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Kim Kardashian, Superstar

Studio: Vivid » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/31/07

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Kim Kardashian, Superstar

Vivid Entertainment

This is Kim Kardashian.

Genre: Amateur

Director: Ray J.

Cast: Kim Kardashian, Ray J.

Length: 41 minutes

Date of Production: 2/7/2007

Extra's: The extras consisted of five bonus scenes and a bunch of trailers on the second disc (with some spam and a fold out case for those who care). The scenes were from After Midnight with Monique Alexander and Tommy Gunn; The Houseguest with Stefani Morgan and Tommy Gunn; <>Intimate Strangers with Lanny Barby and Van Damage; Switch with Savanna Samson and Ben English; and Time For Brianna with Briana Banks and Evan Stone. The 20 trailers were from a horde of titles released (or soon to be released) from Vivid Entertainment.

This is Kim Kardashian showing her ass.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Kim Kardashian, Superstar was shot in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color by amateur director Ray J. on his home video camera back in 2003 to eventually be released by Vivid Entertainment when they picked it up for a reported $1 million dollars last year. Like most home movies of this sort, the footage varied greatly in quality, the most common issue being the poor light in the hotel room they were staying at. From the looks of the footage used to make this release, some serious editing took place that broke it up into numerous "scenes" although given they wore the same white robes and she had the same bra & panties on the whole time, I was left with the impression that what was a limited couple of pairings was converted into additional scenes, complete with dubbed vocals that were likewise looped. There was also the huge watermark used on the lower right hand corner of the entire movie, likely added in to discourage thieves from stealing it and to promote the website pushing the title. One of the magic tricks of porn editing is to make scenes of mediocre nature hotter and in typical porn fashion; this worked some of the time in the movie, falling flat in other cases. There were a few bits of footage at the beach, by a pool, and out shopping edited in to split up some of the scenes too, with limited success. Okay, the lighting caused some serious grain problems and the video noise was pretty bad for a few minutes of the movie as well. I did get the impression that she was into him most of the time, though sexually, she was far from an active cock rider so your mileage will vary greatly from a seasoned old porn hound like myself. The audio was presented in a cleaned up 2.0 Dolby Digital English track with a lot of music added in that seemed out of place, with no separation or major dynamic range on the limited vocals that were repeatedly dubbed and looped.

This is Kim Kardashian in the morning with her religious artifact on her neck.

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Body of Review: Porn has long been part of the entertainment industry, a part some would try to deny, but one that consumers have voted in favor of time and again with their hard earned dollars. One of the things about reviewing porn that has to be kept in mind is that every person is a majority of one when it comes to what works for getting them off, and many of us reviewers try to point out that your mileage may vary when it comes to our ratings, suggestions, and personal tastes. That said, one of the year's biggest "event" titles to come out lately is the Kim Kardashian, Superstar release by Vivid Entertainment. The movie uses footage taken from 2003 when Kim Kardashian was dating a hip hop performer professionally known as Ray J.; his birth name being Willie Ray Norwood Jr. She is best known in social circles as the daughter of a once famous attorney and as the friend of Paris Hilton. Paris is one of the pseudo celebrities that made her own sex tape several years back, competing with Dustin Diamond for worst performance on camera by a wannabe (the bonus scenes in her flick were so much better that it's almost laughable how much mileage the movie got at the time). Ray J., on the other hand, has an extensive list of credits as a singer and actor, albeit for the kind of roles that no one ever seems to remember but his music isn't hard on the ears even if it lacks originality. In terms of celebrity status then, neither of the two principles in the movie was well known outside of limited circles until now; with the release of the sex footage he shot of them.

This is Kim Kardashian lounging by the pool.

The courts can decide if this was another case where the couple were completely in on the release like the aforementioned Paris Hilton title but given that Ray J. now has a contract to direct porn, you can connect the dots for yourself about his involvement. He's not the first musician to try his hand at directing, some of you might remember a slightly bigger name a few years back called Snoop Dogg, or smaller names like Lil Jon, or 50 Cents. The first big name celebrity release was the Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee title and that wasn't anything special either but we all seem to live in a culture that is fascinated what the rich & famous are doing in their bedrooms so as long as such titles are released, people will scoop them up like there's no tomorrow. At least in this case, the female is an exceptionally beautiful lady with all the markings of a porn star; too much make up, large, full lips, and some nice curves that are built for comfort over speed. The back cover put it like this: "She's the daughter of OJ Simpson lawyer, Robert Kardashian, the stepdaughter of Olympic Gold Medalist, Bruce Jenner, and the best friend of Paris Hilton. He's a bestselling hip hop artist who has been linked with Lil' Kim, and most recently, Whitney Houston -- and when you see what he's packing, you'll know why. It's Kim Kardashian and Ray J in the hottest celebrity DVD ever made. Kim Kardashian Superstar ... she's nine and a half inches from stardom!"

