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Hard Mechanics 3

Studio: Other » Review by Brokeback » Review Date: 4/26/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production: 2006

Director: John Bruno

Cast: Blake Nolan, Johnny Wallace, Brendan Davies, Jake Dakota, Tim Towers, Erik Bradey, Cole Ryan, Ken Mack, Dean Campbell, Gabe Grant

Body Types: Very muscular, body builders, hairy men, ages late 20's to early 40's

Condoms: Yes

Special Features: 3 way, 4 way, beer on cocks and in assholes

Plot: Mechanics learn how to use their "tools" on each other by a new employee.

The Movie:
Wallace (cute, dark hair with mustache), an ex-con on work release, walks into a garage shop looking for a job. The owner (Nolan) hires him and instructs him on the rules: "Keep your hands dirty. Keep your mouth clean" and takes him on a tour of the shop. The other workers give him a good looking-over.

Dakota, Mack, Campbell: During his break, the new guy sits down with two of his co- workers (Bradey and Grant) and tells them the story of an inmate (Campbell) forced to perform sex on another inmate (Mack) by a prison guard (Dakota). Mack (light chest hair, receding hairline, couple of tats) holding onto chains from the ceiling in the nude has a hot body and a nice, thick, cut cock. Campbell (attractive with mustache and tats) sucks Mack's cock with vigor before the two guys take turns working over Dakota's dick. Dakota has nice pubes, hairy chest, and hairy legs. The two men lick both sides of his veiny shaft, meet at the tip, and exchange a hot kiss (great shot from below). Mack then expertly licks and tongues the hairy asshole of Dakota who is now lying on a steel table and does the same for Campbell and his pucker. Mack fingers the men and fucks Dakota. Campbell fucks Dakota and then they get into a 3 way with Mack as the hairy meat to this sex sandwich. Mack gets it in the ass by the guard while sucking on Campbell's cock (another hot shot from below). Dakota rides the two of them and eats Campbell's ass until he cums followed by Dakota and Mack stroking until they cum. All the grunting and moaning is super hot. Woof!

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Wallace, Towers, Grant, Bradey: The boss (Nolan) is pissed when he walks in on the prison rape story. He tells the new guy to get back to work but cut to the next scene and they are right back at it talking about the prison story. Another mechanic played by Tim Towers (dark hair, muscle, tats) joins the group and accidentally spills his beer on Wallace. Well, the new guy is not going to let him off that easily and makes Towers clean up the mess with his tongue. Wallace stands and pours beer on his hard, thick cock, getting it nice and lubed for Tower's hungry mouth. Grant (muscular, red head) pours beer on his cock for Bradey (shaved head, hairy chest) to lick off and Towers gives a round of head to all the men. In this orgy, Tower eats Bradey's beer-flavored ass while he sucks on Wallace's dick and Grant is sucking on Bradey's cock. Towers licks beer off of Grant's a-hole. Wallace rides the red-head's huge pecker and then plows his cock into Towers who lying on a table. With his pecs, erect nipples, furry chest and the sound of his balls banging against Tower's ass cheeks, Wallace is one hot guy. Bradey also shoves his cock into the hungry bottom's ass. They all get a chance to shoot their wad. Grant even nuts twice.

Nolan, Davies, Towers: Back from the orgy, Wallace gives his new boss some advice. He feels the boys want Nolan to take charge and make them suck that big cock of his. Heeding that advice, Nolan walks over to Davies, slaps him in the ass, and tells him to get down and suck his dick. Davies is another hot man with a shaved head and a bodybuilder physique. He goes down on Nolan who is the perfect muscle bear. Nolan removes his clothing to reveal his large hairy pecs. They exchange some hot kissing and Nolan undresses Davies and takes his thick curved dick down his throat. Lying on his back, Nolan gets his ass serviced by Davies. Towers enters and sucks his boss' cock. While lying back on a tire, Davies gets fucked by Nolan and gets his cock sucked by Towers. Towers then bends over a tire. In this position, Davies ass fucks Towers and on the other end, Nolan face fucks him. All of a sudden, Davies is suspended in the air lying back on a tire with his ass spread open. They finger and lick his hairy ass hole. From this position, Nolan fucks Davies while Tower chews on Nolan's ass from behind. Davies cums followed by Towers after being fucked by Nolan. Spurred on by the two guys, Nolan drains his nuts on the garage floor.

Nolan, Ryan: A young guy played by Cole Ryan (lean, hung) walks into Nolan's office. Ryan wants a job at the garage but before Nolan will hire him, he will have to work hard starting on the boss' cock. Nolan drops his jeans and his erect dick springs out for Ryan to suck. Ryan sports a big piece of meat that Nolan devours. Nolan chews and fingers the boy's hole and fucks him good. He cums and Ryan shoots a big load that reaches his face.


Excellent. Clear picture and camera angles are superb. The camera work shot from below the waist makes the cock sucking and fucking that much hotter.

Very clear. Best of all, the music doesn't get in the way of the hot groaning and moaning in this title. Turn the volume up on Dakota's scenes.

Previews of Massive's other releases: Swat: Hard Cock, Hard Cops 2, and CSI (Cock Scene Investigators), Cole Ryan's jerk off scene, an email address to contact for aspiring porn models, Interviews (with Jake Dakota, Tim Towers, Blake Nolan, and Erik Bradey) and bloopers. The interviews are very candid with the ones of Dakota and especially Nolan being the most revealing.

Final Thoughts:
Massive Studio knows their target audience. The men are hot, mostly hairy, all hung, and they sweat testosterone. Nolan, Davies, Dakota, Wallace, and Mack are my favorites but the other guys aren't bad either. Nolan doesn't appear nude until the second half of the movie but before that the anticipation is building when he is in his wife beater and uniform about to bust open from the size of his muscles. The man thoroughly loves to kiss and it makes the sex that much hotter. The new use for beer as a lubricant is both novel and hot. If you ever dreamed of your local grease monkeys getting into hot man sex, this is one movie you should get.

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