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StraightCollegeMen.Com #19

Studio: 2SCM.COM » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 4/4/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Year of Production:


The Movie:

How far will some straight dudes go when tempted by large amounts of cash? Watch SCM Volume 19 and find out.


Dean is the hot twenty-six year old muscle hunk who has become one of the most popular SCM dudes. He's a very handsome guy with short dark hair, smooth muscle-bound body, 5'8" tall, weighs 180 pounds, and wears size 10 shoes. Dean's a college graduate who played football, ran track, and wrestled in high school. While in college, he modeled for Joe Boxer print ads. Dean confesses that he's had his ass eaten by a gal and liked it and digs boobs 'n gams. SCM owner/videographer Matt sets his camera on a tripod so that he can undress Dean.

Before long, Dean is completely naked showing off that beautiful body, shaved pubes, and uncut cock with nice long foreskin. He hops in the shower lathering up making all the viewers (including yours truly) jealous of those soap suds. Once dried off an in bed watching straight porn, Matt gives Dean a helping hand with that unclipped tool stroking the generous foreskin up over the knob and working those balls. We get a quick peek at Dean's tight hairy bunghole when Matt spreads those bubble butt cheeks. Nearing climax, Dean takes over pulling his pud and squirts a large thick 'n wet load on his toned stomach. Hot fucking dude!

Brett and Trevor:

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Brett is one of my favorite SCM dudes with a nice toned/lightly hairy body and cool easy-going personality. He usually has his hair cut short but in this early volume, Brett's hair is wild and looks like a white guy afro. Brett confesses that when passing some brothas on the street, they have shouted out that they dig his fro. Trevor is a real cute dude with short brown hair that has blond highlights on top. He has a nice toned/lightly hairy body with some very hot muscular legs. Brett is so laid back that he's pretty much up for anything while Trevor is clearly more uptight. After some cocktails, Trevor seems to loosen up a bit and the fun starts. The dudes hop in the shower fully clothed and Brett makes some hilarious sarcastic comments about how "fun" it is. Matt claims the fans have requested this li'l game. Hmmm. Some people have odd tastes. Frankly, I find nothing sexy about fully dressed dudes standing in a shower but to each his own.

The guys finally strip down with Brett revealing his full reddish-brown pubes and cut cock while Trevor shows off his wonderfully bushy dark pubes (jungle time and I love it!) and cut cock. The dudes take a bath washing each other's chest and Brett gets a semi boner. Once dried off and in bed, the dudes watch straight porn and play a couple of silly games involving blindfolds and handcuffs. To earn the big bucks, Matt instructs the dudes that they must put on an erotic show similar to the soft-core movies Cinemax is famous for. A few swigs of booze and the guys are ready. They put on a hot show slowly rubbing each other's bodies, kissing with deep tongue, licking chests and nipples, and rubbing their hard cocks together. Trevor has really heated up taking Brett's big stiff tool in his fist jerking him off. To finish up, the dudes lay back and beat their meat. Brett leaks a nice amount of precum rubbing it in his flared pink knob. With his leg draped over Trevor's, Brett shoots a hearty thick load on his stomach and pubes. Trevor pounds his dong dumping a very thick load on his fist. Hot dudes!



"SCM Volume 19" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography is hand-held and at some points on a tripod. There's full coverage of all the action with plenty of cool close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear the dudes being interviewed and cutting up with each other. There are also sounds of some unseen gal on television having her clit yanked as the dudes get down to business.


The disc includes an interactive menu, chapter stops, and previews for: "Allan", "Dean and Trevor", "Duke, Dean, and Caleb". The additional CD ROM contains previews for: "Dean and Davis", "Brett and Trevor", "Ty", "Log Cabin: Day One", "Dean", "Rian", "Dirk", "Michael", and "Jon Paul". A full color catalog is included featuring all the SCM releases.

Final Thoughts:

Volume 19 of the popular SCM series does not disappoint. Dean's solo is very hot as he strips down showing off that smooth muscle-bound body and uncut too. Brett and Trevor give fun 'n entertaining performances and it's quite erotic to see them go at it "Cinemax" style with deep kissing and all sorts of touching and rubbing. The hand-held videography is cool never missing any of the action and providing plenty of close-ups. I recommend for fans of the SCM series as well as those who dig straight dudes who are willing to go "gay" for some scratch.

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