute. Jake kicks it up with some faster fucking as he plows Spikee! in the missionary and side/missionary positions. Jake shoots a thick load on Spikee!'s stomach. Spikee! lets go with a thick load of jizz on Jake's stomach.

Scene Two:

Kristian (nice-looking with short brown hair and smooth/toned body) cruises cute mail carrier Rick Chester (short brown hair, beard stubble, and toned/smooth/tanned body). Rick forgets all about the mail when he's on Kristian's bed making out with wet tongues. Rick chows down on Kristian's hard cut cock and big balls slobbering up and down the shaft and getting those low-hangers nice and wet. Kristian blows Rick's rigid uncut prick running his tongue all around the flared knob and deep throating the shaft. The dudes eat each other's tight assholes with the same artsy/teasing camera work. After some sixty-nine, Rick fucks Kristian from behind (with condom) sinking his hard tool into that tight shaved butt hole using fast, hard, and smooth strokes. While being fucked in the missionary position, Kristian squirts a wet load on his neck, chest, and stomach. Rick fucks Kristian's face fast 'n hard shooting a thick load on Kristian's tongue and face. Kristian takes the knob in his mouth to get one last taste of cum.

Scene Three:

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Hunky dudes dressed in dark blue jumpsuits Andy Stone (cute with brown buzz cut) and Jayden Cox (cute with short brown hair) sit on the sofa looking through a gay magazine. The guys begin to kiss slowly sliding their wet tongues into each other's mouths while their wondering hands explore. They yank off their work suits revealing their smooth/toned bodies leading Jayden to chow down on Andy's large veiny uncut tool. He slides his wet mouth up and down the hard shaft reaching up to pinch Andy's hard nipples. Andy fucks Jayden's mouth moaning and groaning as he slams that big dick down his pal's gullet. Andy goes down on Jayden's stiff cut tool jacking the hard shaft and working his mouth up 'n down. Jayden eats Andy's asshole and again it is shot in an artsy/teasing manner. Andy fucks Jayden from behind (with condom) using long slow strokes that become faster 'n harder. Sexy pool boy Jeremy Klein (cute with brown buzz cut) spies on the guys and joins in with Jayden sucking his huge uncut cock and heavy foreskin while Andy continues to pound him doggy style. Jeremy teases Jayden's mouth with his foreskin-covered knob sliding that huge thang down Jayden's throat. Jayden squirts a large wet load on the bed as Andy fucks him. Andy squirts a large thick load on Jayden's tongue, face, neck, and chest. Jeremy does not cum.

Scene Four:

Kristian (from Scene Two) and Jake (from Scene One) are making out on the bed feverishly kissing and tasting each other's tongues. Kristian takes Jake's uncut tool down his throat slowly sliding his mouth up and down and moves around to eat his tight shaved asshole. This time the viewer actually gets to see some tongue on pucker before the director gets artsy/teasing again. Jake licks Kristian's stiff cut dick sliding his tongue up and down the shaft and finally cramming it down his gullet. Kristian fucks Jake in the missionary position (with condom) working his hips fucking quick and smooth as Jake jacks off. Pool Boy Jeremy joins and the dudes welcome him with open arms and stiff cocks. They lick/suck his hard nipples and Kristian slides his hand into Jeremy's shorts to get a good feel of those nuts. Kristian eats Jeremy's asshole with those same artsy/teasing camera shots leading to some heavy tongue sucking. Jeremy takes Jake's cock into his mouth sucking up and down and working the foreskin. Jake and Jeremy fall into a sixty-nine where they gorge on hard tools. Jeremy has to get back to work (?) leaving Jake to fuck Kristian from behind (with condom) using fast/hard/smooth strokes. After a bit more missionary, Kristian shoots a spotty load on his chest and stomach. Jake shoots a very thick load on Kristian's cock and pubes.

Scene Five:

Jayden (from Scene Three) is on the sofa engaged in a make-out session with Rick (from Scene Two). The dudes rub their hard cocks together and when Jayden leans back, he has a long strand of precum leading from his stomach to his tool. Jayden sucks Rick's hard uncut cock working up and down the shaft and nursing those nuts. Rick fucks Jayden's willing mouth fast 'n hard and Jayden has no problems keeping up with the quick pace but does make loud gulping noises. He digs that dong! Rick drills Jayden from behind (with condom) filling the room with wet slapping noises and moans of pleasure. Rick beats his meat shooting a thick load of spooge on Jayden's chest. Jayden rubs the cum into his skin and gets a taste from his fingers. Jayden shoots a wet load on his own stomach.

Scene Six:

Spikee! (from Scene One) enjoys a refreshing dip in the luxurious swimming pool standing underneath a waterfall while the camera caresses his body in slow motion. Andy (from Scene Three) is sitting on the nearby deck watching Spikee! and rubbing his tanned/toned chest pulling his uncut cock out and jacking off. The dudes watch each other pull their unclipped puds and end up making out in the swimming pool. Spikee! lays back on his pal in a deck chair allowing Andy to reach around and play with his cock. Andy takes Spikee!"s hard tool into his mouth working up and down the hard stalk. Spikee! gets a taste of Andy's prick jacking the shaft and sliding his gob up 'n down. Andy enters Spikee! from behind (with condom) fucking him with smooth strokes. The dudes kick it into high gear with plenty of fucking and heavy breathing leading Spikee! to shoot a thick load of spunk on the ground and Andy squirting a thick load of jism on Spikee!'s back.

Scene Seven:

Andy is about to leave the house when Kristian asks him to stay for some frisky man-on-man fun. Andy quickly replies by making out with Kristian sucking tongues and feeling his toned body. He sucks and jacks Kristian's hard cut cock allowing Kristian to get a good taste of his uncut tool as well. The guys get into a side sixty-nine cramming their mouths with stiff man-beef moving into a traditional sixty-nine. Kristian fucks Andy in the missionary position (with condom) fast 'n hard making him moan and moving to pounding him from behind. Andy wants some tight manhole as well and drills Kristian doggy style using fast 'n smooth movements. Being fucked in the missionary position, Kristian squirts a large wet load on his chest and stomach. Andy beats his meat squirting a thick load of man-juice on Kristian's stomach and chest.



The Boys From OZ is shot directly on high quality video and presented in widescreen. The videography by Matt, Jerry, Jett Sinatore, and Seb Windsor is excellent providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups. I didn't particularly care for the decision to use artsy/teasing close-ups of the ass eating but they are well shot. The picture quality is excellent providing a sharp clean image.


The sound is sharp and clean allowing the viewer to clearly hear the dude's sexy Aussie accents, hot sex noises, and gay dance club type music.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, a cool Behind-the-Scenes featurette that includes many more cum shots including Jeremy Klein jacking off and shooting a thick load. The photo gallery is nice providing plenty of action shots from the movie. Finally, there are previews for: "AuzzieBums", "Pacific Root", and "Red Center".

Final Thoughts:

"The Boys From OZ" is one hell of a turn-on. The direction, videography, editing (Rex Buckley), and sharp image are excellent providing scenes that move along at a nice pace and some very hot sex. The dudes are appealing and give energetic performances while obviously being into the action. My personal favorites are Jake Braxton, Rick Chester, Spikee!, and Jeremy Klein. Director Mike Esser chose to shoot the ass eating in more of an artsy/teasing fashion rather than full on close-up. Personally, I like to see extreme close-ups of this activity; however, it is shot nicely. The non-sexual videography is beautiful with the blue sky and ocean, sandy beaches, and palm trees swaying in the breeze. I highly recommend for those who dig Aussie dudes with their sexy accents and big uncut cocks.

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