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Bi Teen Power 5

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 5/5/07

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Date of Production:December 2006

Director:Not credited


Body Types:Muscular, European guys, twinks, body piercings, natural breasts


Things to see:boy/boy/girl threesomes, girl/girl/boy threesomes, cum eating, pussy eating

Plot:These boys and girls can't keep their hands off each other.

The Movie:

I recall when I purchased my first Bi title. I was cruising the adult section of Tower Records, while my parents were in the nearby bookstore. I had finally worked up the courage to purchase my first porn VHS. I wanted to buy a gay title, but the aisle was sprinkled with men looking for straight porn. Fearing what they might think of me, I spotted a VHS with the word "Bi" in the title. I cautiously looked at the cover and was intrigued, but thought that there were too many guys on the cover to pass for a straight title. I looked some more, and then I came across another Bi title, this time with a nude girl holding two guys in her arms. Of the two titles, I thought that this one looked the closest to being straight. I held it in my hands, with the cover facing downward so that no one would be able to see what I was buying. I nervously purchased that VHS, barely remembering to breath.

When I was able to watch the title, I quickly found out how disappointing Bi sexual porn was. The actors were only semi cute, and the females were really atrocious. The guys mostly played with each other, and the females seemed like they were placed in the scene for props, not for interaction. Unfortunately, over a decade later, Bi porn hasn't changed much. The actors in this title may be cuter, but the girls are still mostly used for props.

Scene one:

A blond guy, a sexy brunette and a skinny blond girl go out into the woods for some fun. The blond guy looks similar to Justin on Queer as Folk and he has a thick cock. The brunette is quite handsome and has a very red penis head. The blond girl looks young with natural breasts. All three eventually start to make out with each other. At first, the guys appear to feel awkward around the girl, not knowing what to do with her vagina and leaving her largely neglected. However, the lads suck on each others' cocks. The sucking is brief and not very exciting.

The guys then take turns screwing the girl. Unfortunately, she looks bored. At one point, she has the blond guy inside her mouth while she is getting screwed. Things get better when the blond guy shoves his cock back into the brunette's mouth, while the brunette is screwing the girl. There are some nice shots of him doing this, but the fucking shots are forgettable. Next, the blond guy has the girl straddle on top of him while she sucks on the other guy. There is a brief moment that consists of the blond guy screwing the girl, while the brunette screws the guy. Here, the brunette does most of the fucking while the blond guy is relatively still. Finally, the brunette screws the blond guy, while the girl sits close to the blond guy's face. The blond guy jacks off and cums a thick load, then the brunette jacks off while sticking his finger into the girl. He shoots all over the girl, with a bit of his load reaching the guy.

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The standout in this scene is the handsome brunette. Unfortunately, the sex is pretty lame. The guys largely neglect the girl, who looks bored. The guys could have easily had the sex without her.

Scene two:

Two brunette guys make out with a girl in the woods. Both guys are brunettes with smooth, muscular bodies. The girl is a brunette with some nice and natural curves. She plays with the boy's cocks by using her feet to stimulate each of them. The guys start kissing each other and then she starts to rub one of the guys on his cock. The girl then sucks on one guy's dick, while the other lad kisses him. Eventually, the guy receiving the oral sex decides to reciprocate by giving sucking on his friend's cock. After this, each guy gets a turn with the two others on his cock.

Next, the first guy screws the second guy while the girl has her pussy licked by the second guy. The angles of the penetration shots are ok, never showing all that could have been shown. After that, one guy screws the girl, while the other guy kisses his male friend. Yet again, the penetration shots are just average. Eventually one guy shoots his load onto the girl. After that, the second guy shoots a nice load onto his stomach. All three kiss at the end.

This scene was better than the last scene, although the sex was still only average. These actors were more in tuned to bringing pleasure to each other, so there was a lot of kissing for all, and even some brief pussy licking for the girl. The guys were cute, and the girl was attractive as well.

