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Hard At Work

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 5/7/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

October 2006-February 2007

Directed By:

Brian Brennan

The Movie:

Big Town Video Productions is the place to work if you're a good-looking Latino dude searching for some sweaty man-love.

The Dudes:

The dudes are appealing with dark hair, tight/toned bodies, hairy bungholes, full pubes, and large unclipped tools.

Scene One:

Miguel (cute with short dark curly hair, li'l soul patch, and toned/smooth body) is cleaning the office completely nude. The last time I saw a naked cleaning person was in the 1970s when Sissy Spacek played a topless maid in Robert Altman's "Welcome to L.A.". Okay, back on track: Miguel soon forgets all about cleaning when he starts pulling on his large uncut cock working the foreskin back and forth over his moist cock knob. He rubs his large plump nuts and beats that meat using his right fist. Miguel works himself into a lusty lather shooting a thick load on the floor. Just one more thing to clean up.

Scene Two:

Boss Man Tato (hot butch dude with shaved head, thick NYC accent) has his eyes on Jay (cute with short dark hair and slender/toned body) as Jay stand on a ladder moving boxes. Tato grabs his employee who is initially stunned by such a bold move. "What the fuck are you doing?" the younger dude asks. "Shut the fuck up! I'm the boss" is Tato's curt response. Tato yanks Jay's blue jeans down and rubs the hard bulge growing in those boxer shorts. He lifts one leg of the boxers exposing Jay's big unclipped pinga and full dark bushy pubes. He grabs that large thang wagging it, kissing it, licking it, and lovin' it! Tato sucks that hard dong giving excellent head playing close attention to Jay's foreskin and hairy nuts. Jay digs the blowjob and begins fucking Tato's willing mouth leading him to shoot a thick load on his boss's face. Tato doesn't get a nut.

Scene Three:

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Rodrigo (very cute with short dark hair, beard stubble, and thick NYC accent) owes Q.T. (good-looking with short black hair and cool glasses) $100.00 but doesn't have the scratch to pay his buddy. Of course, Q.T. has other ways his pal can pay him back. Q.T. rubs the bulge in a very nervous Rodrigo's blue jeans releasing the large uncut member along with full dark pubes, and hairy hangy nuts. Q.T. plays with the hardening organ finally taking it down his throat working it to full hardness with his expert pierced tongue. Rodrigo ends up getting into the blowjob teasing Q.T. with his big dick before fucking his face and shooting a huge thick load all over his face. Enormous load! Q.T. does not cum.

Scene Four:

Jay (from Scene Two) and Alejandro (good-looking with short dark hair, goatee, cool sideburns, and toned/tattooed body) are sitting on the couch hanging out and talking. Jay's wearing shorts and when he opens his legs, his unclipped dong is on full display whetting Alejandro's interest. Jay stands up pulling his shorts down revealing his full bush and hangy nuts leading Alejandro to chow down jacking that hard shaft, playing with the foreskin, and cramming it down his gullet. Alejandro pulls his own huge cut boner out and starts yanking it as Jay fucks his face. The dudes take a quick shower soaping each other up and fooling around.

Jay slides his condom-covered cock up Alejandro's tight bunghole in the side/missionary position using fast 'n smooth strokes as Alejandro pulls on his big pork. While fucking his pal from behind, the viewer is treated to a nice shot of Jay's tight hairy asshole as he bangs away. Jay shoots a small but thick load on Alejandro's bum. Alejandro cuts loose with a plentiful load of thick jizz on the floor.

Scene Five:

Angel (handsome with very short dark hair, goatee) is working shrink-wrapping DVDs when Tato (the butch hottie from Scene Two) slides up behind him--up to his usual horny behavior. Tato repeatedly grabs Angel's basket but is turned down every time. Tato has had enough of this bullshit and yanks Angel's blue jeans down giving him a first class knob job. He takes that big unclipped tool into his mouth jacking the stalk, mouthing the large purple knob, and deep throating all the way to full dark pubes. Tato works Angel's dong milking out a thick load on spunk on his hairy chest.

Scene Six:

Alejandro (from Scene Four) calls a sex ad looking for some action. J.T. (hot dude with dark hair, facial stubble) shows up and the dudes shoot the breeze on the sofa while watching straight porn on a huge flat screen television. J.T. gets the party started by pulling his pants down revealing full dark pubes, hangy/hairy nuts, and a large uncut cock with nice long foreskin. Alejandro sucks J.T.'s cock wrapping his tight fist around the hard 'n pulsing organ and jacking the foreskin. The dudes take a quick break with some hot 'n heavy make out with wet tongues and then J.T. chows down on Alejandro's hard fat clipped monster giving an excellent blowjob cramming that thang down his throat.

Alejandro fucks J.T.'s tight hole in the missionary position (with condom) using fast 'n smooth strokes leading to some hard butt pounding. Switching to drilling T.J. from behind, Alejandro is relentless in his fucking definitely getting his money's worth. He shoots a wet load on J.T. while J.T. squirts a huge thick load chest and stomach.



"Hard at Work" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The hand-held videography is cool providing full coverage of all the action and plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear the natural noises of NYC with heavy traffic and police sirens as well as the usual sounds that accompany man-on-man lovin'.


The disc includes in interactive menu and scene selection. There are no bonus features.

Final Thoughts:

The Latino Fan Club and Director Brian Brennan are back with another hot li'l movie. The direction, videography, and editing create six fast-paced scenes filled with hot sex that never become dull. The dudes are appealing and give energetic performances as they look to be enjoying the action and each other. My personal favorites are Jay, Q.T., Tato, and Miguel. I like the natural sound used as it adds authenticity to the no-frills production, which concentrates on tough, street-wise dudes with sexy 'n thick NYC accents. I highly recommend to fans of hot Latino dudes with large uncut cocks.

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