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Evan Rivers

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 4/10/07

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Year of Production:


Directed By:

I. Tulloch

The Movie:

Join cute Evan Rivers, brimming with liquid personality, as he introduces us to a number of his pals and gets into various clenches of a sexual nature.

The Dudes:

The dudes are all appealing in their own way with a mix of short dark hair, medium length dark hair, and bleached highlights. The body types are slender, toned, average, and muscular while the chests are smooth, the pubes are full/trimmed/shaved, and the tools are cut 'n uncut.

Scene One:

Evan (cute dude in his early twenties with brown hair and toned body) is spending the afternoon lazing around in bed with Abraham (handsome muscle dude who looks to be in his late twenties or early thirties with short dark hair). Evan gets up stripping off his clothes revealing his full brown pubes and cut cock. He chows down on Abraham's large uncut tool sliding his wet mouth up 'n down and stroking the shaft with his eager fist. Although Evan gives a mean blowjob, Abraham is the quiet type with no heavy breathing or any reaction, besides his hard dick, that he's enjoying the head. He rolls a condom down his stiff prick and slides his hard business up Evan's tight hairy asshole from behind. Abraham may be the strong silent type but he fucks like a champ slamming his pole quickly in 'n out of Evan's love channel. There's a nice camera shot from behind of Abraham's bubble butt, shaved bunghole, and fat nuts as he drills his pal making the bed springs squeak like a motherfucker. After some equally fast 'n hard missionary position, Evan claims he's gonna cum but I never saw a load. Abraham beats off shooting a thick load on Evan's stomach.

Scene Two:

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Evan's back with his pal Cole (cute twink type with short brown hair with blond highlights and slender/smooth body with tattoos). Evan's got a sex manual and is chomping at the bit to try some groovy new positions. Evan sucks Cole's large cut cock to full hardness in preparation for what's to come (so to speak). First up is the "Trophy Wife" in which Cole lays on the coffee table, condom-covered cock sticking straight up, as Evan attempts to sink down facing the opposite direction. Well, things don't work out as planned and there isn't any penetration. Up next is the infamous "Bartender I'll Have Another", which has Evan sitting in a chair and Cole attempting to slide his large cock up that tight chute. Once again it's a bust and no penetration. I think Evan needs a couple cocktails to loosen up. The last new position the dudes try is "The Fullback" where Cole sits on the chair and Evan attempts to hunch back to fill his bum. Guess what? No dice. To make up for lost time, the dudes fall into a traditional sixty-nine and chow down on dongs. Cole beats off shooting a thick load on his stomach and cock. Evan claims to have shot off in Cole's mouth but that's total bullshit just like this entire scene.

Scene Three:

Once again, Evan is back and this time he's hanging out with his pal Kody (nice-looking with short brown hair, goatee, and baseball cap). The dudes are in the mood for some outside fuckin', lay down a blanket, and strip down. Kody reveals his average build, trimmed pubes, and cut cock as the palm trees sway in the Florida breeze. The guys get down to some heavy kissing with plenty of wet tongue leading Evan suck Kody's prick working it to full hardness. Kody fucks Evan from behind (with condom) humping that bum like an out of control jackrabbit. Kody jacks off shooting his thick jizz all over Evan's face. Once again, Evan does not cum.

Scene Four:

Darren is a good-looking dude in his early twenties with short brown hair, goatee, and tall/toned body. He's lying on the sofa enjoying a pleasant wank with his enormous uncut cock. Darren's tight fist glides effortlessly up 'n down his stiff shaft switching back and forth between his right and left hands. Reaching a climax, Darren shoots a very thick load on his fist and cock. This has been the hottest moment in the move so far. Darren's pal Dana is in the bedroom with legs spread rubbing the bulge in his white briefs. Dana is a cute dude with dark hair and smooth toned body. Getting all worked up, Dana pulls his hard clipped cock and balls free from his Y fronts yanking his pud and rubbing those nuts. Dana uses a cool twisting technique working the shaft and knob leading to his cutting loose with a thick dotty load of jizz on his stomach.

Scene Five:

Evan, Mario (cute with short black hair and smooth/toned body), and Steven (cool looking with sort of an Elvis pompadour, dark shades, and average build) are all naked standing around outside totally naked and smoking cigarettes. The dudes are sounded by a rather nice set-up: posh swimming pool and lush tropical foliage. The dudes get liquored up and Evan has the bright idea of sitting next to the fountain for some clumsy sex. Evan's in the middle reaching over to jack Mario's cut cock and Stephen's unclipped tool. Evan takes turns sliding his wet mouth up and down his pals cocks making them to full stiffys. After Evan fingers Mario's tight shaved asshole, the dudes move indoors to continue their party in an overly decorated bedroom.

The dudes make their way into a traditional Daisy Chain with Evan sucking Mario, Mario cramming Steven's tool down his throat, and Steven chowing down on Evan. Mario fucks Evan from behind (with condom) sliding in 'n out with long smooth strokes. Steven takes over pounding the heck out of Evan's tight bunghole doggy style (with condom) making Evan loudly pout and sigh with pleasure. Mario gets back in the action drilling Evan in the missionary position (with condom) as we get to see Mario's tight hairy asshole and balls. Mario shoots a thick load on Evan's face. Steven dumps his thick spooge on Evan's face and hair while Evan, of course, does not cum. Whatever.



"Hello My Name is Evan" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. Although the hand-held videography provides full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups, at times it's some of the most annoying camera work I've seen. There are moments that what's on screen looks like someone gave the camera to a monkey who simply swung it around. At least the picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound leaves a little to be desired as half the time I couldn't tell what the fuck Evan was babbling about. Oh well, at least the viewer can hear all the typical sex noises.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, gallery of photographs from the movie, and trailers for: "Baitbus 3" and "Baitbus 4".

Final Thoughts:

BangBroz.Com's "Hello My Name is Evan" is uneven at best. As mentioned, the hand-held videography can be annoying at times but comes through with full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups. The dudes are all appealing in their own way with Darren and Dana's solos being my personal favorites. The sex is routine, a bit uninspired, and sometimes a complete bust (Scene Two). Clearly not bad enough to completely dismiss, I'll give it a Rent It for Scene Four and hunky muscle stud Abraham.

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