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Cum Fiesta

Studio: Reality Kings » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/2/07

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Cum Fiesta

Reality Kings

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Marielee Perez

Cast: Mia, Mykaela, Candy, Nickie, Trent Soluri, Choley, Avena (bonus scene only)

Length: 168:29 minutes

Dates of Production: 7/27/2004, 1/10/2006, 3/7/2006, 3/8/2006, 5/11/2006

Extra's: The only extra worth noting was the 30:36 minute long bonus scene starring Avena (shot on 7/27/2004) with Bob working the camera. The guy working with her looked mighty gay but the scene showcased her physical attributes and wholesome look added to the fun. There was also a photogallery for those who care.

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: Cum Fiesta was presented in a very clear 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot for Reality Kings by a couple of cameramen for director Marielee Perez (technically, no director was credited but she was listed as the record keeper and that's good enough for me). The lighting was very strong and flat in all but one scene and even that one wasn't badly lit. This kept the grain, video noise, and other issues at bay in a surprisingly strong looking movie most of the time. I suggest that there were multiple cameramen due to the way the scenes were shot, the first one showing a shaky camera while most of the others seeming far steadier by comparison. It could have just been a bad day for the same guy but even the amount of close ups and angles used variety in a few of the scenes so your mileage may vary with the specifics but it was a good early effort nonetheless that used compositional shots to enhance the look of the ladies more than a little bit. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English with a 192 Kbps offering, standard for porn in almost all cases these days.

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Body of Review: Reality Kings is one of the latest examples of Miami based porn shot predominantly for the internet. I have little experience with their product but the last one I saw was enjoyable and I figured I'd try another just to see if they provided as solid an experience for me as that one did. The second round in this examination was called Cum Fiesta; a set of generic scenes where women flashed their breasts to gain entrance to a small house, then had sex on the bed after a short bit of tease. The sex was strictly oral and vaginal, ending with a facial, and seemed almost like yet another Bang Bros knock off too me. The lighting was better than the BB titles I've watched but the camerawork was less polished and in need of a better editor but seeing gals that appeared on the surface to be local strippers earning some extra cash wasn't the worst theme I've seen in the jizz biz so I earnestly gave it a shot. Here's a look at the scenes that included several condoms, showing less used gals for those who care one way or the other:

Scene One: Mia, the busty brunette featured on the center of the front cover, was up first in a scene shot back in 3/6/2006, wearing her short yellow skirt, green top, and matching panties as she flashed "the password" and climbed onto the bed. She was already wet before starting to rub her crotch when she followed the unnamed cameraman's directions, teasing the camera with her tan, cute little butt. He lubed her up and started fingering, leading to nameless mope #1 walking onto the set for her to suck off. She was no stranger to a small cock in her mouth, using her hand to stroke him as she sucked the tip a little, leading to her "riding the cocksicle". Condoms were standard in the movie and she was typically passive as she let the guy do most of the work. She did shake it a bit on him while on top but they had no chemistry together and a mechanical vaginal ride doesn't do a lot for me unless I'm the one attached to the cock giving the gal something to moan about. I did like the limited booty oiling up (it happened twice) but even the facial at the end showed a small load of population pudding unworthy of much replay.

Scene Two: Mykaela, the dark haired gal stuck with the smallest of pictures on the lower right hand corner beside Candy, was up next in a scene shot back in 3/7/2006. Her light colored eyes stood out against her darker skin, her curvy rump proving to draw the attention of the nameless cameraman as she flashed her way in, sat on the bed, and followed the generic routine. She masturbated with a glass toy after he splooged a lot of lube onto her crotch, the lady providing some marginal warmth with her roast beef cookie with his minimal assistance. The oral was again easy as her partner was small enough that her single hand nearly covered him up completely from one end to the other as she slobbed his knob and gave him a titty fuck. The lubing of her pussy was undoubtedly the result of her lack of excitement but at least she provided some motion as the couple boned vaginally, her practiced moans leaving me unconvinced that she was having any fun but still giving a worthwhile act. The facial closed things out and like Mia, I think I'd prefer to see her working with a better meat puppet, if not myself.

Scene Three: Candy, the large breasted, aforementioned blonde on the lower right hand side of the front cover, was up next as she followed the formulaic approach to the scene. I'm pretty sure her full porn name was Candy Manson but she lacked some of the tattoos I recall the more infamous performer having so your mileage may vary. The scene was shot on 1/10/2006 and she showed more polish to her act than the previous gals, dropping to her knees at the hint that he wanted some oral relief. Her blowjob was slow, sultry, and somewhat inspired as she covered his rod with saliva and licked his nuts like they were jewels for the taking. I think she appreciated getting a small cock to work with as it didn't hurt her like a full 6" might have, the camerawork getting a bit sloppy during the rest of the oral. Thankfully, she aggressively rode his cock as though having fun, her sweet ass cheeks rippling as a result much like her breasts bobbed to the pulse of their rhythm. It ended too soon but she took the load onto her tongue, but the camera faded away before she could swallow it.

Scene Four: Nickie, the cute little redhead seen on the lower left hand corner of the front cover, was up next with the first identifiable mope in the form of Trent Soluri in this scene shot on 5/11/2006. He was about par for the men here and while she didn't appeal to me in terms of her looks, she was playful in the manner a house stripper would be towards the end of the month with a customer sporting a moderate billfold. Was she into the sex and a tigress in bed? No, but at least she did strike me as new to porn even if not new to the concept of "pay for play." Otherwise, his rod was the biggest of the day; telling you what dire straights the production was in and she took to it readily with her mouth and pussy. It was a mostly mechanical ride but her outgoing personality gave it some stroke value nonetheless. She gave it up in an active manner and while a few of the scenes were decent enough to rub one out, this was a mixed bag (it was amusing when she caught herself almost yawning but saw the camera and stopped while he was nailing her during the fake moans). He planted the semen on her face and while she didn't swallow, she didn't flinch either.

Scene Five: Choley, the hot looking blonde seen on the upper left hand corner of the front cover, was up last in a scene shot on 3/8/2006. It followed the formula closely and I should tell you that the pictures on the cover were terrible compared to what she looked like in the house (as if they went out of their way to pick the worst shots of her for the cover). She was quick to flash, quick to jump on the bed and show her goodies, and quick to masturbate; using a practiced set of moves as the cameraman lubed her up. I thought it was interesting that her partner actually went down on her, trying to establish a link between them that was not completely unsuccessful as she returned the oral on him with some flair before they tapped that cookie. He was not well endowed but she actively rode him as though a true professional, the positions including a largely acrobatic standing bone where she propped herself up on the bed. The best thing about the scene was that they had fun together, the gal laughing with him instead of at him before the ending pop shot to the face, though I caution you since she clamped down tightly at the moderate load launched her way. Still, it was a good way to end the otherwise mediocre effort.

Summary: Cum Fiesta by Reality Kings was definitely a mixed bag for me in that the amateur dynamic was never believable, the ladies seemed to run the range of clueless strippers picking up cash to talented ladies building up a name for themselves, and the overall production values a step or two above someone playing with their new video camera to earn some money. There was untapped potential to be sure, but with such a crowded market for titles along these lines, there was also precious little to differentiate it as well. That being the case, I rated this one as a Rent It for the levels of replay and strokability as well as how much fuck for the buck it had. The good news was that unlike some of the other titles I've seen of late, Cum Fiesta did have a lot of footage so maybe a few tweaks will elevate future projects into a higher rating for me.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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