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New Wave Hookers (Box Set)

Studio: VCA » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 3/28/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Movie:

VCA has done a decent job of packaging up some of their catalogue titles over the last year, and re-releasing them as affordable boxed set collections. The aptly titled New Wave Hookers Box Set features the first four films in the series that the infamous Dark Brothers helped make into one of the most recognizable names in the history of adult cinema. VCA owns the rights to parts five, six and seven but only the first four have been included here. Let's start the review by noting that those who own the single disc releases of these films will find no need to bother with this set, as the discs are identical in every aspect, but for those who don't already have these films in their eighties and nineties smut archives, this set proves completely worthwhile. Here's a look....

New Wave Hookers (1985):

Right off the bat, fans of the original film who may possibly be considering purchasing this set will want to know that this is the exact same disc that VCA made available a few years ago. That means it's the same soft, fuzzy transfer that was on that disc, rather than what a lot of us had hoped for, which was a nice, new, cleaner looking presentation of the film. It should also go without saying that since Traci Lords was underage when she shot her scene with Rick Cassidy that this scene has, understandably, been taken out of this release. That being said, the original is a classic for a reason. It's a strange, dark, pop art XXX masterpiece that makes the most out of its cast. Here's a quick scene breakdown:

Scene One - Desiree Lane, Jamie Gillis, Steve Powers And Jack Baker: Steve and Jamie put headphones on Desiree which is supposed to make her sex drive go into overdrive. She makes out with Jamie then fucks herself with a vibrator, and then Jamie fucks her missionary style. While this is going on, Steve and Jack masturbate, and she starts to suck Steve's cock as Jamie fucks her from behind. Jamie pulls out and shoots his wad on her, then she sucks and strokes Steve and Jack to a climax.

Scene Two - Brooke Fields, Kimberly Carson, And Peter North: Kim and Brooke kiss and then Brooke goes down on her friend while North watches them. He moves into the scene and they take turns sucking his dick, and then he eats Brooke out. He fucks Kim from a few different positions and then he moves over to Brooke and does her doggy style. He pulls out and erupts all over the girls, coming on Kim's back.

Scene Three - Ginger Lynn, Steve Powers, And Tom Byron: Mmmmm......Ginger. She starts the scene off by dropping her pants in front of Steve, who moves in for the kill and eats her ass. From there she takes turns blowing them, moving from one cock to another. She gets on top of Tom and rides him cowgirl while Steve finger fucks her ass, before moving in for the double penetration action to ensue. Tom pulls out and cums on her ass while Steve keeps pounding her before he too pulls out and shoots his wad on her back.

Scene Four - Kristara Barrington, Jack Baker, And Steve Powers: Jack moves into Kristara from behind and fucks her doggy style and then pulls out so she can stroke him while Steve eats her box. She jerks Jack off onto her face and then she sucks Steve before he puts her up on the desk to fuck her for a couple of minutes, pulling out and whacking off onto her stomach.

Scene Five - Rick Cassidy And Traci Lords: As mentioned, for obvious and completely understandable legal reasons, this scene is missing from the VCA DVD as Lords was seventeen when she shot it.

Scene Six - Kristara Barrington, Jamie Gillis, Steve Powers, Desiree Lane, Steve Drake, Gina Carrera And Greg Rome: In this scene the girls are all laying on a spinning wheel which takes them from one guy to the next. They're all eaten and fucked from various positions in what is more or less a big gang-bang scene. Most of the guys get blown at some point and as it comes to an end they all come all over the various girls in the scene. It's kind of chaotic to describe but it's well directed and easy enough to follow as it's happening and it's an interesting (and quite famous) scene.

New Wave Hookers 2 (1990):

In this second film, Madison plays a hooker who gets arrested after her first and only scene in the alley way. She's brought into the police station where she's interrogated by a cranky cop about the prostitution ring that Willy is running, and of which she is a part. As Madison talks about various instances that her business has run into, we see them play out. But there's more to it than this and by the time it's over the Dark brothers are going on about The Illuminati and the like. It's all very strange, garish and bright but the cast is top notch and the sex is quite hot.

Scene One - Madison, Peter North And Tom Chapman: Peter and Madison head to a back alley where she gives him head. She stands against the wall and pushes her ass out so that he can eat her pussy before he starts fucking her from behind. North, his hair still perfect as always, pulls out and shoots in her hand. Tom, a wino, has been sleeping this entire time by Madison wants more so she wakes him up with a blowjob and once he's hard she rides him reverse cowgirl style. He bends her over and fucks her from behind for a bit, then he pulls out and finishes in her mouth.

