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StraightCollegeMen.com Auditions Vol. 7

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 4/14/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Year of Production:


The Movie:

Strapped for cash or just downright curious, eight straight dudes beat their cocks to climax while watching straight porn.


Duke's a very good-looking nineteen-year-old with short dark hair. He's originally from Arizona and has been in San Diego for a few years. Friendly and laid-back, Duke admits he heads to Mexico once in a while to party since the drinking age is eighteen. He strips out of his blue jeans and black tee revealing a toned body, dark pubes, and cut cock. Duke relaxes on the sofa to watch straight porn. Spreading his legs, he jacks his hard tool using under and over-handed stroking with both his left and right hands. Duke reaches climax dumping a thick load of jizz on his stomach and bush. Duke is now one of SCM's most popular dudes and it's easy to see why. The guy has a very appealing college student look.


Twenty-two-year-old Poncho is a nice-looking guy with short brown hair who is participating in the audition for the dough and works in Real Estate Investment. Hmm. He undresses revealing a nice toned body, shaved pubes, and cut cock. Poncho fluffs his tool and heads out to the sofa and straight porn. He lies back with legs spread pulling his hard prick with his right hand and rubbing those plump nuts. Poncho works that meat fast shooting a thick load of spunk from the flared purple cock head onto his stomach. Very nice load.


Felix is very cute and looks to be in his early twenties. He has a black buzz cut, cool sideburns and goatee, and a low sexy voice. Felix works as a masseuse (the real kind) and seems like an easy-going dude. Stripping out of his baggy blue jeans and red tee, Felix reveals a nice toned body, hairy chest, tattoos, shaved pubes, and cut cock. He lounges on the couch with legs spread showing off his hot hangy nuts while beating his lubed meat using his right hand. Fully hard, Felix has a very big dick. Using under and over-handed strokes plus working the knob, Felix shoots a thick load of spunk on his stomach. Hot dude!


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Lenny's a nice-looking guy from Wisconsin who's twenty-six years old, has short dark hair and a little beard stubble. He's a huge Green Bay Packers fan who loves Miller beer and discussing sausage! Lenny removes his clothes revealing a nice average build, smooth chest, shaved pubes, and cut cock. Back on the sofa, Lenny sits with his legs too close together tugging on his weenie and watching some gal playing with her panty cake. Finally spreading his legs, Lenny rubs his plump balls and jacks his hard cock working the knob. Reaching fulfillment, he shoots a thick load on his stomach.


Carlos is a nice-looking twenty-one year old with a dark brown buzz cut who enlisted in the military to repair aircraft carriers. This Chicago native is a party dude who loves to "go clubbin'" but is not a big drinker. Yanking off his white tee and Bermuda shorts, Carlos reveals his slender/smooth body, shaved pubes, large hangy nuts, and cut tool. Sitting on the sofa, Carlos beats his big meat using his right fist sliding his hand up 'n down while eyes glued to the television. Working that large cock fast 'n furious, Carlos dumps a thick load of spooge on his hairy stomach.


Twenty-year-old Ian is a cute dude with short brown hair and a cool little goatee. He's a laid-back dude from San Diego who loves to chill on the beach and ride motorcycles. Stripping down, Ian shows off his sexy tanned average build, hairy chest, shaved pubes, plump nuts, and clipped dong. Ian heads out to the sofa to watch a straight fuck flick. Ian jacks off using his right hand rubbing the pierced knob and working his lubed fist up 'n down. Stroking off, Ian cuts loose with a thick load on his hairy stomach.


Bo's a very cute dude with short brown hair and sexy beard stubble. This Texan with the long Southern drawl claims many people have told him he looks like Eminem (he doesn't). Although he's very appealing, Bo's whole "white guy trying to talk like a Brotha" is kind of cheesy. Stripping down, he reveals a tall/slender body, cool tattoos, shaved pubes, hangy nuts, and cut dick. Bo can't tear his eyes away from the straight porn as he jacks off with his right fist and concentrating on the large purple knob. Dude is hot! His balls bounce wildly as he pulls his pork shooting a thick load on his fist and some spots hitting his stomach.


Keith is a good-looking Bostonian in his twenties with short brown hair and goatee. This ex Navy dude with a cool Boston accent is now a college student who wants to eventually teach history. Keith removes his clothing revealing a nice toned body, hairy chest, trimmed pubes, and cut cock. Keith heads out to the sofa to beat his stiff cock and watch straight porn. He jacks that lubed tool using his right fist. He lays back further than most of the guys with his leg on the sofa's arm to tease the viewer with his partially exposed asshole. Tugging at the skin of his nut sack, Keith rubs his bunghole teasing it with his fingers. Jacking to ecstasy, he shoots a thick load on his pubes and hairy stomach while sighing and breathing heavily. Hot dude!.



"Straight College Men Auditions Volume 7" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography is stationary and hand-held providing full coverage of the dudes beating off with plenty of close-ups. The direction and editing are efficient keeping each scene moving along at a nice pace. The picture quality is sharp and clear with just a little grain from time to time.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear the dudes shoot the breeze with Dean and once the jacking starts, plenty of heavy breathing.


The disc includes an interactive menu, dude selection, chapter stops, and previews for "Alex" and "Brett and Dean Bake A Cake". The additional CD ROM contains previews for: "Log Cabin Weekend: Day 2", "The Island: Day 1:, "Brett and Broderick", "Caleb and Dean", "John" (very hot with black spiky hair and tattoos), "Hawaii: Day 4", "Brian", "Ryan", and "Dean". Also included is a full color catalog of all the SCM releases.

Final Thoughts:

Straight College Men Auditions # 7 is an entertaining solo movie. All the dudes are good looking in their own way and it's a big turn on to see them beat their straight cocks cutting loose with loads that no other dude has ever seen. This is no-frills amateur filmmaking with stationary and hand-held camera by SCM muscle dude Dean. There are plenty of close-ups as the guys beat their meat and shoot their nuts. The direction and editing are sufficient providing scenes that are never too long and move along at a pleasant pace. All the dudes are cool but my favorites are Felix, Dean, Bo, and Keith. I recommend to fans of amateur straight guys pulling their puds for cash.

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