So, if you want to check out a title that has already sold over fifty times the average in the very first week it has been out, you've come to the right place. For the record, in order to properly research this release, I scoured the internet looking for copies online. I checked a few out and noticed that the official DVD looked superior in each case. It is being released on a special yellow disc to help combat bootleggers along with a second disc of previews so if your copy looks like a standard release, someone punked you out. Here's a quick look at the footage, noting that whatever passing familiarity I might have had with Ray from his bit roles or music, neither one of them struck me as being a big name until the news was full of accounts relating to the footage of their sexual exploits back in 2003. Here goes...

This is Kim Kardashian by the beach.

Scene One: Kim Kardashian, the curvy brunette seen on the right hand side of the front cover, was initially putting on her make up while dressed in a terry cloth robe and generic underwear. She spoke directly to the camera, acknowledging its existence repeatedly, remarking that everyone thought her breasts were fake. Ray J. was mugging for the camera and after some montage footage of the gal, she started sucking his cock by the light of the small desk lamp in the room at night. The gal really could work a pipe and the editing helped make it last longer as it showed her from a few positions taking a few inches into her mouth, using her hand as most porn performers do these days.

The action picked back up moments later when he was going down on her, her nicely trimmed bush giving him little trouble as he slurped away on it, Kim claiming he was making her cum. The way she talked and how her muscles tensed up led me to believe that she was getting off a little but the static camera image really didn't catch much of the tongue on clit action except when they started and he zoomed in on her cookie. The scene then showed them out in public where she showed her "bling" before coming back to the same hotel room where she claimed to be shy as he shot her pussy in bed.

Scene Two: Kim Kardashian, half asleep in bed, was the center of attention to cameraman Ray J. as another edited bit of footage with lots of grain was presented. Her ass looked great but he spent more time shooting her pussy and the camera then looked like she was holding it as he penetrated her and ate her some more, all in the poorly lit hotel room. The guy had a big cock so I can see what she probably liked about him even if he spent a lot of time waving it around for the camera instead of using it to give her pleasure. The lighting here was really bad, not as bad as the Paris Hilton release but pretty close in nature. The scene faded away to show Kim with bed head and looking rough, going back to her putting on make up for you lipstick fans, even giving another glimpse of her feet for those who care.

This is Kim Kardashian's feet.

Scene Three: Kim Kardashian, back in bed with Ray J., was then taking his cock in a modified doggy style, making the same noises when he was outside of her as when he was actually in her pussy. Hearing "oh baby" several dozen times has never worked for me in the past and it didn't do a lot for me here either, the montage editing of the blowjob footage back into the mix (in near silhouette form) proving to take something away from the scene, the looped vocals not matching her mouth movements either. I liked the way her ass cheeks rippled when he was tapping her cookie from behind but it was dark and the excitement was weakened by the vocal dub.

Scene Four: Kim, back in bed in the same underwear but this time seen front and slightly off to the left as she laid on her stomach, had Ray pumping away on her in doggy style in a cable version type of sexual encounter while her mouth movement did not match the vocals. Some of the same POV footage of him hitting it was also present, the camera then moving to show them from the front right before more of the same footage was offered up.

Scene Five: Kim was next seen on the beach in a G rated moment in her bikini before the show cut back to the bedroom where he was going down on her. The music sounded distorted here and went back to him tapping her from behind with a lengthy close up of their faces before some of the same footage was plopped in along with more of the same vocals. There were a few moments by the pool before some additional footage was reused to finish things up in the same hotel room bed, ending with a short missionary screw; her jerking him off to her mouth and titties.

This is Kim Kardashian sending a message to all of us.

Summary: Kim Kardashian, Superstar as released by Vivid Entertainment last week was truly a case where your tastes will be the guiding factor for how much you'll like it. Like all "celebrity" porn released to date, the technical values were below average at best but that's to be expected since it was not shot for a mass audience as most porn these days is designed for. Kim Kardashian is a beautiful gal that looks a lot like Jasmine Byrne and Ray J could be mistaken for Justin Slayer on a quick glance so their physical attributes were very much in line with contemporary releases. Was the footage good enough that I'd claim: "You will spank your monkey until it begs for you to stop!"?!? Well, no but I will state that fans of amateur porn will find it a lot better than you're used to and as far as the celebrity porn genre is concerned, it was truly spankable and better than any of the other titles currently in release. So despite its many faults including poor camera work, a huge watermark, rampant editing and some looping, I had fun with it a few times. I'm not a genre fan though so I rated it as a Rent It whereas I think the masses that this one is designed for, the casual porn fan and people that are interested in what the fuss is all about will find this undeniably appealing on some level. In short, give Kim Kardashian, Superstar a look and you may well be spanking your monkey but even if it outsells every other porno of the year, it will do so as a curiosity more than for the kind of heat the pair had going for them.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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