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Davinci Load 2: Electric Twinkaloo, The

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 4/22/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

January 2007

Directed By:

Peter Z. Pan


Sebastian Young, Casey Wood, Jayden Holloway, Matt Havoc, Derrek Scott, Todd Hunter, Tristan Everhard, Remi Steele.

The Movie:

Leo DiVinci (Sebastian Young) must save the planet from a dark prophesy that will befall all of mankind by giving five Twinks, all with the name Billy O'Reilly, "such a good ass pounding that they will never look at another pussy again."

The Dudes:

These young Twinks (all age 18+) are attractive with a mix of toned/smooth and slender/smooth body types, short and long hair, full and trimmed pubes, and hard cut tools.

Scene One:

Sebastian Young (very cute with short dark hair and toned/smooth/tanned/tattooed body) seduces pizza delivery dude Matt Havoc (cute with blond hair and slender/toned body) by giving him a large tip and letting him look at some titty magazines. Purposely using the timeworn excuse that his muscles hurt from working out, Sebastian gets Matt to massage his back. 1970s funky soul blares as Sebastian kneels on the shag carpet and pulls Matt's shorts and boxers down revealing his trimmed pubes and large cut cock. His tongue playfully flicks around the knob before he wraps his fist around that big cock jerking the shaft and sliding his wet mouth up and down. Matt's forced down on his knees and takes Sebastian's big fat clipped pork down his gullet while stroking the shaft and nursing on the large mushroom head. "Suck that fuckin' cock, bitch!"

The dudes slide into a side sixty-nine on the plaid sofa as they both gorge on hard meat. Matt eats Sebastian's tight hairy asshole lapping the pucker with his pierced tongue making Sebastian moan, "Suck my ass, straight boy!" Matt rides Sebastian's condom-covered cock bouncing up 'n down while stroking his own hard tool. Sebastian thrusts upward fucking Matt's tight bunghole using circular motions to make Matt cry out with lust. Both sets of nuts flop around as the room is filled with loud moans, sighs, and "Oh yeahs". Sebastian switches to the side/missionary position as he continues to pound Matt and then actually picks him up while drilling his hole. Matt shoots a large thick load of jizz all over his toned chest and stomach. Sebastian cuts loose with a thick load of love juice on Matt's face.

Scene Two:

Casey Wood (cute with longish brown/blond hair and slender/toned body) flirts with grocery store bag boy Todd Hunter (cute with brown buzz cut and toned/smooth body. He invites the hottie over to a nearby resort to relax by the pool. Casey undresses revealing his trimmed pubes and huge fat cut dong. He lies back on the lounge chair rubbing his enormous meat and large hangy nuts and offers to apply suntan lotion onto Todd's back. Of course, this leads to Casey rubbing Todd's hot bum. Todd turns over revealing his hard cut cock and trimmed pubes. Casey rubs the hard tools together and licks his way down Todd's chest sliding that hard dick down his throat. Casey gives excellent head fisting the shaft and working his mouth up and down. A gentle acoustic guitar and chirping birds join Todd's sighs of pleasure. Casey rolls Todd back over, spreads his butt cheeks, and eats his tight shaved pink bunghole. He spits on the pucker and munches down.

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Todd takes as much of that huge cock down his gullet as he can jacking the fat shaft and nursing the big knob as Casey guides his head with his hand. Todd sinks down on Casey's condom-covered dong somehow cramming that gigantic member up his tight little chute riding up and down and moaning loudly. Casey fucks Todd from behind pounding his ass fast and smooth as his huge nuts slap back and forth. I love those huge nuts! After being fucked in the missionary position, Todd shoots a thick load on Casey's chest. Casey shoots a large thick load of spooge on Todd's face. Hot!

Scene Three:

In a nearby castle, wild nazi dressed in black leather (Harry Beastt in a hilarious non-sexual role) commands Matt (from Scene One), Remi Steele (cute with short brown hair and toned/smooth body), and Tristan Everhard (cute with spiky brown/blond hair and slender/toned body) to strip down. The guys comply leading to a three-way butt munch as a perky polka plays in the background. Remi tongues Tristan's tight shaved asshole with his pierced tongue as Matt chows down on Remi's tight shaved touchhole with a pierced tongue of his own. In a traditional daisy chain, Tristan sucks Matt's big clipped dick slobbering up and down while Remi grabs Tristan's cut prick and works his wet mouth on the shaft as Matt sucks Remi's cut cock. The dudes get into the cock sucking stroking those hard stalks and cramming 'em down their throats.

