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Young Barebackers 2

Studio: Spunk Video » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 5/5/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:May 13, 2006

Director:Not credited


Body Types:Muscular, European guys, twinks, body piercings


Things to see:Barebacking, dildos, oral cumshots, facial cumshots, semen swapping

Plot:These eastern European twinks are filming a porno and they want to show off their work!

The Movie:

The concept of barebacking in gay porn is controversial. Some people feel that it is wrong to portray such risky behavior, while others believe that people should be able to buy the type of porn that they want to see. I believe that porn represents fantasies on film and that responsible people will know that risky sexual behavior could lead to several nasty STD's as well as HIV infection.

When condomless porn started to make a return in the late 1990's, after a decade of actors using condoms, people started to notice. Gay men were either disgusted or intrigued by being able to see this type of porn. Unfortunately most of this porn was, to put it gently, full of unattractive men. The majority of the men looked like they were pulled out of an alley and given ten dollars to have sex with a guy in a sling. Bareback Buddies is, by in-large, in contrast to those early days of the condomless porn resurgence. In Bareback Buddies, most of the actors are young, attractive, cute, and have wonderful physiques. Therefore, those of you seeking to watch an attractive cast having bareback sex, will undoubtedly love this film.

Scene one:

A skinny twink, with dirty blond hair, heads over to a modeling agency to fill out some paperwork. At the door, a hunky office manager greets him. After some paperwork, the manager shows him the "type" of work he will be doing. This prompts the wannabe model to start rubbing and sucking on the guy's cock. The manager's uncut penis is very nice and thick. Next, the manager removes the model's underwear and bends him over a couch. The manager decides to probe the guy's ass with his fingers, but opts to use a latex glove (perhaps he is afraid of catching something). After some rough and deep finger prodding, the manager gets his cock orally serviced again. There are some very nice shots of his uncut member receiving attention. The manager, however, doesn't neglect the model's cock either. He sucks and licks all around, and then the two of them form a 69 position.

The manager then gets the model ready for screwing. He licks out the model's hole and does some tongue probing. He then starts fucking the model. The model lies on his back, and the manager holds up the lad's legs. The model is hard while he is screwed. The camera angles are perfect for seeing all of the dirty action. The two fuck in the same position until the manager pulls out and shoots a very wet load all over the guy's anal region. The manager then shoves his cock back into the guy's hole and pumps away. He then brings his spent cock over to the model's mouth for him to suck on it. Finally, the model shoots his thick load into the manager's mouth, which the two then share as they kiss and lick around each other.

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Overall, this was a nice scene. The model wasn't overly attractive (I thought he looked like a crack whore), while the manager was very hot. I thought that the manager resembled a blond James Franco, which was a huge turn on. The only thing that didn't work for me was the bed with the strange pillows. There were several pillows with cute, adorable animals on the bed. It made the scene seem strange and bizarre.

Scene two:

A studio assistant helps two young studs try on some naval costumes for a porno scene. The assistant is tall, lean and has nice curly, brown hair. The other actors are brunettes, one with spiky hair and the other is a younger guy who looks similar to the actor Brendan Sexton III. After helping them try on their clothes, the assistant propositions the guys for a sexy three-way. All three boys undress, leaving only their underwear on. The guys quickly start to make out on the bed. The lads take turns sucking on each other, and sharing the sucking of cocks. There is also a lot of romantic kissing, which enhances the scene.

The three boys continue the oral fun until the assistant starts probing the hole of the younger guy. Shortly after that, he sticks his uncut manhood into the young lad and starts pumping away. The guy with the spiky hair doesn't do much except for rubbing the guy getting screwed. It would have been nice to see the younger guy getting pumped and sucking cock at the same time. After this, the younger stud screws the guy with the spiky hair. The assistant helps by kissing the spiky haired guy during the fucking. Finally, the guys start to release their loads. The young lad blasts off into the spiky haired guy's mouth, and then they switch with the younger lad taking his load (the younger lad looks like he wants to throw up when he gets creamed). The assistant then climaxes into the spiky haired guy's eager mouth, followed by the guys doing some light semen swapping. This scene was hot! This threesome was sexy and very nice to watch. All three of these brunettes are attractive and are a pleasure to see in action. This is perhaps the best the scene in the movie.

