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Ridin' Dirty

Studio: Vouyer Media » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/9/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Ridin' Dirty

Vouyer Media

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Jack Napier

Cast: Kiara Marie, Jack Napier, Alicia Tyler, Sheila Marie, Cassidy Clay, Isabella Pacino, Luscious Lopez

Length: 161:11 minutes

Dates of Production: 1/23/2007, 2/7/2007, 2/8/2007, 2/9/2007, 2/10/2007, 2/13/2007

Extra's: The best extra for many of you will be the bonus core scene starring Luscious Lopez and Jack Napier. It lasted 24:25 minutes and was a full scene with oral and vaginal plowing; Luscious showing her usual levels of enthusiasm. I detailed the scene a bit more below but it was a good one. There was then 30:50 minutes of cutting room floor material (behind the scenes footage), with the gals providing interviews during their make up sessions and photoshoots, extra tease, and otherwise getting ready for their scenes. It was fun to watch while I wrote this review and added to the fun some of the gals projected. The photogallery was huge and while I'm not a fan of stills when you can have the motion picture stuff, it was a pretty cool way to show the gals. There was also the truly double sided DVD cover, the slipcase, and trailers to titles like It's Big It's Black It's Jack, Bomb Shell Bottoms, Black Bottom Girls.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Ridin' Dirty was presented in an anamorphic widescreen color with an approximate aspect ratio of 1.78:1 as shot by director Jack Napier, using cameramen Donnie Cabo and Vince Vouyer for release by Vouyer Media. The lighting was flat and even, still substantially better than that which you'll find in most gonzo porn and topping a few of Vince's recent efforts at his company. There was little grain and the fleshtones were even better this time making me think that the HD picture might look even better on one of the newer high resolution formats (to date, only a handful of companies, including Wicked Pictures, Digital Playground, and now Vivid, have done this), but only by a small margin given the look of the ladies thanks to his fine work shooting the scenes. The composition of the shots was such that the ladies were made to look as good as Vince could make them and given his level of skill developed over the years, he showed he still has what it takes to make hot women even hotter looking. The compression rate was typically in the mid 4 Mbps area, moving about but rarely showing a need for less compression as some titles elsewhere have needed. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English (in 192 Kbps) but there was no separation between the channels and the vocals were on the low side in all but a few circumstances (at which times they were too loud of course). Still, the audio provided just enough of an extra boost to assist in making the scenes even better.

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Body of Review: Jack Napier has been in porn for awhile but my experience with his body of work has been largely limited to his titles with Vouyer Media. I've enjoyed most of them a lot and found him to be one of the nicest guys when we met back in January at the 2007 AEE Show where we shared ideas and discussed some of his work. The guy is his own biggest critic but he projects a sense of fun around him that livened up those nearby; a markedly different attitude from some of his peers. His latest DVD is Ridin' Dirty; a set of scenes that centered around his car, a 1968 Impala, that helped get him laid by some of the freakiest ladies in the business; most of them new to me. It was a mixed ride but some of the ladies left me with quite an impression and their work in the movie was notable. That said, here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Kiara Marie, the 19 year old newcomer featured on the front DVD cover, was up first after Jack Napier gave his photographer pal a number of instructions regarding his classic Impala (a 1968 model). Kiara was dressed in a black skirt and maroon top, showing a lot of junk in her trunk as she tried to impress upon the men that she was needed to accent the car. Built for comfort and not for speed, I found her to be a refreshing breath of air even before she changed into her white slutware as seen on the cover. She was even more convincing when she pulled out his dick and started working it aggressively into her mouth, providing a titty fuck for good measure. I know a lot of you might think seeing a petite little waif lackadaisically work a meat pipe is great but seeing a gal that really gets into AND can handle it is so much better; Kiara's enthusiasm rating extra points all by itself. That led to several positions of vaginal screwing where she held her own against the man, the best angles being where her rippling ass cheeks looked really good as he plowed away at her. It ended with the mouth pop that she swallowed with ease, even coaxing a second load out of the man before he sent her on her way. I thought it was a solid opening scene with a humorous ending.

Scene Two: Alicia Tyler, an exotic dancer with light skin (an Asian/black gal that could pass for white in some ways) wearing a skimpy red bikini, was up next on a makeshift dance stage as she gyrated her lean body for a tattooed guy, the scene cut away to Jack Napier in his car cruising around; soon finding him entering the home to get a little quality time with Alicia. She then put on an extra special show for him, revealing all her attributes as she seduced Jack (after his friend left). She playfully licked his chest and cock, slobbing his knob as though she had some experience with a meat pipe. She actively inhaled his rod and gave him some titty fucking, leading to him boning her cookie as her bulbous ass cheeks spread far to accommodate him easier. She was an active rider of cock in her pussy too, and but for her slightly worn look and implant scars, I think she had a lot of potential to be a lot more of a name in the industry. She took to the population pudding going to her mouth well enough, the couple laughing as they finished up in front of the stage.

