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Janine Loves Jenna

Studio: Club Jenna » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/9/07

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The animated title page looked really cool.

Janine Loves Jenna Jameson: Special Edition

Club Jenna

Genre: Feature

Director: Justin Sterling

Cast: Jenna Jameson, and Janine, Justine Joli, Dominica Leoni, Reno, Jerry, Manuel Ferrara, Justin Sterling, Katja Kassin, Tommy Gunn, Vincent Vega, Julian
Non-sex and background roles: Cherokee, Sativa Rose, Naudia Nyce, Nicole Brazzle, Veronica Lynn, Mario Rossi, Dolph De Berneval, David Lavera, Vera Vanguard, Envy, Neil Strauss, Horace (AKA: Danny the BG), Chris Powles, Tom Bobbin, Jim Dunker, Leroy Thompson, Joe Gibb, Jabu, Ronald Clark, Jim Davis, Mighty Mike, Lawrence Johnson, Toni, Andrei Sterling, Rob Rotten, Tara Paige

Length: 129:10 minutes

Date of Production: 8/5/2004

The look of the main menu page was eerie but seductive too.

Extra's: The first disc contained the movie and two audio commentaries; one by Jenna Jameson and the other by Justin Sterling and his post production director Trout Farmer. I'm listening to Jenna's commentary as I type this, having sat through the movie once while spot checking the other audio tracks (there were five of them) and the other time with the two directors. If you listen long enough, you'll stumble across a gem or two from her but I think the ideas going back and forth between the other two made for a more active commentary to appreciate.

The second disc of extras started off with a 19:49 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Dic Tracy. There were a lot of clips and I wish more footage had been provided; some of it devoted to special effects, others to make up and the sets, still others to the various cast & crew members as they readied for their scenes. This was followed by a 4:13 minute long set of bloopers where the performers flubbed their lines, cracking up in the process of making the movie (not hard to imagine given some of the lines). There was then an 8:32 minute masturbation scene with Veronica Lynn (at least I thought it was her) in the weird fetish attire and make up of the movie. It was on the ice set with minimalist props and multiple versions of her though I would have preferred it have the leads. There was then an unfinished 13 minute deleted scene in the ice cave with two heavily made up performers (my guess was Naudia Nyce and Dolph though listening to the commentary track solved that little mystery). There was then a sampler of the music tracks from KHZ from their album Reality On A Finer Scale containing seven tracks (a minute to a minute and a half each) as well as a 4:51 minute music video for their song Envy. I really liked the music sampler and might see about picking up the CD in the future. There was a lengthy photogallery (as well as a Behind the Scenes photogallery in the form of an Easter Egg on the lower right hand corner of the menu screen that was narrated by Jim Enright) and trailers to movies like Debbie Does Dallas Again, Kim Kardashian, Superstar, Expert Guide To Anal Sex, Jenna Loves Justin (yeah, right!), Sophia Revealed, Jesse Loves Pain, Rockin' Roxy, Altered Minds, Brea's Prowl, McKenzie Illustrated, Jenna's Provocateur, Krystal Therapy, Ashton Asylum, Chanel No. 1, and others.

Lastly, the packaging was a unique fold out box that opened up into a cross with all kinds of cool pictures from the movie, kept inside another cardboard box. Inside of this was a set of six postcard sized collector cards with pictures from the movie and notes on the back from the director. A special version of the case with a talking clip of Jenna and reportedly her autograph is also available at this writing if you want to pay nearly twice as much for it; though in very limited quantities.

Condoms: Yes

Here were but some of the audio choices for the movie.

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Audio/Video Quality: Janine Loves Jenna Jameson was presented in a non-anamorphic letterboxed widescreen as shot by director Justin Sterling for Club Jenna. If you are not familiar with the company's releases, you might care to know that they often employ stylish special effects, slow motion, and loud music to target a specific audience. Sometimes this approach translates into better a more universal appeal and other times it does not so your mileage may vary here more than anywhere else with the appeal of the movie. The lighting was generally dark and the smoked-laden effects used could easily have meant that viewers would not be able to see what was going on but a lot of extra care was employed and this was not typically the case this time. The editing was decent but the pacing it maintained varied a lot, almost as if some scenes were over edited while others left largely alone. This resulted in some jarring moments but not enough to fuss about in my book. There was even some limited animation (not just the credit sequence either) that looked much like the well received Broken Saints project that fueled a lot of buzz online a few years ago (continuing to this day). There were some slips in the photography (like a camera getting picked up and not caught in editing, some crew in reflective surfaces, etc.) but with as ambitious a project such as this, it really managed to pull off some of the things that the relatively rushed projects released by the company don't often get right. The audio was a whole different ballgame this time with 7 (yes SEVEN) audio tracks to pick from. The primary track for this review is the 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English track (at 384 Kbps) but there was a 2.0 version, a 5.1 version where the sounds of hell were dominant, a 5.1 track with louder music, and a 5.1 track where the moans & groans were louder. I rarely like porn music, especially from some of the artistic crowd but in fairness to this title, the music by KHZ was definitely a cut above the usual pack and worth listening to far more often than not (additional music by Denny Adams and Walt Jizzney too). If you pick up the DVD, try listening to each of them to figure out which one appeals to you but there was some solid separation this time, clear vocals in a few of the tracks, and the remaining tracks (the commentary tracks) were a nice addition too.

