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Cherokee Station

Studio: French Connection » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 4/18/07

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Year of Production:

Late 1970s or Early 1980s

Directed By:

Ian McGraw


Jason MacBride, B.J. Bare, Richard Bryant, Mike Wills, Sven Thorn, Bob Benner, Tad Kane, Vince Neal, Ken Holt.

The Movie:

Handsome freelance writer Jason MacBride takes vacation time to search for the ultimate sex club called Cherokee Station. The place is whispered about and is supposed to have the hottest sex around. Too bad no one actually knows where it is.

Scene One:

Bondage dude B.J. Bare (dark hair, mustache, leather cap, and shades) and Richard Bryant (nice looking with short brown hair) are in a black leather sex clench. Richard is giving B.J. some head taking that long cut dong down his throat while groovy organ music warbles in the background. Richard digs that cock nursing the large purple knob and jacking the shaft with his fist. The dudes get down into a sixty-nine on a cheap moth-eaten mattress with Richard tonguing B.J.'s tight hairy asshole and B.J. chowing down on his pal's stiff cut tool. The harsh lighting glares on the aqua walls as the dudes beat off. B.J. shoots a thick load of jizz on Richard's hand. Richard cums on his hairy stomach.

Scene Two:

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Mike Wills (handsome with short brown hair, mustache, and baseball cap) enters a seedy john looking for some tearoom action. Lucky for him that Jason MacBride (handsome with brown hair and mustache) is sitting on the toilet stroking his clipped cock. Jason sticks his stiff tool through the glory hole allowing Mike to suckle. He licks the purple head sliding his mouth all the way down the veiny shaft savoring the tasty man meat. The music is pure easy listening that one would have heard back in the 1970s in a dentist's office. Jason needs a taste as well taking Mike's hard cut prick down his throat. Mike quickly jacks off squirting his load on the stall wall. Jason does not get a nut.

Scene Three:

Tad Kane (Latino dude with dark hair wearing a "Sweeny Todd" tee shirt) is busy jerking his hard uncut tool when Bob Benner (handsome with brown hair and mustache) gives his pal a helping hand working that cock and pulling his own large cut member free from the confines of his blue jeans for a wank. Tad takes that hard prick down his throat as trumpet music blares. Bob fucks face and Tad digs it! He easily takes that dong all the way down his gullet and nurses on the large knob. Bob fingers Tad's tight hairy bunghole and fucks him fast 'n hard from behind. The dudes end up beating off with Bob squirting a wet load and Tad shooting a thick load on his full pubes and stomach.

Scene Four:

Jason (from Scene Two) enters the Broadway Baths walking in on a full orgy as four dudes with longish dark hair, average builds, and mustaches get down to some serious cock sucking. The guys take turns slurping and slobbering on those hard tools, fuckin' faces, jackin' shafts, and feelin' each other's bodies. The harsh lighting and extremely small space the dudes are crammed into make for some crappy group sex as poorly performed jazz ditties fill the "room". The dudes finally have enough (thankfully as the scene is crummy) and beat off shooting a mix of thick and wet loads. One dude cums on another's foot!

Scene Five:

Vince Neal (not the Motley Crue front man but a husky dude with dark hair and mustache) and Ken Holt (cute with blond hair and mustache) are getting down with Ken taking his pal's rigid cut tool down his gullet while pulling on his own clipped pork. Groovy "Charlie's Angles" type music that keeps skipping throbs in the background. Ken has a nice big cock with large purple knob that he yanks while Vince licks his plump balls. Ken shoots a wet load on his fist while Vince cuts loose with a wet load on his stomach. The close-up of Vince's cum shot is out of focus.



"Cherokee Station" looks to be shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography is okay providing coverage of the action with close-ups (some being out of focus). The picture quality is poor with grain.


The sound is tinny but clear enough for the viewer to hear the Jason MacBride's ridiculous voice-overs as he searches for the ultimate sex club. At least the music is fun 'n cheesy.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selections, and plenty of cool vintage trailers for: "Harley's Angels", "Rugged Men", "Macho Grande" (dig groovy organ music!), "Point Me Towards Tomorrow", "Young Stallions", "Navy Blues", "In the Heat of the Knight", "We'll Meet Again", "Rushin'", "Michael Angelo and David", "Nine Plus", "Killing Me Softly", "Muscle Bound", and "Pier Groups".

Final Thoughts:

I have no problems with vintage porn when it's hot and/or entertaining (see my review for "Roommates"). Unfortunately there isn't anything fun about "Cherokee Station" except the cheesy music. The dudes are appealing and some of the sex is okay but most of it is dull and uninspired. The picture quality is bad with grain, which doesn't help matters at all. I found the description on the box to be hilarious since the movie has absolutely nothing to do with train stations: "Old train stations are huge, cold and forbidding. But they also have so many places for men to meet other men in the shadows. Welcome to Cherokee Station where anything can happen and almost always does. It's where you go when you (sic) been everywhere else!" Skip it!

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