Scene Three: Sheila Marie, a curvy brunette with large breasts waiting for her car to get washed, was up next as Jack took his Impala to get a good cleaning. Jack Napier also needed to get his car cleaned so when she tried to buy his care from him, he thanked her for her interest but pointed out it wasn't happening (cutting away to another brief tease montage in the living room). She didn't appear to be the kind of youngster that Kiara was and her funny accent appealed to him so they left the public location to hook up at her place. If you like MILF action, you'll probably enjoy her act, her big old booty getting some attention from the man with the implants up second. She concentrated her oral on the tip of his rod while her hand held it up, showing that age and experience do not always go hand in hand. I'm sure it felt good to him but the visual appeal was reduced for me as I watched her going at him. Given that his cock looked bigger around than her bicep, I really shouldn't have expected too much but I still wanted more from a scene than that. When the screwing on the couch took place, she even held up her hand to try and control how deep he went, passively riding as Jack did all the work. The other positions were a bit better but even at her best, she was far from the level of quality of the other ladies, making me think she would have been a better choice for the bonus scene than Luscious (who did a fine job). Her hairy bush did not disguise the vaginal creampie and if I ever saw a filler scene in one of Jack's movies at Vince's company; this was it. Booo!

Scene Four: Cassidy Clay, another light skinned black gal though this time with substantially more junk in her trunk, was up next as she paraded around in her tiny outfit that left her ample ass hanging out (great pink shorts and tiny crop top too) outside in the parking lot. Jack Napier was yet again cleaning up his '68 Impala and the admitted dancer wanted her 24 year old body turned into a star. The public nudity led to her saying she wanted it badly, sucking him off beside the car with a lot of oral attention as she licked it like an ice cream cone. Lacking shyness, they went back to the bedroom where she gave him a more aggressive hummer, concentrating on the tip but trying to go deeper with his help. Her implants were also overdone but her demeanor was playful enough and she seemed to want the notoriety of porn status, soon taking his cock vaginally with a lot of noise. She liked doing PTM and when she was on top, she gave a great ride, bouncing on his cock like she was trying to impale herself hard. This aspect of the movie was solid and the scene ended with a tittyfuck before she took the mouthful of spew from his dick; in effect draining him dry.

Scene Five: Isabella Pacino, an all natural brunette with a great big ass that looked especially good, was up last as she jumped in the car of Jack Napier while he was getting an orange juice at the local convenience store. She said she would do anything he wanted her to do, soon sucking him off as they drove down the roadway. She actually gave a better hummer than I thought she would given how small she looked, Jack feeling her up as she did so. They went back to the garage and parked the car, getting out so she could orally work him over even better. That led to a fairly passive vaginal ride where she did her best to handle his monster dick, leaving prints all over the ride before she tried to take him anally. The interesting thing for me was how she took him better in the ass than in the cookie, aggressively riding him as the car creaked with each motion. There wasn't enough of the active riding before the mouth of semen was swallowed but I hope to see more of this cutie in the future given her potential. It was a good way to end the show, though I wouldn't have kissed her on the mouth as Jack did after the semen landing there.

Bonus Scene: Luscious Lopez, a curvy brunette wearing a crop top and tight jeans that hugged her hips nicely, was up first as she left work to find Jack Napier pimping out his car. He was a bit abrupt with her but it led to her getting a ride in his vehicle; soon pulling out his cock as he drove down the public street so she could blow him playfully. Road head is always cool (unless a trooper is behind you, and there was some tease mixed in for good measure. They went back to the house to continue their active little session with her aggressively riding his cock, his erection getting a bit weak a few times until it ended with the vaginal creampie. I would have thought there would be anal thanks to her usual abilities in the back door action but that wasn't the case here though I liked it more even with the ending edit handled a bit too soon.

Summary: Ridin' Dirty by director Jack Napier for Vouyer Media earned a rating of Recommended from me as the majority of scenes displayed heat, chemistry, and some skillful ladies worth watching. The replay and stroke value, along with some great extras, helped add to the amount of fuck for the buck, with the humor the kind I would expect from jack. In short, Ridin' Dirty initially gave me the impression that it was a movie about anal sex but proved to be better than that in how well the ladies took care of Jack's huge dick; only a couple of them holding it back from a higher rating.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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