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Myplace 2: A Space For Whores

Studio: Greedy Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 4/25/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Myplace 2: A Space For Whores

Greedy Video/New Sensations

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Eli Kayzen

Cast: Katrina Angel, Trent Soluri, Renae Cruz, Brother Love, Ishtar, Sinclair, Rayne Rodriguez, Justice Young, Kylee Reese, Johnny Sins
Non-sex roles: Fonz, Freddy, Jew Heff, Vicky, Mazzy, Vicki Swallows, Mel, Eli Kayzen

Length: 208:53 minutes

Dates of Production: 11/12/2006, 12/3/2006, 1/12/2007, 1/27/2007, 2/18/2007

Extra's: There were actually some good extras this time with a bunch of short Behind the Scenes clips that were mainly looking like bloopers. I found several of them really humorous and none were a waste of space so give them a look. There was also a photogallery, trailer, and a unique main menu that showed a lot more thought than most porn these days does. Fans may also appreciate the true double sided DVD cover too.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Myplace 2: A Space For Whores was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Eli Kayzen (with some help from his friends) for Greedy Video. The level of raw energy in most scenes was pretty solid; the ladies having less experience on camera than many others populating the industry but still showing they appreciated having fun for pay. The lighting was on the low end but it added to the Pro-Am dynamic and the levels of grain, video noise and other flaws was never so bad as to make me want to watch something else. As with any "reality TV" styled show, the flaws were a part of the fun so purists might want to take note that it wasn't crystal clear but you could see the action nicely. The camera angles were limited but enhanced the playful attitude of the ladies and the way they looked in most cases. I saw no compression artifacts and with a little more polishing up, I think this has the potential to be a big selling series. The bitrate hovered around the 5 Mbps range (varying more than a little though) and looked better than the original Myplace 1: A Space For Whores for those who care; the learning curve clearly in evidence for the still-new director. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English using the 192 Kbps bitrate and I could hear everything that was said but the sound was on the low end at times in that it was recorded from the built in microphone on the camera.

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Body of Review: Eli Kayzen has not made a lot of movies for Greedy Video but his last flick, Myplace 1: A Space For Whores, really proved to be a winner; initially described as: "a parody of the My Space phenomenon. Each scene played out like a cross between Jack's Playground and one of the Shane's World travel shows, adding in a lot more fun then some of the supposedly alternative "Alt-Porn" offerings have done. The freshness factor and seemingly unscripted action made for a lot of fun, with some of the cast providing awesome displays of affection for the men." I've never really cared for the networking website myself since the operators seem all too wiling to delete accounts without valid reasons but given the mass market potential it offers porn, I applaud Eli's efforts to cater to the masses with a fun porno rather than a formulaic generi-porn title as so many others make these days. His latest release is the sequel, Myplace 2: A Space For Whores where the party atmosphere continued and the sex provided as much fun with a host of "real" looking ladies enjoying the good times to be had by all. That said, here's a quick look at the scenes noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Katrina Angel, a 22 year old blonde with a lean body and cute face (she was the second gal from the top on the right hand side of the front cover), was up first as she introduced herself to the guys with her kung fu grip. The guys were playing her and she ended up getting stuck with Trent Soluri for her scene; proving how much she must have wanted to get into porn given his slicked back hair. She didn't even start getting naked until the tease portions around the 15 minute mark that led to the sex with moper Trent. She slobbed his knob a bit and rubbed herself against him, stopping the scene when she misunderstood his intentions regarding her perfect pucker but once that was settled, he began banging away at her cookie like crazy. Once on top of him, she was an active cock rider and even the twisted camera angles seemed to capture her enthusiasm pretty well. The sex in the noisy living room chair got to be a chore so they moved to the combination bedroom/storage room, where she seemed to appreciate the creature comforts of the bed as he tapped away at her with a sense of abandon. It ended with what appeared to be a genuine vaginal creampie that she pushed out onto the wooden floor, the lack of a C-light the only hindrance to the final moments of the fun, solid scene.

