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Arousing Adventures

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 4/1/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

July 2006

Directed By:

Nir Rosenbaum

The Movie:

Horny Scandinavian dudes engage in energetic bareback sex in this Swedish suck and fuck festival.

The Dudes:

The dudes are all good looking with an age range of 18 to early twenties with a mix of dark and blond hair, toned and slender smooth bodies, full/trimmed/shaved pubes, and uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Hose Blumer (hot dude with short punkish black hair and toned/smooth body) bullies Perkins (cute with short curly brown hair and tall/slender build) and Ted Pink (cute with brown-blond hair and smooth body) as they ride their bicycles onto his property. Hose acts like a right prick but soon leads the dudes down by the river for some male/male lovin'. Ted sits on a folding camping chair as Hose stands in front of him, pulls out his large uncut tool, and begins to fuck Ted's face. Ted crams that big dick down his throat fisting the hard shaft and working that foreskin. Hose and Ted make out with plenty of wet tongue as Hose fucks Ted's wet mouth. Perkins switches back an forth between Hose and Ted's hard uncut cocks cupping those nuts and feasting on unclipped meat.

Hose pounds Ted from behind sinking his big dick into that tight shaved hole using fast 'n hard strokes as Ted sucks Perkins's uncut prick. Hose switches to the missionary position and continues using his fast 'n smooth drilling on Ted's snug chute making Ted growl "Yes!" with his sexy thick Swedish accent. Perkins shoots a thick load of jizz on Ted's tongue leading Ted to chow down on that knob. Hose dumps a thick load of love juice on Perkins's and Ted's tongues and the dudes share sucking that flared knob. Ted cuts loose with a large and very thick load of spooge on Hose's tongue. Hose and Perkins clean that knob with their willing mouths.

Scene Two:

Nico Krim (very cute with short dark hair and toned/smooth body) is playing a game of pool with his pal Andre Pagnol (cute with short black hair and tall/smooth body). The dudes make out with plenty of curious tongues turning this game into pocket pool with their wondering hands. Andre gets down on his knees pulling Nico's pants down revealing shaved pubes and an unclipped prick. He takes that dong down his throat working the foreskin and jacking the root with his fist. Andre lies back on the pool table allowing Nico to chow down on his hard unclipped tool bobbing up and down the shaft and rubbing his nuts. Nico fucks Andre's mouth with fast 'n smooth strokes.

Nico eats Andre's tight little shaved starfish tonguing the pulsing pucker and lapping all over. Andre jacks off while Nico finger fucks that hole with two digits. Nico soon replaces his fingers with his hard cock cramming that fucker deep into Andre's love-chute sliding in and out with fast smooth strokes in the missionary position. Andre sighs and moans switching to a game of sink/bounce riding Nico's cock and working his bung up and down the stiff stalk. After a bit of doggy style, Nico beats off shooting a thick load of spunk on Andre's tongue. Andre immediately sucks that spent cock. Andre shoots a large thick load of love balm on Nico's hungry tongue allowing him to take that knob into his mouth for one last taste.

Scene Three:

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Androgynous Roch (long dark hair and smooth/slender body) is horny rubbing the bulge in his tight blue jeans. Roch is looking at a pussy magazine with his hands crammed down the front of his jeans when Valmir (cute with short dark hair and smooth/slender body) enters the scene and flirts by rubbing Roch's leg. Valmir sucks Roch's hard uncut cock sliding his wet mouth up and down and fisting the hard pole. Roch is hungry for some cock as well taking Valmir's rigid unclipped dong down his gullet as Valmir holds Roch's head and fucks his mouth. Heavy breathing and gulping sounds fill the room.

Valmir fucks Roch's tight shaved bunghole doggy style switching over to some missionary screwing on the coffee table. Valmir slides in and out of that snug Rebel Rebel hole using fast 'n smooth strokes. The dudes work themselves in a full-on sexual frenzy leading Valmir to shoot a thick load of man-pudding on Roch's tongue. Naturally, Roch chows down on that dong. Roch squirts a thick load of desire on Valmir's tongue and chin. Valmir takes that cum-slick cock into his mouth.