Scene Two - Danielle Rodgers And Randy Spears: Randy pushes her down to the bed, spreads her legs and starts eating her out. From there she drops to her knees and starts sucking his cock, and then he lies her down and starts fucking her while she's on her side. She gets on all fours and he does her from behind, and then she rolls over and he fucks her missionary style. Once he's had his fill of that he pulls out and rubs one off on her pelvis and calls her a whore.

Scene Three - Cameo, C. Jammer, Joey Silvera, Patricia Kennedy, Rikki Lee And TT Boy: The ladies are sitting around a big sectional couch yapping and the guys start moving in on them and eating pussy. From there the girls return the oral favors and hand out blowjobs, after which they all bend over and get fucked from behind by their respective beaus. Cameo takes it missionary style at one point before taking a wad into her mouth and finishing her man off. Patricia gets it doggy style, as does Rikki. Patricia gets a vaginal double penetration, and gets spunk on her back and her chest.

Scene Four - Ashley Nicole, Joey Silvera, Marc Wallice, Randy West, T. Montana, And TT Boy: This group scene finds Ashley on an alter in lingerie with the guys standing around holding candles. They start spreading her legs and rubbing her down, playing with her oiled up tits and her pussy before taking turns fucking her pussy missionary style and slapping their cocks into her mouth. They all get a chance to fuck her snatch and her face and one by one they jerk off all over her.

Scene Five - April Rayne, Amanda Stone And Sandra Scream: The three girls start masturbating and then they break out some sex toys to put on a show for their pimp. Once the girls have warmed themselves up they start kissing each other and then eating one another out. A double-ended dong finds its way into the scene and the girls put that to good use and each of the three ladies pleasures one another before the scene ends.

Scene Six - April Rayne, Savannah And TT Boy: TT is standing in the room with a lampshade on his head and a cowprint skirt on. The girls come into the room and strip, and April starts masturbating in front of him while Savannah sits on the bed and watches. Soon April and Savannah trade places and she gives him head, then April eats out Savannah's pussy. Savannah fucks April in the ass with a black dildo, then TT moves in and starts fucking April missionary style while Savannah sits on her face. The girls move into a sixty-nine and TT fucks Savannah from behind, and then TT pulls out and shoots his load on the top of her ass cheeks and ends the scene.

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Scene Seven - Jamie Leigh, Joey Silvera, Marc Wallice And TT Boy: Jamie walks into the room and treats the three men like dogs. She makes them eat her out, and use their fingers on her while she sucks their cocks. She gets her pussy and her ass fingered, and then she gets fucked doggy style. Soon enough she's getting DP'd, each of the three guys getting a shot at her mouth, her pussy and her ass before shooting their loads across her face.

New Wave Hookers 3 (1993):

The third film looks to have been made with considerably less money than the first two as the production values are more than a little on the tacky side, but almost fifteen years later that sort of adds to the charm. The music is still quirky and the cast is just as good as the one assembled for the second film. The plot? Basically Jon sells his ladyfriend into prostitution. They're broke and he figures they can make some easy money that way. The catch? She takes a real shining to it and turns devious in the process. Here's the skinny...

Scene One - Crystal Wilder And Jon Dough: These two are hanging out in bed complaining about how broke they are. She cheers him up by sucking his cock for him, and he decides that maybe he should pimp her out. She tells him to suck his own dick, and that's the end of that.

Scene Two - Brittany O'Connell, Jon Dough And Marc Wallice: After the first scene Marc and Brittany walk into Jon's bedroom. Marc and Brittany start making out and Jon fingers her. Marc eats her and she gives Jon that blowjob he wanted a few minutes earlier. Marc fucks her pussy from behind and then the guys trade spots. Soon they're both standing in front of her and she sucks them off one at a time, then Marc fucks her pussy again while Jon fucks her face. Eventually she gets DP's by the guys on top of the bed, and after that they pull out and jack off onto her black high heel shoes.

