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Studio: Other » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 4/20/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

X-Rated: 3 Disc Collector's Edition

FusXion/Metro Interactive

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Pat Myne

Cast: Eva Angelina, Alexis Amore, Mark Ashley, Kelly Wells, Lee Bang, Ace, Carlton Banks,

LT, Christie Lee, Ben English, Sandra Romain, Chris Charming, Sascha, Jada Fire, Mark Wood, Mr. Pete, Missy Monroe, Claudio Meloni, Barry Scott, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, Nick East, Joe Blow

Length: 175.5 minutes

Date of Production: 6/14/2006 to 6/20/2006

Extra's: The three disc set had a wealth of value-adding extras, starting with a cardboard bookcase style box; complete with raised images, two DVD cases inside, and a "page" front cover that opened up to display a whole bunch of pictures from the scenes (much like many videogames released these days have such boxes). The first disc held the movie itself, a photogallery, and an 11 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Zakk Wilde. To be fair, the BTS had some tease and photoshoot material but was very limited compared to the other two discs. Okay, the second disc was notable as the bonus scene disc; offering up 8 scenes shot between 5/14/2003 to 10/4/2006 that were either nominated or won various AVN awards. The only other extra on the disc was the pop shot compilation from the scenes but eight top scenes is a pretty sweet bunch of extras without anything else added in so unless you already own most of them; it was pretty decent. The scenes lasted 152 minutes and I gave a look at them below for those who care. The third disc was a bit different in that it had a few trailers, some spam for Goflix and phone sex commercials, but also 150 minutes of interviews, Behind the Scenes footage from the bonus scenes, and a lot of interview material by Pat as he described what kinds of things he liked and hated about porn (saying he did not like the rougher stuff that had become so popular and how he liked to offer as much tease footage as possible, for instance). There was lots of nudity (thankfully not by Pat) and a bunch of ladies interviewed were not in the scenes below if that matters to you but IIRC, they were from the listed movies; my biggest gripe being that they were not labeled as to which movie they came from. In all then, this 100th title by Pat for FusXion was certainly one the company went all out on, a nice package for a good price.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: X-Rated: 3 Disc Collector's Edition was presented in a letter-boxed widescreen color as shot by director Pat Myne for FusXion/Metro Interactive. This was his 100th release for the company and they pulled out all stops for the extras, sadly forgetting to provide an anamorphic widescreen set of scenes that would have done more for fans equipped with decent television sets. Still, the lighting was pretty good in most cases, the setting being the house so often used in the industry and while it was not his best looking release for the company, it wasn't bad either. The colors were too saturated in some of the scenes, adding grain and some video noise, along with occasional compression artifacts to the action. There was also a bit of moiré and pattern noise displayed, largely on the fishnets worn by some of the gals, Pat not carefully observing his actions with the camera and getting caught in the mirror during a scene too. He did seem to have an intuitive feel for shooting the ladies to make them look their best, with a bit more C-light needed at times though never as dark as some of his peers seem to like. The bitrate ranged a lot but I thought it was largely in the lower 5 Mbps area when I checked it. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English using the standard 192 Kbps. It was basic with little separation or dynamic range, the gals easily heard in most cases over the largely generic music.

Body of Review: Pat Myne directs at a couple companies these days, using his more common stage name when doing so for FusXion/Metro Interactive. Pat has been in the industry for a long time and the most notable thing about his works of late is the love of tease that he spends so much time on. Other directors have picked up on the consumer love of tease too, raising the bar for the industry in favor of the fans in part due to the way Pat has promoted the idea. His latest release for FusXion is X-Rated: 3 Disc Collector's Edition; a treasure trove of adult entertainment celebrating Pat's 100th movie for the company. I haven't seen many of his movies for them in awhile but his love of women always seemed to shine through, even when he kept talking in the background so annoyingly, the titles often providing superior stroke value in the process. The 3 discs of the movie include one lengthy set of scenes newly shot for the release, a set of eight older scenes that were nominated for AVN awards, and a disc of interviews and BTS footage from the previous titles. If this sounds good to you, here's a quick look at the scenes (all of them by the way), noting that no condoms were used at all:

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Scene One: Eva Angelina, the hotty on the right side of the front cover in the white bikini, and Alexis Amore, the curvy cutie seen on the left side of the cover wearing the black bikini, were up first as they teased the camera in the living room together. This lasted awhile as the generic music played, the gals soon finding Mark Ashley naked on the couch and waiting for them as they double teamed his rod orally. He sampled their body parts too, enjoying Eva's titties orally as he stroked her fine ass. Eva went first as she actively rode his cock vaginally; yelling in pleasure as her ass cheeks rippled with the pounding she was giving him. Alexis sat on his face and was rewarded by getting her own chance to shine on his cock, impaling herself nicely as she gyrated on him; the gals doing some PTM in between positions. Eva sat by the sidelines as Alexis rode (the scene's only real weakness for me) but she took the ending mouth pop, the gals cumswapping the population pudding before the camera faded away.

