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You Bet!

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 4/23/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

April 2006

Directed By:

James Connor


Marco di Lucca, Josh Rubens, Rivelli Pharelli, Yago Conrado, Mick Dylan, Misha Vandam.

The Movie:

Personal trainer Josh Rubens has a bet with his boyfriend that he can seduce his hunky client. If Josh looses, he'll bottom for his lover.

The Dudes:

These European dudes are all appealing with a nice mix of muscular, toned, and slender builds, hairy and smooth chests, short and long hair, full/trimmed/shaved pubes, and unclipped cocks.

Scene One:

Marco di Lucca (good-looking with short black hair and smooth/toned body) enjoys an erotic shower lathering his sexy body, shaved pubes, and uncut cock. The cleansing leads to much more when Marco begins pulling his pork and is joined by boyfriend Josh Rubens (handsome with short brown hair and muscular/smooth body). The dudes get down to some serious soul kissing and body worship as the jets of water spray down on them. Marco licks and sucks Josh's hard eraser-tip nipples slowly making his way down to taking that hard unclipped dong down his throat. Josh has a big purple cock knob that Marco seems to love paying close attention to. Josh sinks to his knees giving Marco some excellent head as his greedy mouth works up and down the rigid shaft.

The guys towel off and continue their love making on the bed. Josh munches down on Marco's tight shaved asshole tonguing the pucker and rubbing it with his thumb. Josh fucks Marco from behind (with condom) sliding quickly in 'n out of that snug chute with smooth strokes. Josh switches to the traditional missionary position and pounds his boyfriend's butt like gangbusters. After a slow 'n steady sink/bounce, Marco shoots a thick spotty load on his fist and stomach. Josh cuts loose with a large thick load of jizz on his trimmed pubes.

Scene Two:

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Josh falls back to sleep and dreams that Misha Vandam (handsome with long brown hair and muscular/smooth body) is lounging on a bed completely nude. Misha rolls around on the mattress revealing his brown pubes and large uncut tool. The dudes passionately kiss sucking tongues and slowly feeling each other's muscular bods. Josh goes down on Misha's hard dick licking the veiny shaft and large knob then switching to those full balls and finally taking it down his throat. Misha sucks Josh's rigid unclipped prick sucking the bulbous knob and jacking the shaft. The dudes slide into a sixty-nine where Misha tongues Josh's tight shaved bunghole as Josh chows back down on that hard cock. Josh finger fucks Misha's tight shaved pucker sliding his long slender middle digit in while tonguing the pucker. Misha fucks Josh from behind (with condom) taking his time sliding slowly in and out of that vice-like manhole. Misha shoots a large wet load of man-juice on Josh's toned stomach while Josh lets loose with a thick load.

Scene Three:

Marco hasn't been doing such a great job and is called into the Human Resources Department to be fired by Yago Conrado (handsome with short black hair and slender/toned body). It's a good thing for Marco that his boss is horny and looking for some lovin'. The dudes slowly undress with Yago revealing his fat uncut cock and full pubes. They engage in some deep tongue kissing followed by Yago sucking Marco's hard nipples. The guys chow down on each other's members giving some wild head. Marco hikes one leg up on a bookcase allowing Yago to tongue his tight shaved touchhole while Marco pulls his unclipped pud. Yago finger fucks Marco with two digits teasing his one-eyed kitty. He fucks Marco doggy style (with condom) using quick jabbing motions switching to the missionary position on his glass top desk. The dudes beat off both shooting thick and dotty loads on the desk.

Scene Four:

We find out that Josh Rubens is a personal trainer when he hops on his bicycle and peddles thought the streets of Amsterdam on his way to meet a client. I wonder if he ever stops off at one of the cafes for a toke? Josh puts Mick Dylan (handsome with short brown hair and tall/muscular build) through his paces with plenty of weight lifting and sit-ups. As the exercising progresses so does Josh's lust. Slowly rubbing Mick's exposed toned stomach, Josh pulls out his client's hard uncut dong and chows down giving some very good head. Mick sucks Josh's hard eraser-tip nipples and ends up sucking his personal trainer's unclipped tool with some hot deep throat. Next, Mick moves to Josh's tight bunghole eating that hole, spitting on it, and giving it a full going over. Mick fucks Josh from behind (with condom) with a good fast/hard pounding that makes his balls slap against Mick's gooch. The dudes glide though a buffet of sexual positions finally sitting next to each other for a hot wank. Mick shoots a large thick load all over his muscular hairy chest while Josh dumps a thick load on his fist and trimmed pubes.

Scenes Five and Six:

Since these scenes play as one long seamless fuck-fest, I will treat them as such. Josh is back in his apartment watching a videotape he secretly made from his last sexual escapade when Marco returns with Rivelli Pharelli (handsome with short black hair and tall/toned/smooth body). The dudes are all out of cocktail fixins' so Marco heads out to a nearby liquor store leaving two horny guys to fend for themselves. As they sit on the sofa watching the homemade porn, hot soul kissing is the first order of business. The dudes break away from their wet lip-lock long enough to strip down leading Josh to chow down on Rivelli's long uncut dong fisting the stiff meat-pole with his hand while sliding his salivating mouth up 'n down. In full heat, Rivelli sucks Josh's unclipped member making him moan. Josh rubs his new pal's tight shaved bunghole licking the pucker as it pulses with unadulterated pleasure. Rivelli rides Josh's condom-clad dong bouncing up and down like a big baby on a spring-loaded horse. Marco gets back immediately joining the lusty romp by deep kissing Rivelli while his boyfriend pounds their guest's manhole.

For some reason the dudes decide to continue their par-tay in the kitchen instead of the comfortable bed. Marco gladly lays in the missionary position with his tight shaved hole on display for Josh to rub while Rivelli fucks his face from above. Rivelli slides his long ebony dong (with condom) up Marco's rear-end stretching that bung like no other with some fast 'n hard pounding. Josh slides his hard cock up Marco's hole (with condom) at the same time for an amazing double penetration. The dudes then switch to a three-way fuck with Rivelli drilling Marco as Josh pounds Rivelli. The horny trio gather 'round a glass table and choke their chickens. Rivelli shoots a heavy thick load followed by Josh's thick jizz and Marco's thick man-cream all over the tabletop.



"You Bet!" is short directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Jasper Emerald and Paul Baron is excellent providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clean allowing the viewer to groove along to the throbbing techno beats and hear the dudes as they loose themselves in total pleasure.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selections, a bonus solo scene of Marco di Luca jerking off and playing with his butt hole and trailers for: "The Second Cummin'", "The Apprentice", "Postcards From London", "Postcards From Amsterdam", "Postcards from Berlin", and "Postcards from Aunt Gladys" Hee hee.

Final Thoughts:

FreshSX along with Director James Connor have created a highly erotic non-stop lust feast with "You Bet!". The direction, videography, and editing (Rex King) are strong providing scenes that move along at a nice pace and never become repetitious. The dudes really cut loose with wild no-holds barred performances and are clearly into each other and the man-sex. I think all the guys are appealing with my personal favorites being Rivelli Pharelli, Josh Rubens, and Mick Dylan. I highly recommend for fans of sexy European men with hard uncut tools in a top-notch production.

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