Scene Three - Danyel Cheeks, Jon Dough, P.J. Sparxx And Rocco Siffredi: The guys film the girls making out in the back room of a strip club. The two ladies kiss and finger one another and then Danyel goes down on P.J.. From there Danyel moves up and sits on P.J.'s face for a spell and then she bends over to get her ass and pussy fingered. The guys move in and get their cocks sucked with Rocco fucking Danyel from behind and then eating her out. Danyel gets bent over and fucked doggy style, while P.J. takes it missionary style. The guys switch up a bit so they each get to fuck both of the two blondes, and there are a few pussy to mouth bits in here if you watch carefully enough. P.J. gets it in the ass for a bit, then the guys pull out and jerk off onto the ladies' shoes.

Scene Four - Crystal Wilder And Nikki Dial: These two lovely ladies are sitting around talking when the mood hits them. Nikki starts sucking on Crystal's tits, and then she fingers her. She eats her out and they move into a sixty-nine. Nikki rubs her nipple on Crystal's clit, and then she rubs her foot on her pussy and slips it into Crystal's mouth. Nikki fucks Crystal in the ass with her toe while she rubs herself off, and then Crystal gets on all fours so Nikki can rub her tits on her ass before tossing some anal beads in there and a dildo into her pussy at the same time. Nikki gets on her back so that Crystal can fuck her pussy with the dildo, and soon the two are both riding a double-ended dong and licking one another's feet.

Scene Five - Crystal Wilder, Marc Wallice And Nikki Dial: Once the girls are done they put a call in to Marc who shows up and starts eating them out. He laps away at Crystal for a bit, and then the two girls give him head while they finger each other. They both lay on the couch so that Marc can fuck Crystal in the puss while Nikki fingers herself. Marc finishes on top of Crystal's tits.

Scene Six - Heather Hart: Heather is laying on top of a medical gurney inside a mansion and she starts masturbating while a few other cast members watch.

Scene Seven - Cal Jammer, Crystal Wilder, Marc Wallice, Tony Tedeschi And Terry Thomas: Crystal lays down on the gurney and the guys move in and oil her up while wearing plastic Phantom of the Opera masks! They take turns eating her and getting sucked off by her and soon enough she's getting fucked missionary style while giving out handjobs and blowjobs like they're going out of style (and God, I hope they never do!). At one point she rolls over and takes it up the ass, after which she gets on back again so that the guys can cover her in goop.

Scene Eight - Francesca Le, Jon Dough And Lacy Rose: The two girls are decked out in PVC fetish gear and they start making out in front of Jon. Francesca eats Lacy's pussy for a bit, and then they wisely move into a sixty-nine, slurping away at one another and fingering their pussies and assholes. They move over to Jon and start going down on him, then Lacy sits on his face. Eventually Francesca tires of sucking him off and so she rides him cowgirl style. From there Lacy gets on her back for some missionary style fucking while Francesca sits on her face. Lacy fucks Francesca in the ass with vibrator while Jon does her from behind, and shortly after that he pulls out and wads into Lacy's hands. The girls keep their black sunglasses on for the entire scene.

Scene Nine - Crystal Wilder And Rocco Siffredi: Rocco walks in on Crystal, now in full on harlot mode, masturbating in a bedroom. She teases him for a bit and then she gives him head while fingering his ass. She rides him cowgirl style while he fingers her bunghole and then she gets on her back so he can fuck her pussy from above. She gets her legs way up and fingers her ass while he reams her and then she bends over so he can fuck her ass doggy style. He pulls out and she puts her stocking-clad foot into her mouth while he jerks off onto her face.

Scene Ten - Cal Jammer, Cody O'Connor, Crystal Wilder, Marc Wallice, Tyffany Million, Tony Tedeschi And Terry Thomas: Crystal and Tyffany get horny so they call the guys over. The girls are dressed in tacky lingerie and wearing baby bonnets an the guys have duck masks on and are quacking as they rub the two gals down with feather dusters. From there the girls get eaten out and fucked from various angels and the guys all get head for a bit as well. Crystal gets fucked deep in the ass and once the guys come on Tyffany, Cody comes into the room and laps it up. She moves over to Crystal's pussy, also now covered in come, and eats that up too.

Scene Eleven - Crystal Wilder, Francesca Le, Jon Dough, Lacy Rose, Rocco Siffredi And Tyffany Million: The cast are all sitting in the room together and Tyffany sucks Rocco's cock. The group split off into pairs with Lacy Francesca standing and watching while rubbing themselves. Crystal fucks Jon and Tyffany gets her ass eaten by Rocco while Lacy and Francesca continue to masturbate. The guys change girls and each gets a shot at the other's pussy. Both guys fuck the girls doggy style. Jon blows his load on the Tyffany's back while Rocco moves over and shoots his into Crystal's mouth.

