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Adventures of Shorty Mac #4, The

Studio: Black Market » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/1/07

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The Adventures of Shorty Mac #4

Black Market

Genre: Interracial

Director: Xavier Thomas

Cast: Cindy Crawford, Shorty Mac, Wesley Pipes, Luscious Lopez, Leighlani Red, Michelle McLaren, Trina Michaels

Length: 133:58 minutes

Dates of Production: 1/5/2007, 1/7/2007, 1/17/2007, 1/19/2007, 1/21/2007

Extra's: The best extra was the ~18 minute Behind the Scenes feature, even though it skipped showing footage of Trina Michaels and Cindy Crawford was the focal point for the most part. It was cute and had a fair amount of extra sex and nudity, serving as the best extra for all the limitations listed. There was also a series of trailers, a photogallery for those who care, and a slip cover as previous releases have offered too.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The Adventures of Shorty Mac #4 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as credited to director Xavier Thomas for Black Market. Having watched the movie and the BTS feature, I have no doubt that the credited cameraman, lighting expert, and other production crew assistant, Deze Nudz, was at least as responsible as the director for how things were handled (Tim Von Swine apparently getting the boot after having established the series) but it wasn't as well handled as the first two volumes any more than The Adventures of Shorty Mac 3 was. The fleshtones were pretty accurate; the lighting solid enough in most cases to provide good visuals, and the composition of the scenes appeared to enhance the looks of the ladies in most cases but the camera seemed to move more than it did previously. I saw a few compression artifacts but the DVD again seemed to be weakly mastered (when going back to fine tune some comments in my review, I had problems accessing portions directly, having had a similar problem in the first volume of the series too) but the bitrate was often in the low 3 Mbps (or lower) so don't expect much. The audio was presented in a 2.0 MPEG-2, the bitrate being 224 Kbps with a little bit of lame rap music but largely dependent on the vocals to instill a sense of the fun and heat from the scenes. There was no separation between the channels and the dynamic range was moderate for those who care, an area many productions fall short on (no pun intended).

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Body of Review: Shorty Mac is one of the newer black men trading on his trademark stature and large dick to make a go of it in porn. His latest work was directed by Xavier Thomas for Black Market in the form of The Adventures of Shorty Mac #4, continuing the series where it last left off; Shorty and his cameraman picking up women to screw and dump like used trash. There is a sort of mean spirited dynamic to the series in that sense but it's largely in good fun as the BTS tends to show, making the screen persona nothing like the man seemed to be in person when I ran into him at the 2007 AEE Show in his hidden away booth downstairs from the main crowds. If you haven't seen the series in the past, it is an interracial show where Shorty's insatiable sexual appetite gets him picking up all sorts of women but that isn't much different than the majority of porn you'll see so you'll have to rent one to see what I mean when I say it is slightly different. Here's a look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Cindy Crawford, the former contract gal featured on the front cover, was up first as she waited at the bus stop in her skimpy outfit. It was a bit chilly and she missed her bus thanks to the macking by Shorty Mac. He offered her a ride home, going back to his crib to get her on the couch where she asked about his wall of shame; resulting in the usual show and tell routine. She was reluctant to blow him since he was so large, the gal calling him an alien in a half joking manner. He might not be as "big as a soda can" as advertised but considering how short he is, the ratio was larger than many of his peers in the industry. She wasn't able to fully embrace his girth in her mouth but she gave him a messy hummer nonetheless, the trails of slobber getting him wet before he tasted her cookie in return. He began banging away when Wesley Pipes joined them, both men getting some loving from the gal as they worked her over. Shorty then took her ass as she blew Wesley, eventually leading to a DP and DPP (both of them in her pussy at the same time) as she berated Wesley. She wasn't the most aggressive rider of the bunch but given the dirty talk and what she was doing with them, I wouldn't expect a lot either. It ended when they rubbed out loads of population pudding to her mouth, the gal swallowing it from the looks of it but the camera movement keeping it from being a positive case of semen inhalation. Still, it was a solid opener scene considering the mixed quality of the series.

Scene Two: Luscious Lopez, a curvy Latina with a bodacious booty, was up next as Shorty Mac came to the door to find her standing there on a Sunday afternoon. There was a minor accident involving his car and she knocked on his door to make things right. She sat back on his couch and they got friendly while waiting for the wrecker; the usual game of show and tell taking place with her natural body getting Shorty and his cameraman all worked up. She had more success with his meat pipe than Cindy did, rubbing herself as she took a lot of his cock into her mouth before he gave her some head too. That led to a slow fuck by the man into her pussy, taking time so he wouldn't split her open (the lie being that she had never seen a dick so big). As expected, she was soon bouncing on his cock actively, this being one of the gals he has worked with that could take all he dished out and more. I liked the way her ass cheeks bounced here, Shorty spanking her as encourage her freaky nature on even more. It ended with him busting a nut in her mouth but lacking the anal as I expected of her. Still, it was another solid scene. Whew!

Scene Three: Leighlani Red, a redhead meditating in the wooded area near the house of Shorty Mac, was up next as he brought her back in order to play her out. She wore no underwear and seemed to be a girl next door type; projecting a dynamic of wanting to see what he had to offer as he continued the formulaic approach. What most appealed to her initially was when the cameraman suggested that Shorty was the world's best pussy eater, his size putting her off before she broke down and gave up the mouth and pussy to the Mac. She was a passive fuck but liked doing oral to the best of her ability on him, her pussy not accommodating much before he rubbed out a load to her face.

Scene Four: Michelle McLaren, a tall gal with huge implants and make up that originally made me think she was a "he", was working out before she saved the life of Shorty Mac. He brought her inside the house to thank her, the cameraman getting a lot of flack for not helping save him from choking to death; the gal showing a level of curiosity for why his wall of shame had so many half naked gals. The sex was the same as usual with her bright pink lips soon wrapped around his cock to work him over, the gal finding her titties better suited to getting him off until the vaginal sex showed her capable of taking his whole dick. She was a pretty solid cock rider for the most part and while I wasn't attracted to her in the slightest, I had to give her credit for showing how to ride the Shorty pipe pretty actively. He knocked out a load to her face and it ended with him ditching her outside.

Scene Five: Trina Michaels, the main reason I picked up the movie for her curvy body, cute face, and seductive nature, was up next as Shorty Mac helped give her a push on the swing at the playground. She ditched her sugar daddy in order to leave with the Mac, the curvy cutie playfully asking about the wall of shame as her short blue jean skirt rode up her long legs. They got frisky together and she started jerking him off and using her titties on him before she blew him, the gal skimping on the oral due to size issues before he ate and boned her in return. Her pussy was far too tight for him to penetrate successfully so they went to trying anal, the gal holding on passively as he tapped that ass aggressively. I prefer her scenes where she is able to actively ride more than this one, slightly disappointing me but leaving me knowing that the lack of chemistry kept it from being anything special (as much as I like most of her work, even her oral skills weren't enough to make it happen here). The ATM was minimal and she took the facial well, resulting in her getting the heave hoe (what a choice of words, huh?) like the others.

Summary: The Adventures of Shorty Mac #4 by director Xavier Thomas for Black Market was still worth a rating of Rent It from me, largely due to the way the gals often couldn't handle the size of Shorty's cock. If you like seeing women stretched beyond their limits and having a shitty time for the most part, this might warrant a higher rating but aside from the first two scenes, I was left hanging too often (even if Trina Michaels looked really appealing). In short, the weaker levels of fuck for the buck made The Adventures of Shorty Mac #4 one to check out before buying since the limited replay value might hinder strokability for you.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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