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Reform School Girls

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 4/10/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Reform School Girls

Wicked Pictures

Genre: Vignette

Director: Mark Stone

Cast: Lorelei Lee, Randy Spears, Penny Flame, Herschel Savage, Tory Lane, Anthony Hardwood, Lindsay Meadows, Lisa Daniels, Roxy DeVille, Steven St. Croix, Daisy Marie, Marco Banderas/Duato

Length: 131.5 minutes

Date of Production: 8/31/2006

Extra's: Most people will appreciate the bonus scene between Daisy Marie and Chris Cannon taken from Hook Ups 12 the most. They made a decent pair and while the scene was certainly not as good as many from the movie itself, it added value to those of us that haven't seen it (one of my friends is supposed to be reviewing it so look for it soon). I liked the 21.5 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Mark Stone more, but that was largely because of the focus on gals like Penny, Roxy, and Tory who all showed some humor and additional sex along with it. There were no awesome revelations by any of them but they were doing more than going through the motions too. There were also the usual photogalleries (8), the 2007 Promotional Reel, spam, DVD Catalog of Wicked Pictures titles, the usual DVD ROM material, and trailers to movies like The Visitors, Gossip, Eternity, Camp Cuddly Pines, Hook Ups, Curse Eternal, (but none for Mobster's Ball, Fuck, Manhunters, or other new titles). There was also a cardboard protective sleeve on the DVD case and a double sided cover for those who care.

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: Reform School Girls was presented in non-anamorphic widescreen 1.78:1 ratio color as shot by director Mark Stone for Wicked Pictures. The lighting was not the best, usually limiting the grain and video noise as well as the shadows but each of these were present more than usual (almost as if someone didn't take the time to set up the equipment just right or rushed through the process). The composition of the shots enhanced the look of the ladies in most cases although I wanted a few scenes to last a lot longer and I wish it had been done in anamorphic widescreen to enhance the clarity too. In all, the visual appeal of the movie was decent with no glaring problems other than the over saturation of the colors. The audio was offered up with the standard minimal choice for Wicked Pictures; a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English track, or a 2.0 track in Spanish. I spot checked the foreign language dub and found it to be okay if nothing special. The 5.1 track was fair though I believe the vocals were recorded in monaural with the music score added in later on in perhaps a 2.0 mix (there wasn't much separation between the channels) though it didn't get in the way of the vocals. There seemed to be some ongoing issues with microphone noise this time, distracting me as I watched and listened to the show, the score sometimes too loud to appreciate (sounding like Mark's band playing the same riff all the time).

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Body of Review: Mark Stone is one of the less appreciated directors working for Wicked Pictures these days but his BTS work and often fun movies give him a strong niche that keep some of us going back. In person, he can be extremely nice and helpful, completely the opposite of what some in the field consider to be how directors are supposed to act towards the public. His latest title for the company is Reform School Girls; a set of unrelated vignettes driven by the gals acting up and then finding themselves having sex with the teachers or administrators at a school for bad girls. I liked the theme when I saw it the last three hundred times (in mainstream and porn) so I figured it would still work for me now and overall this was the case. Here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that condoms were used but just as inoffensively as ever in one of Mark's movies:

Scene One: Lorelei Lee, a blonde with a curvy, older looking body, looked a bit out of place as she sat in the office of head administrator Randy Spears at the reform school. The scenario had her portraying an 18 year old with a need for punishment over using the term cock, providing some unintentionally funny moments in the office as she wore her white top (tied across her chest) and short plaid skirt. Putting her filthy mouth to good use, she started sucking him off as he asked her to tell him more bad words, his straight-laced delivery making me laugh even louder. She proved to be a great cocksucker and her only problem from my point of view was the way she always looked at the camera instead of him or his cock. It was a playful hummer though and led to him going down on her before she used her feet on his meat for foot fetish fans like Randy. He then boned her pussy in doggy style as she bent over the desk, the gal more active when on top before she slowed down during the missionary anal. He finished her off by dropping a load of population pudding into her mouth and on her face. It was a mechanical pairing but not a terrible way to rub out a load or two.

Scene Two: Penny Flame, looking a bit younger than her mid twenties but not as young as the theme, was up next as another foul mouthed tramp in trouble, this time with appropriately aged language teacher Herschel Savage in an otherwise empty classroom. She refused to say them so he made her write them on the board, her denying that she said them; words to the effect that she found him attractive when he looked up her skirt. This was another case of the deadpan delivery working pretty well for humorous effect; especially at the implausibility of the scenario but Penny is Penny and her scenes almost always rock. Her oral was slower than usual, almost as if she were in character as she stroked and sucked his spotted shaft with him returning the oral far too quickly. They fucked on the desk in a few positions, her best being in the reverse cowgirl as she was far more active during it, adding in some fun by making it a game to put only the tip inside of her. I also liked how she took charge of jerking out his load at the end of the scene, enjoying the moment.

