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Studio: Hustler Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 4/18/07

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InTERActive: A 2-Disc Interactive Escapade

Hustler Video/Teravision

Genre: Virtual Sex

Director: Q. Roberts

Cast: Tera Patrick, Hillary Scott, Jessica Jaymes, Spyder Jonez, Dez
Non-sex roles: Sammy Liguori, Bucksawz, Will Ryder, Octavio, Brandon, The Money Man, Britney Rears

Length: 203:43 minutes (total running time for the first disc; 9 minutes of it bonus material); 115:26 minutes (the second disc's "Hand's Free" version)

Date of Production: 3/28/2006

Extra's: The first disc looked like it had no extras to the naked eye but if you successfully play the movie through, you'll be treated to a secret menu where you can enter the code provided at the end of the flick. There you'll find a 7:13 minute version of Tera's car wash scene to enjoy as she gets to tease the heck out of the camera. There was also a montage of footage from Sammy Liguori's use of the word "fuck" and its derivatives (motherfucker, etc.) that was classic and in great need of going up on You Tube that lasted about a minute. Lastly, there was a 41 second selection of bonus outtakes where the actors flubbed their lines. In all, it was worth spending the time going through to see them but it also included a precious little helper in the form of a chapter menu allowing you to go to the parts you want without the hassle of skipping around randomly.

The second disc was where the bulk of the extras were located though. The first of these was a Hand's Free version of the movie lasting 115:26 minutes and it showed the majority of footage of the show, without the duplication of the pop shots and other bits. There was no second angle to this one so it was a truncated version all around but still well worth checking out if you prefer to be a passive rider in the virtual sex experience. Fans will enjoy it a lot though, leaving both hands free to enjoy other aspects of watching porn. This was followed by a moderately lengthy Behind the Scenes series of features lasting 25.5 minutes including; Outtakes (4:37), Interviews with Tera Patrick (8:25), Jessica Jaymes (2:02), Hillary Scott (4 minutes), and a shorter feature starring the hilarious Sammy Liguori (3:41). They all seemed to add some anecdotes about the production and their careers that will please fans and added value. This was followed by a trailer for the movie. One of the funniest extras came next in the form of a 7:11 minute long, black & white, Silent Movie version of the show; complete with the old time dialogue cards (we're talking pre-1930's type of thing). It added a whole new dimension to the movie and was another extra well worth promoting as a new way of viewing the movie.

The second disc then broke things up with two final sets of extras; one for Teravision related material and the other for Hustler Video material. The Teravision extras started off with a 7:41 minute long solo scene on a day bed with sexy Tera Patrick sporting appealing highlights in her hair. She teased, caressed, and diddled herself with a dildo; making it a fine extra that I don't remember seeing elsewhere. This was followed by a photoshoot for Hustler magazine starring the lady lasting 3:27 minutes, a short commercial for a computer sex game using her likeness called Virtual Tera, and six trailers to Teravision titles including Teradise Island, Sexxxpose: Tiffany Taylor, Sexxxpose: Lexie Marie, Sexxxpose: Britney Skye, Sexxxpose: Nikki Benz, and Appetite For Destruction. Whew!

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The Hustler Video selection was a bit more standard with a slide show, spam, and trailers to five titles including Aphrodisiac and The Darkside of Memphis Monroe. Fans will also enjoy the two bonus sex scenes; one from Anal Extremes lasting 26:17 minutes starring Hillary Scott, John West, Anthony Hardwood, and Andrew Andretti; and another from Jessica's Jet Set starring Jessica Jaymes and Tommy Gunn, lasting 16:56 minutes in a bit more stylish endeavor for those that aren't into the gonzo of Hillary's bonus scene. There was also a double sided cover and a cardboard slipcover for those who care. In all, it was a superior package of extras, many of them unique to this release.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: InTERActive was presented in a 1.85:1 ratio letterboxed widescreen color offering as shot by director Q. Roberts for a joint release by both Hustler Video and Teravision. I have long appreciated when companies work in tandem to make superior products (Conquest and Pirates coming to mind) and while this was the sophomore release by the director, his work on Virtual Vivid Girl Sunny Leone was extremely well received as one of the best titles of the year last year; even winning a coveted top ten spot on the 2006 Top Porn List here. The lighting kept the grain from getting in the way, the composition of the shots always favored the ladies, and the accuracy of the fleshtones was a given. There were times when the editing might have been too abrupt but even with all the footage contained on the first disc, the bitrate managed to stay in the upper 5 Mbps area (and higher) a lot of the time. I still wish it had been done in anamorphic widescreen but that limitation aside, the menus were not intrusive and the clips looked really good. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital English using the 192 Kbps most porn is coded for. The difference was that there was separation in the audio tracks and the dynamic range was a couple of notches higher than usual; the music woven into the movie a LOT better than average. The dialogue was easy to hear too, taking precedence over the music, but both added to the overall quality of the movie more than a little bit here. In all, it was a top not fuck flick for the technical aspects as well as the sexual play going on.

