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Real & Raw Miami

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 5/2/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:

August 2006

Directed By:

Gage Powers


Aiden Shay, Daved Wayne, Jared Long, Aaron Armstrong, Bryan Fever, Donavin Fitch, Sebastian Nohart.

The Movie:

Seven Twinks participate in a reality series. The guys are set up in a very cool house and let nature take its course.

The Dudes:

These cute Twinks (age 18+) are all appealing with a mix of short and longer hair, slender and toned body types, full and trimmed pubes, and cut cocks.

Scene One:

Donavin Fitch (cute with short black hair and slender/smooth body) and Aiden Shay (cute with short brown/bleached blond hair, androgynous plucked eyebrows, and slender/toned/smooth body with tattoos) take full advantage of their tropical Miami surroundings swimming in the clear waters of their pool. Donavin sits on the edge of the pool allowing Aiden to chow down on his hard cut cock. Aiden is a definite cock hound and loves slobbering up and down that rigid flesh-pole, sucking nuts, and rubbing his pal's shaved pubic area. Needing some lovin' of his own, Aiden plants his hot bum on the pool's edge as Donavin sucks his stiff cut dick fisting the tool up 'n down as his wet mouth goes to town. Relocating to an indoor bed, the dudes continue their li'l lust-fest with Donavin fucking Aiden smooth 'n hard in the missionary position (with condom). Aiden digs having his bunghole banged and loudly moans and pouts while pulling his hard pork. Aiden shoots a large thick load of spunk on his chest and stomach. Hot load! Donavin squirts a thick load of love juice on Aiden's stomach and brown pubes. Nice load.

Scene Two:

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Jarred Long (cute with short black hair and toned/smooth body) is enjoying a relaxing shower washing his dark pubes and cut cock. Sebastian Nohart (cute with short dark hair, and toned/smooth body) joins his friend in the shower leading Jarred to sink down on his haunches and deep throat that long cut tool all the way to dark trimmed pubes. Jarred gives excellent head and likes to cradle those nuts too! Sebastian wants to pleasure his pal with a nice blowjob. Down on his knees, he takes Jarred's cut prick wrapping his fist around the shaft while bobbing up 'n down on the knob. The dudes hop in bed where Jarred fucks Sebastian from behind (with condom) using smooth strokes and a solid tempo. Digging the action, Sebastian hunches back demanding additional inches up his bung. Sebastian lays back on the bed as Jarred stands over him. Both dudes are spanking their monkeys. The guys get their nuts at the same time with Jarred squiring a wet load on his pal's stomach and Sebastian dumping a thick load joining Jarred's jizz.

Scene Three:

Aiden (from Scene One) has a hold of Bryan Fever's (cute with longish brown hair and toned/smooth body) arm militantly leading him to the garden to confess "I've been wanting to suck your cock so bad!" Aiden immediately gets down on his shaking knees yanking Bryan's swimming suit down revealing dark pubes and a cut cock. Aiden hungrily uses his insatiable mouth to suck that dong to a complete boner. Aiden fucking goes ape shit on that thang also tending to his pal's nuts. Bryan explodes with a large thick load of pent-up jizz flying everywhere. Aiden doesn't cum.

Scene Four:

Jarred Long (from Scene Two) needs a little alone time to pound his pole. Dressed in baggy blue jeans and black shirt, Jarred partially strips down revealing his slender/tanned chest. The jeans are next with Jarred showing off his gray boxer briefs and finally his dark trimmed pubes and larg clipped dong. Sitting on the edge of a cool black and white art deco bathtub, Jarred spreads his legs jacking his hard bone switching back and forth between fists and rubbing his large plump nuts. I love those fucking balls!! Jarred works himself to the point to no return shooting a large thick load of love juice on his fist, stomach, and nuts. Very hot load!

Scene Five:

Aaron Armstrong (cute with short brown hair and toned/slender/smooth body) sits on the edge of the swimming pool while he rubs the bulging crotch of his tight black 'n blue swim trunks. Before long, Aaron's dark trimmed pubes and stiff clipped prick make an appearance. He yanks his trunks off spreading his legs wide for a wild all-out wank while rubbing his plump nuts. Aaron rubs his bunghole but there are no close-ups. Working himself to the limit, Aaron jacks off using both fists and squirts a thick load on his chest and stomach.

Scene Six:

Aaron Armstrong (from Scene Five) is grabbing some shuteye on a groovy aqua sofa when Aiden ambles up with a hard-on making a tent in his yellow smiley face boxers. Aaron wakes up taking that hard cut cock down his throat fisting the rigid shaft with his hand and working the large knob like a plum. Adien is a natural cock-hound. Aaron need a taste of pork going down on Aiden's hard cut tool deep throating down on trimmed pubes and making Aiden cry out with sheer pleasure. Aiden straddles Aaron allowing him to suck those nuts leading to a traditional sixty-nine where the dudes frantically gorge on stiff meat. Aaron fucks Aiden fast 'n hard in the missionary position (with condom) as Aiden gasps and moans, "fuck me harder!" Aiden beats his meat shooting a thick load on his stomach. Aaron squirts a thick load on his chest, stomach, and Aiden's face.

Scene Five:

Daved Wayne is a very good-looking dude with short bleached hair. He's sitting on a trendy red chair wearing baggy blue jeans and a gray tee shirt. Daved's hands wonder all over his body exploring his chest and hard bulging crotch. He yanks his black leather belt from his jeans and bites it! Sliding his hand down the front of his pants, Daved rubs his unseen tool finally unzipping and revealing black briefs. He strips out of his tee showing off a very nice toned/smooth chest and starts to rub his hard nipples. Daved pulls his hard cut tool from the leg of his briefs and begins to rub his plump nuts and stroke his shaft. He finally removes is briefs, spreads those legs wide, and beats that stiff meat fast 'n hard. He bends over on the chair exposing his tight shaved bunghole and starts to rub his pucker with his middle digit. Standing next to a window, Daved beat his meat shooting a clear wet load all over the glass. Get the Windex!



"Real and Raw Miami Part I" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Steve Shay and Gage Powers provides full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear the dudes as they speak directly in the camera during the non-sexual Daily Diary section. There are also plenty of hot sex noises while the dudes get down.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, a gallery with plenty of high quality action and solo photographs, and website information.

Final Thoughts:

"Real and Raw Miami Volume I" is a fun 'n entertaining turn-on. The direction and editing by Gage Powers and videography create hot scenes that run just a bit too long for my own personal tastes. The sex is a big turn on as these dudes are definitely into the action and each other. Aiden Shay is pure cock-hound giving some of the best head I've ever seen in a movie. My personal favorites are Daved Wayne, Bryan Fever, and Aaron Armstrong. I recommend for fans of cute Twinks.

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