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Muscle Bound

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Brokeback » Review Date: 4/6/07

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Date of Production: 1970's

Director: Arch Brown

Cast: Chuck Adams, Scott Allen, Ken Darrell, Dick Patrick, Ed Stiffler, Justin Thyme, and Sebastian with Rick Armour, Tomcat Louie, Michael Riviera and Earl Berger, Evan Dales, Costa Del Sol, and Bill Polin

Body Types: Muscular, athletic, facial hair, some men with hair on chest, full pubes, hairy balls. Most look to be in their 30's.

Condoms: No

Special Features: Barebacking, cum-lapping, light bondage, leather, kink

Plot: One by one, men enter a seedy gym to get a workout, a fuck, a suck and more than they could have ever bargained for.

The Movie:
The opening credits for this film are graffitied along with many familiar pickup lines at your friendly bathroom stall. Perfect setup for the movie which is to follow.

A young good-looking man passes a porn theatre on his way to the gym. Once at the gym (which more closely resembles a bathhouse), he pays the man behind the glass enclosure (in a beard and glasses) for a locker. A group of men working out magically appear next to his locker. They appear to be in their 30's and everyone is sporting some facial hair. One of these men (muscular hairy chest) takes a shining to the smooth young guy and they strip and 69 on the bench as the other men look on with interest. A third decides to join in the action and the forth plays with the young guy's asshole getting it ready for his large cock. In the darkened images, we see many scenes of cock sucking and fucking taking place. The fifth guy in the group only watches the gangbang from his stationary bike. They cum and pile high on each other like they were in some naked football game. One of the guys (beard, hot, muscular body) in the orgy earlier cleans off in the shower and within minutes someone puts a noose around his neck.

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Another customer (beard, very fit, and hung) requests a room and walks into the a room which might look like a restroom. He looks under the stalls to find a guy (young with mustache and hairy chest) jerking off and they swap bjs through the glory holes. ( Note: What gym, as the boxcover claims this to be, has gloryholes?) In the next few minutes, they meet and suck each other and follow that by deep throating random hot dicks through glory holes. A voice from nowhere is repeating "Suck cock!" louder and faster. When they shoot their jizz, that same voice moans and groans. Before you know it, several of the men have vanished.

A cute guy wanders the halls and finds a room containing what appears to be a stable. A pair of handsome men have been tied at the wrist to each stall. He checks out the men until the clerk at the front shows up out of nowhere and cuffs him to another stall.

In the next sex scene, a guy (skinny with curly dark hair) plays pinball and sucks a good-looking guy with light chest hair and a firm body. They exchange sucks and the second guy rims the skinny guy and fucks him bareback in the ass. After the skinny guy cums, the other guy licks the load off his stomach. Unfortunately, the picture isn't clear enough that we can see him lapping it up. While they're kissing, the clerk shows up from behind with rope in his hands.

The guy who was at the gloryholes earlier heads to the shower and gives head to the naked men. After the shower, he stumbles into the stables. And before you can count to ten, the clerk emerges and cuffs him and add him to his collection of men.

Back at the entrance, another client enters looking for a locker and to fulfill his leather fetish. A guy in a beard, dark glasses, and full leather gear takes him by the dog collar to another room with a man (mustache, receding hairline, chest hair) anxiously waiting to suck his cock. He then lubes his hot dick and thrusts it up his man chute sans rubber. Over in the stables, one guy bound to his stall unexpectedly frees himself when he gets his cock sucked by the guy bound in the next stall. Returning to the leather daddies...the guys get a threeway way going and cum lands on the lucky bottom's furry chest. The top and bottom get only a second to cuddle before the leather daddy revealed to be the clerk pulls out his handcuffs and takes them to the stables. But to his surprise, the naked men, who act like they are still restrained, run out and mob his sorry ass. The hot cub clerk struggles but he can't fight them off and he is left alone and roped spread-eagle with a grin on his face. He comes to enjoy being tied up. The prisoners escape the gym happily with their arms around each other.


This must be one of the 70's porn flicks shot for the porn theaters. French Connection claims that the movie is shown the way it was originally released. The remastering and transfer to DVD leaves some specks and graininess and lacks contrast and detail. All the scenes are dark obscuring the action. The camera moves around too much which results in little time for a viewer to get hard. There aren't enough close-ups as well.

Much improvement could be made in this area but it is an old porn movie. I find a porn movie like this without the grunts, moans or voices of the actors sorely lacking. Instead, the director chose to replace them with synthesized muzak, creepy voiceovers and bad 70's songs.

Besides the obligatory scene selections, the studio includes a funny ad involving a kept boy and a sugar daddy who tries to get the boy to put down his book and get him in the mood by playing some gay porn on videotape, "the revolution in home entertainment" as the announcer claims. HAHA! The porn titles are listed and suddenly the boy's head goes down offscreen towards the lap of the old guy who now has a big grin across his face. Many trailers from the film's PM Production follow in all their 70's glory for better or worse.

Final Thoughts:
From the title of this film, one might assume these men would be of the Schwartzeneggar variety. Rather than a steroid freak, we get a 70's version of a muscle man. And fitting for that decade, the actors are very natural and attractive. Most of them are unshaved from the top with full mustaches, beards, and chest hair and unshaved from down below. If there was a sharper picture, you would see hairy nuts, unshaved assholes, and untrimmed pubes.

This movie would be much better if it had been shot better. But for that time, I'm sure it was adequate for purposes of getting horny men off.

"Muscle Bound" apparently received an Award of Merit from the GFI (Gay Film Institute) and is labelled a classic. I've never heard of that organization and while I would disagree about this porn being a classic, I would definitely call it vintage. Those who enjoyed gay porn of this era, bareback films, and light S&M might get an extra kick out of this title. For the younger set and everyone else, a rental would be a better option.

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