Body of Review: Q. Roberts is best known in porn for his work as director of the award winning Virtual Vivid Girl Sunny Leone. Taking the genre a leap into the future with the title, he showed the kind of creativity that impresses a jaded old porn hound like myself, raising the bar for others to shoot for in their own efforts. Well, in a joint production between Hustler Video and Teravision, the man has struck gold again with InTERActive: A 2-Disc Interactive Escapade; a follow up virtual sex title that starred none other than Tera Patrick herself as a bored housewife in need of sexual stimulation. Forgoing the mechanical selections of other genre titles like Interactive Sex With Jenna Haze or Virtual Sex With Jana Cova (both excellent showcases for lovely ladies by the way), the show tried something new, even surpassing his work on Virtual Vivid Girl Sunny Leone.

Unlike other virtual sex titles, InTERActive uses a story approach to display the clips of sexy Tera Patrick as she spends her birthday looking for fun. That means the canned menus of previous efforts don't really apply to the show, making it more difficult to describe without cheating the viewer by spoiling all the fun. In the movie, her hard working husband is played by Sammy Liguori, a guy that does a great job of playing a Robert Deniro gangster type (complete with dark suit). He treats her like shit but it was among the funniest dialogue I've heard in a porno in a very long time, keeping in character the whole time. She played the clueless kept wife really well too, wearing a tight white crop top and lavender booty shorts that showed off her curves really well as she doted on him, pissing him off in the process. He leaves for work (that he can't talk about) with a surly attitude, ordering her to wash her dirty car in the driveway, thereby starting the exploits of Tera as she coyly teases while hosing down her car.

Okay, as she sprays the car, she runs into problems with the water not coming out of the hose, saying out loud how she needs assistance. As the helpful neighbor, the unidentified male (Spyder Jonez) rushes through his grooming rituals in order to make a good impression, coming to her aid where the first choice of the day comes into play. Needless to say, the wrong choice was a hoot and the right choice rewarded your gallantry. This set in motion choices allowing you to pick her bikini, her sex toy, her other sex partners (including Hillary Scott, Jessica Jaymes, and Dez), and the speed of her Sybian.

Hillary doing anal with Dez under her nickname of "Britney" (as in Britney Rears) in the kitchen scene was fun and funny at the same time (especially when she claimed to be saving her pussy for "prom night") and Jessica was better in her action scenes than I expected, but the star of the day was clearly and undeniably Tera Patrick. The tease portions alone were so strokable that I almost didn't care about her various hardcore exploits, but they showed her to be in fine form as well as she worked over her heavily dressed (to disguise his tattoos) real life partner Spyder. As I watched the movie a few times to get a feel for the different choices, there were a number of times when I thought that the length of the clips was superior to previous efforts in the field; rarely going for under a couple of minutes and sometimes (especially on the dialogue parts of the flick that often lasted 6+ minutes along with the resulting tease). There were 77 discrete "choices" to the movie that I started off keeping track of but then discarded the idea in favor of simply enjoying the dynamic the movie offered, the sum of them surpassing most virtual sex titles in terms of replay value, though admittedly offering far fewer specific choices. Of note was the fact that all the pop shots appeared to be real, not CGI fakes, an aspect of the genre that many fans have railed at continuously, and no condoms were used for those who care.

Oh, and for the record, here's a list of the major groupings/chapters the movie had to offer, keeping in mind that there were multiple angles to double your fun:
1) In the Kitchen With Sammy
2) Car Wash
3) In the Bedroom
4) Out At The Pool
5) Jessica Comes Over To Visit
6) Sybian Sex Machine
7) Playing With Their Food
8) Anal Sex With Britney
9) Tera's Striptease
10) Sex With Tera

Summary: InTERActive by director Q. Roberts for a joint release by both Hustler Video and Teravision surpassed my expectations and has already become a favorite frontrunner for one of the picks of the year on the Top Porn List. If you like Tera Patrick, this showed her having fun in a seductive manner, coming across at her best in a must see title. Given the technical qualities being so well handled on all levels, the ladies doing a great job (particularly Tera herself), and the sense of playful humor interjected by the very talented Sammy Liguori, I gave the double disc set the only rating that made sense: the DVD Talk Collector Series. The strokability, replay value, and fuck for the buck along with all the extras made InTERActive: A 2-Disc Interactive Escapade a near instant classic, showing the world that the abuse porn full of circus act sex so many companies have been promoting in recent years can be surpassed with a little bit of thought, a lot of planning, and some superior talent on both sides of the camera. The fact that I've taken an extra few days to try and find all the extras and run through all the clips is alone a testament to the staying power of the movie; a gal pal of mine enjoying it nearly as much as I did when we were going over some of the material last night. Great job!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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