Scene Two: Kelly Wells, a lean blonde known for her over the top performances, was up next in the household setting as she slowly stripped off her attire to leave on some black fishnet stockings. She masturbated and tasted it, Pa's reflection seen on the mirrored wall a few times as he captured her frantic diddling session standing up. She then ended up on the bed where she started using some of the largest black dildos I've seen outside of a Belladonna movie; working her pussy and ass to near oblivion (with lots of taste testing) before she was joined by a gun toting LT. Without missing a beat, the horned up gal started blowing the plastic pistol he brandished, the guy tossing it aside to help her use the toys before he started eating her out. She then slobbed his knob with gusto in the messy manner she has long seemed to appreciate, resulting in the gal taking him in her ass as hard as he could plow her. She continued to make her over the top vocals as he did so, surprising me more by her passive riding than the amount of ATM she performed while sucking his cock clean between positions. He gave her an anal creampie she then shat out and swallowed, followed by blowing a series of men listed as Lee Bang, Ace, and Carlton Banks, to completion as her need for seed was unfulfilled initially. She swallowed the loads and the camera faded out; not her best scene but enough to cover most of the basics.

Scene Three: Christie Lee, one of the cuter extreme queens in porn, was up next in the bathroom wearing a school girl outfit and masturbating with a large clear toy. She relished the taste of her own juices as Pat directed her, the gal having fun but obviously wanting a cock instead. She even stretched her asshole with an anal plug but really lit up only after Ben English walked up to her with a full erection. She attacked it with her mouth, not letting up as she engaged him to her fullest in what amounted to the best head of the movie to this point. That led to her getting vaginally hammered by the guy; Christie demanding he pull her hair as he ripped into her with a lot of enthusiasm while bending her over the toilet. She did some PTM and continued to aggressively ride his cock in a few positions, leading to the inevitable anal that she appeared to get into more than a little bit. She did more riding and taste testing before he rubbed out his load to her face; the gal smiling at the camera as it caught the priceless expression on her face. Whew!

Scene Four: Sandra Romain, wearing some skimpy, butt munching camo bikini stripper clothes, was up next as she teased with a heavy emphasis on her shapely ass. She masturbated with some plugs; giving herself a technical DP with taste testing before ending up in a wire cage that Chris Charming and Sascha shook like crazy before pulling her out of it, tossing her over their shoulders, and planting her on a large white mattress. She took turns slobbing their knobs even more energetically than Christie had done, the lean brunette coming across as totally into the moment. She deepthroated them and the men started banging her in turns too; her pussy and ass getting stretched to the limits of the men as she gave it up actively. The dirty talk was also pretty solid and there was a lot of true DP action too; moving into a DPP (both men in her pussy at the same time) before the predicted DAP (both cocks in her ass at the same time). She took the facials well, playing with the semen out of a metal bowl but not swallowing it as I thought she would. Wow!

Scene Five: Jada Fire, the curvy black gal shown on the middle of the front cover, was up next wearing a satin blue bikini and projecting the kind of nasty attitude she is known for in her in her harder gonzo work. She went onto the couch as weird music played, feeling herself up before engaging in some anal toy play that led to Mark Wood and Mr. Pete working her over. She gave solid head to both of them while on her knees before providing a moderately active ride in her pussy and ass in a few positions. The men did give her a DP but her strength this time was with the oral she gave them and the plentiful dirty talk when her mouth was not full. The scene ended when they jerked off to her face, no swallowing going on but Jada looking like she was ready for rounds two, three, and possibly four as she had barely warmed up.

Scene Six: Missy Monroe, the currently retired blonde known for doing just about anything, was up next as she drove up in a Mercedes wearing a really hot and revealing neon pink micro-mini skirt muff buffer and matching mesh top. Her mirrored sunglasses and hoop earrings completed her ensemble; the lady looking leaner than I'd seen her in quite some time. Lining up inside the house were men credited as Claudio Meloni, Barry Scott, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, Nick East, and Joe Blow; all naked and awaiting her oral attention as she took them one at a time in succession (or is that "suck-session"?); using her mouth, hands, and titties to pleasure them nicely. The scene ended up being just a blowbang though; a rarity for the gal since she has long been established as a truly aggressive cock lover, the men pouring out moderate loads to her face, mouth, and upper torso before the credits rolled. While I prefer full scenes, this one had some solid stroke value for what it was, ending the show on a relative high note.

Bonus Scenes on Disc Two

Scene One: Terrible Teens: Little Bit was the last up. She was a cute blonde with a dog collar attached to her and she acted like a little kitty (meowing a bunch). Her interview was shorter and she masturbated a little bit (sorry for the pun) before Benjamin Bratt took charge of her from Pat. There was oral and straight with anal for the fans. She did some ass to mouth (ATM) with a toy and later with his penis after he hammered her there. There was also some gagging and spanking but most of the dominance was relating to the mental aspect (like when he had her rim him). The scene, like the others, ended with a pop shot to the face.

