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Dad's Automotive - Real Men 13

Studio: French Connection » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 4/17/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:

December 2006

Directed By:

Chris Roma


Rob Lawrence, Patrick O'Connor, Jack Austin, Allen Silver, Mick Edwards, Jack Sullivan, Erik Hall, Spike Daddy.

The Movie:

"Horse-hung daddy Rob Lawrence is the boss of 'Dad's Automotive'. He's a great boss who knows how to keep his employees and customers very happy. Watch as 8 hard-working blue-collar men take a bit of time off work to get off with each other."

The Dudes:

These good-looking guys represent the age range of late thirties to early sixties with a nice mix of toned and husky bodies, hairy chests, full and shaved pubes, and cut 'n uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Boss man Jack Lawrence (hot butch dude with short hair, goatee, and husky/hairy build) opens Dad's Automotive nice 'n early in the morning. Hunky mechanic Allen Silver (handsome with short salt and pepper hair, goatee, and toned/hairy body) is the first employee to arrive. Allen heads back to his station, pulls out his hard cut cock, and begins to beat off. Jack knows what Allen's up to goes to assist with some hot tongue kissing. Jack drops to his knees taking that hard tool into his mouth deep throating all the way down to full brown pubes. Allen cups Jack's huge nuts and chows down on that fat beer can-sized clipped dick cramming as much as he can down his throat growling as he gulps. Allen bends over allowing Jack to spread his butt cheeks, expose his tight hairy hole, and munch down for some hot ass eating. Allen returns the anal favor tonguing Jack's tight hairy bunghole and finger fucks that pucker. "Oh fuck! That's a tasty ass!"

Jack crams his condom-covered monster up Allen's bum in the missionary style starting off nice 'n easy and switching to some hard pounding. Allen digs having his hole plowed by that fat cock and grunts, "Fuck that hole, man!" Allen screws Jack from behind (with condom) sliding his hard prick in 'n out of that tight manhole. Allen shoots a large thick load of cock snot on his hairy chest. Jack scoops some up and feeds it to Allen. Jack shoots a very thick load of spunk all over Allen's chest. Hot dudes!

Scene Two:

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Jack Austin (good-looking dude with brown hair, goatee, and husky/hairy build) is on a roller underneath a truck when Erik Hall (sexy dude with shaved head, gray goatee, and tall/slender/hairy body) walks over and presses his black boot against Jack's basket. Jack rolls out and the dudes watch each other rub their hard bulges. Erik kneels down pulling Jack's hard cut cock from his pants and gives that fat beer can cock some good old-fashioned head while Jack pulls on his own hard nipples. Erik leans over as Jack spreads his ass cheeks and munches down on that tight hairy touchhole. Jack slowly works his fat condom-covered dong up Erik's chute in the missionary position as Erik strokes his hard uncut cock. Jack switches to fucking Erik fast 'n hard doggy style and shoots a thick load of jizz on the side of Erik's face. Erick works his foreskin quickly up 'n over the knob squirting a large load on the floor. Very hot cum-filled foreskin.

Scene Three:

Rob takes a lunch break heading down the street when he hooks up with electricians Jack Sullivan (hot with short hair, mustache and beard, and toned/hairy build) and Spike Daddy (husky 'n hairy dude in his sixties). The dudes get down to some serious kissing with deep tongues as their hands roam all over hairy chests and pinch hard eraser tip nipples. The guys release their hard cut cocks taking turns sucking, licking, and deep throating those thangs. Rob munches down on Jack's tight hairy asshole rubbing the pucker and tonguing the hell out of the ring. Spike Daddy fucks Jack from behind (with condom) switching to the missionary position for some hot 'n fast porking. Rob slides his fat condom-clad dong up Jack's man-chute in the missionary position. "Open up your hot ass for me, man!" "Workin' your hole!" Jack loudly grunts, laughs, and moans as he obviously enjoys having a big chubby cock up his hole. Spike Daddy shoots a large wet load on Jack's arm and stomach. Jack dumps a thick load of love juice on his stomach and pubes while Rob cuts loose with a wet load on his fist and Jack's stomach.