Scene three:

Two girls start to give an athletic guy a full body massage. The girls are young with natural breasts. The blond is skinny with small breasts, while the redhead is voluptuous with a shaved pussy (the redheaded girl looks very similar to Sissy Spacek in the film Carrie!). The guy is a tall brunette with nice muscles. The girls eventually start to give the guy some oral pleasures. While the blond girl sucks on his cock, the guy has the redhead sit on his face so that he can lick her pussy. He then starts screwing the redhead, while she licks out the blonde's pussy. The girls moan a lot with pleasure as he screws her without a condom. The blond girl then lies on top of the redhead so that the guy can freely shove his cock into each of them. He fucks the blond girl for a little while, but its clear that he likes the feel of the redhead more. He continues to switch between each girl, which is quite hot, although there aren't any good close-ups.

The redhead then straddles the guy while the blond licks his balls. The blond girl then gets her turn to be fucked, while the redhead has her pussy licked by the guy. After a little bit of acrobatic fucking (he holds the girl up in the air and screws her) he cums on the redhead's chest, while the blond tastes some of his cum.

Even though this scene is technically bisexual sex, it is something that you could find in most straight porn where a guy screws two girls. However, the guy was still handsome with a nice tan body. It was nice to see the trio talking dirty to each other (in German). It was also nice to see the redheaded female enjoying herself so much, while the other girl is mostly quiet.

Scene four:

Two brunette guys and a girl have a pillow fight. Both of guys are skinny, muscular and wear jewelry. One guy is a brunette, while the other is a brunette with blond highlights. The girl is a blond with a nice body. All three of them start to kiss and play with each other. She starts to suck on guy the guy with blond highlights, while the brunette kisses him. She gives a decent blowjob, although the brunette is eager to replace her and use his own oral skills. Eventually the guy with blond highlights and the blond girl start to orally please the brunette. All three then lay down and the brunette sucks on the other guy while the girl sucks on the brunette. This was pretty hot! The girl then sucks on both boys, while she kneels down. It was nice to see the guys kissing each other while she does this, which is a nice change from similar scenes in straight porn.

The trio engages in even more oral play until the brunette opens up the girl's pussy with his tongue. This was the first pussy eating close-up of the movie. He gives it a decent lick, looking like he knows what he is doing. While the guy licks away, the other guy with blond highlights starts to fuck him. The guy fucks the brunette for a while (the brunette is very hard). Next, the three form a chain gang where one guy fucks the girl, while the other guy fucks the brunette (the blond highlights guy uses a condom, while the brunette doesn't use a condom with the girl). The brunette guy quickly pulls out and shoots a load on the girl, while he is still being screwed. The other guy continues to pump away until he switches to fucking the girl (he doesn't use a condom). He eventually pulls out and lets out a small load on her belly. All three of them kiss at the end.

This scene was good. All three of them seemed to have a good time and it was nice to see the guys paying more attention to the girl this time. It was also hot to see the brunette so turned on from fucking a pussy and getting fucked that he quickly blew his load.

The DVD:


Some of the scenes were colorful and vibrant, especially those scenes shot in the forest. However, I noticed several digital artifacts in the first scene.


Standard stereo sound. The sound was decent. You could generally hear what the actors were saying, although you won't understand them unless you speak German. Also, Scenes are devoid of music.


There is a photo gallery with images from the film. Also, there are a few trailers for other French Connection titles.

Final thoughts:

I have never seen a truly great Bi sexual film. After watching this movie, my opinion remains unchanged. Bi films are generally made for gay men or women who like to watch gay men having sex with women. Some Bi films feature too many women on women scenes, which is boring for gay men. Other Bi films feature too much attention to the guys, leaving the girls feeling neglected. This film partially fits into both of those categories since one scene features a girl/girl scene and another features a bored girl with two gay men. The other two scenes have some good bisexual sex where the men pleasure each other and the girl. The last scene, in particular, was the best at capturing the possibilities for good bisexual sex. Because two out of four scenes are only so-so, I will issue a recommendation to rent this one. It's not a bad title, but it could have been so much more.

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