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Thumb Suckers

Studio: Sex Z Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/27/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Thumb Suckers

Sex Z Pictures

Genre: Vignette

Director: Kurt Lockwood

Cast: Victoria Sin, Kurt Lockwood, Samantha Ryan, Lucy Sky, Sindee Jennings, Katja Kassin, Annette Schwartz

Length: 146 minutes

Date of Production: 8/13/2006

Extra's: After the forced advertisement on the DVD to open up the disc (you can't skip it with a standard DVD player either, there were some pretty cool extras worth checking out. There were some trailers to shows like Corruption, LA Vice, Decline of Western Civilization Part 69, Girl Talk, and Porn Mode, a photogallery, an iPod version of the movie to share with your friends, and a lengthy Behind the Scenes feature lasting 27.5 minutes. On the BTS, the emphasis was on the photoshoots and some playful antics by the gals, with games like twister and Kurt helping with the bubble water adding a couple of chuckles along the way. There was some additional nudity but not enough and if you're looking for extra sex as in some offerings by companies of late, forget about it.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Thumb Suckers was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director Kurt Lockwood for release by Sex Z Pictures. Given his first two attempts at directing features previously, I really didn't expect a whole lot from this effect but was pleased to see him take a step back at shooting an easier vignette driven title, staying in front of the camera instead of trying to do too much. The lighting was usually okay, adding in some grain, video noise, and altering the flesh tones substantially (some camera switches showed vastly different colors for the same scenes). The composition of the shots was such that while the ladies weren't always made to look their best, they were generally handled far better than Kurt's other two movies to date. I'd still chalk up the movie as being rushed for a specific deadline and having too many rough edges for my tastes but it was better than before. The positive thing was that I didn't see any compression artifacts and there was enough material that looked okay to make me wonder if there might have been two cameramen shooting it due to stylish changes at times. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital but there really wasn't any separation between the channels and the dynamic range was decidedly low end. Fans of porn might appreciate that there was little dialogue (outside of directing comments not edited out) and the music, while bland and on the lame side, was generic enough that it won't get in the way for most people. On a side note, there were some background noises that were not caught or handled but that's a rookie mistake that a number of people make elsewhere too.

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Body of Review: Kurt Lockwood is no stranger to controversy these days, whether it be his bold statements about his place in the porn universe or his physical and media attack on the press, the guy seems to think that any publicity is good for his career, a truism that draws mixed reactions from many in the industry (some hire him more while others have cut him off). As a director, his previous efforts were features; LA Vice and Decline of Western Civilization Part 69, and while neither was anything worth watching more than a few times as a rental, they did show some considerable improvement for his work at Sex Z Pictures. I don't expect him to challenge Hillary Scott or Eli Cross as their dominant director in my lifetime but at the rate he's going, I'd be surprised if he isn't making movies worth watching a lot more frequently. His third effort at the helm was the vignette driven Thumb Suckers; a flick that had the performers stay largely silent as they screwed, Kurt playing an aging lothario in a business suit in every scene while the range of ladies played at being young girls through various means. I was surprised that most of the scenes were pretty strokable for anyone except those who hate the guy due to his antics off screen. That said, here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Victoria Sin, playing a young girl with pigtails playing twister in her white shorts and pink top, followed what a suited Kurt Lockwood spin for her as she sucked her thumb. I'll admit I was taken aback by seeing Kurt wearing not only a shirt (I thought he was allergic to them) but a suit jacket and tie as well. After some far too brief tease, she started stripping off her clothes as he sat like a pervert and watched, her all too young looking natural body giving her the appearance of someone half his age as she diddled herself on the Twister mat. This led to her kissing him and then lying across his lap as he fingered her, her hips swaying as though she was having fun. She blew him easily using her hand and mouth while licking his balls and eventually his ass while he took off his attire. He was passive as this all happened, probably a good idea given some of his performances of the past. Given the theme of the movie, I was happy to find that she spent a lot longer on oral than some of Kurt's previous efforts in making a flick, the gal giving it up very nicely before shoving her finger up his ass in return. That fueled his willingness to eat her out for a short moment and then bang away at her as she actively rode his cock. Granted, hearing all the trucks driving by in the background was another rookie mistake that post production could have taken care of if the initial planning was so weak but Victoria proved to distract me from dissecting the director's continuing attempts to improve and ignoring him was easy given her skills. The scene had a weak ending in that he jerked himself off, hitting her in the eye at that, and her seeming to swallow some of his load but aside from a few minor issues, it was a good scene overall thanks to her energetic performance.

