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Virgin Spank

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 3/31/07

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Date of Production:

June 2005

Directed By:

Keith Manheim


Alex Kristoff, Sergio Clair, Brian McDonald, Josh Caleb.

The Movie:

Master Alex and his three sex slaves engage in whipping and spanking for some light bondage fun.

The Sex:

Welcome to Alex Kristoff's bondage dungeon. The walls are painted black and the floors are bright red. Alex (very short dark hair and tall/smooth body) is presiding over his playroom by sitting in a red chair on a small wooden stage. He's wearing a black leather mask with matching shirt, chaps, and jockstrap. The small stage reminds me of the one Dawn Davenport (Divine) had in "Female Trouble". Alex watches his sex slaves while fondling his cat o' nine tails. Brian McDonald (cute with short brownish-blond hair, smooth body) is strapped with black leather restraints to a large wheel with a ball stuffed in his mouth. He's completely naked. Sergio Clair (cute with blondish hair and slender/smooth body) is on his knees in front of Alex wearing nothing but black leather straps on his wrists and ankles. Josh Caleb (cute with short dark hair and smooth/slender body), dressed in a black leather jockstrap, is spread eagle bound by black leather restraints to some type of wooden contraption and it doesn't look comfortable.

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Alex walks around inspecting each sex slave and cracks his whip across Sergio's back making him writhe in pleasure. Sergio crawls over to Brian taking his fat uncut cock into his mouth stroking the heavy foreskin up 'n over the large slick pink knob and cramming that thang down his throat. Alex digs his cat o' nine tails whipping Josh's back and butt. The whipping is not hard but the dudes carry on like it is. Josh is released and makes a beeline for Brian's big unclipped dong sharing the sucking chores with Sergio. Alex spins the wheel of fortune sending Brian flying in a 360-degree circle with that big prick pointing straight out. Alex is in a generous mood releasing Brian as Josh gets down on Sergio's hard uncut tool working the foreskin and slobbering up and down the hard stalk. Brian soon finds his mouth full chowing down on Josh's stiff unclipped member working it like a champ.

The sex slaves bend over in front of Master Alex who is back on his throne slapping each dude with his cat o' nine tails. One by one the dudes get up, lie across Alex's lap, and receive a well-deserved spanking with his open hand. Naughty boys! Sergio is now bent over locked in the stocks. Josh strokes his cock while slapping Sergio with the whip. Brian fucks Sergio's mouth with medium tempo strokes. The sex slaves switch up with Josh locked in the stocks as Brian fucks his mouth and Sergio rubbing his tight asshole with a white dildo. Sergio fucks Josh with the dildo sliding quickly in and out of his snug manhole. Sergio is now locked into another type of stock that is attached to a long bench allowing him to lay on his stomach while being fucked with the sex toy. Alex's hard uncut cock replaces the dildo pounding Sergio from behind (with condom) while Brian fucks Josh doggy style (with condom). Alex barks out simple commands such as "Faster!" and "Deeper!" while the dudes drill each other's tight bungholes.

Brian crawls through a small opening in the wall to another room where he's chained up and forced to suck Alex's tool. Alex has a new whip that has a small leather paddle on the end. Of course, Alex uses his new play pretty while Brian chows down on his heavily foreskinned dong. The guys head back over to the dungeon's main room for all sorts of cock sucking, nipple pinching, ball pulling, sixty-nine, bung rubbing, face fucking, and plenty of spanking and whipping. Brian beats off quickly stroking his foreskin shooting a large thick load while Sergio takes that knob in his mouth for a good taste of spunk. Josh jacks off shooting a large thick load on his stomach and chest. Sergio works his tool shooting a thick load in Josh's mouth and on his face. Alex doesn't cum.



"Virgin Spank" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in widescreen. The videography by Evan Connor is hand-held providing full coverage of all the sex acts and plenty of close-ups. There are too many wide and medium shots, though. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clear allowing the viewers to hear the crack of the whip, spanking, and heavy breathing as the sex slaves get down to business.


The disc includes an interactive menu, chapter stops, a gallery featuring action shots from the movie with some tined red, and trailers for: "Street Boys In Your Face" and "Planting His Seed" (love that title!).

Final Thoughts:

"Virgin Spank" is bondage light. There's plenty of whipping with that cat o' nine tails and open-handed spanking but it's all very soft with no real force behind it. I've seen harder spanking in non-fetish. The movie plays out as one long extended scene instead of individual vignettes allowing it to become repetitious and dull. The guys are all appealing but look like they are simply going through the motions and not into the action. As mentioned, the videography allows for full coverage of all the action but there are way too many long and medium shots. I suggest a Rent It for those who may be curious about spanking but don't want anything too rough.

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