Body of Review: Justin Sterling is a guy that might best be known as the former Mr. Jenna Jameson though he has been involved in the porn industry for over ten years now. Currently, he is one of the top executives at Club Jenna having successfully promoted it and his former wife far better than most expected. His latest work as director, producer, writer (with Devan Cypher sharing credit), editor, and many other tasks is Janine Loves Jenna Jameson: Special Edition; a movie shot years ago when Janine was still working for Vivid Entertainment. This time, the scenario was that Jenna gets into an accident, kills herself in grief over the loss of a loved one (handled nicely in a limited animation fashion since Janine left for Digital Playground by that point), and ends up in hell as a result. She then tries to escape the fiery plane of existence with the help of Janine, having various sexual encounters along the way. Before I go too much further, suffice it to say that special effects or not, the sex was a lot more heated than Jenna's other projects of late, this one being shot years ago as the biggest project by the company to date. Here's what the boxcover said: "Jenna commits suicide in her loft then is forced to journey through the underworld to affect her release. Along the way she encounters one depraved act after another, meeting Janine as well as the King of Hades. The sets are wild... like nothing I've ever seen before. This isn't heaven versus hell. This is pure purgatory... a dark, lush sexual dream-scape where any desire can produce both bittersweet pain as well as unimaginable ecstasy... where no desire, no matter how thoroughly pursued, is ever fully quenched to satisfaction."

To give you an idea of how much went on to make this movie happen, here's a bit of the director's blog entries surrounding the recent release of the movie to make of as you will: "The day has finally come... Janine Loves Jenna is finally out in stores!!!!! A few months late, but well worth the wait!!!!!!! I will never do another movie based in Hell , about the Devil, inclusive of the Devil etc!! WOW.. I had sooo many lil problems with the mastering and post production of the feature I could write a book on it! The movie is the best thing I have made... I am really proud of it. I get kinda obsessive with my movies. I will edit on it until someone pries it out of my hands and says.. "that's it.. its done!" I can sit and slip and slide edits for 23 hrs a day for yrs and not be done, lol. By the time I am finished with my movies, I never want to see them again... its kind of weird. I know I have issues, but hey, that's what makes me who I am and my movies great. Janine Loves Jenna is amazing.. by far the best movie released in adult.. trust me. From A to Z it sets a new bar in the industry. I got perfect reviews on it so far.. my first. It was definitely a tad be strange editing my ex and I acting and having sex together for the movie.. very surreal, LOL.. The movie is based around Jenna committing suicide and we follow her on her path through hell and her mission to cross back into life. I, shockingly, play the Devil. I wanted Hell to have a cool feel to it , so I built the set standing in pools of water.... Great in theory bad in reality! The looook was fukkin unreal, the leaking water and crews severely pruned feet from standing in it all day.. not so much! LOL I did one set where I thought it would be cool for the water to be red to resemble blood... again.. Concept great... red stained feet .. not so great!! LOL LOL. When Janine and Jenna finally get to Hades chamber, what would be more appropriate in hell than having his pad set in ice an snowing!!! The set was frikken ridiculously kool! We built Hades' throne out of 300 lbs of ice. We froze heads and body parts into it.. It looked amazing. I enjoyed delivering 3 hours of dialog while seated on my ice throne... dude, I could not feel my ass for 4 days, lol.. We got like 3456789 bloopers from that scene, it was funny as hell. When you see the movie and the bonus features you will get a feel of what it took to make the project! We put so much into it and it definitely shows. The packing is sikkkkk... I wanted it to really make a statement and that it does. The guy who designs all of our movie boxes, myself, and the guy who actually manufactures them brainstormed for a month on how to design a box that hasn't been done before and that really represents the movie. We successfully conquered the task; the box opens up into a cross and is unbelievably kooool! We also did a special edition version with a different cover shot, it talks to you when opened, and is autographed by Jenna!! The sex in the movie is crazeeee, we worked with mega band KHZ and came up with a soundtrack tht is unprecedented in adult or even mainstream! I can wait for you all to see the movie..."

Okay, it was not "the best movie released in adult" but it was an excellent bit of entertainment and one of the major projects to be released this year, comparing favorably to all the features released so far. The extras were solid and the packaging of the regular version (I haven't seen the collector version...sniff) was indeed something for Justin to be proud of as it showed a lot of care. If you want to see Jenna at her optimum performing weight and look, this is a prime example of what she looked like circa 2004 when the movie was shot. That said, here's a quick look at the scenes, noting that some condoms were used though they really did not get in the way that much:

How often do you see cool animation in a porno like this?