Scene Four:

Hose and Perkins (from Scene One) are back taking a road trip through the village and out to the country along with Maky Ron (cute with short brown hair) and Tobias Bertly (cute with short overly gelled dark hair). Tobias heads into the woods to make a cell call as Hose and Perkins engage in some heavy make out in the back seat. Maky watches the action from the front seat rubbing his bulging crotch. Perkins sucks and licks Hose's smooth chest and hard nipples working his way down to chow down on that hard unclipped dong. Perkins jacks that hard shaft, cups those full nuts, and nurses the knob. Perkins strokes his uncut dick while being wildly face fucked by Hose. Hose chows down on Perkins's big tool slobbering up and down the stalk making Perkins have a far-away look of pleasure on his puss. Maky quickly jacks his stiff unclipped rod working the foreskin up and over the slick knob while watching his pal's go to it shooting a thick load on his fist. Hose shoots a thick load on Perkins's tongue. Perkins takes that spent cock into his mouth. Perkins shoots a large thick load all over Hose's tongue allowing Hose to chow down with cum dripping off his chin.

Scene Five:

Jorgen (cute with short brown hair and smooth/slender body), Claude Bolin (cute with short dark hair and tall/tight/smooth body), and Juri Birk (cute with short bleached hair and toned/smooth body) are relaxing on the patio shooting the breeze and enjoying the nice weather. Juri gets the party started sucking Jorgen's large uncut cock jacking the heavy foreskin and nursing the large knob. Juri definitely knows his way around a hard prick giving excellent head. Jorgen wants a taste taking Claude's unclipped dong as Juri continues to chow down on Jorgen. These dudes dig sucking cock! Claude gets in on the sucking taking Jorgen's hard tool down his gullet and switching over to Juri's uncut meat.

Jorgen bends over allowing Claude to eat his tight hairy bunghole lapping at the pucker with his pierced tongue. Juri munches down on that hole as well lapping all over that pink rosebud. Claude fuck Juri from behind as Juri gives Jorgen head. Claude slides his stiff tool in and out of the tight chute using fast 'n smooth strokes. He switches over and plows Jorgen in the missionary position while Jorgen chows down on Juri. Juri beats off shooting a thick load on Jorgen's tongue and face. Claude shoots a thick load of man-lust on Jorgen's tongue and chin. Jorgan lets loose with thick jizz on Claude's tongue rubbing his bunched-up cum-dripping foreskin on that tongue.

Scene Six:

Lars (cute with short brown hair and slender/smooth body) is relaxing in the sauna with his red town hiked up pulling on his uncut tool. He rubs his chest and hard nipples as he fists his foreskin up and over the sensitive head of his cock. Sven (cute with short dark hair and slender/smooth body) walks into the locker room giving Lars a knowing smirk. Sven undresses revealing his large uncut cock and takes a shower keeping an eye on Lars. Soaping up, Sven jacks his long dong making Lars stand up and openly beat off. Lars quickly joins his new pal sinking to his knees and cramming that big dick down his throat wrapping his fist around the root and working that foreskin. Lars obviously loves sucking cock and has no problems when Sven begins to fuck the hell out of his wet mouth. Sven sucks Lars's hard tool into his hungry mouth working the large purple knob and stroking the stalk.

Sven spreads Lars's butt cheeks exposing his tight shaved bunghole and teases it with his fingers. Sven eats Lars's asshole tonguing the pulsing pucker and making Lars cry out with sheer pleasure. Sven fucks Lars from behind sinking his hard cock into that tight chute and Lars loves it. He has a dreamy look on his face while being drilled with fast 'n smooth strokes. Sven plays a little sink bounce riding Lars's hard tool and quickly switches allowing Lars to ride his stiff pole. Sven shoots a thick load of lava love on Lars's tongue. Of course, Lars hungrily sucks that spent cock wanting as much cum as he can get. Lars does not cum.



"Arousing Adventures" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography is smooth and hand-held providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of cool extreme close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The Dolby Digital sound is strong and clear allowing the viewer to hear the dudes sexy Scandinavian accents, the sounds of love, and cool easy-listening instrumental tunes that accompany each scene.


Te disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, a slide show of photographs from the movie, cum shot review, and previews for: "Gentleman's Tale", "Desperate Lust", "All or Nothing", "The Very First Step", and "Mating Season".

Final Thoughts:

Scandinavian Erotic Video Productions and Director Nir Rosebaum have created a hot non-stop suck and fuck fest with "Arousing Adventures". The direction, videography, and editing all come together to create entertaining fast-paced scenes that never become dull. The dudes are all good looking in their own way and are clearly into the action and each other giving energetic performances. The movie contains all bareback sex so please remember to ALWAYS use a condom! I highly recommend to those who dig young (all age 18+) cute Twinks along with a few dudes in their early twenties with large uncut tools.

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