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18 Today No. 14 - Recess

Studio: French Connection » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 4/19/07

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Date of Production:

June 2000

Directed By:

Carmine Saco

The Movie:

"It's recess and these young (all age 18+) men are playing grown-up games. Hide-n-seek was never like this! Come join in! Everyone wins!"

The Dudes:

The guys are all cute with a mix of short black, brown, and blond hair, toned and slender smooth bodies, trimmed and full pubes, and hard uncut cocks.

Scene One:

After a lengthy game of volleyball, Gustov (cute with short black hair and toned/smooth body) and Richard (cute with short blond hair and toned/smooth body) engage in a new game called Soul Kissing. The dudes playfully suck each other's tongues, which leads Gustov to fall to his knees and take Richard's unclipped knob into his mouth. Gustov definitely needs a few lessons, as his head is crummy. Finally Richard has had enough of that lousy blowjob and takes his pal's hard uncut cock into his mouth giving a mediocre at best knob job. Richard fucks Gustov from behind (with condom) using fast 'n smooth strokes filling that tight shaved bunghole with his rigid pole. Gustov's limp cock and balls flap, as he's being porked. After a bit of side/missionary, Richard shoots a thick load on Gustov's chest as Gustov cuts loose with some thick jizz on the side of Richard's face.

Scene Two:

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Heinz (cute with short black hair and toned/smooth body) and Dimitri (good-looking with brown buzz cut and toned/smooth body) are making out on a cheap mattress going wild with wet tongues and roaming hands. Heinz goes down on Dimitri's uncut prick using the same lousy loose-lipped technique as the dudes in Scene One. Someone please show these guys how to suck a proper cock! Maybe they need to view Carmilla's instructional video from "Baitbus #5". Dimitiri licks Heins's unclipped dick using that same shitty loose-mouthed excuse for a blowjob. At least his fist is doing a good job of working that foreskin up and over the flared cock knob. Dimitri fucks Heinz in the missionary position (with condom) sliding his hard tool quickly in 'n out of that tight touchhole. Heinz plays a little of the ol' sink/bounce riding that hard condom-covered dong like it's the next train to Clarksville. Heinz shoots a thick load of man-cream on Dimitri's stomach while Dimitri dumps thick love balm on his brown pubes.

Scene Three:

Out in the woods, Roberto (cute with short dark hair and slender/smooth/tattooed body) jacks hic uncut tool using his right fist to work that foreskin while rubbing his full nuts. Groovy organ music along with chirping birds fills the air. He lays down on a blue mat that he must have drug out into the middle of God knows where so he has a comfy spot for a nice wank. Roberto has very hot full dark 'n bushy pubes. Spreading his legs nice 'n wide, Roberto pulls his pud sliding his foreskin over the knob and shoots a very thick load hitting his stomach and pubes. Very nice cum-drenched foreskin!

Scene Four:

Ulli (Cute with short dark hair and slender/smooth body) and his pal Petr (cute with short brownish-blond hair and average/smooth build) are out in the woods laying on a blanket getting down in a serious make out session with plenty of tongue. Petr pulls Ulli's hard uncut dick out and jacks the foreskin up 'n over his moist flared knob. Ulli plays with Petr's unclipped tool using his thumb and forefinger to work the overhang as a perky synthesizer ditty fills the woods. Ulli sucks Petr's flared knob while his fist his firmly wrapped around the root gently jacking the dong. Petr chows down on Ulli's pole giving mediocre head. The dudes beat off with Ulli shooting a thick load of jism on his stomach and full black pubes. Petr shoots a very thick load of love-milk on his shaft and full brown bush.

Scene Five:

Jonas (cute with short brown hair and slender/smooth body) is lying in the woods rubbing the growing bulge in his shorts enjoying some self-lovin' as birds tweet. Gustov and Richard (from Scene One) happen upon the happy masturbator and join him for some woodsy fun. Richard pulls his uncut prick out and Jonas immediately grabs it fisting the foreskin up 'n down and licking the knob. Gustov beats Jonas' stiff unclipped meat with very large purples knob sliding that foreskin up 'n over. The dudes get down to what they consider blowjobs but as mentioned before, are in need of some lessons. Gustov sinks down on Jonas' hard condom-covered prick bouncing up 'n down while he nipples on Richard's tool. Jonas shoots a small thick load on Richard's shoulder, Richard dumps thick jizz on his trimmed pubes, and Gustov doesn't cum.



"18 Today No. 14: Recess" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The basic videography provides full coverage of the action with some close-ups. The picture quality has a few pixel problems but is for the most part descent.


The sound isn't that good with too much wind whipping the microphone but at least the groovy organ music and chirping birds are fun.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, a photo gallery featuring screen grabs from the movie, and trailers for: "Young and Uncut No. 14", "Bareback Buddies", "Bi Teen Power 2", and "Carnival of Youth".

Final Thoughts:

"18 Today No. 14: Recess" is a mixed bag. The dudes are all very cute with big uncut cocks but the action isn't very hot. Their blowjobs are a joke and the butt fucking is uninspired. The guys simply don't seem to be into the action and are most likely thinking of their paychecks. The scenes move along at a nice pace and the videography is basic with some scenes needing more close-ups than what are supplied. I found the solo scene with Roberto to be the hottest in the movie. He looks to be enjoying his wank. I suggest a Rent It for fans of appealing Eastern European guys with unclipped pork.

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