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Men in Uniform 4 on 1

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Brokeback » Review Date: 4/15/07

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Date of Production: All 1991

Directors: Peter Depew (Cop Luv), William Hunter (Marine Muscle), Randy White (4 Alarm Stud), Rick Savage (Playing the Field)

Cast: Rod Nelson, Beau Davis, Franco, Mitchell Gaynor, Gator Blade, Barney Miceli, Robert Lawson, Gino, J.R. (Cop Luv)

Jeremy Foxx, David Burmingham, Paul Sexton, James Blackburn, Todd Fuller, Justin Winger, Jeff Pole, Quinn (Marine Muscle)

Randy White, Blade Thompson, Chip Matthews, Mark Andrews, Brian Dana, Kawika, Sean Carrera, Tommy Gunn (4 Alarm Stud)

Billy Slammer, Sven, Robert Larsen, Buddy Freeman, Jimmy Flynn, Wolf, Chad (Playing the Field)

Body Types: Twinks, daddies, and everything in between. Hairy, smooth. Hung, average-size dicks. Average to hot in looks.

Condoms: Yes

Special Features: Dildo play and black boot licking submission (Cop Luv)

Plot: Compilation of four 1990's HIS videos (Cop Luv, Marine Muscle, Playing Ball, and 4 Alarm Stud) to fulfill everyone's hot men in uniform fantasies.

The Movie:

COP LUV: A cop (Nelson) with an arrest warrant shows up at the door of a twink's ( Davis) home. The warrant is for outstanding traffic tickets. The twink begs and pleads to do anything for the officer to keep him from going to jail. There seems to be one good fix for this and it begins by sucking on cop daddy's other big stick. Davis gives the hairy chested, moustached daddy a good boot lick before returning to his tasty stick. When his veiny stick is nice and hard, the hot cop makes the twink pay for the tickets with his asshole. They shoot on each other.

Hair-chested Gaynor has fantasies about cops while masturbating. By a fireplace, his lover, Blade (long curly hair) and Gaynor, suck each others pricks. Blade fucks him in the ass and sits on his hard cock until they j/o.

Davis and Franco (tanned with long hair), his boyfriend and private dick, fuck around. Franco rims and fingers the little boi and proceeds to pump him with a dildo. Davis cums on himself.

-- sponsored by --

Over in the editing room, curly-haired mullet guy (Larson) swaps dick sucks with dark-haired twink (Miceli), fucks him in the ass and ends with them cumming on the boi's stomach. Later, two other guys (Gino and J.R.) take in some oral action and nut on themselves. No explanation is given for who these editors are. You could assume they are editors for this movie.

There are a few cuts in the movie for titles to explain the action but they really only serve to distract. The ones during the cop scene flash on the screen too quickly to be read .

MARINE MUSCLE: A marine (Foxx) opens a letter informing him of his discharge. His military buddy celebrates with him by removing his clothes and letting him fuck him. Foxx cums on his ass.

In a letter, Foxx's boyfriend gets the news of his homecoming. But during his leave, Foxx is unaware that his boyfriend has been cheating on him behind his back.

To break them up, the 'mistress' hatches a plan to get his buddies to make out in front of Fox who is sitting unaware outside the patio trying to get a tan. The two guys fuck, suck, and cum but never get Foxx's attention. With that mission having failed, he calls two strippers to make out as Foxx watches. These two fuck, suck, and cum.

The 'mistress' knocks on the marine's door and tells him his boyfriend has been cheating on him. What better way to console him than to suck him off and give him your ass to pound? He consoles the marine alright. And after the marine cums, his boyfriend enters and shocks him with the news that he had just fucked his lover. Fox tells both to fuck off.

4 ALARM STUD: Randy White introduces his dreams and fantasies. In the first dream, a fireman rescues a young guy from a fire and gives him more than mouth-to-mouth. The fireman rims, fingers, and fucks the boy propped on a ladder.

Next, he dreams about a friend and an auto-mechanic instructor. As they are sucking cocks on the convertible, White plays with himself and shoots a nice load onto his stomach.

White's next fantasy involves men in french prisons. A hot blonde number gets his big dick sucked by his prison mate. While being verbally aggressive, he fucks and cums on his bitch's face. Not bad!

White's next fantasy calls for him to be a spy interrogated and forced to do things against his will. However, White needs no coaxing to suck on the muscular, hung, interrogator's (Thompson) cock. Thompson sucks White and doggy fucks him.

PLAYING THE FIELD: The movie opens with a horny guy and cuts to a scene of him walking in San Francisco. Next, two young guys are fucking on the bed. Another young blonde guy tosses a baseball outside and makes out with his dark-haired friend inside. The blonde shoots his wad on the window. Then we see the horny guy again jerking off and scenes of him walking around San Francisco. A couple of random guys (one in a navy outfit) do the suck, fuck, jerk, and cum routine. Horny guy continues to stroke his meat and that leads to another scene of two guys fucking. Movie concludes with the horny guy finally cumming. The synthesizer music drowns out any moaning, groaning, or fucking sounds you may want to hear.



With the exception of 4 Alarm Studs, each movie has very poor color and picture lacks clarity and contrast. 4 Alarm Stud has better color and clarity though all of them have a videotape look to them since they are direct transfers.


Sound is also videotape quality. When there is dialogue, it isn't always clear. Unfortunately, you won't have a problem hearing the synthesizers. Again, 4 Alarm Stud shines above the rest.


Only thing here are chapter stops for each movie.

Final Thoughts:

These 90's movies are digitally remastered but you won't notice any difference from watching them on VHS(see video and sound above).

Of the four movies, 4 Alarm Studs is the best. Marine Muscle and Cop Luv are fair and Field is weak. White, Thompson, and the men of 4 Alarm are hot and fuck with enthusiasm. Nelson and Foxx are the other big draws in Cop Luv and Marine Muscle respectively. The remaining men in the other movies are very average in looks, build, and overall hotness. The sex is often dull and routine (suck, fuck, jack, cum ). To top it off, the storylines of Cop Luv and Playing the Field are flimsy at best with little continuity.

As a whole, the four movies have little to do with cops, marines, baseball players, or fireman. There is one scene with each fantasy. And Field lets you down if you're looking for a guy in a baseball uniform. One actor is shown pitching a ball for a few seconds.

Since each movie may not be a big seller individually, VCA wisely packages them together on one DVD for consumers who might see this as a bargain. Consider this DVD on your interest for 4 Alarm Studs and see the other movies as freebies or throwaways.

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