Scene One: Jenna Jameson, the lead hotty on the right hand side of the cover, and Janine, her counterpart seen on the left hand side of the cover, were up first in hell with Justine Joli in a lesbian scene. The music was perfect for the subject matter and the trio seemed to relish eating each other out with the numerous demons watching them. There were a lot of fades and slow motion effects here but as much as I tend to hate stylish porn like this; I found the scene to be a cut above the usual fare from Club Jenna. Keeping in mind that the movie was made almost three years ago, Jenna was looking very healthy as was Janine and I don't think Justine ever looked better. I'm not saying I'd like this kind of special effects laden fuck flick as a regular thing but given the appeal of the trio, I sure didn't mind it. Janine and Justine are long time lesbian experts (IIRC, Janine had just started doing guys again around the time this was made) and Jenna has eaten at the Y scores of times in her career so unlike the multitude of lipstick lesbian movies on the market these days; this appeared to be the real deal. There were not a lot of toys but when they were employed, it was in the form of a technical DP that Janine seemed to enjoy receiving.

Scene Two: Dominica Leoni, wearing a combination of battle dress and lingerie, was up next wearing extremely heavy make up as she took on Reno and Jerry. Dominica was slobbing their knobs back and forth, soon allowing the men to bone her pussy and ass in alternating positions. I was surprised there wasn't a DP here but they looked almost like gargoyles and the platform they were working on seemed like it belonged in a temple (though obviously a temple of hell). The scene ended when they splooged on her face, the gal seeming to enjoy the population pudding running down her head before the next segment.

Jenna stretching her wings in hell.

Scene Three: Jenna Jameson, and Janine, Manuel Ferrara, and Justin Sterling, were up next as the ladies encountered the men in a torrential downpour scripted by the director. Janine blew Manuel while Jenna stuck with Justin, looking like they were holding a contest of sorts to see who could do the best job. In this case, there was no clear cut winner but Janine seemed more into the aggressive oral than Jenna; the street setting fading into a building under construction for the screwing. Jenna's hip grinding style compared well to Janine's impaling on Manuel's cock and this was the kind of action I had long hoped to see from both of them when the movie was announced so long ago. In terms of the ending, Janine was the better of the two as she actively jerked Manuel off onto her face while Jenna let Justin rub out the load to her mouth (though providing some post coital sucking did make up some of the difference). Whew!

Scene Four: Katja Kassin, playing "Lust" in a diner, was up next as she teasingly played with the leading ladies but ended up with Tommy Gunn and Vincent Vega instead. Her oral was done very nicely here and as much of a fan of hers as I am, I have never really thought as much of her oral as her anal antics so that speaks volumes as to how well she blew them. They then took turns screwing her pussy but it was her award winning anal antics that really propelled the sex to the max thanks to her very aggressive riding style (getting them into her ass balls deep as the sweaty trio really worked it to the bone). There was no DP here either but that was fine as the camera loved her taking Tommy's cock anally (with the resulting ATM). By the end of the scene, they glazed her face and mouth, her post coital sucking showing some enthusiasm as she played her role to the hilt.

Janine explaining the basics to a clueless Jenna.

Scene Five: Jenna Jameson, and Janine, Julian, and Justin Sterling, were up next in the icy part of hell by the devil's throne. Justin's campy devil was a less over the top than many others have played the role in the past (Tina Tyler's stands out, as does Jenna's, in comparison though, Justin's seemed more focused). Jenna blew the heavily made up Justin as Janine worked Julian; each of the ladies showing some chemistry with their chosen partner. Jenna really rode aggressively this time, pounding herself down on his cock while dressed in her fetish attire. Janine's role was far more passive this time, Jenna allowed to outshine her this time. Both gals took the facial well, Janine getting blasted in the eye before it was all over.

Scene Six: Jenna Jameson and Janine, both in a bathtub after a bit of thematic trickery, enjoying the fruits of their plan with a lengthy lesbian scene as promised. They kissed seductively and rubbed all over each other in between the cunnilingus. There were some split screen shots and an interesting variation of a 69 that had Janine standing over Jenna who was on a bench in the next room. Thankfully, the shots were longer this time with a bit less of the rapid tempo editing that typically weakens efforts by the company. I was curious where the lit candle in the ass routine came from (the last time I saw it was when Janine was doing it to Jesse Jane in Pirates) but fans of fingering will find the scene especially appealing (a lot more than the large wooden table leg; which was also notable for how the second camera came into view of the shot that wasn't edited out).

This was Justin as the devil.

Summary: Janine Loves Jenna Jameson by director Justin Sterling for Club Jenna was a superior effort by all involved and I can see why Justin has been talking this one up for a very long time now (personally promising me on at least two occasions that I would find it to be awesome). There was a lot of fuck for the buck thanks to the scenes, the extras, and the fact that both Jenna and Janine are legends for a reason. I tried to avoid providing too many spoilers in the review but aside from the sometimes campy acting (which wasn't nearly as wooden as most porn tends to be), I found Janine Loves Jenna Jameson: Special Edition to be a rare bird indeed, earning a rating of DVD Talk Collector Series in the process. I'll admit to being a big fan of the leading ladies here, Janine having retired again (for now) and Jenna pretty much sticking to other aspects of the business these days, but in terms of big projects that appeal on multiple levels, JLJ was truly a special release worthy of your time, money, and seed. Check it out and I think you'll find it to be the best the company has ever offered as advertised.

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You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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