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Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 4/26/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

November 2006

Directed By:

Herve Bodilis


Austin Roger, Steve Hunt, Jack Wright, Ian Lynch, Alex Lynch, Rugerio Mateo, Glenn Santoro, Kevin Cage, Julien Veneziano, Evan Rochelle, Tim Black, Randy Jones, Garcia Udulo.

The Movie:

Eastern European soldiers are stationed in a cold, desolate military base somewhere in Czechoslovakia. Not having much to do, the soldiers turn to man-sex to cure their boredom.

The Dudes:

These thirteen dudes are all appealing with a mix of toned and muscular bodies, hairy and smooth chests, short and long hair, full and trimmed pubes, and large unclipped poles.

Scene One:

Austin Roger (handsome with short brown hair) and his buddy Steve Hunt (good-looking with short black hair and sideburns) down numerous shots of booze while arm wrestling. The generous amounts of liquor take their effect and soon the dudes are locked in a passionate kiss swallowing each other's tongues. They strip off their uniforms revealing hot muscular bodies leading Steve to worship his pal's chest licking and sucking those hard nipples. Steve has more than stiff nips on his mind as he deep throats Austin's big uncut cock jacking the shaft and slobbering up and down. Prisoner Julien Veneziano (very handsome with short dark hair and bead stubble) watches while tied to a chair and rubbing his hard crotch with his bound wrists. Austin sucks Steve's large unclipped dong savoring the taste of his comrade's manhood.

Somehow Julien breaks free from his chair and moseys on over to watch the dudes. Steve rubs Julien's muscular chest and pulls his big uncut tool out fisting it with his tight hand and giving an excellent blowjob. Julien chows down on Austin's stiff unclipped pole and then switches over to Steve's beef stick. Julien eats Steve's tight shaved hole spitting on the pucker and munching down. Julien fucks Steve from behind (with condom) pulling all the way out and plunging back in. Julien switches to the missionary position continuing to pound Steve's bum followed by Steve wildly riding up and down on that hard prick. Julien beats off dumping a small thick load. Austin squirts a large thick load on Steve's thigh while Steve shoots a thick load of jizz on his fist, shaft, and plump nuts.

Scene Two:

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While riding around in a large black Hummer limousine, Glenn Santoro (handsome with black hair) enjoys a strong highball while giving the other passenger Rugerio Mateo (good-looking with short brown hair and beard stubble) the eye. Downing another cocktail, Glenn sinks to his knees going down on Rugerio's large uncut cock jacking the foreskin and working his mouth up 'n down. Rugerio's hands guide Glenn's mouth for the perfect cock-sucking tempo. The dudes remove their clothing allowing us to see Glenn's hot muscular body and Rugerio's sexy toned build. Rugerio slides his hard condom-clad tool up Glenn's tight hairy asshole from behind using quick hard strokes to get his rocks off. Glenn makes all sorts of loud 'n lusty noises, as he gets porked. He slides smoothly into a bit of the ol' sink/bounce riding Rugerio's dong like a wild man. I'll bet he likes when the limo hits a few speed bumps! Glenn beats his unclipped meat shooting a wet load on his hairy stomach. Rugerio pumps a thick load. Very hot cum-filled foreskin.

Scene Three:

Butch Randy Jones (good-looking with short brown hair wearing a military cap) lays back beating his fat uncut prick while puffing on a big stogie. Kevin Cage (nice-looking with reddish-brown hair and long sideburns) and Evan Rochelle (good-looking with short brown hair) barge in to help their superior out. Evan pulls his long uncut cock free from his pants stroking the shaft and working his ample foreskin. Kevin follows suit yanking on his rigid unclipped meat. Kevin chows down on Evan's dong taking it down his gullet as Randy watches still stroking and smoking. Evan sucks Kevin's tool grasping the hard shaft and going to town as Kevin uses his hands to guide that hot mouth up 'n down.