New Wave Hookers 4 (1994):

The first of the series to be shot on video, this fourth film doesn't look as good as the three that came before it. That being said, Gregory Dark has a good eye and the cinematography is still much better than most other smut from the era. The cast is great, Chasey Lain in particular, and the story and soundtrack (which features lots of early nineties sounding guitar noodling solos) are as goofy and entertaining as you'd expect from the series. This one also features a strange midget who wanders around and narrates things for us. This movie doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but it's weird enough to be interesting and the sex is hot.

Scene One - Juli Ashton, Nick East And Tony Tedeschi: Juli starts sucking Nick's cock and fingering herself and then she sucks Tony off. She bends over and keeps Tony's cock in her mouth and gets fucked by Nick from behind with a dildo. Nick puts a thumb in her ass and then he slips his dick into her pussy from behind. Both guys are in clown outfits and make up. Juli gets on her back and Nick fucks her missionary style first in the pussy and then the ass and then he moves her over onto all fours for more ass fucking. Tony blows his load on her face and then Nick follows suit and does the same.

Scene Two - Amanda Addams: Amanda watches and masturbates as the three way in the first scene plays out in front of her. She uses her fingers on herself and then a pink vibrator. She takes the vibrator out and sticks it up her ass and then she plays with some anal beads. Once the guys come on Juli, Amanda licks it all off.

Scene Three - Chasey Lain, Tom Byron, TT Boy, VixXxen And Vince Voyeur: Chasey does her make up in the mirror and the other three appear behind her. She lies down and the guys start licking her tits and pussy and then VixXxen joins in the oral fun and eats her out while Chasey sucks the guys off one at a time. VixXxen fucks Chasey with a strap on, sucking Vince's cock and jacking TT off with her free hand while Tom fucks Chasey's mouth. Tom starts fucking Chasey missionary style, then she gets on all fours so the other guys can have a chance while VixXxen licks her ass. Chasey and VixXxen both get on the bed and the guys have at them until all three are ready to shoot all over Chasey's torso.

Scene Four - Tammi Ann And Tom Byron: Nicole is in a wedding outfit and Vince in a pink tux. A guy in a pig mask wanders around their bed (Nicole and Vince), which is outside and a girl in a French maid outfit appears. Nicole lies down and her top comes off and they start making out. He eats her pussy and then fingers her, and then she moves down and blows him while he fingers her ass. She lies down and he does her missionary then she climbs up and rides him cowgirl style while she fingers her ass. She gets on all fours and he does her from behind, then he pulls out and shoots on the top of her ass.

Scene Five - Nicole Lace And Vince Voyeur: Nicole disrobes and fingers her ass for Vince. She masturbates standing up and he eats her ass. She gives him head down on her knees, looking right into the camera and getting really into it. She lies him down and rides him cowgirl style, then she gets on all fours so he can fuck her doggy style. He pulls out of her pussy and goes into her ass, then she crams some fingers into her snatch and then works it with a dildo. Vince shoots on top of Tammi's ass and Nicole licks it all off.

Scene Six - Barbara Doll, Marc Wallice And Nick East: The guys are in PVC, the three of them in an aquarium. She holds up some fish and they bark like seals. She plays with her tits for them, and then rubs her pussy until they move in. One guy fingers her, the other gets head. She rubs her pussy while he puts a dildo in her ass, then both guys get head. Marc fucks her fro behind while she sucks Nick's dick, and then she turns around to switch things up a bit. Nick gets on his back and she rides him with her ass while Marc fucks her pussy and she gets DP'd and after a bit of that the pull out and come into her open mouth.

Scene Seven - Jon Dough, Sandi Beach And Jewel: Jon is a doctor, the other two are nurses. He starts saying 'ribbit ribbit ribbit' and acting like a frog. The girls stand in front of him and undress, and Jewel goes down on Sandy who bends over for her friend to get better access. Jewel fucks Sandy in the pussy with a dildo, and then Jewel bends over so Sandy can eat her ass while she fingers her. She fucks Jewel in the ass with a dildo while Jewel fucks her own pussy with a second toy. Sandi starts sucking Jon's dick while Jewel sits on his face and grinds his tongue. Jewel climbs on top of his cock and rides him cowgirl style while Sandy fucks Jewel's ass with a dildo. From there, Sandy gets on her back so he can fuck her missionary style while Jewel watches and masturbates. Sandy bends over and he does her doggy style, and then Jewel does the same. Jon goes back and forth between them and then blows his load into his hand so that the girls can lap it up.