Cool 1970s inspired instrumentals fill the air as the dudes get down on those hard dongs. Tristan fucks Remi from behind (with condom) using fast 'n smooth strokes as Remi sucks Matt's dick. Tristan switches over to fucking Matt in the side/missionary position (with condom) sliding in 'n out using fast 'n hard strokes and making Matt moan with pleasure. Matt gets in on the action by fucking Remi doggy style (with condom) slowly working that big dick up his pal's tight twink-chute. Tristan shoots a thick load on Remi's face followed by Remi dumping a thick load on Matt's neck. Matt shoots off in Remi's mouth and the spit mixed with thick nut drools out.

Scene Four:

Casey (from Scene Two) spends the night with Derrek Scott (cute with short brown hair and toned/smooth body who could be pop singer Pink's little brother if she had one). Derrek is full of attitude lying on the bed leafing though a pussy magazine. Casey pulls off his clothes revealing that enormous piece of cut Grade A beef leading Derrek to exclaim, "Wow dude!". Waking up in the middle of the night, Casey pulls his huge pork rubbing his big nuts and using both fists on that fucker. He gently slides Derrek's briefs down exposing his hot bum and slowly feels him up. Casey pulls those butt cheeks apart revealing Derrek's tight shaved bunghole and munches down tonguing the pucker. Casey takes Derrek's stiff clipped cock down his throat working the shaft up and down and giving a good ol' blowjob.

The dudes kiss with plenty of deep tongue as cool cocktail lounge music plays. Derrek grabs Casey's huge tool fisting the shaft with both hands in a twisting motion and sucking the large mushroom head. He goes crazy on that thang cramming as much as he can down his gullet and sucking those big nuts. He definitely knows his way around a large cock. The dudes get down into a side sixty-nine as they feast on hard tube steaks. Derrek plays the ol' sink/bounce riding Casey's condom-clad pole up 'n down as Casey thrusts upwards to fuck that bunghole. Casey fucks Derrek from behind using fast and smooth strokes, as Derrek demands to be boned harder. He switches to the missionary position drilling that bum as Derrek beats his meat. Casey shoots a huge thick load all over Derrek's face. Hot! Derrek shoots off in Casey's mouth with plenty of juice dripping down his chin.

Scene Five:

Sebastian (from Scene One) is lounging around in nothing but a towel when innocent church dude Jayden Holloway (cute with brown/blond hair and toned/smooth body) knocks on his door with some informative pamphlets. Sebastian sits with legs spread and nuts hanging out as Jayden discusses his church. "Accidentally" spilling his drink on Jayden, Sebastian generously offers to share his bath and his new friend immediately agrees. Once in the tub, Jayden's cut cock is fully hard sticking up in the air. The dudes engage in home heavy kissing with plenty of tongue sucking leading Sebastian to take that hard prick down his throat sliding up and down while pumping the shaft with his fist. Jayden sucks Sebastian's fat clipped member stroking the shaft, licking and tonguing those hot nuts, and cramming his mouth full.

Jayden munches down on Sebastian's tight hairy bunghole tonguing the tender pucker and making it pout. He slides down on Sebastian's condom-clad dong bouncing up 'n down and going for a wild ride to fill his tight chute with fat meat. Sebastian plows Jayden from behind and then in the missionary position using fast 'n hard strokes porking the hell out of that hole. Jayden jacks off shooting a large thick load all over his chest and stomach. Sebastian dumps his thick nut on Jayden's face.



"DaVinci Load 2: Electeric Twinkaloo" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography provides full coverage of all the action with plenty of excellent close-ups of the ass eating. The picture quality his sharp and clean.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear the dude's dialogue, heavy breathing and moaning, and cool music selections featuring 1970s type disco, acoustic guitar, and a fun polka ditty.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, a slide show featuring plentiful photographs from the movie, and outtakes of the dudes messing up their lines, laughing, fluffing hard cocks, and prepping assholes with large dildos.

Final Thoughts:

Peter Z. Pan, the wild and imaginative mind behind last year's Bewitched take-off "Betwinked" is back with "DaVinci Load 2: Electric Twinkaloo" and he doesn't disappoint. The direction, editing, and videography allow for the five hot scenes to move along at a steady pace and never become dull. The dudes are all cute and are definitely into each other and the action as they suck cocks, eat assholes, and have wild butt sex. I like all the guys with Sebastian Young, Casey Wood, Matt Havoc, and Remi Steel being my personal favorites. What I love about the movie is that it's not only hot but funny and entertaining as well. Mr. Pan writes some hilarious pop culture-infused dialogue and the wild non-sexual performances by Harry Beastt as the horny nazi, Misty Eyez as his glamorous and deadly girlfriend, and Gabriel DuBois as an overzealous relative are all strong. I highly recommend for those who like cute Twinks with big cocks (Casey Wood's enormous dong is one of the biggest I've ever seen) and movies with an actual plot. This is hot campy fun!

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