Still starved for cock, Kevin blows Randy as Evan fucks Randy's willing mouth. Kevin munches down on Randy's tight hairy bunghole lapping that pucker with his wet tongue. Kevin works his condom-covered dick quickly in 'n out of Randy's butt from behind using fast/smooth strokes as he pounds away. Randy straddles Kevin riding his cock with legs spread wide as Kevin thrusts upward and Evan gives Randy head. Randy busts a thick nut on his fist and stomach while Evan shoots a large thick load on Randy's muscular chest and Kevin dumps a thick load on Randy's toned stomach.

Scene Four:

Military Doctor Ian Lynch (very handsome with black hair and sideburns) puts on his white lab coat, grabs his medical bag, and heads to a seedy room to administer his own brand of medicine on prisoner Julien Veneziano (from Scene One and again tied to a chair). Soldier Tim Black (nice-looking with short black hair) stands against the aqua tinted wall with arms folded across his chest watching unconscious Julien. Ian wakes him up pronto with some strong smelling salts and a hypodermic needle filled with God knows what. All of a sudden Julien's hard uncut dong his sticking straight up out of his fly leading Tim to chow down with some rough 'n fast head. Ian releases his stiff unclipped tool working the foreskin back and forth while watching. He sinks down on his knees taking Julien's pork down his throat as Tim stands up and yanks his stiff uncut member out pulling his pud making his hot hangy nuts flop.

Tim spits on Ian's tight hairy touchhole teasing it with his fingers and then slides in from behind (with condom) fucking him fast 'n smooth. Once again Julien somehow gets free and jacks his cock sliding his foreskin up 'n down as he watches the dudes fuck. Ian digs being porked loudly moaning and pushing his rump back for more. He rides Tim fast 'n hard wildly humping up 'n down filling his chute with hard beef. Tim shoots a thick load on Ian's bum while Julien squirts a wet load in the air hitting his trimmed brown pubes. Very nice cum-filled foreskin. Ian squirts a large thick load on Tim's black boots.

Scene Five:

Jack Wright (fucking hot with short dark hair) is alone in the barracks playing solitaire and slamming back shot after shot of vodka. Twins Alex and Ian Lynch (both very handsome with dark hair) stumble in joining Jack at the table to throw back some shots. Ian undresses revealing his toned body and hops up on the top bunk for some shuteye. Alex and Jack continue to down the shots leading Jack to strip down showing off his hot muscular body and climbs into the lower bunk to sleep. Left all alone, Alex shines a flashlight on the sleeping dudes, stands next to Jack, pulling his hard uncut cock out for a wank fisting his foreskin over his flared purple knob. Jack wakes up and joins his pal pulling out his stiff unclipped meat and beating off while the dudes watch each other. Alex reaches over to stroke Jack's pole ending up sliding that thang down his throat for some descent head.

Alex undresses revealing his hot muscular build while jack grabs his hard prick and works that foreskin and sucking Alex's large cock head. Ian wakes up watching the action from his top bunk and begins to beat his unclipped tool. Alex fucks Jack's tight hole from behind (with condom) as Jack chows down on Ian's rod of correction. Ian drinks another shot of booze while fucking Jack's face. Ha! Alex switches to the side/missionary position and continues to drill that tight bung as Ian pinches Jack's hard nipples. Alex shoots thick jizz on Jack's bum and thigh as Jack shoots a large thick load on the floor while working his hard nips. Ian dumps a very thick small load on his fist and shaft.



"Ransom" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in widescreen. The videography by Director Herve Godilis is professional providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clean allowing the viewer to hear these hot muscle-bound dudes as they engage in a non-stop sexual free-for-all.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, dull behind-the-scenes footage, a Cumshot Recap, and an extensive gallery featuring high quality photographs from the movie.

Final Thoughts:

High Octane has another high quality suck and fuck fest with "Ransom". The direction, videography, and editing (Gody Prod) create five hot scenes that move along at an enjoyable pace. The dudes are all very appealing and give performances that are so efficient that although a turn-on, seem impersonal and calculated. I've noticed this with a number of High Octane releases. My personal favorites here are Julien Veneziano, Ian and Alex Lynch, Jack Wright, and Glenn Santoro. I highly recommend for fans of attractive Eastern European men, those who have a military fetish (like me!), and large uncut cocks.

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