Scene Two: Renae Cruz, the busty 19 year old featured on the left hand side of the front cover, was up next after Eli woke his sleepy head crew again, resulting in meeting her at the local mall as Brother Love, sporting his Mr. Clean look (like Christian XXX) playfully made his move. As they drove along the public streets, she flashed them and let the men fondle her, resulting in the cutie jerking off Brother as he navigated the parking lot better than I would have been able to do. She gave him some delightful road head and he felt her up before they got back to the house. There was the hint that he gave her a golden shower but it was cut away (with the screen saying they wished they could have shown what happened) and they took a shower together to continue the action after that as she inhaled his cock. He boned her and the rougher look of the cramped bathroom reminded me a lot of some of the older Shane's World stuff that relied less on technical excellence than on the heat generated by the cast, the gal showing some passion as she rode him in the tub. They moved to the living room to continue where he ate her out and if she was faking it, she did a fine job and is welcome to do so at my place any time she likes. They boned in several positions before it ended with her jerking him off to her face, little of the ball busting behavior Brother seems to go for in his POV series; a cute bit about her signing the waiver happening a little late in the scene (on a New Sensations form) before yet another clip from the A Moment with Fonz segment.

Scene Three: Ishtar, a 19 year old Lebanese gal as seen on the right hand side (third from the top), was up next as she joined the frolicking poker players, resulting in working with dopey Sinclair (who was the spitting image of James Bullock's character Monroe Ficus from Too Close For Comfort). Eli made a lot of fun at Sinclair's expense (looping his goofier statements) but he had the last laugh as he scored the trim from the promiscuous gal (who was named after one of the worst movies in history). In her favor, she clung to his cock like crazy as she blew him, seeming to not want to let go as she worked him over in front of the others in the living room. She might not have been a great looking gal but given her knob bobbing skills, I think she'll be very popular at college when this circulates around campus. They went upstairs after that but she continued to jerk and suck him off playfully, Sinclair snacking on her crack as well before they boned. He did most of the work this time but as she warmed up, she got more into giving it up actively and her all natural breasts bounced in that pleasing manner real ones do. In any case, she got into it more and the couple screwed like happy bunnies with some chemistry almost elevating the scene to levels reached in the last scene, the gal swallowing his load of population pudding in the bathroom to close things out.

Scene Four: Rayne Rodriguez, the 22 year old Latina seen on the lower right hand corner of the cover, was up next as she hooked up with scrawny Justice Young in his dive of an apartment. She was wearing a small top and short blue jean skirt, the gal looking a lot better in the movie than on the front cover. They continued the scenario of hooking up on My Space like the others before her, sucking down a beer before the men played Battling Robots. She gained their attention quickly when the sex talk led to her saying she'd "had a lot of guys" sucking her pussy but it did nothing for her, showing her cookie and breasts on the kitchen table in a casual manner before masturbating at their request. Justice whipped out his modest member and she went right to work, giving him head while stretched out on the table for Eli to molest. They went to the couch to continue and after more oral they were banging away with her acting way over the top as a result. He thumbed her asshole and then she finally got on top to actively ride, making the latter portions of the scene a LOT better as a result. The pile driver and spooning led to them appearing almost joined as one given their extensive ink, the guy letting loose a large load on her face and upper torso; including an eye pop that ended things.

Scene Five: Kylee Reese, the 21 one year old blonde on the top spot on the right hand side of the cover, was up last after a puppet theatre moment with Fonz, with wannabe gang member Johnny Sins as the third tier moper she was working with. She was really cute and fit in as the guys tried out their beer bong from the second story (where Brother proved he could swallow). She looked on in disbelief but had no problems teasing in her street clothes before being interviewed on the couch. She signed the waiver and gave a great tease show, leading to Johnny appreciating her white girl booty shake (she had just enough junk in her trunk to make it work). She was already wet when he ate her out and she showed that she had some experience with giving hummers as she roughly worked him over orally in return (the guys liked her style a lot too). The scene seemed a lot shorter than some of the others sexually and she started off slowly before bouncing on his cock in reverse cowgirl, moaning and panting as though his modest member was more than she was used to. Even given her over the top vocals, she showed some potential and the ending proved she wasn't a cum dodger. It was a good scene to close out with.

Summary: Myplace 2: A Space For Whores by director Eli Kayzen for Greedy Video was another title worth checking out for fans of heated pairings of newer gals in porn. This time, some of the rough edges were honed down a bit on the technical side and the ladies all seemed to be into the action, making it worthy of a Highly Recommended rating. The strokability, replay value, and levels of fuck for the buck were all better than the fake porn that dominates the market but the show also had a lot of fun in between the sex with a leap forward in the extras adding fuel to the fire as well. In short, Myplace 2: A Space For Whores showed that Myplace 1: A Space For Whores was only the beginning point for the series as it evolves into something better over time, making me wonder what is in store for the audience in future efforts. If you like the reality porn angle of Shane's World and the playful humor of the Jack's Playground series, Myplace 2 is going to make you very happy. Good job!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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