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Forced Entry

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 4/9/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

October 2006

Directed By:

John Bruno


Dean Monroe, Ricky Martinez, Rod Barry, Patrick O'Connor, Johnny Wallace, Jay Armstrong, Nick Stone, Jake Dakota, Manuel Torres, Dean Tucker.

The Movie:

"Four scenes of forceful sex each one culminating in double penetration. Mustang Men know two poles are better than one."

The Dudes:

The dudes are all good-looking with short dark hair or shave heads, toned and muscular bodies, smooth and hairy chests, full and trimmed pubes, and cut 'n uncut cocks.

"Working Late":

Office worker Dean Monroe (good-looking with short dark hair, sideburns, goatee, and toned body) is employed by a real asshole who gives him a stack a assignments right at 5:00 p.m. Preparing to exact his revenge by beating off on his boss's report, Dean is interrupted by janitor Ricky Martinez (hot with short hair and tall/toned/smooth body). Freaking out and threatening to have Ricky fired; Ricky turns the table on Dean fucking him from behind (with condom) cramming his large unclipped tool in and out of Dean's tight bum using fast and hard strokes. Ricky taunts Dean: "Are you gonna get be fired? Shut the fuck up! You wanna fuck with me? I'll fuck the shit out of you!" Ricky pounds Dean's hairy manhole fast and hard without mercy. "You gonna fire me, motherfucker?"

Hot security guard Rod Barry (hot with short brown hair and toned/smooth body) barges in, stands on the desk, and fucks Dean's face with his large uncut tool. Dean slobbers all over that big thang working his mouth up and down the shaft and jacking it with his fist. Dean has no choice but to deep throat Rod's prick all the way down to his brown pubes as Rod uses his strong hands to guide Dean's head. "Choke yourself you fuckin' bitch!" Rod forces Dean to suck his nuts and begins slapping his face hard with his stiff unclipped dick. Dean straddles Ricky while Rod is behind eating Dean's tight hairy bunghole. Rod sucks Ricky's cock while chowing down on Dean's bum. Ricky hunches upward fucking Dean's bunghole (with condom) fast and hard. Double penetration time as Rod slides in from behind (with condom) and the dudes fuck Dean at the same time making him loudly moan. Dean yanks his uncut cock shooting a thick load on his stomach while Rod lies back while Dean tongues his tight hairy hole and shoots a thick load on his stomach. Ricky pulls his pork and cuts loose with a thick load of jizz all over Dean's face.


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Movers Patrick O'Connor (cute with short brown buzz cut and tight/smooth/toned body) and Johnny Wallace (cute with short dark hair and toned/hairy body) accidentally get locked into a small office. Getting hot, the dudes strip out of their shirts revealing their nice toned chests. Johnny drops his pants and briefs revealing full pubes, plump balls, and cut cock. He spreads his legs and somehow crams some of his cock up his own asshole! Johnny forces Patrick to bend over a chair pulling down his pants and revealing a hot bubble butt. Johnny fucks Patrick's mouth fast and hard slapping Patrick's tongue with his large cock knob. Patrick munches down on Johnny's tight shaved asshole spitting on the pucker and giving it a good tongue bath. Patrick rides Johnny's hard condom-covered tool bouncing up and down while Johnny jacks Patrick's hard cut cock with his firm sliding fist. Johnny ponds the living daylights out of Patrick in the missionary position sliding a long dildo up Patrick's hole alongside his own cock. The double fuck makes Patrick grunt with pleasure. Patrick jacks off squirting a large wet 'n thick load all over his stomach and trimmed pubes as Johnny fucks him with that dildo. Johnny beats off shooting a thick load on Patrick's face.

Army v Navy:

Jay Armstrong (nice-looking dude with short dark hair and toned/smooth body) is the Navy dude while his pal Nick Stone (good-looking with short brown hair, goatee, and stone/hairy body with tattoos) is in the Army. The dudes are drunk after an evening of boozing it up. Jay passes out on the bed with his shorts pulled down exposing his bum. Nick watches some porn on television getting worked up and stealing glances at Jay's butt. Nick searches through some drawers finding a dildo and begins to slap Jay's butt cheeks with it. "You like big cocks up your ass, boy?" Nick crams that dildo up Jay's tight ass violating his little pucker sliding that toy in and out with fast 'n hard strokes. Jay loves the action and cries out with pleasure. Nick fucks Jay's mouth with his hard cut cock slamming in and out of that wet gob while the dildo is hanging half way out of Jay's ass.

Nick is very vocal and domineering shouting insults and barking all types of orders. Nick sits on Jay's face grinding his ultra-hairy asshole against his mouth allowing Jay to tongue the tight bunghole. Nick fucks Jay in the missionary position (with condom) using fast/hard/smooth strokes and giving that pucker a complete workout. Nick switches to fucking Jay from behind drilling that hole with hard/smooth strokes. Nick beats off squirting a large load all over Jay's chest. Big load! Jay does not cum.

"Locker Room":

Baseball players Jake Dakota (fucking hot with shaved heard, facial hair, and toned/tall/hairy body) and Manuel Torres (good-looking with shaved head and toned/hairy body with loads of tattoos) barge into the locker room looking to take hot showers after an exhausting game of ball. The dudes strip down revealing Jake's cut cock and Manuel's unclipped meat. The dudes shower and realize there isn't any soap. Jake barks out to towel boy Dean Tucker (nice-looking with short brown hair and toned/hairy body) ordering him to bring a couple bars of soap. Dean spies on the dudes as they lather their hot bodies and privates. Jake grabs a towel and heads out of the shower as Dean continues to spy to Manuel and his big unclipped tool. Jake catches Dean watching and forces him into the shower allowing Manuel to fuck his face sliding that uncut thang in and out of his mouth and down his hungry throat. Dean is starved for cock switching to Jake's stiff tool working his mouth up 'n down and stroking the shaft. Dean switches back and forth sucking each dude.

Manuel lays back in the missionary position allowing Dean to lick his tight hairy asshole with his busy tongue. Jake deep throats Manuel's cock all the way to his full dark pubes while Dean continues to eat Manuel's butt. Dean munches down on Jake's tight hairy touchhole from behind. "Oh yeah! Shove that tongue in there!" Dean fucks Nick from behind (with condom) using fast 'n smooth strokes sliding in and out of that hairy manhole. At the same time, Manuel fucks Dean from behind (with condom) for a locker room sandwich. Nick sits on Dean's condom-covered prick humping up 'n down when Manuel slides in for some double penetration making Nick loudly grunt, moan, and make all shorts of sexual noises. Dean beat off with Jake and Manuel's fingers stuffed up his butt hole shooting a thick load on his hairy stomach. Nick jerks off shooting a thick load on his fist and stomach while Manuel shoots a thick load of spunk on his fist and the floor. Dean chimes in taking Manuel's spent cum-covered knob into his mouth.



"Forced Entry" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Ross Cannon is strong providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear all the loud breathing, moaning, and grunting as the dudes get down to what they do best.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, and previews for: "Rammer", "Ranger", "Nailed", and "Ritual".

Final Thoughts:

Mustang Studios and Director John Bruno have created another big turn on with "Forced Entry". The direction, videography, and editing (Lee M. Gobo) all come together for four tight sex scenes that move along at a nice pace and never become dull. The sex is rough and intense featuring energetic performances by the dudes who are clearly into each other and the action. All the guys are hot with my personal favorites being Rod Barry, Ricky Martinez (cover dude), Jake Dakota, and Dean Tucker. I highly recommend for fans of muscular butch dudes and double penetration.

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