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Smokin Pole

Studio: French Connection » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 4/20/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Dates of Production:

June 2005 to February 2007

Directed By:

Doug and Jeff

The Movie:

Good-looking straight guys allow other dudes to suck their stuff while watching straight porn. In some cases, these straight dudes end up chowing down on some dongs of their own.

Bobby Rae:

Bobby's a very cute dude in his early twenties with blondish-brown hair. He's sleeping soundly when Doug (hot Dad with short gray hair and goatee) pulls back the covers and begins to play. Doug pulls Bobby's cut cock out from the top of his red pajamas giving it a nice stroke. Bobby wakes up and talks to Doug in a sexy low Southern drawl. This dude is fucking hot! Bobby lays back revealing his toned/smooth body spreading his legs allowing Doug full access to his brown pubes, full balls, and hard tool. Doug gives excellent head jacking the shaft and slobbering up and down the pole with plenty of deep throat. Bobby straddles Doug fucking his hungry mouth shooting a thick load on Doug's tongue and goatee. Doug digs that creamy nut!

Joe and Brent:

Joe's a cute twenty-one year old dude with short dark hair and baseball cap. He's lying in bed with Brent who's a good-looking twenty-eight year old with short brown hair, goatee, and baseball cap. This is the first time for both dudes to do anything like this although they work together in construction. Brent wants to get paid to "bust a nut". The guys remove their shirts revealing Joe's toned/smooth chest and Brent's toned/lightly hairy chest with cool tattoos. They lay back watching some gal get royally fucked on television while rubbing their baskets. Brent pulls his hard cut dick and plump nuts out and jacks with his right hand. Joe's a little more shy but finally releases his large stiff clipped dong with big purple knob and strokes with his right fist. The dudes yank their shorts down revealing Joe's his dark pubes and Brent's shaved area.

Brent blatantly stares at Joe's big dick telling him, "Damn dude! Big ol' cock you got on you!" He reaches over wrapping his fist around Joe's tool giving it a nice slow wank. Brent takes that fat fucker down his gullet grasping the stalk and sucking the knob savoring the taste. Joe digs the head breathing heavily and using his hand to guide Brent's mouth. Joe jacks off shooting a thick load hitting Brent's face and then slaps his cum-drenched dong against his pal's mug. Brent beats off shooting a large thick load of jizz on his chest and stomach. Large load!

Marc Jr. and Jay:

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Marc Jr. is a cute college type dude with short brown hair. He's laying on a hotel bed somewhere in Phoenix, AZ with Jay (cute Bear Cub/filmmaker with husky build, short brown hair, goatee, and baseball cap. Marc removes his shirt showing off his toned/tanned/smooth chest with hard nipples as Jay rubs his hard bulge. Jay pulls Marc's blue jeans and red boxers down revealing full brown pubes, full balls, and fat cut cock. He takes that dick into his mouth giving an excellent blowjob as his fist flies up and down the hard shaft and his mouth turning into a out of control vacuum cleaner. Jay stands up dropping his pants to show off his brown bush, plump cut cock, and full balls. Marc grabs that dong remaking, "Someone's excited." Marc crams that dick into his mouth sliding up 'n down, licking nuts, and nursing the knob. Jay pulls a long dildo out and says, "Say hello to my little friend!" He works the toy slowly up Marc's tight bunghole fucking him as sighs and moans fill the room. Marx spreads his legs further apart as Jay continues to twist that dildo in 'n out of his chute. Hot! Marc beats off with both hands squirting a thick load on his stomach and nuts. Jay cranks out a nice thick load of spunk on his fist.

Tanner and Marcus:

Tanner's a good-looking dude in his twenties with short dark hair and beard stubble. He enjoys pussy, as it's his number one pastime. Off-camera, Jay repeats the phrase "Pussy Pastime" making everyone laugh. Handsome dude Marcus (with dark hair) is also lounging on the bed as the dudes watch straight porn and rub their bulging baskets. Marcus is the first to release his large cut cock stroking it with his right fist. Tanner finally pulls his hard cut tool and mimics Marcus by jacking with his right hand. The dudes undress with Tanner revealing his toned/hairy body, full brown pubes, and hangy nuts. Not to be outdone, Marcus shows off his tall/slender body with tattoos and brown bush.