Scene Two: Early Entries: There's nothing sexier than a girl in fishnets and a thong if she has nice legs and a big, round ass. And Trinity packs all the goods. (pictured on the cover--yet hotter on the film) She's an amazing brunette with long hair, fake perky breasts, a model's face and a constant need to taste her pussy. But what's really great is that wide rear and the way that her stockings pinch at her thighs. She's so damn sexy that--thankfully--I forgot she was doing the scene with Lee Stone, whose muscles are so painfully big I always conjure images of the Hulk. Trinity starts out by slowly moving around for the camera and spreading her cheeks wide for us to see. Then she goes to work on Stone with the usual. Things get hot when they go into reverse cowgirl and Trinity really gets into the scene. I usually don't like it when clothing is kept on during the acts, but Trinity looks so amazing in her stockings that I didn't mind. Her full, round body and sexy legs are nothing but pure evil. (scene review by Saul Good)

Scene Three: Terrible Teens: Katrina was next and she showed her very lean body off before her interview. She claimed to be nineteen and from Russia, telling Pat she liked being recorded on camera. Her breasts were small but natural and her ass was shapely, which drove Pat crazy. She masturbated some more and then massive Lee walked in to screw her with his large penis. She rode him as though she was getting a bonus check, both while he stood (holding her up) and on the couch before he did the pile driver with a pop shot to her face.

Scene Four: Early Entries: Like Trinity from the first scene, Mary Lou has a nice legs and perfect round ass. Mary Lou says this is her first film, and that she's a little nervous, but she's in no way shy. Dressed in black stockings and matching top she starts off with some quick masturbation. Then she goes into oral with Mark Davis while she rubs her pussy. Sher licks his balls for a while, before doing some serious ass eating, which comes as a total surprise since they couldn't talk her into gagging on his dick. They try again, but it's obvious she doesn't want to. Mark Davis does oral on her and then fast fingering. Mark returns the rimjob favor before giving her a rough pounding in the doggy position. This goes on for a while but Mary Lou takes it like a pro. She hesitates a bit though, when Mark wants her to get nasty and spit in his mouth. May Lou then takes the top for a while before getting a facial, that she doesn't seem to want to swallow but eventually does. (scene review by Saul Good)

Scene Five: Ass Slaves 2: Dana Vespoli, decked out in black fetish attire, was up next on the couch with a paddle wielding Mark Ashley. He pulled her hair and spanked her fleshy ass, warming her up for the various oral and penetrative acts of the scene. Her fleshy ass looked particularly good here, even when the cheeks were red, with her thong separating them nicely before he took to choking her. The sloppy hummer led to a passive anal ride and the gal calling for him to get rougher (as in "slap me"), the ending climax going to her face and licked up off the floor.

Scene Six: Ass Assassin: Mandy Bright, another talented hotty in the porn world for years, wore a red fishnet outfit as she danced at the top of the staircase. She had a butt plug with a tail attached stretching her out for the scene to come. After some more tease and masturbation, she took on Claudio Meloni, Jay Ashley and Mickey G. on a couch. She did a lot of oral and straight sex but also a ton of anal sex with DP action. One surprise was how much technical DP action she did, using a toy in place of one dick, since that isn't common when there are enough dicks present to fill all three holes. She also did plenty of PTM and ATM before they unloaded on her lovely face. On a down note, she didn't swallow either but the rest of the time, she was a dynamo of sexual energy.

Scene Seven: Myne Tease 2: Judy Star, the hotty crouching on the front DVD cover wearing the purple outfit and fishnet stockings, started off the scene with some of Pat Myne's teasing action as she climbed the stairs and hung out by the railing. While I didn't care for the way her hair was pulled back (maybe if she were playing a dominatrix it would work better for me), I thought she looked great otherwise. She paired up with Mark Davis on a couch after giving the English stud a tease show of his own. She then gave him a very hardcore blowjob before he boned her hard and deep in her pussy and ass (with the usual PTM and ATM). There was a lot of energy between the two and she earned her money with the way she pushed back as he did her. It ended with a large load to her face and mouth; making it a good starting scene.

Scene Eight: Early Entries 4: Ellen Saint, a very cute foreign cutie, was up next in a bed wearing a see through outfit designed to make her look very young. She masturbated as Pat rambled, soon taking on Dillion Day and JJ using her mouth, pussy and ass as they proved her to be anything but the advertised amateur the series was supposed to provide. She did give up her body aggressively for the most part, the DP being her worst sex trick since it limited her ability to push herself much. The men came on her face and in her mouth at the end, the gal doing some post coital sucking to end the journey.

Summary: X-Rated: 3 Disc Collector's Edition by director Pat Myne for FusXion/Metro Interactive was certainly the longest movie of his career if you include the bonus material and while there were rough edges to many of the scenes, I thought it was well worth a rating of Highly Recommended or better, depending on what you're looking for. The technical matters were in need of polishing up, including the editing and lighting, but there was something for almost everyone in the DVD set so you might want to consider X-Rated: 3 Disc Collector's Edition as one of Pat's most strokable titles of the year. The ladies were especially good towards the end of the first half of the movie; Christie, Sandra, and Missy, being the best of the bunch but none of the scenes was filler material so check it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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