Scene Eight - Mark Davis And Yvonne: Mark and Yvonne are on the stairs, she's riding him reverse cowgirl. He's in women's lingerie and she's riding him like there's no tomorrow. He fucks her in the ass and she uses a dildo in her pussy, and does this until she comes. She gets on all fours and he fucks her in the ass from behind, then he pulls out and shoots his load into her mouth while someone plays Beethoven on a Casio.

Scene Nine - Chasey Lain And Misty Rain: Also on the stairs, Chasey goes down on Misty and uses her fingers on her while rubbing her clit from underneath. The girls trade places and Misty goes down on Chasey, and then Misty goes down on Chasey again, fingering her own ass at the same time. Misty uses a purple dildo on Chasey's pussy, and Chasey looks right into the camera with those eyes of hers. Yoink! Chasey sucks a dildo and then fucks Misty in the ass with it with a finger in her pussy at the same time. Chasey DP's Misty with two dildos and stops to lick her ass a few times until she comes. Hot hot hot hot hot. Chasy takes the dildo out of her pussy and eats her while she fucks her ass with the toy and fingers herself.

Scene Ten - Marilyn Martyn, Marc Wallice And TT Boy: The third group on the stairs finds Marilyn sucking off the two guys one at a time and getting slapped in the face by their cocks. TT holds her legs open while Marc fucks her pussy, then TT moves his prick into her mouth. TT, blindfolded, fucks her from behind while she blows Mark, who has a birdcage on his head. Eventually Mark lies down and she rides him cowgirl style and gets it in the ass while TT has her pussy and she gets DP'd. The guys pull out and come on her face.

Scene Eleven - Marilyn Martyn, Nick East And Tony Tedeschi: Marilyn still wants more so when Mark and TT leave, Nick and Tony come in and take care of her. Nick fucks her from behind while she's on all fours sucking Tony's dick, and then the guys switch spots for more of the same until Tony lies down and she fucks him cowgirl style. Nick moves in and fucks her ass and she gets DP'd a second time, then she lies down and fingers herself while the stand over her and jerk off onto her face.


Each of the four films in this set are presented in their original 1.33.1 fullframe aspect ratio. The first film is quite soft looking but there aren't problems with print damage, mpeg compression artifacts or heavy edge enhancement. The sequels look a little better with New Wave Hookers 4 the best of the bunch in terms of clarity (which is understandable as it's the newest of the films in this collection).


Each of the four films in this set features an English language Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo track. Audio is fine across the board although the levels on the fourth film are just a little bit lower than the first three entries. Overall, there are no problems with the mixes on these four DVDs.


Again, the extras in this set are the same as what appeared on the single disc releases, but just in case you need to know....

New Wave Hookers:

Extras for the first disc in the set are slim, and limited to scene selection, a cast listing, a still gallery, a web link, a credits list, and a still screen that advertises Deep Throat, The Chameleon and The Cat Woman.

New Wave Hookers 2:

Extras for the second disc include scene selection, a cast listing, a still gallery, a web link, a credits list, and a still screen that advertises Deep Throat, The Devil In Miss Jones II and New Wave Hookers.

New Wave Hookers 3:

Extras for the third disc in the set are limited to scene selection, a cast listing, a still gallery, a web link, a credits list, and a still screen that advertises Black Throat, The Devil In Miss Jones II and New Wave Hookers.

New Wave Hookers 4:

You probably guessed it, but the extras for the fourth disc in the set are limited to scene selection, a cast listing, a still gallery, a web link, a credits list, and a still screen that advertises The Opening Of Misty Beethoven, The Private Afternoons of Pamela Man, Barbara Broadcast and Alexandra - fine films, all of them.


The four films in VCA's New Wave Hookers Box Set are a lot of fun. They're stylish to the point of excess and there's a creative sense of humor behind all of the hardcore sex. Dark's flair for the unusual is given ample opportunity to shine and the casts for each of the four films are excellent. VCA's set is light on extra but it looks and sounds just fine. If you've already got the single releases, don't bother with this but if you don't and you'd like to add some unique and well made older smut to your library, this is an easy way to do it and you can consider this set highly recommended.

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