Scene Two: Samantha Ryan, a very cute gal with a lean body and blonde pigtails, was up next in a children's bed acting far younger than her age as she masturbated and sucked her thumb. Kurt Lockwood drank and smoked a handmade cigarette of dubious origin as she did so, once again starting off as though he were a businessman wearing the full regalia. The camera work was pretty good much of the time, slightly intrusive and too centered on close ups but showing her seductive side nicely. She took a hit off his smoke and then set his glass aside to pull him into her world, kissing him and blowing him as well as I've seen her do in the past. While her thumb sucking and holding onto a teddy bear was a bit weird, she gave him a decent ride after the short hummer, Kurt wincing as if in pain during the gal on top footage. She continued to blow him with some PTM and a rimjob, fingering his ass to help him get a full erection before actively riding him again. The oral and vaginal riding alternated until the ending facial and I thought they shared some chemistry together with her energetic ride serving to enhance the scene much like Victoria's did previously.

Scene Three: Lucy Sky, a redheaded newcomer wearing a neon green top as she sucked her lollipop in the bathroom, found Kurt Lockwood coming up behind her in his suit; the gal making a face that was classic in terms of her thought of doing a scene with him. She caught herself though and resumed the usual "I'm happy to be here" look as he took off her clothing and fondled her, catering to the old man and youthful girl theme of the movie. They kissed and while she was definitely rougher around the edges than he was in performing, she passively let him guide her through the action. That meant he ate first with her needing lessons in blowing smaller endowed men. The cameras changed out at one point (showing different filters or settings in the process) but she seemed to be a better rider than sucker, working on her lollipop all the while she was bouncing on his cock. It was a passive ride and a let down from the previous two scenes but in a sense, she was truest to the theme of the movie about a young girl learning about sex from an old pervert if that makes some of you happy. The scene ended with the load of population pudding going to her face as expected but I'm sure someone meant well by leaving this filler scene in the movie even if it didn't work very well.

Scene Four: Sindee Jennings, another redhead playing a young girl, had a nicer ass and playful dynamic going for her as she blew some bubbles before blowing Kurt Lockwood (in his suit again). He felt her up and didn't say a word as she responded to his touch, sucking her ass as she hung to the balcony overlooking the city. The camera work was better in some ways but whoever was in charge forgot to compensate for the additional light coming from the sunny day (technically, that would be the director's fault). The oral theme of the movie continued throughout the scene yet again, the gal performing for the camera as she did him front and back before climbing onto his cock on the floor. They moved inside the hotel room as he jammed a finger in her ass while pounding her pussy, the gal offering up a mixed ride this time but still okay for a few stroke sessions (more if you like the young look she had). Kurt was dripping with sweat as he hammered away at her, his face turning red as though it would explode before he did. The facial was small and she took most of it into her mouth, ending an okay, if uneventful, scene.

Scene Five: Katja Kassin, the anal queen many fans came to see here (including me), was up next as she blew bubbles and read the Sunday comics on the bed while the suited Kurt Lockwood ate her ass. She also sucked her thumb and while no one would mistake her for a girl thanks to her excellent womanly curves, she did change her general dynamic a bit to accommodate the theme more than I would have thought possible of her. She started masturbating then dragging into bed with her, disrobing him so she could aggressively slob his knob in a very messy manner. She worked his asshole over with her tongue and finger during the hummer, giving him enough extra incentive that his cock finally became fully erect; leading to some oral by him and an active ride by her on the now hardened cock. I was surprised that she did not do a lot of anal here (other than doing him anally of course) but it was still a scene that added value to the overall movie, reaffirming its status as a decent effort overall. She took the wad to her face as I thought she would too, nothing I care much about but I know many fans do so I mention it for the record.

Scene Six: Annette Schwartz, another German anal queen of late, was up last as she masturbated on the bed by the lava lamp, sucking on one of those pacifiers the druggies use at raves (apparently, the ecstasy causes something to make people need a pacifier). While her pigtails did little to make her look like a young girl (even a pretend young girl), given her performances in recent months, I really didn't care. She fingered herself and was soon approached by the suited Kurt Lockwood; the man going down on her before she reciprocated with a full service oral, sucking his ass, fingering it, and blowing him in a sloppy manner. This was another active ride by the lady and while she did not engage in her trademark anal action, it was a decent scene nonetheless with her closing out on a facial note.

Summary: Thumb Suckers by director Kurt Lockwood for Sex Z Pictures was a step up from his work on the more ambitious LA Vice and Decline of Western Civilization Part 69, earning a rating of Recommended thanks to the quality of the women in most scenes, the improved technical values, and the overall heat generated by the ladies as much as the fuck for the buck value it provided. In short, while far from the best such movie I've seen of late, Thumb Suckers was an effort almost worth the limited hype it received from the director and hopefully a sign of things to come. Good work!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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