Scene Four:

Mick Edwards (cool dude with shaved head, gray goatee, and husky/hairy body) walks by Erik Hall (Scene Two) and gets a good handful of his hot bum. Sitting on a chair, Mick watches in anticipation as Erik sinks to his knees and deep throats that big cock all the way down to full pubes. Erik is starved for man meat cramming his gullet full and slobbering up 'n down like a wild man. Erik jacks his uncut tool working the foreskin back and forth as he gives Mick an excellent blowjob that any mother would be proud of. Erik bends over inviting Mick to go to town on his tight hairy bunghole making the pucker wink and he tongues it. Mick fucks Erik from behind (with condom) drilling him with fast 'n smooth strokes as both dudes grunt with lust. Erik plays a bit of the ol' sink/bounce riding that hog and filling his tunnel of love with hard tube steak. Mick shoots a thick load all over Erik. Erick works a small thick dotty amount of cum on his stomach.

Scene Five:

Patrick O'Connor (fucking hot with military buzz cut and toned/smooth body) brings his car in for service. Needing to take a leak, he heads for the john and spies on Rob Lawrence letting go with a long yellow stream. Rob shakes the dewdrops off and the dudes head back further into the shop for some man-on-man action. Patrick gets down on his knees cramming that fat cut prick into his mouth and taking as much as is humanly possible. Patrick produces a lot of spit when he gives head slobbering all over than beer can cock. Jack Austin (Scene Three) is watching the dudes go at it while rubbing his crotch. Not being able to stand it any longer, Jack joins in pinching Rob's hard eraser tip nipples. Patrick switches over and deep throats Jack's stiff clipped prick all the way down to his bush.

Patrick crams both cock heads in his mouth at the same time leading Rob to rub Patrick's tight shaved bunghole with his thumb. The dudes slap their hard cocks against Patrick's butt cheeks as Rob gets down on that smooth pink pucker tonguing it and making Patrick moan in pleasure. Jack chows down on Patrick's rigid cut cock working his wet and eager mouth up and down. The dudes are all now in heat as Jack fucks Patrick in the missionary position (with condom). Rob takes over slowly sliding that fat thang (with condom) up Patrick's tight chute in the traditional missionary position. Naturally, Patrick breathes heavily, grunts, and groans as his manhole is filled to capacity. The dudes take turns fucking Patrick from behind (with condoms) pounding the ever-living hell out of him. Patrick shoots a huge wet load all over his chest and stomach. This is one hot fucking load! Jack shoots a small but thick load on his fist while Rob dumps thick man-gravy on Jack's hairy chest.



"Dad's Automotive" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography by Javier Romero, Phil Lipino, and Chris Roma is cool providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups. For the most part, the picture quality is descent but has repeated moments of grain.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear these butch dude's low sexy voices, the lust sounds that go along with man-man lovin', and cool original tunes by Mark Weigle that are reminiscent of 1970s singer/songwriters.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selections, chapter stops, and interviews with musician Mark Weigle (who is sexy!), Jack Austin, Rob Lawrence, and Patrick O'Conner. There's also some footage from other Pantheon Production's movies but no actual title.

Final Thoughts:

Pantheon Productions along with HotOlderMale.Com and Director Chris Roma have created a hot li'l movie filled with sexy butch Daddies who are clearly into each other as well as the hot sweaty man-sex. The direction, videography, and editing (Javier Romero) create scenes that move along at a steady pace and never become dull. The dudes are all appealing with my personal favorites being Allen Silver, Rob Lawrence, Patrick O'Conner, and Jack Sullivan. My only problem is with the picture quality. Although not bad enough to ruin the movie, the grain that pops up from time to time has lowered my rating from Highly Recommended to Recommended. So, I recommend to fans of butch Daddies and hot balls–out man fucking.

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