Scene three:

A guy in need of a haircut goes to the salon. He apparently chose the right place because the service here is spectacular! The customer notices the haircutter's erection so he pulls it out and starts to play with it. The stylist then allows the customer to start sucking on his cock. The stylist is very sexy. He is a dark brunette with a tan body and a thick, cut penis. The customer, however, isn't very attractive. He looks skinny and unappealing, although he does have a large penis. After the oral attention, the hair stylist starts to give his customer a blowjob. He shows much more enthusiasm than the customer did. He gives a nice and wet blowjob, including spitting on the guy's cock. He clearly enjoys the perks of his business! Next, he finger probes and licks the customer's hairy hole. The customer seems to like it and grunts in passion as he is licked away. At one point, the customer sticks his finger in his ass and then pulls out, only to stick the finger into his mouth. While the stylist is licking away, he also plays with his own hole.

The haircutter then fucks the guy, who is still wearing his t-shirt. The customer bites the sheets although he doesn't appear to be enjoying it. Next, the stylist shoves a large dildo into the customer's ass and then fucks him some more. The customer moans as the guy fucks him and occasionally slaps his ass cheeks. The stylist slaps the guy's ass a lot, resulting in some serious red marks! Finally, the haircutter releases a nice load onto the guy's tongue. The guy sucks it all down. After that, the customer shoots a thick load into the haircutter's ass cheeks, which he then wipes around. The customer then licks up his own cum from the guy's ass. The haircutter gives the guy his business card, at the end.

While I didn't find the customer to be very attractive, the sex in this scene is very hot! There is a little bit of something for everyone, thanks to the eager haircutter.

Scene four:

A photographer is shooting a model for a porno magazine. The photographer is a brunette twink with a sharp metal pointed lip piercing. The model is a brunette with nice muscles, a cut cock, and some body piercings. As the photographer takes each picture, he asks for the model to remove another piece of clothing. Eventually the model is naked so the two boys start to make out. The photo guy first sucks on the model's cock (watch out for that pointy lip stud!). Next, the model returns the favor by providing some oral skills. The photographer has a nice and thick cock!

Next, the photographer rims the model's hole, with the guy's ass up in the air. The photo guy then shoves his gigantic cock into the model (doggy style). There are several nice angles of the photographer pumping away and pulling out to reveal the gaping hole. Next, they change positions so the model is lying on his back. The model hides his un-erect penis, but it was still hot to see the photo guy giving the lad a good screw.

Finally, the photographer shoots his load towards the model, landing all over the model's chest and face. He then lets the model suck on his spent cock. The model then spurts out a creamy load into the guy's eager mouth. He takes the juice willingly, and would probably ask for seconds. The two kiss at the end, mixing their semen flavored saliva.

This scene was pretty darn hot. The guys were both attractive and the bareback sex was scorching. The facial/oral cum shots were also very nice.

The DVD:


The video quality was average. Some of the scenes were under-lit, and there were some scenes with digital artifacts.


The 2.0 stereo sound was good, enabling you to hear all of the Eastern European boy's moans. There was also a non-distracting porn soundtrack that was decent. Almost all of the sound came from the front speakers.


There is a photo gallery with scenes from the movie. The DVD also has several hot trailers for other bareback titles.

Final thoughts:

This was a great DVD. While there were two guys who I (personally) thought looked like crack whores, the rest of the guys in this film were extremely sexy. The bareback sex was very hot, with some reinsertions after cumming, and copious oral cumshots. The film doesn't have much of a story, or much buildup between each scene, but the sex makes up for this inconsistency. Finally, there are no subtitles provided, but then again, I don't normally watch porn to look at the subtitles.

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