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Hot Property

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 4/20/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

September 2006

Directed By:

Danny Ray


Jake Butler, Fernando La Vegas, Lucky Taylor, York Penello, Felix Slovacek, Nico Sideropplus, Richy Rich, Drago Lembeck, Kevin Hartell, Tom Hawai, Lazar Long, Martin Nehmet, Rob Maxwell, Gary Brickman.

The Movie:

Horny Real Estate Agent Tom Hawai shows eager prospective home-owners a posh contemporary house that has a strong sexual effect on anyone who enters. Don't slip on all the cum!

The Dudes:

The dudes are all good-looking with toned/smooth bodies and short black or dark brown hair. All cocks are uncut except for one.

Scene One:

Nico Sideropolus wakes up frisky and in the mood for some lovin'. He kneels next to York Penello gently rubbing his pal's body while stroking his own hard uncut cock. York's large unclipped tool involuntarily dumps a thick load of jizz on his stomach sending Nico over the edge. He beats his meat shooting a thick spotty load and heads to the shower to clean up. Once awake, York joins Nico in the shower where the dudes take turns sucking each other's rigid members. Kissing with plenty of wet tongue, the dudes rub their cocks together leading Nico to shoot another thick load. The guys head back to the bed where York eats Nico's tight hairy asshole flicking his tongue over the pink pucker and making his pal moan with pleasure.

Nico sinks down on York's condom-covered tool riding up 'n down while his legs are spread nice and wide. York reaches around and jacks Nico's prick while thrusting his hips forward to fuck that hole. Nico fucks York's snug hairy bunghole from behind (with condom) pounding that butt with long smooth strokes. York shoots a large thick load on the bed as he gets porked and wildly works his heavy foreskin. Nico dry humps against York's bum and shoots a thick load on his back.

Scene Two:

Real Estate Agent Tom Hawai arrives at his latest open house to find Electrician Fernando La Vegas in the home's kitchen working on the light fixtures. The dudes share a knowing look as Tom yanks his large uncut cock from the fly of his pants and starts to work the foreskin up and over the knob. Tom pulls his own stiff unclipped tool from the fly of his expensive slacks sliding his fist up and down the shaft. The dudes undress revealing their hot bodies when Plumber Lazar Long, who's had his head under the sink, notices the action and rubs the bulge in his pants. He leans against the wall and pulls his uncut pork sliding his wet foreskin back and forth over the head. The dudes rub their rigid poles against Fernando's legs feeling his body and making out. Fernando shoots a thick load of man-juice hitting the ground while Tom dumps a thick load on the floor, and Lazar cuts loose with a wet load on the hardwood flooring.

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Shooting one load isn't enough for these horny dudes as Fernando stands on his ladder as Tom chows down on his big dong sliding his mouth up and down the hard shaft and having his mouth fucked. Lazar brings up the rear eating Tom's tight hairy bunghole lapping at the pink ring with his busy tongue. Tom pulls Fernando's plentiful foreskin forward sucking the overhang. Lazar slides his tool in from behind (with condom) fucking Tom's bum with fast 'n smooth strokes. The dudes lay down on the hardwood floor as Fernando fucks Lazar from behind (with condom) and Lazar fucks Tom in the side/missionary position (with condom). Fernando shoots a thick load on Lazar's gooch leading Tom to dump a generous wet load on the floor and Lazar squirts a thick load on Tom's pubes and balls.

Scene Three:

Felix Slovacek and Drego Lembeck are going at it hot 'n heavy on the sofa with Felix chowing down on that hard unclipped tool as he pulls his own uncut pud. Nico (from Scene One) is watching through a double door rubbing his uncut tool against the glass window. Nico slides his cock back and forth against the crack between the two double doors. Drego gets down sucking Felix's dick giving some excellent head as Nico continues to watch the action and dumping a thick load of spooge on the floor. Felix and Drego make out with wet tongues while rubbing their dongs together leading to both dudes shooting their thick loads on the floor. Nico dumps another thick load of man-dressing out of his deep piss slit and onto the door's glass window.

Still not satisfied, Drego and Nico bend over the sofa offering their bums to Felix. Felix munches down on those tight hairy touchholes tonguing the pouting puckers as the dudes make out. Felix fucks Drego from behind (with condom) pounding that butt and switches over to fill Nico's chute with his condom-covered tool with fast 'n smooth strokes. Drego plays a bit of the ol' sink/bounce on Felix's cock as Nico does the same thing on Drego's member. It's a wild sofa three-way bouncy party as the dudes grind their hips, fuck those holes, and fill the room with loud lusty moans. Nico cums for a forth time with a nice thick load on his inside thigh and Drego's thigh, Drego shoots a very thick load that runs down his shaft onto his nuts while Felix shoots some very thick spunk on his stomach. Nico shoots a fifth thick load on the floor! The guy is a cum machine! Hire him as entertainment for birthday parties!

