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Tug Jobs 10

Studio: Bang Bros » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 4/16/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Tug Jobs 10

Bang Bros

Genre: Handjobs

Director: JT & Preston

Cast: Brooke Haven, Jared, Mindy Main, JT, Presley, Roxy Jezel, Samantha, Tanya, Tory Lane, Vixen

Length: 94 minutes

Dates of Production: 7/6/2006, 9/20/2006, 8/18/2006, 5/22/2006, 9/21/2006, 9/6/2006, 8/25/2006, 5/19/2006

Extra's: The best extra was an extended version of Samantha's handjob scene lasting 14:10 minutes. It was interesting seeing her partner (a small Hispanic dude that I've seen in their movies before), apologize for coming so quickly, telling her he thought of his family in an effort to not pop so fast-it didn't work. So, they picked up and she tried to jerk him off again, the act being much tougher but it did work out. There were also a bunch of pictures in the photogallery and 11 trailers but that was it.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Tug Jobs 10 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by directors JT & Preston for Bang Bros. One of the trademark issues the scenes shot for this series have are that the technical values always seem on the low side, as if consumers of the website will shrug off any problems as being "good enough" for porn, but the POV nature of the effort was handled fairly well and added to the strokability for me. The lighting tended to be whatever ambient light was available, resulting in grain, shadows, and video noise as frequent visitors to the scenes released by the company. This impacts the accuracy of the fleshtones and can be an issue if you care as much about the technical aspects of your porn as I do. The eight scenes here varied a little bit in terms of picture quality but the general quality wasn't as bad as some of the company's previous works, skating by on the energy factor provided by the performers, most of whom are established professionals. The bit rate for the scenes generally hovered around the 4 Mbps rate; on the low side but not too low. The composition of the shots and the editing all served to provide a mixed bag too, making me wish the raw footage was handed over to a better editor to clean up a bit before being released on DVD. Still, it was better then a lot of their earlier work and the ladies had fun so I was largely forgiving of the many mistakes observed. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English (192 Kbps for those who care), with the vocals on the low end at times but not covered by droning music so I was okay with it.

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Body of Review: JT & Preston are two of the most prolific directors for Bang Bros these days. They might not be ready for prime time, as the saying goes, but they have offered up a number of strokable scenes and even when their work falls a bit flat; it tends to provide an alternative to the harshly lit gonzo porn so many of their peers seem infatuated with. Their most recent release to make it to me was Tug Jobs 10, a series of eight handjobs by a variety of ladies with varying amounts of professional porn experience, each of them offering something different. I haven't seen one of the series in the past but having heard good things about them, I finally grabbed a copy for review. Seeing as how most people watching the movie will be applying some hand to gland combat themselves, it made sense that this was shot largely in the POV fashion, the quality of the scenes handled well as a result of the direction and ladies. Here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that the men were not properly identified and that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Brooke Haven, a busty gal with multicolored hair and a positive demeanor, was up first as she stripped to tease director JT before jerking off Jared in this 11:31 minute scene. The generic living room was the setting and he laid back to let her slowly titty fuck and then use her hand to wack his willy. It was a small cock but she treated him like royalty so it didn't take too long for him to pop a load of population pudding; adding in some play with her nails for flavor. It looked really good to me; initiating me into the series on a pleasant note.

Scene Two: Mindy Main, a brunette wearing too much make up in the living room, was up next in a scene lasting 10:42 as she followed the formula with tease with director JT in POV fashion. She has looked better elsewhere but her combination of titty fuck, handjob action, and concern for making him feel nice was appealing. Sadly, he had a fetish for pain and asked her to beat on his balls, making me wince until she stopped, the scene ending with her hands coated with a modest amount of semen.

Scene Three: Presley, the brunette featured on the left hand side of the front cover, was up next in a POV handjob scene with Preston lasting 9:33 minutes, the lighting proving to be better than the previous scenes by a little bit. Her tease was more of a mechanical thing and I think he liked her pierced nipples more than I did. She complimented his size as she rubbed him through his pants, keeping a moderate amount of eye contact as she stroked and caressed his rod. She was the first gal to ask how her partner wanted it done but since he liked it all, that was a moot point, though she did start appearing more into the action by the middle of the scene. It ended when she directed his load onto her chest and giggled a bit.

Scene Four: Roxy Jezel, the Asian Brit featured on the lower right hand side of the cover, was in a rare scene where she did not wear a lot of make up. Preston helmed this 11:32 minute scene and I liked her tease more than a little bit as she displayed some of her keen vocal talents during the strip tease act elevating the entire scene in the process. Her sleepy look was also a bit different for me since she has such a tendency to look prim and proper, even when doing gonzo work. While he wasn't well endowed either, given how small she is, it took both of her hands to wank him off onto her little chest. Nice!

Scene Five: Samantha, a very cute gal from Phoenix was up next with Preston in the living room, in the shortest scene of the movie; lasting 6:59 minutes. I liked her seductive act too, pleased to find that she also provided a lengthier version as an extra given her stripper-like tease that enhanced the action for me. Given the closeness of the look the camera gave, it was apparent she was no stranger to all forms of sex, including anal from her slightly poked pucker; making me long for more of her work in the future. His genital hair looked different this time so I was sure it was someone else getting the handjob and there was a weird "beeping" noise half way through but she worked the base and his balls nicely as she quickly rubbed out the load, a treat by all accounts. Yum!

Scene Six: Tanya, a gal that probably looks better in a poorly lit strip club, was up next for 9 minutes with director JT, showing her minimal butt cheek control as she stripped, impressing the easily impressed director before she crawled over to his pal (the same guy from the last scene with the small cock) to jerk him off. It wasn't a bad scene but it really lacked the flavor of the previous scenes and served as a filler scene for me.

Scene Seven: Tory Lane, one of the best known gals of the movie, was up in the living room next as she teased in her light green camisole and matching thong. She toyed with JT, telling him she'd turn the scene into a blowjob scene without charging more since she wanted his come in his mouth. She was the best of the show and she rubbed, sucked and otherwise played with him; with and without his clothes on. She was rough with it and proved to like it rough herself, ending the scene with some semen licking although it closed a bit too fast as he grabbed her to stop. Whew!

Scene Eight: Vixen, a gal with bright red hair and light blue eyes with tons of freckles, was up last as she followed the formula and stripped before the handjob. JT got the benefit of her massive experience with cock, the gal also extending the action by giving him a lap dance (both with and without his clothes on). Doing the booty rub on the cock is a lot of fun and he rubbed it on her pussy as well as she gave fake moans; making this one of her best scenes; all without any penetration. It was a decent load and ended the show nicely with the 12:31 minutes of pleasure.

Summary: Tug Jobs 10 by directors JT & Preston for Bang Bros was a lot of fun for me and while the scenes were a bit too uneven to grace it with a higher rating, I can safely say it earned every bit of a Recommended or more for me thanks to the ladies, the replay and strokability, and the technical values offered up. I was pleasantly surprised that the extra long extended version of Samantha's scene was included too (a rarity for the company) but while I wish there was more BTS and extended action going on, I knew that I'd have to look into getting some of the previous volumes in the series. In short, Tug Jobs 10 will have you tugging your own pipe pretty hard, so give it a look.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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