Tanner spreads his legs beating his hard meat as his plump balls draw up in their flesh-bag. Marcus leans over taking Tanner's cock fisting the stalk and working his wet mouth up 'n down giving descent head with loud slurping noises. Tanner is surprised as to how much he digs the head as he's never had another dude suck his tool and uses his hand to guide Marcus's mouth. "Oh! Just like that! Fuck yeah!" Tanner beats off dumping a thick load that slides out of his piss slit and down his fist and shaft. Hot 'n thick! Marcus pulls his pud shooting a large thick load. Hot dudes!

Robbie and Jackson:

Robbie's a very handsome twenty-four year old with black hair, toned/smooth body, 5'11" tall, and weighing in at 165 pounds. He enjoys working out, tanning, and nightclubs. Robbie doesn't have a girlfriend at the moment but recently got some pussy in Vegas. He's had a chick lick his asshole before and liked it. He lies back on the bed watching straight porn and slowly rubbing the hard tube outlined in his tight black shorts. Robbie teases the viewer for a while and finally pulls down the shorts revealing his shaved pubes, hard cut cock, and full nuts. He jacks off using his right fist with eyes glued to the television. Jackson (cute dude in his early twenties with short dark hair and baseball cap) moseys on in and joins Robbie in bed. Jackson immediately gets down to business rubbing Robbie's inside thigh, balls, and stroking his prick. He leans over taking that woody down his throat sliding his wet mouth up 'n down and stroking the stalk. Robbie digs the excellent head he's receiving and uses his hands to guide Jackson's mouth. Jackson yanks off his clothing revealing a nice average build with smooth chest, tattoos, brown pubes, full nuts, and cut cock. He continues to chow down on Robbie's dong while jacking his own. Robbie reaches fulfillment shooting a thick load of jizz on Jackson's chin. Jackson beats off shooting a thick load on his fist and onto the carpet.

Kai, Bosco, and Landon:

Kai is one of the hottest fucking dudes to appear in the ASG productions. He's handsome with short brown hair and has a smooth/muscular build with plenty of cool tattoos. He's joined by real-life couple Bosco (nice-looking twenty four year old with short light brown hair and smooth/toned body) and Landon (very cute twenty six year old with dark spiky hair and toned/smooth/tattooed body). Landon pulls Kai's blue jeans and boxers down revealing his brown pubes, hangy nuts, and cut tool. He takes that cock down his gullet as Bosco rubs Kai's inside thigh and sucks his hard nipples. Kai's cock quickly grows to a large full hardness grunting and breathing heavily under Landon's excellent jaw job. "Oh fuck! Yeah!"

The dudes chow down on Kai's cock together sharing the hard organ cramming it down their throats while beating the hard shaft. Landon pulls his blue jeans off revealing his dark pubes, nuts, and plump cut prick. Bosco follows his lead stripping down and yanking on his hard cut tool. Bosco fists Landon's stiffy while Landon continues to suck Kai's tool. "Suck my fuckin' cock!" Landon straddles Bosco fucking his face sliding that weenie in 'n out of his boyfriend's wet gob. There's a nice camera shot of Landon's tight hairy bunghole as he blows Bosco. Bosco returns the favor chowing down on Landon's dong. Kai beats off shooting a wet load on the dudes mouths as they kiss with deep tongue. Kai watches with a big smile on his face as the dudes pull each other's pork leading Landon to shoot a thick load on his stomach. Bosco straddles Landon shooting a thick load on his chest. Hot!



"Smokin' Pole" is shot directly on high quality and presented in full screen. The hand-held videography provides full coverage of all the action with plenty of cool close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear the dudes as they shoot the breeze, breathe heavily and moan as they are pleasured, and the unseen gals on television.


The disc contains an interactive menu with scene selections and chapter stops. There are no bonus features.

Final Thoughts:

Arizona horn dogs Doug and Jay come through with another hot offering of straight dudes going "gay for pay" in "Smokin' Pole". The hand-held videography and editing are strong allowing each scene to move along at a nice pace that never becomes dull. The dudes are all appealing and don't seem to mind having another guy chow down on their hard cocks. My personal favorites are Kai, Bobby Rae, Joe, and Robbie. I highly recommend to fans of straight dudes willing to fool around with each other for cash.

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