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Writers Delight

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 3/28/07

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Year of Production:

Early 1970s

Directed By:

J.J. English


Don White, Noel Reed, Steve Thomas, Bo Jackson, Geo Kipps, Mark Adams, Brad Baker, Alex Russell.

The Movie:

A frustrated porn writer pounds the keys of a cheap typewriter as various dudes pop in to give him ideas for each scene.

Scene One:

Don White (nice looking with longish blond hair and tall/slender/smooth build) is standing naked as a jaybird in his living room next to a groovy-flocked Christmas tree. As if by magic, Noel Reed (cute with longish dark hair and smooth/slender body) pops in via Bewitched. The dudes make out as Noel kisses and licks his way down to Don's full brown pubes and large cut cock. Noel takes his pal's tool down his throat underneath the Christmas tree while mysterious Arabian flute music warbles in the background. The guys roll around on the green shag carpet leading to Don cramming Noel's stiff clipped prick into his mouth deep throating down to a full dark bush. Noel straddles Don fucking his face with that hard dick. The dudes once again loll on that groovy carpet and I hope they don't roll onto a forgotten roach clip. Noel jacks off shooting a thick load of jizz all over Don's bush, cock, and balls. Noel pulls Don's pud making him shoot a thick load on his pubes. Noel laps up that cum like a hungry dog. High protein breath!

Scene Two:

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Steve Thomas (nice looking with dark hair, mustache, tattoos, and tall/slender/smooth body) and Bo Jackson (longish light brown hair, cool sideburns, average build) are getting down on the stairs padded with gold shag carpeting. The dudes make out with plenty of wet tongues eventually leading to Bo taking Steve's cut cock down his throat slobbering up 'n down and jacking the hard shaft. Steve goes down on Bo's hard uncut tool working his mustached mouth on that dong reminding me of an old gay joke my pal Brenda told me: Why do gay men have mustaches? To hide the stretch marks! Yuk Yuk!! Love on the staircase! Must be very comfortable! Bo's facial expression while receiving a blowjob is kind of like someone having a seizure. Steve really chows down and is rewarded with a mouthful of cum. Bo gets back down on Steve's prick while some cool cocktail jazz is barely audible on the soundtrack. Steve gets his nut in Bo's mouth.

Scene Three:

Geo Kipps (cute dude with longish dark hair and tall/slender/smooth body) is shootin' pool when his pal Mark Adams (handsome with longish curly dark hair and toned/smooth body) joins him for a game. After the movie shows the complete fucking game of pool for a poor attempt to pad time, the dudes find themselves in a clench complete with tongue kissing and body rubbing. Geo is wearing a tight yellow tee shirt that has "I Was Born to Raise Hell" printed on it. What a rebel. Geo strips down revealing his full dark pubes and a large fat cut cock. He sinks to his knees taking Mark's hard cut dick into his mouth working the shaft up 'n down and stroking with his busy hand. For some unknown reason, Geo stops sucking cock to go sit in a chair. Hmmm. He lays back on the pool table allowing Mark to chow down on that huge dong working the shaft with his busy fist and slobbering all over. The dudes ease into a sixty-nine allowing easy access to cock and balls. Mark fucks Geo from behind with fast 'n hard strokes and then plows his pal in the missionary position. Mark beats off squirting a large thick load on Geo's back and bum. Mark works Geo's tool suckin' and twistin' making him shoot a thick dotty load on his stomach and pubes.

Scene Four:

Brad Baker (handsome with short black hair, mustache, and tall/slender body) is sitting naked at the bottom of a drained swimming pool cleaning a mermaid painting. Just like he's walked into an episode of "I Dream of Jeanie", the mermaid painting turns into Alex Russell (nice looking with longish blond hair and tall/slender body). The dudes make out rubbing each other's full pubes and stroking those hard clipped cocks. They head to a poolside lounge area where Brad sucks Alex's hard tool down his throat. Brad straddles Alex in a sixty-nine allowing both dudes to chow down on stiff wieners. Brad fucks Alex in the missionary position with long steady strokes that become faster as he heats up. Alex reaches an earth-shattering climax while being porked dumping a thick load on his chest. Brad beats off shooting a thick load with some hitting Alex's face.



"Writer's Delight" is shot on film and presented in full screen. The camera work is basic providing coverage of the action with some close-ups. The picture quality is horrible with so much grain that I hard a hard time telling if some of these dudes are cut or uncut. The picture also jumps at times adding to the frustration.


The sound is terrible sounding like it's filtered through a tin can at times and completely muffled at other points. The groovy music is kind of cool.


The disc has an interactive menu with scene selection and a bunch of nifty retro trailers: an advertisement for new VHS tapes where you can watch porn in your own home!, "Harley's Angels", "Rugged Men", "Macho Grande" (with groovy organ music), "Young Stallions", "Navy Blue", "Point Me Towards Tomorrow", "In the Heat of the Knight", "We'll Meet Again", "Rushin'", "Michael Angelo and David", "Nine Plus", "Killing Me Softly" (starring Jack Wrangler who also did straight porn), "Muscle Bound", and "Pier Groups".

Final Thoughts:

Head back to the golden age of seedy gay porno theaters complete with an overwhelming smell of poppers and cum, creepy sticky floors, and an audience filled with married men looking for cheap blowjobs. The action in the theater would definitely be better than what was playing on the screen when "Writer's Delight" was shown. The disc is a complete bust with the worst picture quality and sound I've had the displeasure of witnessing in all my years of watching porn. Skip It!!

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