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Young Men Perfect Tens

Studio: Other » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 4/11/07

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Date of Production:

June 2000

Directed By:

Stephane Moussu

The Movie:

"Nothing comes close to the hot, muscled bodies and gorgeous cocks that you'll find in 'Perfect Tens'. The scenery is beautiful. The sexual chemistry is hot. You'll sweat right along with these studs!"

The Dudes:

These French and Eastern European men are all very good-looking with mostly short dark hair (some have longer brown hair), a mix of toned and muscular bodies, hairy and smooth chests, full and trimmed pubes, and large unclipped pricks.

Scene One:

Verdo (cute with short dark hair and smooth/muscular body) and Bob (handsome with dark hair, beard stubble, and muscular/smooth body) are in heat cramming wet tongues down each other's throats while their randy hands roam over those muscular bodies. Bob removes his shorts revealing full dark pubes and an uncut cock. He sinks to his knees sucking Verdo's stiff unclipped tool holding the shaft with his thumb and forefinger and sliding his mouth up 'n down. Low guttural moans escape Verdo's mouth vocalizing his approval as Bob slides his tongue around the purple knob that's half covered with foreskin. Verdo slides a condom down his hard prick and fucks Bob's tight hairy hole from behind plugging fast 'n hard. The soundtrack is off so the viewer hears a slapping noise mere moments before Verdo smacks that bum. Verdo wildly beats his meat shooting a large thick load on Bob's butt. Bob yanks his tool shooting a nice sized load on his stomach and pubes. Lesli (cute with shaggy brown hair and tall/slender body) has been spying while pulling his uncut pork through the fly of his blue jeans. He doesn't bust a nut.

Scene Two:

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Camping in a cozy tent in the woods surrounded by tweeting birds, Rab (very cute with brown hair and toned/hairy body) and his pal Bright Eye (good-looking with short dark hair and toned/smooth body) get down to some deep soul kissing. Bright Eye sucks Rab's hard hairy nipples slowly working his way down taking that uncut dick down his throat and slurping until it's a full stiffy. Bright Eye obviously enjoys having a large rigid tool in his mouth as he goes crazy on it. Rab enters Bright Eye from behind (with condom) sliding his hard rod up that tight hairy bunghole plowing hard 'n fast making his pal moan over the constantly chirping birds. I wonder if there is any bird shit on the top of their tent? Hmmm. Bright Eye jacks his hard dong while Rab licks the flared knob shooting a small but thick amount of man-pudding on his stomach. Rab shoots a thick load on Bright Eye's stomach and pubes. Tweet!

Scene Three:

There's more outdoor lovin' for the viewer as Thomas (very handsome with short black hair, tattoos, and smooth/toned body) and Hun (cute with short brown hair and smooth/toned body) for some unknown reason decide to get down right next to a field of cattle. The cows make their presence known with the constantly jangling of their bells and the occasional moo. The dudes get down rubbing their hard bulges through tight shorts and tasting each other's tonsils. They pull their large 'n hard uncut cocks free and pound those shafts making their foreskins cover and uncover their slick knobs. The dudes get down to a traditional sixty-nine for some good old-fashioned cock sucking while the viewer is "treated" to a shot of a cow taking a leak. God only knows why this is included.

The constant cowbells become annoying after a while and all I could think of was Will Farrell on SNL and "More Cowbell!" Ha! Thomas fucks Hun (with condom) in the missionary position using fast 'n smooth strokes. The viewer is again treated to more cow footage with a close-up of Maybelle's wet snout and long tongue while playing a fun li'l ditty on her bells. The dudes stand next to each other and jack off leading Thomas to dump a thick load on his fist, cock, and nuts while Hun squirts a wet load that flies all over the place. Moo!

Scene Four:

Military barracks have been a homoerotic fantasy of many gay dudes. The following scene should satisfy those lusty desires. Five good-looking dudes with basically the same look of short hair and smooth/toned bodies lay on their bunk beds eyeing each other creating such thick sexual tension that it could only be cut with a chainsaw. After all the slack-jawed eye-balling, the dudes finally pull their hard uncut cocks from the confines of their briefs and begin to beat their meat working those generous foreskins over their slick cock knobs. The dudes zero in one of cute guy with short blond hair and make him their fuck-puppet. They pound his tight bunghole (with condoms) from behind not giving him much time to catch his breath as one dude after another plugs his hole. The dudes gather 'round Blondie and yank their pricks to climax shooting their thick loads all over giving dude a groovy bath of man-milk.

Scene Five:

Baz (good-looking with brown hair and smooth/toned body) is sleeping shitless on a comfortable recliner when Tol (cute with short dark hair and toned/hairy body) sneaks in and immediately begins licking Baz's chest, feeling him up, sucking hard nipples. Of course Baz wakes up, the dudes undress revealing hot bodies, full dark pubes, and unclipped pork. Baz gently strokes Tol's tool sliding it into his mouth and playing that skin flute like he's auditioning for a marching band. Baz bends over allowing Tol to tongue his tight hairy pucker with a nice shot of Baz's hairy 'n hangy nuts. Tol finger fucks that touchhole with one digit making Baz groan as his most private place is diddled. Tol fucks Baz from behind (with condom) sliding his meat smoothing in and out while Baz loudly ooohs and aaahs filling the room with his lusty musings. After a bit of the old sink/bounce, Tol shoots a very large and thick load of jit that flies everywhere as Baz dumps thick jizz on his pubes.



"Young Men Perfect Tens" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography is sufficient covering all the sex acts with plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is grainy throughout the entire film.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear the dudes' sexy accents, loud moaning, and the wet slapping sounds of well-lubed fucking.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selections, chapter stops, a cum shot review, a gallery a high quality publicity stills, and trailers for: "Doggie Style", "Going Under", "Wet Palms", "Shameless Pleasure", "Jackhammer", and "The Hole".

Final Thoughts:

Jet Set International and Director Stephane Moussu have created an entertaining movie filled with sexy French and Eastern European men with big uncut cocks who are eager for some man-to-man lovin'. The direction, videography, and editing create scenes that move along at a steady pace and leave room for some nice foreplay. There are also the hilarious shots of the cow in Scene Three. Unfortunately, the crummy picture quality lowers the disc's rating to a Rent It. The constant grain becomes annoying and hinders the enjoyment of the movie.

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