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Ultra Violett

Studio: Teravision » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 4/11/07

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Ultra Violett


Genre: Alt-Porn

Director: Vonn Fink

Cast: Selina Draagen, Alec Knight, Nautica Thorn, Franchezca Valentina, Brooke Banner, Lielani, Spyder Jonez, Damek, Leah Jaye, Icarus, Katarina Kat (non-sex), Faith Leon, Marcos Leon

Length: 86.5 minutes

Date of Production: 12/5/2006 & 12/6/2006

Extra's: The best extra was the very short Behind the Scenes feature lasting 4.5 minutes. I wish that all of the cast would have had a spotlight instead of the largely montage driven show (or that Brooke just might have remembered that guy's name she was fucking) but it was still appealing. There was also a great photogallery by the talented Jimmy D., trailers to shows such as Reign of Tera 2, Test Drive, Teradise Island, Sexxxpose: Tiffany Taylor, Sexxxpose: Lexie Marie, Sexxxpose: Britney Skye, Sexxxpose: Nikki Benz, Reign of Tera 1, Fashion Underground, Desperate, Collision Course, Tera Tera Tera, and Domination, and a true double sided DVD cover.

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: Ultra Violett was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Vonn Fink for distribution by Teravision. Assisting sophomore director (he did one other flick for Pulse called Suthern Comfort I believe) Vonn was the near infamous Jack the Zipper (head) that has made a name for himself in alternative porn circles as a guy willing to make women look ugly for their scenes. This time, the two worked the cameras better than that, using the trusty MPEG-2 process with a moderate amount of compression as they presented five scenes. Each scene took the theme of a color, the lighting tinted to that color for most of the scene; sometimes blaringly so with one exception (and that was a "cool blue" effect far more subtle than the others). The gimmick aside, the scenes were otherwise shot well enough as the camera angles seemed unable to remain static as they circled the women like prey; the grain and video noise limited in most cases. A little of the special effects goes a long way with me but if I have to be the one who says the Emperor has nothing on, so be it since this was the kind of art school trick they taught junior high school kids thirty years ago (albeit not with porn). Still, it did look slightly different than most titles, even if that doesn't equate with looking well done, so your mileage may vary depending on how pretentious you want to act like. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital with a 192 Kbps streaming rate, the current porn standard. The vocals were typically sublimated to favor the musical score handled by Feeva and performed by Hardwire Mang!; much of it actually appealing to me in a twist of events that elevated the title a notch overall but I'm not a fan of weaker vocals for better music so maybe a second track might be offered next time to accommodate the scores of likeminded people out there.

Body of Review: Vonn Fink is one of the newest directors in the world of Alt-Porn, having released his first flick last year via Pulse Pictures on the Razordolls label. I didn't see it but I know there was some buzz going on about the type of show it was so I picked up his sophomore effort released by Teravision called Ultra//Violett. Initially, I thought it would be a spoof on the mainstream action flick but it soon proved that idea was mistaken, the scenes blending innocuously together like they were done quickly, cheaply, and with corner cutting in mind. Essentially, the five scenes had women dressed in lingerie slowly masturbating or hanging out while heavily tinted light struck them. I know that sounds artistic and exciting to a couple of you out there but in reality, there wasn't much to it at all. The ladies were physically appealing enough and a few are on my short list for hotty status but even with some okay sex, the movie never really transcended into anything special as the marketing campaign led me to believe. Still, here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those who want to know what took place:

Scene One: White: Selina Draagen, a sultry brunette wearing a white dress is harshly lit room with light colored walls, was up first as she masturbated to the pretty decent music before sucking the dick of Alec Knight; also dressed in white attire. The music died down soon enough and she went to working on his cock with her hand assisting her mouth, some of the footage done in POV fashion as she gave him what amounted to a oral workout coming across like she lost a bet. He licked her too but not nearly as well before he banged her passive pussy in doggy. Thankfully, she started actively riding him in the reverse cowgirl as though scratching an itch, gyrating her hips and pumping when she turned around. She even sat on his face before they went back to boning, the gal acting passive as she took him from behind again. It ended with him rubbing out a load of population pudding onto her head; the music starting up before the scene faded away to show an interlude where lovely Katarina Kat did some of her nude circus act that I've come to appreciate.