Scene Three: Tory Lane, a curvy brunette in a similar outfit that hugged her curves, was up next in the locker room after a brief discussion about her use of profanity with Anthony Hardwood. Given his language limitations, his position in the scenario was a lark, his muscular gym teacher act working fairly well as she turned up the heat and they pawed each other. He was all over her and while it looked a bit clumsily shot; I got wood at the way she acted towards him; performing, but performing rather well. His ability to "make her a beddy beddy good girl" by means of fingering and eating her out was interesting to say the least, the scene showing the pair interact more like they were getting off than the previous scenes. Her talented tongue was fine and her riding style never let up as she seemed to take charge of the situation during the pounding beat of their bodies going at one another. Fans of anal action will appreciate that she didn't let up there either, impaling herself on his cock as it tore into her ass. They were off the hook and her improvised cheerleader routine added to the fun as their sweaty bodies went at it (she did some ATM but the editing was abrupt at times, almost as if something happened on set). She took the facial willingly and provided some post coital sucking; showing some chemistry as they closed things up. Whew!

Scene Four: Lindsay Meadows, playing a repeat offender with an attitude, was up next with innocent Lisa Daniels as the two ended up as roommates. Lindsay smoked a cigarette on bed, Lisa walking in to become loosened up with some booze and smokes. Once drunk, Lindsay took advantage of her new pal with both enjoying the soft feel of female flesh. I liked the skirts, technically liking them even better when taken off, and the easy access they provided both gals as they stroked, licked, and fingered each other. Lisa became the primary motivator of the scene at times while Lindsay took over when it was her turn. While the general sexual routine here was standard lipstick lesbian work, the two looked and performed well enough together that most people into such action should find it pretty warm, though not exceptionally hot. They did use toys and performed taste testing, ending the scene well enough.

Scene Five: Roxy DeVille, looking very cute, if not her portrayed age, was then up on the couch of counselor Steven St. Croix as he pressed her to provide details about her foul language. She was more open about admitting guilt, making up a slew of nasty though nonsensical terms as the result of her portrayed multiple personality disorder. Using the very latest in porn therapy, he had her stripping off her clothing and sticking her ass in his ready face as she felt herself up and let loose with the language. That turned into her becoming a ravaging cock whore who loved the taste of his heavily seasoned balls and rod, slurping away on them as she knelt before him. I loved the shape of her bent over ass with the string barely noticed running between the cheeks, her tempo on the oral speeding up rapidly until she took him in her cookie (orally, his fingers, and then his modest member). She was as aggressive a cock rider as Tory, impaling herself on the cock readily and without reserve in a few positions as she loudly let loose with even more grunting, groaning, and dirty talk. He coated her forehead with the slightest bit of spew at the end, the scene adding value thanks to her role in it.

Scene Six: Daisy Marie, a cute Latina with a skinny frame but winning smile, was up last with language arts teacher Marco Banderas/Duato in the office. He made little pretense about any transgressions she may have engaged in or wrong doing she may have taken part in, both of them heavily making out as their clothing fell to the floor. The way she sought better grades through playful sexual antics is one of the oldest means in the book of obtaining them (how do you think I got through school?) so it seemed less funny and more realistic as a result. They seemed to have a couple's desire to work together, doing all the oral and screwing one would expect but in a manner that made them seem less mechanical (except for the noises she made during her hummer). The two shared some chemistry and energy as they went at it, her rarely being an active fuck until she was on top of him at the very end of the scene. It ended with a facial just after she started displaying her own Spanish skills, a middle of the road scene after a strong start.

Summary: Reform School Girls by director Mark Stone for Wicked Pictures was not one of the company's bigger budget efforts (those are typically reserved for Brad Armstrong these days, occasionally Jonathan Morgan) but it was fun and fluffy with a light attitude about the heat generated by the often excellent cast. The strokability, replay, and appeal factor of the cast was such that I rated this one as Recommended since the fuck for the buck value was among his better work of late. In short, Reform School Girls is a place where older gals can learn a few things so maybe a sequel could fine tune things to use gals more age appropriate like the men here were. It was a good job overall though.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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