Scene Four:

Rob Maxwell and Kevin Hartell are standing completely naked on a staircase watching each other jack their hard tools. Rob rubs his big uncut dong against the banister as Kevin yanks on his stiff clipped cock working the red knob and deep piss slit with his thumb. Kevin's cock twitches and jerks belching a thick load of love juice onto the floor. Kevin yanks Rob's prick making him get a nice thick nut. Rob bends over allowing Kevin to eat his tight hairy bunghole tonguing the pucker making Rob get a big goofy smile on his face. Rob shoots another load without touching his tool. He sinks down on Kevin's stiff condom-covered prick for a joy ride bouncing up and down filling the room with loud moans and ragged breathing. Rob shoots yet another load on his thigh as Kevin lets loose with a thick load on Rob's pubes and his own shaved pubic area.

Scene Five:

Jake Butler is having the time of his life receiving pleasure from both ends as Gary Brickman sucks his hard unclipped prick while Martin Nehmet eats his bum. Gary grabs that fat dong giving some good head working the knob as Martin tongues that tight touchhole tonguing and slobbering on the winking pucker. Jake shoots a large thick load out of his flared purple knob as Gary unloads his thick jizz on the floor. Jake kneels before the dudes switching back and forth cramming his mouth full of hard unclipped tube steak. The dudes fuck Jake's mouth leading Gary to shoot another thick load. Turned on by all the action, Jake beats off shooting a very thick load on the floor. Having satisfied their oral hungers, the dudes get down to some hot butt sex. Martin fucks Jake in the missionary position (with condom) pulling all the way out and sliding back in nice and deep. Jake sits on Gary's condom-clad dork riding up 'n down as his cock and nuts flop and swing around. Hot! Martin dumps a generous thick load of ropy jizz on Jake's chest, Jake shoots another load on his shaft and balls working his hot cum-filled foreskin. Gary shoots a very thick load of cock snot on his stalk and nuts.

Scene Six:

Tom Hawai (from Scene Two) is showing Lucky Taylor and Richy Rich the home's swimming pool and steam room. Quickly, the dudes forget all about the open house getting down to some heavy kissing with tongues as their curious hands roam feely over each other's bodies. They strip down releasing their hard uncut cocks and begin giving each other a helping hand and rubbing those dongs together. Lucky is soon on his knees sucking each prick with gusto switching back and forth as he gorges on that stiff unclipped man-pork. Richy is the fist to pop a thick load leading Tom to squirt a large wet one and Lucky dumping thick jizz on his fist. Tom and Richy sink to their knees sharing Lucky's rigid member sliding their hot wet gobs up and down and jacking the shaft. Lucky climaxes for a second time squirting thick man-goo through the air.

Richy sucks Tom's dick while Lucky makes himself right at home eating Richy's tight hairy butt hole lapping his tongue against the little pucker. Fucking Richy from behind (with condom), Lucky slides his hard prong in 'n out using long slow smooth strokes that become faster as he steps it into a higher gear. Richy is out of control and wildly bounces up and down on Tom's condom-covered hard-on and Lucky fucks his face. Lucky squirts another load on the floor as Richy dumps a thick spotty load on the thigh and Tom releases thick jizz on Richy's trimmed (almost shaved) pubes.



"Hot Property" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in widescreen. The videography by Danny Dean is excellent providing full coverage of all the action with plentiful extreme close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear the dudes without any problem as they breath heavily, moan, grunt, and sigh as they get their rocks off. The music by Rasch is a groovy mix of 1970s and 1980s synth.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selections, a cum shot review, a behind-the-scenes featurette showing the dudes hanging out and during their photo shoots for publicity stills, solo scenes of Richy Rich, Lucky Taylor, Lazar Long, and Nico Sideropolus, a gallery of high quality photographs form the movie, and the movie's trailer.

Final Thoughts:

High Octane and Director Danny Ray have another winner with "Hot Property". The movie is two full hours of nonstop man-sex featuring fourteen good-looking dudes who are definitely into each other and the action. The direction, videography, and editing (Ray Smith) create six scenes that move along at a steady pace and never become dull. Each scene includes at least two cum shots from each guy while some dudes (the wonderfully hot Nico Sideropolus) have the ability to dump at least five. As mentioned, all the dudes are appealing with my personal favorites being Nico Sideropolus, Fernando La Vegas, Lucky Taylor, and Tom Hawai. I highly recommend for fans of sexy Eastern European men with large uncut tools and for those searching for an entertaining and hot high quality production.

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