Scene Two: Green: Nautica Thorn, the hotty on the left side of the cover, and Franchezca Valentina, the gal on the right side of said cover, were up next in a lesbian scene where the two masturbated under the glow of a distinctively green tinted light before eating each other out in porn fashion. Granted, this kind of lighting may work for Hal Jordan and his followers, but as far as I was concerned, it was too gimmicky. The music was the kind I'd expect to find in an opium den (not bad either) but just as it faded into the background, the lighting lost much of its tint, the gals playfully enjoying one another in porn fashion. Like the last scene, there really was no chemistry between them but they did put on a performance for the camera that showed off their skills nicely enough. I'd like a crack at Nautica's crack myself so it did have some minor stroke value for me but this was strictly veggie only and not their best shot at it either.

Scene Three: Red: Brooke Banner, Lielani, Spyder Jonez, and Damek, were up next in a very red tinted room. If the last scene was a tribute to the Green Lantern Corps, this one had Kal El written all over it since it reminded me of the good old days of pre-explosion Krypton (or at least those heat lamps our parents used to bake under when we were kids). Brooke was up first as she sucked both men off on her knees; the gal always showing why she is a fan favorite in the process. She alternated between them in standard porn fashion; jerking off one while slobbing the knob of the other until Spyder started banging her bent over cookie. The scene then switched to Lielani doing the same as police sirens wailed in the background; not doing as good a job as Brooke but certainly enough that I'd whip it out for her. The men took turns screwing her before more oral and the facials blasting all over her.

Scene Four: Purple: Leah Jaye, the gal on the center of the front cover, was up next in her body stocking as she masturbated mechanically to some more of the strange tunes played by Hardwire Mang!; under the light of a violet light. Her partner was the infamous Icarus, a slacker by any other name with a spiky haircut like Arnold Schwarzenegger used to sport years ago. The resemblance stopped there though as the diminutive lad was the only guy in porn to make James Deen or Scotty Schwartz look beefy by comparison. She blew him while continually looking at the camera, offering her pussy up for him to poke in a few non explicit positions while making lots of fake porn noises. I'll admit that I didn't think it was particularly edgy but neither was the rest of the movie as the camerawork made a guy named Eon and a gal named Joanna look like auteurs by comparison. Sexually, they seemed a fair match for one another but she was fairly passive too and a purple tinted bathroom is not the best setting for porn from what I saw here. She was another middle of the road performer that I would let blow me if I wrapped it twice, the gal taking the mouth pop before the final scene began.

Scene Five: Blue: Faith Leon, a leggy beauty with awesome eyes and a sultry demeanor, was up next in what looked to be a generic industrial gray apartment with her personal boy toy in tow, Marcos Leon. I think the two showed the most chemistry of the pairings in the movie as she masturbated and sucked him off, leading to the vaginal and anal screwing the couple enjoyed. She was active for much of the scene and the thematic colorization of the scenes was limited to his blue shirt that got tossed early, her milky skin looking radiant as ever as she took him in. It was a good way to end the movie overall, though I was left wanting on several scores here since parts of the scene seemed rushed. But she cleaned him up with some taste testing in a messy manner, the slightly washed out look of the scene working okay for them.

Summary: Ultra Violett by director Vonn Fink for distribution by Teravision was not a terrible porno but it wasn't anything special either so I rated it as a very low end Rent It for fans of the cast only. For the same price, you can buy far longer, stronger, and better titles from Teravision or elsewhere and I think the short running time and weak extras (under 5 minutes of BTS?!?) sure didn't help much either. In a sense, if Ultra//Violett is one possible future for Teravision, I sure hope they stick with providing scenes starring Tera herself or another hotty because this branch of the company seems like a dead end. Oh, and if you thought it had anything to do with a futuristic vampire movie, you were mistaken so get that idea out of your head now and save some dough.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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