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Full Throttle

Studio: Hot House » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 5/2/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

November 2006

Directed By:

Michael Clift


Nick Piston, C.J. Knight, Vinnie D'Angelo, Robert Van Damme, Matt Cole, Mike Power, Marco Hansom, Jay Armstrong.

The Movie:

Butch muscle-bound mechanics spend their free time getting down to some serious sweaty suckin', bunghole munching, and wild butt sex.

The Dudes:

The dudes are all hot with muscular bodies, plenty of tattoos, hairy and smooth chests, full and trimmed pubes, and cut 'n uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Hunky Nick Piston (short brown hair, muscular body with loads of tatts) is hanging around outside when his equally hot neighbor Mike Power (short blond hair, muscular body) roars up on his hog. The dudes give each other the eye and Nick follows Mike inside his garage for some sweaty man-action. Nick gets down on his knees taking Mike's hard uncut cock down his throat giving excellent head. He deep throats that fat fucker down to Mike's trimmed pubes going wild sliding up 'n down and making it slick with his overabundance of spit. Mike gets a taste as well sucking Nick's hard cut prick jacking the shaft and deep throating down to those trimmed brown pubes.

Nick lays in the missionary position on a table while Mike munches down on his tight shaved bunghole. Mike gives that pucker a complete workout tonguing, slurping, and finger fucking with one digit. Mike sinks his rigid condom-clad dong up Nick's tight chute in the same position using long slow strokes. He picks up speed pounding that asshole nice 'n hard. Switching around for some doggy style, Mike continues to drill Nick's tight bum making him moan with pleasure. Nick shoots a wet load on his stomach and inside thigh. Mike squirts a large thick load of jizz hitting Nick's inside thigh. Hot dudes!

Scene Two:

Matt Cole (fucking hot with short dark hair and smooth/muscular body) is at the body shop taking a break and watching co-worker C.J. Knight (handsome with dark hair and muscular build) standing on a ladder reaching for an auto part. Filled with lust, Matt forces C.J. to his knees, quickly unbuttons his tight blue jeans, and releases his large hard cut tool. C.J. chows down on that big dick wildly stroking the rigid shaft and slobbering up and down. Matt's hand guides C.J.'s mouth as he fucks his face. C.J. pulls his own hard clipped prick from the confines of his pants jerking off and pinching his hard nipples while he deep throats Matt all the way to his dark trimmed pubes.

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Matt eats C.J. tight hairy touchhole munching down on the pulsing ring tonguing and licking like there's no tomorrow. He teases C.J.'s quivering man-pussy with his condom-covered cock finally sinking in from behind with smooth medium strokes that quickly become faster as the dudes heat up. Before long, Matt is pounding the hell out of his pal's keaster. Matt switches to the missionary position on a worktable fucking C.J. half silly as C.J. pulls his stiff pork and pinches his hard nipples. After a bit of the ol' sink/bounce where C.J. rides that cock so hard I'm surprised the dudes don't end up down the street, they beat off quickly heading towards earth shattering climaxes. C.J. shoots a very thick load of cock snot on Matt's condom-covered tool and sinks back down. Matt shoots a large thick load of spunk on his stomach. Hot load!

Scene Three:

Nick Piston sits at his desk while co-workers Vinnie D'Angelo (hot with short brown hair, goatee, and muscular/hairy body) works on a cool vintage auto and Jay Armstrong (sexy with shaved head, goatee, and toned/tattooed body) rummages through his locker. Jay removes his tight white tee shirt immediately receiving Nick's undivided attention. Jay sees the look in Nick's eyes, sinks down to his knees, and crams Nick's hard cut dick down his throat working his wet mouth up and down that rigid flesh-pole. Vinnie watches the action while pulling on his stiff clipped tool. Jay beats his own hard cut meat while devouring Nick's beef stick. Jay switches to sucking Vinnie's stiff dong giving it the same loving attention that he did for Nick. Vinnie uses his hands to guide Jay's head and he fucks his mouth.

Nick fucks Jay from behind (with condom) using fast 'n smooth strokes to fill his pal's chute as Vinnie continues to pound Jay's gullet with his rod. Vinnie gets in on the butt sex fucking Jay doggy style (with condom) drilling that hole fast 'n rough. Three way fuck time! Nick enters Jay from behind as Vinnie fucks Nick from behind (all with condoms) as the dudes slide in 'n out giving and receiving pleasure that only one man can give another. After some tough 'n tumble bung pounding by Vinnie on Jay's touchhole, the dudes stand over Jay as all three beat their meat. Nick shoots a large thick load all over Jay, Vinnie shoots a thick load on Jay's shoulder while Jay sumps a huge thick load on the floor.

Scene Four:

Robert Van Damme (handsome with dark hair and smooth/muscular body) literally makes sparks fly as he works on various pieces of metal. Co-worker Marco Hansome (nice looking with short dark hair, long sideburns, and muscular body) bends over searching for an auto part giving Robert a good look at his tight blue jeans covered bum. Marco pulls Robert's large 'n stiff unclipped cock from his trousers jacking the shaft, working the heavy foreskin, and cramming as much of the fat tool down his throat as possible. Marco bunches Robert's foreskin at the knob sucking the overhang nipple and sliding his wet tongue under the fleshy sheath. Marco releases his stiff cut cock beating the hell out of it while Robert fucks his throat. Robert takes Marco's cock into his mouth fisting the shaft with his hand and deep throating down on Marco's dark pubes.

Robert fucks Marco from behind (with condom) sliding that big dick in and out of that tight man-twat using fast 'n smooth strokes making Marco moan with pleasure. Marco hunches back demanding more hard beef while pulling his pork like a man ready for the local crazy house. Robert switched up to the missionary position and continues his anal assault as Marco spreads his legs wide apart inviting a nice hard fuck. Marco shoots a thick load of spooge on his fist and floor while Robert cuts loose with thick jizz on Marco's upper chest.



"Full Throttle" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Richard Board is excellent providing full coverage of all the action and plenty of extreme close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clear providing loads of moaning, grunting, and growling as these butch muscular dudes engage in hot sweaty man-sex.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, fuck compilation, cumshot compilation, a gallery featuring quality publicity stills by Dario and Chris Miles of each dude solo and action shots, and trailers for: "Trunks 3", "Private Lowlife", "Black and Blue", "Justice", "Butch Alley", and "Manhunt 2.0."

Final Thoughts:

Hot House has produced another top quality, turn-on of a movie with "Full Throttle". The dudes are all fucking hot with their no nonsense butch attitudes and muscular bodies. They are clearly into the action and each other. My personal favorites are Nick Piston, Vinnie D'Angelo, Matt Cole, and Mike Power. The direction (Michael Clift), videography, and editing (Jim Wigler) create four ultra hot scenes that take their time building up as the dudes become hornier and more wild by the moment. The guys really cut loose giving energetic performances to out-do each other. I highly recommend for fans of sexy butch muscle-studs with plenty of tattoos in a high quality production.

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