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Brea's Prowl

Studio: Club Jenna » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/28/07

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Brea's Prowl

Club Jenna

Genre: Vignette

Director: Bill Fisher

Cast: Brea Bennett, Justice Young, Jesse Capelli, Angie Savage, CJ Sinz, Jordana James, Karlie Montana, Ashlynn Brooke, Jordan Ashley, Johnny Castle

Length: 105 minutes

Date of Production: 10/29/2006

Extra's: For me, the best extra was the 15 minutes of deleted footage from the movie's scenes. There was an emphasis on Brea's material (a good thing) so her fans will be happy although the way it was labeled, you'd think there were additional, all different, scenes. The five minutes of bloopers were also pretty interesting to watch, albeit not as funny as other titles have had in the past. The 10.5 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage by Steve Rogers served to show some of the extensive efforts that went into the movie (and some extra nudity for the pervs out there. There was also a true double sided DVD cover, a photogallery, a bit of spam and trailers to movies like Jenna Loves Justin, Club Jenna's Casting Couch 1, Sophia Revealed, Altered Minds, Insexts, McKenzie Illustrated, McKenzie Made, Krystal Therapy, Ashton Asylum, Chanel No. 1.

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: Brea's Prowl was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Bill Fisher for Club Jenna. Each of the six scenes took on a life of it's own with the stylish manner in which they were shot; sometimes substantial portions of grain added in to give a weathered look and other times in the kind of slow motion many fans scream angrily about but the one thing I saw about all of the different styles was how the editing and camera work seemed to be deliberately done a certain way and offering up a mix of textures instead of the generic gonzo flat lighting so many people seem to prefer. To me, a little bit of style goes a very long way but I'm not going to suggest that I would want to see a lot of titles shot this way, even if they were designed as such. In general, there was no way to give an overview of the scenes thanks to the multitude of ways the scenes were shot so I'll add in some commentary on points that stuck out at me below in the individual descriptions. The audio was presented in a standard 2.0 Dolby Digital English, most of the vocals excised out in order to cater to the music of RCEEZ. Some of the music was creative and original while other pieces gave me a headache so your mileage will vary here too, the bitrate being 192Kbps for those keeping track.

Body of Review: Bill Fisher is the latest director for Club Jenna and while the name sounded familiar, I could not place him in terms of previous work at first. His first title to make it to me was Brea's Prowl, a series of stylish artistic porn showcasing two of the contract performers from the company, Brea Bennett and Jesse Capelli. I have not seen a lot of work by either of them though I'll be the first to admit that they were exceptionally attractive in other releases so I was willing to sit down and see what old Bill was up to. The back cover said it like this: "Tumble down a rabbit hole of erotic sensations with Club Jenna superstars Brea Bennett and Jesse Capelli as they hunt greedily for the steamiest sex in the American Riviera - Miami Beach. Driven by an urgent and uncontrollable hunger, "Brea's Prowl" lures you in as Brea and Jesse slink into the most deviant corners of South Beach, bewitching its gorgeous residents and smearing the boundaries of the fantastic and the real. Director Bill Fisher guides you through a surreal quest that will leave you uncertain who is predator and who is prey." Well, as great as that all sounded, it really did little to explain the movie I watched, sounding like it was made up in the marketing department long before the movie was actually shot. Still, fans of the ladies might enjoy it so here's a little look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Brea Bennett, the very hot looking blonde seen on the left hand side of the front cover, was up first looking very much like Jenna Jameson did when she entered porn so many years ago with an all natural body. She walked through the luxurious house in lingerie to find the illustrated man in the form of Justice Young waiting for her, the couple looking like something out of a Billy Joel song (Uptown Girl). She dropped to her knees to blow him, showing little aptitude but a willingness to learn as she jerked him off and sucked the top portion of his cock; getting better with experience. He then drilled her pussy raw in several positions with the cutie passively taking it rather than actively riding. It ended when he rubbed out a load of population pudding onto her face but other than the hummer, it wasn't the best showcase for the gal other than to show her looks off to the public.

Scene Two: Jesse Capelli, the sexy gal on the right hand side of the front cover, and curvy Angie Savage, were up next in a lesbian scene by the pool outside. The surreal music was added in to a similar type of visual; the gals being shown with and without extravagant costumes that did little for them. The picture also looked blurry with a vibrating grain just within my visual range, looking like a bad connection as they fingered and ate each other out. The audio seemed just slightly out of phase here too but I'm guessing that was deliberate too, although I might never know why this was done.

Scene Three: Brea Bennett, in another scene that looked like it was shot on 8mm film instead of video (the visual effects proved hard to pin down), showed a lot of grain but she did no tease and went right for the cock of CJ Sinz. She used a lot of tongue action this time, sucking him off with more confidence than in the other scene, the guy at least looking better than the freaky punk rocker parolee offered in the first scene. He ate her out too and she looked at the camera in a pleading sense, reverting to form by simply taking whatever he gave her instead of rocking to his rhythm or actively riding the dick. His cock was pretty small too so it should have been easy though she again reminded me of a young Jenna, perhaps mixed in with a helping of Haven; the former JKP gal. The hot tub screw showed how flexible she was though so I have great hope for her future efforts once she learns how to look like she's having fun. The vaginal banging ended as expected with a stomach pop, reminding me that new gals tend to be weak in the action far too often.

Scene Four: Jordana James, an especially lovely looking hotty, was up next in a dark bedroom on the bed with Jesse Capelli. Both of them had that porn star look to them and the sun rise lighting them provided an interesting visual effect. I'm not sure I'd like to see this all that often but it did something for me as the gals serviced each other orally. The fingering replaced toys this time, a wise move since they seemed to be more naturally enjoying themselves with higher chemistry; Jesse being the more active of the two ladies.

Scene Five: Karlie Montana, Ashlynn Brooke, and Brea Bennett, were up next in what amounted to another costume drama with few words and stylish jewelry with large feathers. This was another ultra grainy effort (at least some of the time) with too much motion dehancement, at least the gals appearing to like licking pussy as they did each other orally. Brea looked terribly thin this time but fans of that kind of look will probably say I prefer fat chicks (not true, just well proportioned women). They were playful and aside from some of the stylish matter, it wasn't a bad scene, just not the kind that gets me off personally. The use of glass toys added something different to it as well but it always seemed that two of the gals were into the action and the third was sort of going along for the ride.

Scene Six: Brea Bennett, walking along the hallway like a hooker, then magically flew into the arms of studly Johnny Castle; a man very popular with the ladies from what I understand. He ate her slowly and then Jordan Ashley joined them to give her something to orally fixate on while receiving pleasure. Her oral skills were again pretty solid for a newcomer, the men taking turns boning her pussy while she'd blow the other until it was time for them to jerk off onto her face. She spit out the small amount of spew that went into her face but the scene reminded me that even with some post coital sucking, she was growing slowly into a contract performer the company might get some mileage out of if they push her to work on her sexual skills.

Summary: Brea's Prowl by director Bill Fisher for Club Jenna was one of those titles you'll either love or hate with little middle ground. I'll grant Bill that he tried something fairly new and I'll admit that the ladies (especially Jesse and Brea) were hotties but aside from some decent lesbian antics and a little bit of oral fun, the movie largely fell flat for me as a stroke flick so I rated it as a Rent It. In short, Brea's Prowl may work for those into pretty porn better than a jaded old porn hound like me but I like to see the action clearly and see special effects used sparingly so adjust your personal rating accordingly.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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